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2017 - 2020 KYMCO Like 150i

The Noodoe Smart system adds connectivity you don’t usually see at this price point

March 11, 2020 04:00 by TJ Hinton

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The Kwang Yang Motor Company (KYMCO) takes on some pretty heavy hitters in the low-displacement scooter market with its Like 150i. The Like carries itself with an overall modern look that borrows from classic influences with tasteful results. Power comes from a thumper that rocks electronic fuel injection to help the Like meet U.S. emission standards. At a glance, it looks like good basic transportation. Add the Noodoe Smart system for connectivity, and it becomes more than that.

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Top 5 new Electric Motorcycles coming in 2020

Running purely on electricity, these machines show us the future with promising range and fast-charging capabilities

December 12, 2019 11:30 by Sagar Patil

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This is the present and the future. There is no denial in the fact that people will eventually stop filling their vehicles with liquefied dinosaurs and shift to electric. Not because they’ll like it but because there won’t be an option in the future. So automotive manufacturers have already begun the race to be at the top when that happens, and have kept their workforce busy in spinning out vehicles for the future.

Time and again, it has been proved that electric/hybrid vehicles have an overwhelming advantage, especially to ride within the town, and this evolution has been a gradual process for some – and an exciting start for others. Here are the top five electric mobility options you can buy in 2020 to hum around town, and feel good about doing something for the environment.

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2018 - 2019 KYMCO Xciting 400i

Nimble and Eager in the Corners; Not What You Expect from a Maxi-Scooter

August 13, 2019 04:00 by TJ Hinton

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The Taiwan-based Kwang Yang Motor Company grabs a slice of the U.S. commuter-scooter pie with a machine that hit our shores in time for MY2018: the XCiting 400i ABS. This all-new model replaces the outgoing 500 Ri ABS, but retains the same sporty nature, professional looks, and eagerness in the corners that we associate with the XCiting family name. To top it off, the 400i powerplant delivers a claimed 35 horsepower to drive it up to interstate speed, which is of paramount importance in the American commuter market.

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2019 KYMCO SuperNEX

Zero-to-60 in 2.9 Seconds. Wait! What?

December 3, 2018 22:08 by TJ Hinton

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The electric vehicle arms race has expanded into the two-wheel sector with some predictable big-name players clamoring for their share, but KYMCO — better known for scooters and small-displacement internal-combustion-engine (ICE) bikes — enters the fray with its SuperNEX. This thing seems aptly named with superbike-like body panels and performance to back up the claims implied by such a name. Safe to say that this is new territory on two fronts for the Taiwanese manufacturer; it’s the first truly full-size bike and the first serious foray into the world of electric bikes. Gotta’ say, this thing wasn’t even on my radar until it popped up at the Milan show, so join me and we’ll discover this stunning ride together.

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My Top Electric Bike Picks From 2018 EICMA

We’re Talking Some Space-Age Stuff Here

November 11, 2018 19:28 by TJ Hinton

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The EICMA bike show is in full swing, and so far, fans of the burgeoning EV sector have a lot to be excited about. Besides its limited range, one of the biggest challenges for the EV bike builders is the lack of diversity, but this year at the Milan show, it’s clear that issue has been addressed. I’ve picked out six interesting models that cover three genres, so let’s get to it.

Continue reading for my picks among the electric bikes at 2018 EICMA.

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Top 7 Pocket / Monkeys of 2018

Big rewards come in small packages

October 16, 2018 08:30 by Sagar Patil

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Constructed mainly to please the young and new riders looking for some fun and entertainment, Pocket / Monkey bikes piece of machinery. It is quite literally the most accessible motorcycles to ride with advanced suspension, a strong steel frame, alloy wheels with disc brakes, grippy, all-weather tires and racy, naked-bike styling that will have you grinning all day long.

This is our list of the top seven pocket bikes on sale in 2018 designed in a class and style of a mini motorcycle. Originally designed to help introduce children as young as 8 to the world of motocross, these mini motorcycles have gained their fair share of adult fans too. Pocket bikes provide high-octane, adrenaline-fueled fun in a smaller, safer package.

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2018 KYMCO AK550

Handles More Like A Motorcycle Than A Scooter

June 25, 2018 08:30 by TJ Hinton

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KYMCO takes the next step in its quest for a slice of the maxi-scooter market with the new AK550. This newest addition takes the company into some hotly contested territory with its business-class looks and motorcycle-like engine displacement that is sure to reach a more demanding customer base. Comfort and weather protection were front-burner topics for the designers, as were safety considerations, evidenced by the riding modes feature and ABS. What else does KYMCO’s top-shelf commuter/tourer have in store? Let’s find out.

