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How do you guys remote reboot acces points which are in disconnected state? As its disonnected, I am not able to putty (SSH) to the accesspoints. At the moment I have to walk around different buildings in a big campus to identify the network cabinet replug the eth cable. Is there anyone able to do  a reboot from their desk itself?

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Managed POE switch you can shutdown the POE per port. 


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If it's only disconnected from the controller you may still be able to SSH in and issue a reboot if the device is online and pulling an IP. I've done that several times when my techs ignore explicit instructions to check the inform before deployment.

Otherwise, as above, if they're connected to a PoE switch you can cycle the port. Even without PoE, administratively cycling the port may kick it back online.


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Thai Pepper


It may also have picked up a DHCP address, so look at your DHCP server to see if that's the case.


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Not sure if you mentioned if you had a managed POE switch. If so, I would document where the APs connect into the switch and power cycle them.

If you are using the POE injectors, you will need to unplug the cable that connects to the AP for it to power cycle.


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Yes you can reboot it from the power control room to disconnect POE cable.


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Thai Pepper


If you can't SSH into the AP you have a much deeper problem than having to MBWA.  Fix that problem then you can stay at your desk.


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When I create a new SSID on UNIFI, many of the access points go offline. The only way I can do is MBWA. I tried to SSH the AP but no success. 

I take the only answer as MBWA. 

P.S: for those are like me who will google for MBWA, save a minute! - management by walking around


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  1. Log in to the Unifi Controller
  2. Click on the Devices Tab
  3. Click on the Access Point you wish to restart
  4. On the right-hand side fly in click on the tools icon
  5. Scroll down and click on Open Terminal
  6. On the terminal that opens type in reboot and hit enter


unifi access point rebootUnifiWindows Commands
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#!/bin/sh# A simple script for remotely rebooting a Ubiquiti UniFi access point# Version 1.0 (Dec 15, 2015)# by Steve Jenkins ( Requires sshpass ( which# is probably available via dnf, yum, or apt on your *nix distro.# USAGE# Update the user-configurable settings below, then run ./ from# the command line. To reboot on a schedule, create a cronjob such as:# 45 3 * * * /usr/local/bin/ > /dev/null 2>&1 #Reboot UniFi AP# The above example will reboot the UniFi access point every morning at 3:45 AM.# USER-CONFIGURABLE SETTINGSusername=ubntpassword=ubntknown_hosts_file=/dev/nulluap_ip= SHOULDN'T NEED TO CHANGE ANYTHING PAST HEREecho"Rebooting UniFi access point at $uap_ip..."if sshpass -p $password ssh -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no [email protected]$uap_ip reboot;thenecho"Reboot complete!"1>&2exit 0elseecho"Could not reboot UniFi access point. Please check your settings."1>&2exit 1fi
Quick Way How to Restart Unifi Router

So you want to factory reset your Unifi AP, but probably the reset button doesn’t seem to work. Luckily there is another option to reset the access point. In this article, I will walk you through the step that is necessary to reset your access point.

Using the Reset Button

First, the simple way, using the reset button. The reset button has two functions on the Unifi Access Point:

  • If you press and release the button quickly, then the access point will only restart.
  • To reset the access point to factory settings you will need to hold the button forat least 5 seconds.

There is also an option to reset the Unifi Access Point remotely if you are using the Unifi Gigabit PoE adapter. Some of the PoE Adapters have a reset button to remotely reset your Unifi Access Point. You can check this datasheet to see if your adapter has a remote reset button.

Reset Unifi Access Point with Reset Button

Sometimes an Unifi Access Point won’t come back online after a factory reset. It will not show up in your controller as an adaptable device. Now I know you can connect to the Unifi AP with SSH, so let’s take a look at the options we have there to reset an Unifi AP.

Connecting with SSH

To connect to the access point with SSH we first need to know its IP Address. You can take a look in your router if it’s listed there, or use a free network scanner. I use Advanced Ip Scanner for that. The tool is free and really easy to use.

SSH Reset Unifi

Now we know the IP Address, we can use Putty to connect to it with SSH. Download Putty and enter the IP address and click on open. You will get a security alert which you can ignore. Just press Yes.

The default username and password for an Unifi Access Point is ubnt and ubnt

Resetting Unifi AP with SSH

When you are connected you get a welcome screen. If we enter helpand press enter we get a list of the possible commands. Now, this isn’t a lot, but enough to reset the access point.

___ ___ .__________.__ | | |____ |__\_ ____/__| | | / \| || __) | | (c) 2010-2020 | | | | \ || \ | | Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. |______|___| /__||__/ |__| |_/ Welcome to UniFi UAP-AC-LR! LA-WAP-Living-BZ.v4.3.24# help UniFi Command Line Interface - Ubiquiti Networks info display device information set-default restore to factory default set-inform <inform_url> attempt inform URL (e.g. set-inform upgrade <firmware_url> upgrade firmware (e.g. upgrade fwupdate --url <firmware_url|firmware_name> [--dl-only] [--md5sum <sum_of_fw>] [--keep-firmware] [--keep-running] [--reboot-sys] new firmware update command reboot reboot the device

So first let’s check why it’s not connecting. Get the device information with the infocommand.

UBNT-BZ.v3.9.27# info Model: UAP-Pro Version: MAC Address: 04:18:d1:12:ef:e9 IP Address: Hostname: UBNT Uptime: 80 seconds Status: Unable to resolve (http://unifi:8080/inform)

In this case, the device is unable to resolve the controller. The controller should be available on https://unifi:8443. If that is working then there is a reason why the Unifi AP can’t connect to it. It might be in the wrong IP range (that was the problem in this case), or it can be a DNS issue.

If you are sure that the Unifi Controller is available at http://unifi then we need to look further. A possible issue can be that the Access Point was connected to another controller or that the device was removed from this controller.

Now the best thing to do is to reset the device to factory defaults and set the inform URL to the correct address:

  1. First, reset the Unifi AP with: set-default

    The Unifi Access point will reset and reboot. It might get another IP address, so if you can connect to it again, scan your network for it. (or use the mobile app to find the device)

  2. Set the inform address:

    If your Unifi Controller is available on a different address then http://unifi, then you can set the address with the following command: set-inform

    You should now see the Unifi Access Point in the controller ready to be adopted.

I hope this post helped you to reset Unifi AP to its factory defaults and then you can adapt it again in your controller. If you have any questions, just drop a comment below. Check out this post if you want to know more about how to set up an Unifi Access point and some tips for the best performance.

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