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LS1 Stainless Steel Tubular Subframe Sub Frame For 89-97 NA Mazda Miata MX-5 LSx

CXRacing Stainless Steel Tubular Subframe For 1989-1997 1st Gen NA Mazda Miata MX-5

-Heavy Duty Construction Using 7 Gauge (0.18") Thickness Stainless Steel Panels and Tubes.
-Retains Factory Steering Geometry, Bolt On Factory Steering Rack and Pinion.
-Retains Factory Suspension System.
-Designed to Fit LS1 Engine, Also Fits Other Engines.

1.This is for Subframe ONLY. Engine Mount is NOT Included, We Do Offer Complete LS1 Kit, Please Check Our Store. 
2.Off Road Racing or Track Racing Use Only, NOT for Street Use. 

This is CXRacing's Newest Product for The Application Stated. All Products Are Developed from The Ground up in Our R&D Center Based in The USA. Our Parts Are Designed and Built for Improved Performance Gains, with Excellent Fitment and Ease of Installation.

Chassis: 1989-1997 1st Gen NA Mazda Miata MX-5
Motor: LS1

What's in the box:
This is for the Parts Showed Below, All Other Parts Shown Are NOT INCLUDED.

Subframe x 1

Sours: https://www.cxracing.com/

NC Lightweight Tubular Front Subframe by V8Roadsters


Because we race what we sell, and we share our expertise with you!

When our competition goes home for the weekend, we go racing and driving in our Mazda! Using the Mazda parts we sell, under both street performance and race conditions, gives us a unique experience on what works, and what doesn't.

From shock absorbers, replacement convertible tops, and shift knobs, to exhausts, intakes, springs, and alloy wheels, we can help you select the right combination of Mazda parts.

You can also join our Mazda Forums for more information about specific parts and cars, as well as development of our current project cars. And don't miss our forum wheel gallery to see what those wheels you are considering actually look like on your Mazda before you buy.



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Exomotive – US Manufacturer of Exocars & Kit Cars


Need a replacement front subframe for your Exocet? Go tubular! This lightweight front subframe for stock Miata engines provides roughly 8 pound, 25%, saving over the factory NB subframe. Built from DOM tubing. All mounting and suspension points are laser cut for precision fitment and alignment. Our tubular subframe improves rigidity along with updated suspension point with improved steering feedback. Increased engine bay room allows forced induction cars more option for routing. Ease of service with additional working room. Available with NA or NB steering rack mounts. Standard powder coating in Deep Gray or contact Exomotive to have this component color matched to your Exocet chassis powder coating.

Subframes are built to order and lead times vary. Please contact us for current lead time.

Additional information


90-97 NA, 99-05 NB

Sours: https://exomotive.com/store/exocet-lightweight-front-subframe/
Evo 9 Tubular Subframes and Giro Disc Review

Light Weight Subframe – BP engine

This is an excellent product that has been wonderfully manufactured. It retains all of the factory elements you want, such as the cradle for the steering rack, or the holes for the engine mounts (one round and the other slotted). The fit is spot on and that is no easy accomplishment given the number of points that must be perfect in 3D space. It is obviously lighter and stiffer than stock. This is all wonderful but the best aspect is easily the extra room.

It would be hard to overstate how much more room this subframe creates. The bottom opening on the factory subframe is very narrow and, at the front, tappers to an almost point. This subframe is a wide-open U. At the back, the factory subframe opening is nearly 15 inches while this subframe's opening is over 21. The extra room makes removing and replacing the transmission a dream. The front has so much room you could drive a truck through it. Without a doubt, I could replace the oil pan with the engine in the car now. That alone makes this part well worth it. If I was building my Miata over again, I would have grabbed this part so much earlier in the build.

As with pretty much any part that is welded together and then sent through powder coat - run a thread chaser through any threads prior to installation. This step will clean up any small imperfections in the threads. Other than that, this subframe will slide in without effort. I was stunned at how perfect the fit was and how lightning-fast install was.

Sours: https://v8roadsters.com/product/light-weight-subframe-2/

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Tubular subframe

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Some of you may have seen this on "the other" forum, but this forum has grown to be a force in the Miata V8 world, so here goes.

Long ago when I did my 302 Miata, I extensively modified the stock subframe. After lots of effort, I decided that if I ever did it again, I would build a tubular frame from scratch. The fixture requirements are the same, I just needed a good reason and a way to bend tubing. Well, the reason presented itself when I bought a 2002 Blazing Yellow SE with 216000 miles on it, just begging for a V8. So I decided I would put an LS motor into it with a subframe that was just a little different from what I had seen to be available.

As things progressed, a neighbor down the road, Jack Dahlmann, ended up with the prototype. But I am working at a snails pace on another.

So here's some pics of the one he ended up with, the motor mounts are setup for a Ford 302, but the mounts are really independent of the actual subframe, any motor within reason could be accommodated. The feature that sets this one apart from any other tubular subframe is the orientation of the lower suspension mounting "tabs". Mine hang down from the tubes rather than jutting out sideways. That in effect moves the tubes out and opens up a lot of room next to the motor, helping out somewhat with header fitment. The steering shaft is still a problem, obviously, but there may be some opportunities for header routing that couldn't happen with the more conventional arrangement. The first pic shows the fixture in place. I guess I should paint it.

I did some rudimentary strength testing by hanging 50 lbs from the end of a 10' steel pipe secured across the top of the "wings" and measuring the deflection with a dial indicator. The deflection as measured at the steering mount tab was .112" for the tubular and .138" for the stock NB subframe. Average of 5 readings each.

Naturally, all this work shouldn't go unrewarded, so I am entertaining thoughts of building more on demand, I guess that depends on the demand.

Enjoy, Mike

Sours: https://www.v8miata.net/
Tubular SUBFRAME for my Mazdaspeed3 - 45% weight savings! (Episode 34)

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