Continue reading for my look at the KYMCO AK550.

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2018 KYMCO Xciting 400i

The Urban Professional’s Maxi-Scooter

April 19, 2018 08:30 by Allyn Hinton

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The Kwang Yang Motor Company doggedly pursues its share of the rather limited American scooter market with its new-for-2018 XCiting 400i ABS that replaced the 500 from 2017. Sporty looks and cornering performance are the hallmarks of the XCiting family — possibly from whence the rather uninspired name springs — and the factory continues that legacy with this newest model. A 42-degree lean angle and 35-horsepower mill point to great potential for shenaniganery, or at the very least, a non-boring commute. Sleek and slim, the new 400i most definitely departs from the dated “classic” scooter design, and is a thoroughly modern ride.

Continue reading for my review of the KYMCO XCiting 400i.

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2014 - 2018 KYMCO Like 200i

It’s All About Storage Options

April 18, 2018 13:40 by Allyn Hinton

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Retro designs that hail back to the ’60s and ’70s are all the rage right now, and the Kwang Yang Motor Company out of Taiwan is trying to capitalize on that phenomenon with the Like 200i. KYMCO brings retro design and contemporary performance together on this ride with a 163 cc power plant and disc brakes under a body that rocks an appealing, dated look.

Continue reading for my review of the KYMCO Like 200i.

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2014 - 2018 KYMCO Compagno 110i

About As Small As You Can Go Without Going 50 cc

April 17, 2018 06:09 by Allyn Hinton

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The Kwang Yang Motor Company brings classic, Italian scooter style and modern performance together on the retro-flavored Compagno. This Taiwan-made ride sports a 112 cc mill that cranks out just shy of 10 ponies, and boasts electronic fuel injection with a quad-valve head.

Continue reading for my review of the KYMCO Compagno 110i.

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KYMCO wants to create an electric eco-system

With swappable batteries and public charge outlets

April 2, 2018 13:30 by Sagar Patil

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Founded in 1963 after splitting from Honda, KYMCO or Kwang Yang Motor Co, Ltd is a Taiwanese company that manufactures motor scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs for worldwide distribution. Known for its scooters majorly, KYMCO showcased a new breed of electric scooter platform at the recently concluded Tokyo International Motor Show.

Addressing the current issues faced by all electric two-wheelers, KYMCO has launched the Ionex Many EV that goes with their idea of modern support systems that include upgrading the infrastructure and battery management solutions. This eco-system will sustain the possibilities of having swappable battery management solutions that enhance the range and practicality of owning an electric scooter.

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2013 - 2018 KYMCO K-PIPE 125

Entry level? Yes. Commuter? Sure. Fun? Definitely.

February 22, 2018 20:34 by Allyn Hinton

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The mini-streetbike market heats up with new competition to go head-to-head with the long-standing K-Pipe 125 from Kwang Yang Motor Co, Ltd — better known to us as the Taiwanese manufacturer, KYMCO — introduced not long ago to the U.S. market. Intended to be lightweight and fuel-efficient, the K-Pipe gives the pocket bike class — long dominated by Honda with the Grom and now with the Z125 PRO from Kawasaki — a viable, less expensive option. Entry level? Yes. Commuter? Sure. Fun? Definitely.

Continue reading for my review of the KYMCO K-Pipe 125.

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2018 KYMCO X-Town 300i

The New Kid In The Mid-Maxi Commuter-Scooter Market

January 1, 2018 08:30 by Allyn Hinton

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The Kwang Yang Motor Company Ltd., in its quest to grab a slice of the relatively small U.S. scooter market, shook up its mid-maxi range for the 2018 model year with the addition of the all-new X-Town 300i ABS. It also dropped the Downtown and People from the 300i lineup, so the X-Town serves as KYMCO’s second-largest scooter in the U.S. market, second only to its Xciting 400i maxi-scoot. Built as an urban commuter, the X-Town sports a generous windshield and wide front fairing with enough underseat storage for a full-face bucket plus some bits and bobs, so you could definitely use it as a grocery-getter, or campus-commuter. The factory claims a total of 23.2 horsepower, so it has the chops to get out of its own way even at highway/interstate speeds. Is that enough to overcome our national apathy toward the genre? It’s hard to say for sure just yet, but we’re certainly free to speculate based on what we see so far, yeah?

Continue reading for my review of the KYMCO X-Town 300i.

