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New Trophy Truck Winner - Mark Post and Rob MacChacaren

TROPHY TRUCK RESULTS NOTE:Unofficial Trophy Truck results posted at the San Nicolas Hotel in Ensenada listed Mark Post #3 as 6th Place. SCORE has reviewed the facts surrounding a police detainment of the Post race vehicle. This detainment occurred just prior to and within full view of the timed finish line in Santo Tomas. The detainment was witnessed by a senior SCORE official. The detainment was not race related. Mark Post did not violate any SCORE mandated highway rules on any of the six highway sections. The official results have been recalculated to account for the 4 minutes and 33 second detainment and this moves Mark Post to his correct finishing position of 1st Place in class.

Baja 250

Thanks to some Machiavellian politics in the San Felipe area, the 2007 SCORE San Felipe 250 was switched to the Ensenada area about ten days before its start date.

The Mayor of Ensenada, Cesar Mancillas Amador, was not even in the country when the crisis occurred, yet he responded expeditiously to smooth the move to the west side of the peninsula. While racers frantically cancelled San Felipe hotel reservations and made new ones in Ensenada, the mayor organized space for the contingency festivities, a start line off Avenida Ruiz and all the necessary arrangements for street closures and extra police. Ensenada’s hotels and restaurants were delighted to have another influx of racers on the calendar.

Meanwhile, SCORE’s CEO, Sal Fish, drew on years of experience in Baja, to line up a 216 mile course. He put together a beauty. It wound from Ensenada’s outskirts to Ojos Negros, south through El Alamo and then to Valle de Trinidad. From there the racers dropped westward and down out of the hills to the beach below Erendira. The old familiar road brought them up to the hills behind Santo Tomas, 29 miles south of Ensenada, and that’s where they finished. The soccer field just south of town was pressed into service for the ceremonial finish, but the actual timing stopped as the drivers hit the bottom of the hill about a mile away.

A big field of about 330 entries was fattened to a record for this event, at 393, by an influx of nearly 60 late entrants who apparently liked the idea of racing out of Ensenada rather than San Felipe.

#19 Tim Herbst was first vehicle accross the FINISH

The racing was intense, and close. At the finish it was impossible to tell whether Alan Pflueger, Tim Herbst or B. J. Baldwin had the win in the Trophy Truck class. Pflueger, in a Chevy, took the gold, with an eight second edge over Herbst, in a Ford, who in turn, had six seconds on Baldwin in another Chevy.

#28 TT Alan Pflueger was un-official winner until recall on 3/12

In the hunt for the Trophy Truck win on the road, Mark Post had a scary end to his afternoon, when an over-eager Federale apparently felt Post had done something wrong. Post came down off the last hill and found himself face-to-face with the business end of the Federale’s weapon. He was told to exit his race truck, and loaded into a police car, which then headed for the closest jail. SCORE’s lawyer, Oscar Ramos, was pressed into service, and thanks to the race team’s own video of the entire event, including whatever had first ticked off the cop, it was determined that Post hadn’t done anything wrong, and he was released. Still, he’d lost his chance for the win, although he and co-driver, Rob MacCachren, did get a sixth place.

Bikers Robby Bell and Kendall Norman, on a Honda, were the overall winners, with a time of 3:52:31. Pflueger, who ran without brakes for most of the second half of the race, timed in at 4:04:57.

Class 1 win - Larry Roeseler in Terrible Herbst Truggy

The winner in Class 1 was Larry Roeseler, in Troy Herbst’s Ford powered Truggy. Troy, still recovering from his last year’s leg injury, sat this one out. Roeseler had some fuel pressure issues, but nothing major interrupted his day.

Class 10 win - Lobsam Yee

Class 10 went to Lobsam Yee, in his Honda Jimco, after a good battle with Chris Harrold in a Honda Alumi-Craft.

SCORE Lite win - Mike Williams

SCORE Lite was won by Mike Williams in a MECO, while Cameron Steele and Kash Vessels took second in their Desert Assassin. Vessels did most of the driving, while Steele finally got his three-pronged race effort to work. He started the morning on a motorcycle, then drove back to the start line and started again, in his Trophy Truck. He got that to the finish line in 11th place, hopped out and went back to the tail end of the course to meet Vessels, so he could then also finish the SCORE Lite car. His bike finished also, but not his brother, Grant, who broke his leg.

Class 8 win - Nick, Larry and Mike Vandeway

The Class 8 truck win went to the Vanderwey brothers, Nick, Larry and Mike, whose GMC Sierra ran the course in four hours and 44 minutes flat.

1-2/1600 win - Daniel McMillin and Caleb Gaddis

In 1-2/1600 the new team of Daniel McMillin and Caleb Gaddis, in a Jimco, won by a margin of six minutes.

