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Fringe Haircuts For Men: 45+ Ways to Style Yours

Are you looking for a stylish cut that will keep you looking trendy? Believe it or not, but short hair with bangs is in for men’s fashion! If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your hair game, below, we’ve compiled a list of the best fringe haircuts for men!

One thing you’ll probably notice over and over again is the excessive amounts of texture in most of these styles. So any of these haircuts is sure to give you inspiration for your next ‘do, so keep your eyes peeled! 

1. Disheveled Yet Sophisticated Fringe

This textured fringe style screams bad boy, but it’s still sophisticated enough to keep you from looking like a punk. Low maintenance and stylish, this cut is sure to keep you looking trendy with little to no effort required.

2. High Fashion Gothic Fringe Haircut

Pushing the envelope is the name of the game for this style. It’s really about how edgy you’re willing to go in the name of fashion. High fashion trends are starting to trickle their way into mainstream hairstyles for men, so who knows? You could be one step ahead of the curve on this one.

3. Messy Pompadour

A fringe with good texture is an absolute classic, which is why we’re bringing back this messy pompadour look. It’s an oldie but goodie, so if you’re aren’t hip to high fashion or the latest trends, then this may be the perfect look for you. Channel your inner rockabilly!

4. Asymmetrical Angles

Sharp angles with no layers make for a very intriguing look, which pairs nicely with high cheekbones or chiseled features. Not many men can pull this look off, but those who can are sure to stand out from the crowd!

5. Punk Rock Flirt

Breaking the mold and going against the grain are all core tenants of the punk rock movement. Fringe bangs on men, especially in this style, are a great way to flirt with the punk rock principles without fully investing in it.

6. Long Side Fringe Haircut

Choosing the right hairstyle is an integral part of this process. With this hairstyle, you’ll look like you have better things to do than fix your hair, but your hair will still look great. How does he do it?

7. 18th Century Classic Fringe 

If the 50s aren’t really your cup of tea, then maybe you should try going back a little further. This is a modern take on a distinctively 18th-century hairstyle. The curled fringe adds personality to an otherwise conservative choice. Side bangs make for a great way to frame the face and eyes.

8. Curly Fringe

Everyone knows that curly fries are better than regular fries. The same holds true for curly fringe vs. regular fringe. This style is a great way to combine curly hair with a sleek look to keep your cheekbones visible. We definitely love a look that allows the natural hair texture to show through.

9. Modern Bowl Cut

The traditional bowl cut hairstyle has a bit of a bad rap but is making a comeback with its modern version. Styled the right way, this fringe style keeps the look interesting yet simple, messy yet controlled. The simpler the cut the less maintenance it requires as well!

10. Controlled Curly Fringe Haircut

If you’re looking to make your face appear longer and thinner, this style is the best way to do it. Similar to the curly fringe hairstyle a few cuts back, this look may require a little more hair gel. Regardless, the curls will not detract from your angled features; they will actually enhance them. Boyish yet sophisticated are the main highlights of this men’s fringe haircut.

11. Downplayed Fringe Haircut

This is a very traditional, somewhat conservative fringe hairstyle that doesn’t immediately scream, “I have a fringe!” This allows you to follow the fringe trend and look fashionable. Keeping the look messy is a great touch.

12. Extra Long Fringe Haircut

This fringe is so long that you could almost tie it in a top knot. The sides are buzzed off for a rough and edgy look while the long fringe goes to show that you know how to take care of your appearance. We love a style that looks like it took half an hour to perfect but actually needed just 5 minutes.

13. Boyish Charm Fringe Haircut

This look is messy and sweet, with a little edge that implies you might be related to Peter Pan. With the right attitude paired with this fringe, the possibilities are virtually endless on what you can accomplish. Short, disheveled, but still put-together describes this ‘do perfectly.

14. The Efron-Bieber Combo Haircut

Some of the most popular male celebrities either have this hairstyle or have had it in the past. It’s a good wavy look that takes minimal effort to pull off. A men’s fringe haircut doesn’t have to be sleek or angular; it can be rugged and wild and still carry a fashionable weight to it.

15. Forward Thinking Fringe Haircut

The side fringe is a very good way of bringing an interesting dimension to any haircut. Brushing the hair forward from the back also adds another element to this style. This is another classic cut that takes its inspiration from older men’s fringe haircut styles.

16. Wind-Blown Hairstyle

The off-center tilt of this handsomely disheveled look will complement an asymmetrical face while drawing attention to what is probably one of our best features: the eyes. Let this textured fringe style inspire you!

17. Wavy Fringe

Don’t be fooled; there’s a lot more going on with this wavy hairstyle than meets the eye. It is fairly unassuming and moderate but it stays fashionable and keeps texture, texture, texture at the forefront of it all. This is also a low maintenance look for the man-on-the-go.

18. K-Pop Fringe Haircut

Taking inspiration from Korean pop stars, this men’s fringe haircut is well put together without much room for mistakes. Shadowing the eyes with the side fringe allows the rest of the facial features to stand out nicely.

19. Business Casual Fringe Haircut

Carefully sectioned-off pieces of hair frame the face and add a bit of mystery. It is almost too long for a business environment, but pushing the line is all part of the fun here. Keeping the fringe long and sleek allows the wearer of this style to remain well-groomed and fashionable.

20. Short Beach Waves Bangs

Typically, when you say “beach waves” in association with a hairstyle you think long, bleached-blond hair. In this case, the hair is a bit shorter and it isn’t very blond, but the waves are definitely still there. Waves evoke movement and flow, which works brilliantly for this men’s fringe haircut.