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2016 - 2018 KYMCO Agility

Very Narrow For Filtering Through Tight Places

December 19, 2017 08:30 by Allyn Hinton

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The Kwang Yang Motor Company first brought its “Agility” scooter lineup to the domestic market back in 2007, and here it is a decade later and still going strong. It comes with a choice between a 49 cc and a 125 cc powerplant, but both models share the same sporty looks and Spartan appointments. Meant to serve as an entry-level ride, the Agility siblings keep things simple, clean and with nothing of the superfluous to clutter up the looks or drive up the price. I wanted to see what KYMCO is doing to try and keep these rides relevant.

Continue reading for my review of the KYMCO Agility.

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2016 - 2018 KYMCO Super 8

A Compact Dual-Sport Scooter

November 27, 2017 19:21 by TJ Hinton

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The Super 8 in both the 50 cc and 150 cc models have been around for a bit, and while some folks discount KYMCO as a serious manufacturer, it’s worth a look. KYMCO maintains a prominent presence in the Grand National Cross Country Series, a grueling off-road racing circuit that hosts long courses over a variety of rugged terrains, and serves as a sort of trial-by-fire for both rider and machine. If that isn’t a testament to quality, I don’t know what is. We lost the Super 8 "R" siblings going into last year, but let’s take a look and see how well KYMCO’s race prowess transitions to the scooter sector with its 2018 Super 8 “X” model duo.

Continue reading for more information on the KYMCO Super 8.

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Kymco gets an interesting concept for its scooter dashboards.

Get greeted by your favourite photo every time you decide to ride.

October 23, 2017 09:30 by Sagar Patil

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In the future, if the Taiwanese motorcycle manufacturer, Kymco, has its way, we might not have to wait until we complete our ride to check on important Facebook and WhatsApp messages.

All those notifications will be relayed straight to us onto the scooter’s dashboards via a customisable TFT screen that will also display a picture of our loved ones if we wish it to. It also does a whole bunch of other things.

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2014 - 2017 KYMCO People GT 300i

Limited Storage, No Space For A Helmet

September 7, 2017 17:22 by Allyn Hinton

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KYMCO’s People GT 300i brings modern scootering capabilities to the market with EFI fuel delivery and 16-inch hoops all around. The mid-size engine churns out just under 30 horsepower and turns in a top speed somewhere around 85 mph depending on conditions, cargo and such. That’s plenty to qualify it to tackle what one might call “regular traffic” with confidence, and the 16-inch hoops help it handle like a larger machine. The factory calls it a GT, but I want to see if "GT" means Grand Touring or Gettn’-around Town.

Continue reading for my review of the KYMCO People GT 300i.

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Kymco Scooters

Last updated:

Kymco Scooters – Every Model, Every Year

Kwang Yang Motor Company got their start in 1963 making parts and assembling bikes for Honda. In the October 1992, Kwang Yang Motor Co. decided to start the scooter brand Kymco, as a result of a desire to move into designing their own scooters. They used their initials (K.Y.M. company) to form the name Kymco. This new direction lead to a split with Honda as they were now a competitor. Kymco branched out on their own and has since been rapidly designing a large number of new scooters.

Kymco entered the USA market for the 2001 model year and the Canadian market for the 2005 model year. Since that time they have offered a rapidly improving and evolving line up of scooters. Kymco Canada and Kymco USA are run by different importers with BECO Motor International running Kymco Canada and Kymco USA initially being a joint ownership between the global Kymco company and STR Motorsports. STR Motorsports ran Kymco USA from its start in 2000 to 2007 when they sold half of Kymco USA to Kymco worldwide. In April, 2011 STR sold the other half, so Kymco USA is now entirely owned by Kymco global.


An STR Motorsports owned Kymco USA began importing scooters in 2000 as 2001 models. Information on these early years is hard to come by as Kymco USA didn’t even have a functioning website, but it seems Kymco offered 4 models for their USA debut: the ZX 50, Filly 50, Cobra Cross and the People 50.

The ZX50 (above left) and the similarly styled Filly 50 (right) were both sporty looking scooters with the ZX50 having 2-stroke power and the Filly 50 offering less power but better fuel economy with a 4-stroke engine.

The People 50 (above right) was more of a retro styled design but with larger wheels for stability. The Cobra Cross (above left) was a mix between a sporty and an off-road look that seems targeted at the popular Zuma/BWs market segment. Most of these models would be replaced or discontinued within a few years, as they were aging designs that were introduced in the mid-late 90’s elsewhere in the world.