Class 7 win - Perry McNeil and Sergio Silva

There was dust, and passing was difficult on much of the course, but what seemed to take the biggest toll was overdriving the corners on the road along the beach or coming in to Santo Tomas. Over and over again we were told about drivers rolling over because they’d overcooked it into a turn. Gus Vildosola, Sr. was one of those, rolling his Trophy Truck about three miles before the finish.

Pro ATV win - Danny Prather and Mike Cafro

Tom Ridings put his Class 1 car on its lid, and Dave Caspino, in a 1600 car, flew off “a 200 foot cliff”, after ignoring a lady with a sign that said “slow down.” Possibly the scariest off-course excursion was by Jesse Jones who overshot a turn and dropped off a twenty foot cliff onto the beach at the edge of the surf. He was not injured, but it seems his 2006 run of bad luck hasn’t yet come to an end. A team of folks got together to get his truck back on its wheels, and then a local’s back hoe was pressed into service to create a ramp so it could be maneuvered back up the 20 feet and onto firm ground.

Brakes were a big issue for this race, in all classes, and over-driving the turns contributed to a lot of bad days. On the whole the racers were enthusiastic about the event, many commenting that they were not missing all the “whoops and rocks” of the San Felipe course.

SCORE’s next event will be the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 starting in Ensenada, Baja California June 1-3.

Official SCORE Results

Sours: http://www.off-road.com/competition/race/wrapup-2007-tecate-score-baja-250-27415.html

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Sours: http://www.bajamotorsports.com/categories/dirtbikes/products/baja-x250
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#3 Mark Post
SCORE Trophy Truck Win

(revised official as of 3/12/07)

Class 1 Win

1a Danny Prather and Mike Cafro
Pro ATV Win

1x –Robby Bell and Kendal Norman

Pro Motorcycle Win

Race Map

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9:20AM - Monday 3/12/2007

SCORE International has named Trophy Truck #3 Mark Post as the new winner!

“Unofficial Trophy Truck results posted at the San Nicolas Hotel in Ensenada listed Mark Post #3 as 6th Place. SCORE has reviewed the facts surrounding a police detainment of the Post race vehicle. This detainment occurred just prior to and within full view of the timed finish line in Santo Tomas. The detainment was witnessed by a senior SCORE official. The detainment was not race related. Mark Post did not violate any SCORE mandated highway rules on any of the six highway sections. The official results have been recalculated to account for the 4 minutes and 33 second detainment and this moves Mark Post to his correct finishing position of 1st Place in class.”




9:15PMBilstein Race Update

The FINISH line is now closed.  The 2007 Tecate SCORE Baja 250 is in the books.

Thank you for joining us and choosing Off-Road.com for your SCORE race news.

Check back later this weekend for powerful photos by 2006 SCORE Photographer of the year, Jason Zindroski, from highREV Photography.  See them first here on Off-Road.com

We will have a wrap-up story by Judy Smith, SCORE award winning writer. Video highlights of the race will also be available the first part of the week.

Tecate SCORE Baja 250 Results
Check back later for Official SCORE Baja 250 results.

The last unofficial results posted by BFGoodrich at 9:11PM [click here]

9:00PMBilstein Race Update

We heard about this earlier today, but we were not certain.   It has just been confirmed by SCORE Ops. that #3 Riviera Racing TT was stopped at the FINISH by Mexican Federal Police (aka Federales)

Mark Post has been arrested and taken to jail, and the #3 Riviera Racing TT has been impounded.

Apparently #3 Post was speeding on the highway during the race, and did not stop when Mexican Federal Police tried to stop them.

Post tried to outrun the Federales.  When he got to Santo Tomas it was GAME OVER.

SCORE officials are working with Mexican officials to straighten this mess up.  Licenciado Oscar Ramos (SCORE Mexican Liaison) has been contacted to see if he can help diffuse the situation.

We will have more news as we get it.

11:15PM Update

Weatherman announced over the PCI Radio that Mark Post has been released from jail in San Quintin and is heading home.

8:40PMBilstein Race Update

#707 Raul Flores is still in the race.  They crossed Checkpoint 4 just before they closed down.

Checkpoint 4 is now CLOSED.

8:15PMBilstein Race Update

UTV Side-by-Side Class
#1819 is still running hard. It is past Checkpoint 4 at RM 162.3

 There are still three other Side-by-Sides on the course.  They need to make it to Checkpoint 4 before they close at 8:30PM.

8:00PMBilstein Race Update

These vehicles never made it past the respective checkpoints before they closed:

Checkpoint 1

Checkpoint 2











7:00PMBilstein Race Update

As of 7PM there were 126 vehicles across the FINISH line.

Checkpoints 1, 2, and 3 have closed.