USA MODELS: ZX 50, Filly 50, Cobra Cross, People 50


The larger People scooters (150cc and 250cc) were seemingly added to Kymco’s lineup for 2002, but it is possible they crept in during 2001. Kymco sales were pretty slow for the first couple years, so these early models aren’t very common. The People scooters would go on to form an integral part of Kymco’s line for more than a decade.

USA MODELS: ZX 50, Filly 50, Cobra Cross, People 50 / 150 / 250


The sporty Super 9 (shown at right) was introduced as Kymco’s top of the line 50cc scooter. Initially liquid cooled (Super 9 LC) and a cheaper air cooled (Super 9 AC) versions were offered but the liquid cooled version didn’t meet emissions after the first 2 years or so, so most Super 9’s out there are the air cooled ones. Both versions of the Super 9 use the same core engine.

Kymco also imported the ‘Racer’ version of their Cobra scooter for 2003, which was called the Cobra Racer or Cobra R. This scooter was the same scooter as the Cobra Cross, but with street tires and no wire grill covering the headlights. These Cobra Racer scooters were only sold for the 2003 model year.

USA MODELS: Super 9, ZX 50, Filly 50, Cobra Cross / Racer, People 50 / 150 / 250


Kymco introduced their Bet & Win scooters for the 2004 model year. Both 150 and 250cc models were offered and they used liquid cooled motors which was a first for Kymco in the USA. The Bet & Win series seem to have sold fairly well and they enjoyed a long run until 2008 in the USA and 2009 in Canada.

USA MODELS: Super 9, ZX 50, Filly 50, Cobra Cross, People 50 / 150 / 250, Bet & Win 150 / 250


Kymco USA dropped their off-road inspired Cobra Cross scooter and added the sporty Vitality 50. The Vitality 50 started off as a 2-stroke, but a 4-stroke version would arrive in later years. Kymco also added the 250cc Grandvista scooter to their line up. The Grandvista 250 was similar to the Bet & Win 250 but more touring/highway oriented. The rest of the line up carried over unchanged.

North of the border, BECO Motor International started Kymco Canada and began importing the first models. Their 2005 debut lineup included four scooters ranging from 50cc to 250cc – there was two 50cc’s and two larger Bet & Win scooters. The ZX50 was their affordable 50cc option, while the Super 9 was the premium sporty 50cc option. The Bet & Win 150 and 250cc scooters rounded up the Canadian line up.

USA MODELS: Super 9, ZX 50, Filly 50, Vitality 50, People 50 / 150 / 250, Bet & Win 150 / 250, Grandvista 250, CANADA MODELS: Super 9, ZX 50, Bet & Win 150 / 250


Kymco USA’s big news for the 2006 model year was the debut of the 500cc Xciting maxi scooter. The Xciting 500 was a big introduction for Kymco, as it was their first real maxi-scooter. The Grandvista 250 was a capable touring machine, but it wasn’t a full on highway devouring maxi like the Xciting 500.

Aside from Xciting 500 introduction, Kymco trimmed their lineup by dropping the aging Filly 50. The Filly 50 had been one of Kymco USA’s original scooters when they entered the USA market. It’s discontinuation ended the Filly’s USA run at five years.

Kymco Canada was still getting rolling in the new market. Their line up went unchanged for 2006 as they worked on expanding their dealer network.

USA MODELS: Super 9, ZX 50, Vitality 50, People 50 / 150 / 250, Bet & Win 150 / 250, Grandvista 250, Xciting 500, CANADA MODELS: Super 9, ZX 50, Bet & Win 150 / 250


Kymco USA expanded their line up for 2007 with the low priced Agility 50 & 125cc (left) and People S (50cc, 125cc, 200cc, 250cc) lines (below right) of scooters. The Agility scooters were introduced at a mere $1399 (50cc) and $1899 (150cc) which is an incredible value and led to their high popularity.

Also new for 2007 was a 250cc version of the Xciting maxi scooter. The lone casualty for 2007 was the aging ZX 50 which was dropped after a three year run, although it would continue to be sold in Canada for another year. STR Motorsports sold 50% of Kymco USA to Kymco Global this year.

USA MODELS: Super 9, Vitality 50, Agility 50 / 125, People S 50 / 125 / 200 / 250, People 50 / 150 / 250, Bet & Win 150 / 250, Grandvista 250, Xciting 250 / 500, CANADA MODELS: Super 9, ZX 50, Bet & Win 150 / 250


For 2008 Kymco USA kept their existing lineup intact except for cutting the Bet & Win 250 from their crowded line up. In Canada, Kymco played catch up by introducing a number of models that were already available in the USA. The People S line (50cc, 125cc, 200cc) was introduced except for the largest 250cc variant.

Kymco Canada also began importing the Xciting 500 and the Vitality 50, both of which had been on sale for several years in the USA. Canadians received the updated Ri version of the Xciting 500, which boasted fuel injection and sporty accents. Americans would wait another year for the Ri.

USA MODELS: Super 9, Vitality 50, Agility 50 / 125, People S 50 / 125 / 200 / 250, People 50 / 150 / 250, Bet & Win 150, Grandvista 250, Xciting 250 / 500, CANADA MODELS: Super 9, Vitality 50, People S 50 / 125 / 200, Bet & Win 150 / 250, Xciting 500


Both Kymco USA and Kymco Canada made some major changes to their line up for 2009. Both countries added the all new Yager 200i (named the Frost 200i in Canada). The Frost/Yager (below right) was the first mid-size Kymco to not use the same aging motor found in all mid-sized (125cc – 200cc) Kymco’s previously. The new engine was 174.5cc and utilized fuel injection & liquid cooling which was big news from Kymco. Kymco Canada also added the retro styled 4-stroke Sento 50 (below left) and a 4-stroke variant of the Vitality 50.

In the USA, the Vitality 50, People 200, People S 50 / 125 and the Bet & Win series were all dropped, while the Sento 50, Sting 50, Super 8 50 & 150 and Yager 200i models were added. The Sento 50, Like 50 (below left) and Sting 50 scooters were an attempt to freshen Kymco’s 50cc line using new body styles on top of the same mechanics as other 50cc Kymco’s. With the large wheeled People and People S lines, what Kymco did was to reduce the overlap by keeping only the smaller People models (50cc, 150cc) and larger People S models (200cc, 250cc).

The Super 8 (above right) is a sporty scooter that seemingly was introduced as a replacement for the Super 9 in both 50cc and 150cc versions, but they were sold alongside each other for 2009. For 2008, just a 4-stroke version of the Super 8 50 was sold in the USA, but a 2-stroke version would be added in future years. Lastly, a sportier and fuel injected ‘Ri’ version of the Xciting 500 replaced the regular model.

USA MODELS: Super 9, Sento 50, Like 50, Sting 50, Agility 50 / 125, Super 8 50 / 150, People 50 / 150, People S 200 / 250, Yager 200i, Grandvista 250, Xciting 250 / 5000, CANADA MODELS: Super 9, Vitality 50, Sento 50, People S 50 / 125 / 200, Bet & Win 150 / 250, Frost 200i, Xciting 500


Kymco USA dropped the aging Super 9 now that the newer Super 8 was selling well. The new Super 8 scooters used the same aging but reliable 4-stroke motors Kymco has been using for years.

Kymco Canada tidied up their product line by dropping the popular but aging Super 9, the People S series and the Bet & Win series of scooters. They added the Super 8 50 & 150 and the Downtown 300i (shown in orange). Unlike in the USA, Canadians were offered the 50cc Super 8 in a 2-stroke rather than a 4-stroke. Both 50cc Super 8 engines are older air cooled designs.

USA MODELS: Sento 50, Sting 50, Like 50, Agility 50 / 125, Super 8 50 / 150, People 50 / 150, People S 200 / 250, Yager 200i, Grandvista 250, Xciting 250 / 500, CANADA MODELS: Vitality 50, Sento 50, Super 8 50 / 150, Frost 200i, Downtown 300i, Xciting 500


Kymco Canada kept their lineup unchanged for the 2011 model year, while Kymco USA added a larger 200cc version of the Like. Kymco USA also added the Downtown 300i that was introduced in Canada the previous year and offered a 2-stroke version of the Super 8 50 alongside the previously available 4-stroke version. While receiving fuel injection, the Like 200i still uses a smaller (163cc vs. 174cc) and older core motor than the Frost/Yager GT 200i.

In corporate news, STR Motorsports sold their remaining 50% of Kymco USA back to Kymco global in spring 2011, making Kymco USA now wholly owned by Kymco global.

USA MODELS: Sento 50, Sting 50, Agility 50 / 125, Super 8 50 / 150, People 50 / 150, Like 50 / 200, People S 200 / 250, Yager 200i, Grandvista 250, Downtown 300i, Xciting 250 / 500, CANADA MODELS: Vitality 50, Sento 50, Super 8 50 / 150, Frost 200i, Downtown 300i, Xciting 500


At Kymco USA’s summer press event in South Carolina, the biggest news for 2012 was the new People GT 200i and 300i scooters. These scooter share extremely sharp styling that is perhaps the best yet from Kymco. The new People GT 300i uses the same advanced motor as the Downtown 300i, while the GT 200i uses an all new 205cc 4-valve motor with fuel injection. These scooters replace the People S 200 and People S 250 models.