Class 7 and 7X leaders across the FINISH are listed below:

Class 7


Class 7x

  • 756 SIERRA, NOE

[more results]

5:30 PMBilstein Race Update

Night is falling in Baja and it will soon be dark.

In so far are:

Class 10

  • 1017 BFG YEE, LOBSAM

Class 12


Class 1-2/1600

  • 1603 YOK KENNEDY, L.J.

Class 5


PRO Truck

Class 8



5:00PMBilstein Race Update

Checkpoint 1 at RM 51.2 is closed

Other Checkpoints will close as follows:

  • Checkpoint 2 at RM 85.3 - 6PM
  • Checkpoint 3 at RM 120.2 - 7PM
  • Checkpoint 4 at RM 162.3 - 8:30PM

4:36PMBilstein Race Update

Made it through Checkpoint 1
Class 8 – All
Class 7s – All
Class 9 – All
Class 3 – All
Class 11 – All
UTV – All but one (#1802)

Did not make it through Checkpoint 1






*Checkpoint 1 closes at 5:00pm

4:01PMBilstein Race Update

Class 1 across FINISH

  • #100 Larry Roeseler in the Terrible Herbst Truggy
  • #104 Robert Ross
  • #135 Pat Dean
  • #136 B.J. Richardson.
  • #114 Billy Gasper

3:30PMBilstein Race Update

#76 Jesse Jones went off a cliff near RM 162.3, past San Vicente.  This was first reported by Team Hardestry—Chase 1 at around 2:42pm.

According to Weatherman, Jones is alive and well.

#76 TT is in the Pacific Ocean.  Pflueger’s Pit crew was near by, so they went over to help Jones out.

3:00PMBilstein Race Update

SCORE Trophy Trucks Across FINISH Line

  • #19 Tim Herbst in the Terrible Herbst Ford F-150 TT
  • #28 Alan Pflueger in the Moster Energy Chevy Silverado TT
  • #4 Gustavo Vildosola in the Mexican Logistics F-150 TT
  • #31 Andy "Bebo" McMillin in the McMillin/Red Bull Chevy Silverado
  • #20 Mike Julson in JIMCO TT
  • #12 Larry Ragland/Brian Collins in Collins Motorsports TT

2:33PMBilstein Race Update

#19 Terrible Herbst is across the FINISH line!

2:00PMBilstein Race Update

#7 Steinberger is back in the race just passed San Vicente, near RM 160

#28 Alan Pflueger in the Monster Energy TT has passed 12 TT, and is running a fast 2nd behind #19 Herbst

1:30PM Bilstein Race Update

#19 Terrible Herbst Ford F-150 Trophy Truck is first through Checkpoint 4 at RM 162.3

1:10PM Bilstein Race Update

#7 Steinberger is okay.  No word yet on whether the truck is good to continue race.

#2 “Pistol Pete” Sohren is broke down at RM 135

12:57PM Bilstein Race Update

#7 Steinberger has rolled at RM 127.5, just past Checkpoint 3

12:40PM Bilstein Race Update

#7 Steinberger has moved up to 2nd place, 4 minutes behind #16 Herbst.

12:35PM Bilstein Race Update

#120 Adam Pfankuch rolled over near checkpoint 2.  Driver is fine, but they are accessing damage to car.

12:23PM Bilstein Race Update

Class 24 102a Scott Taylor is out of the race at  Honda Pit 3.

Sportsman ATV 81a Moises Herrera was hit by car near RM 76.  SCORE Rescue on its way.  Herrera seems to be conscious.

12:06PM Bilstein Race Update

SCORE Trophy Truck

#7 Scott Steinberger in the PCI Radio F-150 Trophy Truck has just cleared Checkpoint 2.
Steinberger started 10th off the line, and is moving up fast to the front.  He is running 4 minutes behind the leader--#19 Herbst

12:03PM Bilstein Race Update

SCORE Trophy Truck

#19 Terrible Herbst Ford F-150 Trophy Truck is first TT through Checkpoint 2 at RM 85.3

First Class 8 truck through Checkpoint 1 at RM 51.2 is #800 Nick Vanderwey in a Chevy powered truck

11:00AM Bilstein Race Update

“Pistol Pete” Sohren in the #2 SCORE Trophy Truck is racing fast into Ojos Negros, reaching top speeds of 130mph.  Sohren debuted at the Baja 250 with new Maxxis Off-Road tires.

Sohren is running hard, gaining on TT #16 Herbst

10:30AM Bilstein Race Update

16x Mike Childress was the second Pro Motorcycle across the FINISH line.

A winner between 1x Bell/Norman and 16x Childress has not been decided.  SCORE officials are reviewing RallyTracker GPS information to verify racers stayed on the race course. 

We will have news on the winner as soon as we get it.

10:22AM Bilstein Race Update

First Trophy Truck is off the START line.