Also sharing this new 205cc motor is a smaller version of Kymco’s Downtown scooter. The new Downtown 200i can be had for $400 less than the 300i model.

Another interesting idea from Kymco for 2012 is ‘LX’ versions of their retro styled Like 50 and Like 200 scooters. The ‘LX’ version includes a neat two color paint job and various chrome accents. It’s going to be a popular package amongst like buyers since it only adds $100 to the MSRP.

Several models were dropped for 2012 which are the Sting 50, Grandvista 250, Xciting 250 and 4-stroke version of the Super 8. It’s easy to see why the Sting 50 and Xciting 250 scooters were squeezed out of Kymco’s line up with all the great new models they are introducing. The 4-stroke Super 8 is likely not being offered since the 2-stroke version was far more popular in 2011.

Kymco USA is carrying over the Agility, Sento, Yager GT 200i and Xciting 500 models unchanged.

Kymco Canada made quite a few changes as well. Canadians are being offered the new People GT in only the smaller 200i size. Some of the biggest news for 2012 is the Canadian introduction of a new generation of Sento, which is being called the ‘New Sento’ and is available in both 50i and 110i versions. Also new is the Agility City 50, which is the first time Canadians have been offered an Agility model. The Agility City 50 is the same core scooter (frame and motor) as the Agility 50 sold in the USA, but the ‘City’ version receives larger wheels and a number of nice upgrades like a windscreen, rear case, nicer rims, integrated and more.

Kymco Canada is carrying over the Vitality 50, Super 8 50 / 150, Frost 200i, Downtown 300i and Xciting 500.

USA MODELS: Sento 50, Agility 50 / 125, Super 8 50 / 150, People 50 / 150, Like 50 / 200, People GT 200i / 300i, Yager GT 200i, Downtown 200i / 300i, Xciting 500, CANADA MODELS: Vitality 50, Agility City 50, New Sento 50i / 110i, Super 8 50 / 150, Frost 200i, People GT 200i, Downtown 300i, Xciting 500


After a short three year run, the Sento 50 and Yager GT 200 made way for newer machines in Kymco’s 2013 USA lineup. The Sento 50 was being replaced by the new retro styled Compagno, which comes in 50i and 110i variants. If those sizes sound familiar, it’s because this is the same scooter Kymco Canada added for 2012 as the New Sento 50i and 110i.

Also for 2013 is an entirely new nameplate appearing in Canada and the USA – the Movie 150. Resembling the Super 8 150 more than anything else, the Movie 150 is a more subtle sporty model than the flashy Super 8. The Movie 150 boasts some neat features like disc brakes front and rear and LED tail lighting. As well, the Xciting 500 has been restyled for 2013 and boasts second generation Bosch ABS, which is now standard.

Finally, Kymco USA dropped the People 50 and 150 scooters, ending their runs at 12 and 11 years respectively. The People 50 had been a part of Kymco’s USA lineup since their 2001 entry into the USA market, but Kymco’s continual refinement of their scooter lineup spelled the end for these aging machines.

Besides the new Movie 150 and the updated Xciting 500, Canadians are also getting both sizes of the Like (50 & 200) for 2013.

USA MODELS: Compagno 50i / 110i, Agility 50 / 125, Super 8 50 / 150, Like 50 / 200, Movie 150, People GT 200i / 300i, Downtown 200i / 300i, Xciting 500 Ri, CANADA MODELS: Vitality 50, Agility City 50, New Sento 50i / 110i, Super 8 50 / 150, Like 50 2T / 200, Movie 150, Frost 200i, People GT 200i, Downtown 300i, Xciting 500 Ri


After several years of cat and mouse, Kymco’s land yacht – the MyRoad 700i – finally lands on North American interstates. This biggest Kymco delivers the full range of maxi amenities at a price that undercuts Suzuki’s Burgman 650. The MyRoad is available in a single color (white in the USA, silver in Canada). With 61 horsepower available, the MyRoad makes quick work of any passing opportunity. It’s a solid competitor to Suzuki’s recently updated Burgman 650 which to this point hasn’t faced much competition. The MyRoad competes by undercutting Suzuki’s MSRP by about a grand while also delivering an impressively list of standard features from ABS to temperature sensors in the tires. MSRP is $9699 in the USA and $296 more ($9995) in Canada.

The rest of Kymco’s USA lineup carries over with only a few changes. The most obvious change is the new single headlight array for the Super 8 (50 and 150cc models), which is accompanied by new racing graphics covering most of the machine. The value oriented Agility also gets some flashy graphics and the MSRP for the rises $100 to $1599 – which is still probably the cheapest quality scooter you can buy in America.

The other noteworthy decision for 2014 was the omission of the 200cc variants of the People GT and Downtown. The 200cc versions have always been a little undersized for the highway and only a few hundred less than the 300cc versions, so Kymco is retaining only the 300 versions. Unfortunately for Canadians that means no more People GT as the 300 hasn’t been offered there.

The other Canadian omission for 2013 is the Vitality 50, which concludes its run at six years. Kymco has also shorted the name of the New Sento down to just the Sento for 2014, which might create a bit of confusion with the older Sento Kymco offered until 2011.

USA MODELS: Compagno 50i / 110i, Agility 50 / 125, Super 8 50 / 150, Like 50 / 200, Movie 150, People GT 300i, Downtown 300i, Xciting 500 Ri, MyRoad 700i, CANADA MODELS: Agility City 50, Sento 50i / 110i, Super 8 50 / 150, Like 50 2T / 200, Movie 150, Downtown 300i, Xciting 500 Ri, MyRoad 700i


Kymco USA trimmed back their line to nine models for 2015. Gone are two 50cc’s (Compagno 50, Like 50), the Movie 150 and the Xciting 500. Most of these discontinued models were aging designs, but the Movie was new for 2013 and apparently not selling well at $3299.

The other big news for 2015 is the replacement of the Super 8 50 / 150 with the new Super 8 X and Super 8 R models (R shown). Both 50 and 150 sizes of the X and R are being offered in the USA, while just the Super 8 R 50 is coming to Canada and being sold alongside the older Super 8 150 model.

Despite sharing the Super 8 name with the outgoing model, these new scooters are based off the Agility platform and thus are entirely different from the departing Super 8. Rather they appear to be gentle re-stylings of the Agility to achieve a more aggressive look. The X is intended an off-road inspired model with rugged tires and camo paint, while the R is a sportier version with slick tires, colorful decals and naked handlebars. The good news is that Kymco was able to get the price down significantly to $1899 / $1999 (8R 50 / 8X 50) and $2199 / $2299 (8R 150 / 8X 150). At $1100 less than the outgoing Movie 150, the new 8R 150 should be a good seller.

Also new for 2015 is a 50th Anniversary Edition of the Like 200 (USA only). This variant commands a $100 premium for the gold paint and black stripe decals. Unlike the USA situation, Kymco Canada is returning for 2015 with most of their 2014 lineup intact. Only the Like 50 is being dropped without replacement.

USA MODELS: Agility 50 / 125, Super 8X / 8R 50, Compagno 110i, Super 8X / 8R 150Like 200, People GT 300i, Downtown 300i, MyRoad 700i, CANADA MODELS: Agility City 50, Sento 50i / 110i, Super 8 R 50, Super 8 150, Movie 150, Like 200, Downtown 300i, Xciting 500 Ri, MyRoad 700i


Kymco USA dropped the MyRoad 700 from their lineup after two short year and brought back the Xciting 500 after a one year absence. Kymco also dropped the naked “R” version of its new Super 8 and is instead selling only the off-road styled Super 8X.

The rest of the USA line up carried over unchanged for 2016 aside from new color options across the board except for the Agility scooters.

In Canada, Kymco worked to make their line the same as what they offer in the USA. They discontinued the Agility City (which isn’t sold in the USA) and Movie 150, added the People GT 300i, cancelled the MyRoad 700i (which was also cancelled in the USA) and switched to the off-road Super 8X model instead of the sportier Super 8R. They also added the 150cc motor option for the Super 8X to match what is offered in the USA.

For 2016, the only difference between the Canada and USA lines was the lack of the Agility City in the Canadian market.

MODELS: Agility 50 / 125 (USA Only), Super 8X 50 / 150, Compagno 110i, Like 200, People GT 300i, Downtown 300i, Xciting 500 Ri ABS


For 2017 Kymco focused their attention on their new K-Pipe 125 motorcycle and returned their scooter lineup unchanged from 2016 other than minor tweaks to the color options, such as a new yellow shade for the Super 8X and blue for the Like 200.

Kymco did improve the value of their Xciting 500 model for 2017 by reducing the MSRP from $6899 down to $5999.

MODELS: Agility 50 / 125 (USA Only), Super 8X 50 / 150, Compagno 110i, Like 200, People GT 300i, Downtown 300i, Xciting 500 Ri ABS


Kymco was busy updating their scooter line for 2018. They took advantage of the growing popularity of the mid-sized maxi scooter market by replacing their Xciting 500 with a smaller and lighter (but not cheaper) Xciting 400 model ($5999). Still, that’s a sweet price compared to Suzuki’s new Burgman 400, which retails for $8g.