Tim Herbst in the #19 Terrible Herbst Ford F-150 Trophy Truck

Next to follow:

19 Tim Herbst
2 Pete Sohren
60 Mike Voudouris
39 Ron Whitton
96 Bobby Baldwin
91 Bill McBeath
4 Gus Vildosola
64 Craig Bell
35 Robbie Pierce
7 Scott Steinberger
29 Richard Boyle
20 Mike Julson
85 Todd Wyllie
28 Alan Pflueger
17 Carl Renezeder
69 Francisco Cervantes
40 Chet Huffman
31 Andy McMillin
12 Larry Ragland
55 Luis Wallace
3 Mark Post
76 Jesse Jones
38 Garron Cadiente
51 Kory Scheeler
32 Juan C. Ibarra
16 Cameron Steele
1 B.J. Baldwin
22 Damen Jefferies
82 Ryan Arciero
50 Jerry Larimore
54 Jesse James
86 Josh Baldwin
58 Frank Thing
77 Travis Coyne

9:56AM Bilstein Race Update

First Motorcycle to FINISH!

1x –Robby Bell and Kendal Norman on Honda CRF450X

Pro Motorcycle
1x –Robby Bell and Kendal Norman on Honda CRF450X
Average speed 55.7mph

16x Mike Childress was 6 minutes behind 1x at Checkpoint 4
11x Joe Desrosiers was 26 minutes behind 1x at Checkpoint 4

9:28AM Bilstein Race Update

Pro ATV 1a Danny Prather and Mike Cafro racing on their Temecula Motorsports Honda TRX450R are still in the lead. Through Checkpoint 3 at RM 120.2

Also through Checkpoint 3 are Sportman M/C leaders

  1. 251x Javier Hernandez
  2. 256x Craig Bouman
  3. 262x Luke Terry

9:01AM Bilstein Race Update

CLASS 40 Motorcycles across Checkpoint 3 at RM 120.2
408x Brett Helm

  1. 402x Paul Needels
  2. 405x Bill Boyer

8:59AM Bilstein Race Update

1x through San Vicente Crossing, passing Checkpoint 4 at RM 162.3

Robby Bell and Kendal Norman—Honda 1x are in the lead!

8:49AM Bilstein Race Update

First Pro Quad across Checkpoint 2 is Team 1a - Danny Prather and Mike Cafro

Class 25 Pro ATV Champions Danny Prather and Mike Cafro racing on their Temecula Motorsports Honda TRX450R are in the lead.

They started 5th off the line, and have now passed 2a Jovany Pimentel, 3a Randy Dyer, 4a Wayne Matlock, and 5a James Woodford.

8:15AM Bilstein Race Update

16x Mike Childress is second across Checkpoint 3, less than three minutes behind the leader 1x Robby Bell.

8:12AM Bilstein Race Update

1x Robby Bell is through Checkpoint 3 at RM 120.2

1x is averaging 60mph through the Baja 250 course.  1x is more than half way through the race.

7:57AM Bilstein Race Update

15x is down with broken ankle at KM 77 on HWY 3.  Racer of record is Cameron Steele. 

Gas tank is damaged, so it’s hard to say if they will be able to get back on the track soon.  Chase for 15x on its way.

7:53AM Bilstein Race Update

Pro Motorcycle - Across Checkpoint 2

1x Robby Bell
16x Mike Childress
5x Kevin Johnson
12x Marc Burrett
11x Joe Desrosiers

7:34AM Bilstein Race Update

1x Robby Bell is first Motorcycle across Checkpoint 2 at RM 85.3

7:24AM Bilstein Race Update

402x Paul Needels is first across Checkpoint 1 at RM 51.2
401x Curt Insley is second across Checkpoint 1 at RM 51.2

7:22AM Bilstein Race Update

All Motorcycles and Quads are off the START line.

7:12AM Bilstein Race Update

308x Jim O’Neal is first Class 30 dirtbike across Checkpoint 1 at RM 51.2

6:58 AM Bilstein Race Update

Second bike across Checkpoint 1 at RM 51.2 is 2x Chris Blais

6:56 AM AM Bilstein Race Update

PRO Motorcycle

First Pro Motorcycle across Checkpoint 1 at Race Mile (RM) 51.2 is 1x Robby Bell on a Honda CRF450X.  Team 1x was third off the start line.  They have passed both 2x Chris Blais
3x Jack McCormick.

Robby Bell and Kendal Norman—Honda 1x are out to defend their 2006 Pro Dirtbike Class 22 Championship this weekend. 

6:10 AM Bilstein Race Update

The 21st Tecate SCORE Baja 250 race has started and first bike off the line was 2x Chris Blais.




Sours: http://www.off-road.com/competition/race/race-updates-2007-tecate-score-baja-250-27398.html
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