It’s hard to get too excited about being offered a smaller engine for the same price, but the new 400 engine is a high revving motor that comes close to the power output of the old 500 (35 vs 38 HP) while offering better fuel milage (55mpg), so there is at least an argument to be made.

Kymco also replaced their aging Downtown 300 and People GT 300 scooters with their new X-Town 300 model. The X-Town brings less power (23hp) than the outgoing models (28 hp) but makes up for that with a much lower MSRP of $3999 (vs $5599 for a 2017 Downtown 300) and supposedly better fuel milage. Value is what Kymco does best, so the new X-Town is well aligned there.

Also new for 2018 is a second generation of Kymco’s Like scooter which arrives as the Like 150 with a 149cc motor. For 2018 Kymco is selling this new model alongside the older Like 200 which is only slightly bigger at 163cc. Kymco has cut a few hundred dollars off the MSRP of the Like 200 (now $2499) but the ABS equipped second generation Like 150 still seems like the way to go at only $100 more ($2599).

Kymco’s Agility 50 and 125 models are being carried over unchanged, as are the Compagno, Super 8X 50 and Super 8X 150.

MODELS: Agility 50 / 125 (USA Only), Super 8X 50 / 150, Compagno 110i, Like 150 / 200, X-Town 300, Xciting 400i ABS


Kymco kept things simple for 2019 in both the USA and Canada, by choosing to roll over their scooter lineup unchanged.

MODELS: Agility 50 / 125 (USA Only), Super 8X 50 / 150, Compagno 110i, Like 150 / 200, X-Town 300, Xciting 400i ABS

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General moped informationModel:Kymco Agility 50Year:2017Category:ScooterPrice as new:US$ 1599. MSRP depends on country, taxes, accessories, etc.Rating: 3.5  View the detailed rating of value for money, design and look, reliability, etc. Compare with any other bike.Engine and transmissionDisplacement:49.0 ccm (2.99 cubic inches)Engine type:Single cylinder, four-strokePower:1.9 HP (1.4 kW)) @ 7400 RPMTorque:4.1 Nm (0.4 kgf-m or 3.0 ft.lbs) @ 7000 RPMCompression:8.0:1Bore x stroke:39.0 x 41.0 mm (1.5 x 1.6 inches)Fuel system:CarburettorFuel control:Single Overhead Cams (SOHC)Cooling system:AirGearbox:4-speedTransmission type,
final drive:
Shaft drive (cardan)Driveline:CVT automaticFuel consumption:3.27 litres/100 km (30.6 km/l or 71.93 mpg)Greenhouse gases:75.9 CO2 g/km. (CO2 - Carbon dioxide emission) Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheelsFrame type:SteelFront suspension:Telescopic forkRear suspension:Mono shockFront tire:120/70-12 Rear tire:130/70-12 Front brakes:Single discDiameter:220 mm (8.7 inches)Rear brakes:Expanding brake (drum brake)Diameter:110 mm (4.3 inches)Physical measures and capacitiesDry weight:92.5 kg (203.9 pounds)Power/weight ratio:0.0205 HP/kgSeat height:800 mm (31.5 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.Overall height:1128 mm (44.4 inches)Overall length:1940 mm (76.4 inches)Overall width:686 mm (27.0 inches)Ground clearance:140 mm (5.5 inches)Wheelbase:1325 mm (52.2 inches)Fuel capacity:3.50 litres (0.92 US gallons)Other specificationsColor options:Red, blue, orangeStarter:Electric & kickCarrying capacity:Under Seat Storage, Helmet HookFactory warranty:Two Year Limited Factory WarrantyComments:Kymco is made by Kwang Yang Motor Company, Taiwan.Update specsReport missing specs or required updates.Further informationInsurance costsCompare US insurance quotes from the nation's top providers.Finance optionsCompare US motorcycle loan quotes from the nation's top providers.Parts finderRevzilla offers up to 50% off motorcycle accessories.Accessories Ships to most countries. Also check out our overview of motorcycle webshops at parts, fluids. filters, maintenance tools and service manuals at questionsJoin the 17 Kymco Agility 50 discussion group or the general Kymco discussion group.Related bikesList related bikes for comparison of specs.

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Unboxing: KYMCO Agility +16 scooter (σκούτερ)

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Kymco G-Dink 300i ABS (2017) Exterior and Interior

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