21. Undercut with Bangs

Undercutting long hair makes the hair on top appear thicker and makes for an intriguing combination. Wear it down or pulled back in a man bun for a versatile look. It’s an easy way to style the hair and almost any great fringe can be paired with an undercut to add a little drama.

22. Bold French Crop

The French crop hairstyle is bold and dynamic, and the symmetrical look gives it an air of rigidity. The slight texture gives this hairstyle great personality. This fringe bangs style requires little to no maintenance, and you won’t have to spend much time in the morning perfecting your hair.

23. Slicked-Over Fringe Haircut

You’ve heard of slicked back hair, now get ready for slicked-over. Perfect for straight hair, this cool look is slick and sophisticated (did we mention slick?), and while it may require a bit of maintenance, it is well worth it. Sharp edges create an interesting look against smooth features.

24. Messy French Crop

Similar to the crop, this textured fringe offers a lot of options. Wear-ability is a big factor when it comes to deciding on a haircut, and this crop abounds in it. Brush it back for a relaxed look or style it forward for a different, edgy take on the fringe. 

25. Medium Bob

Women aren’t the only ones who can make a fringe work, just like they aren’t the only ones who can make a bob cut work. This style can easily be pulled back and away from the face for a more open look or left down with the extra-long fringe hanging in a mysterious manner.

26. The Debonair Swoop

As dramatic as it is elegant, this bold undercut with a fringe worn to the side leaves little to be desired. It’s almost as if a young Patrick Swayze walked into a hair salon nowadays and asked them to take a little off the sides.

27. Short Tousled Hair

A textured side fringe worn the right way will make for a relaxed yet put together look. This cut can work for men in almost all walks of life, and the best part is you don’t have to worry much about styling. Just run your fingers through your hair when you’re ready to go!

28. Pointed Fringe Haircut

It’s a crop with a little edge to it. This textured fringe comes to a hazy point in the middle, which brings the eyes further downward. This style allows your face to assume a more V-shaped appearance since it aligns so well with the chin. 

29. Textured Crop

Take advantage of your natural curls (or get yourself some good styling gel) and have fun with a crop that is loaded with texture. It still looks light and airy, although there is great definition. You don’t want to weight your curls down in this look or slick them down too much, though.

30. Shy Faux Hawk

Aren’t ready to commit to a faux hawk, but still like the way it looks? We understand, which is why we suggest this tapered cut that includes a pointed fringe. It’s edgy and a bit punk without going too far.

31. Flat Faux Hawk

Yet another option for the hesitant punk who isn’t looking to make too many waves. This is a great textured hairstyle that doesn’t require much work. You always have the option of gelling this hair up into the well-known faux hawk profile, or you can leave it loose and relaxed.

32. Tapered Crop

We love a good hairstyle with texture. This one has plenty, and the crisp edges make for an appealing look. The fade on the sides adds an edgy factor to an otherwise moderate hairstyle. Keep it simple to bring out your eyes!

33. Harry Styles UK Fringe Haircut

Messy yet still put together; that’s probably how some people would describe Harry Styles. He isn’t into teenybopper looks anymore though, which is why he rocked this great fringe ‘do. The sides and back are longer, but not too long.

34. Sharp Edges and Angles

It’s all about the gel, gel, and more gel! Some hairstyles look overworked with a lot of product, but others, like this one, require it. The sharp edges and angles are enough to make you stand out of a crowd, not to mention the dramatic difference between the short and long hair.

35. Curls on Top

It’s all about working with what you have and knowing exactly how to make it look good. Curly hair all-around can sometimes be overbearing, but curls just on top look handsome and sharp. Match that with faded sides and you’ve got one great ‘do.

36. Angular Fringe Haircut

This hairstyle will take any man’s hair and give it volume and texture, which are two things you absolutely must-have for an interesting cut. Bangs swept to one side are definitely trending, so why not get in on this latest fashion?

37. Long Hair Don’t Care

Okay, it’s not exactly long hair. It’s short hair with bangs, but that’s close enough, right? The maintenance of this style is remarkably low, so it’s a great option for any man looking to up his style game while keeping it simple at the same time. Textured bangs fade into shorter hair on the sides.

38. Waves on Waves

If you have naturally wavy hair, let that shine through! Don’t weight it down with products trying to get a sleek look, embrace the texture! Controlled chaos looks so much better than smothered chaos in our opinion. A fringe that long perfectly frames the eyes too.

39. Stacked Waves

Bringing the fringe to the side allows the naturally wavy hair to stack in an appealing way. The buzzed sides bring the eyes upward while the fringe brings the eyes back down, which makes for a very intriguing style. Keep it light on the product – this is a wonderfully low maintenance cut.

40. All-Around Fringe Haircut

Keeping the fringe roughly the same length as the rest of your hair makes for a very carefree style. You don’t have to worry too much about where the hair is falling with this ‘do – just kind of let it do its own thing.

41. Pointed Pompadour

This pompadour hairstyle look is reminiscent of Elvis Presley, but it also contains a bit of an edge that Elvis didn’t have. The fringe coming down to a point nicely compliments the short sides as both are somewhat blunt.

42. Side-Swept Curls

We’re a sucker for a good side fringe. If you know how to tame your curls then this style is perfect for you! It’s a nice round, soft look that pairs well with the tapered sides. Nothing about it is too extreme, but it’s still a trendy look for anyone that wants to try out a fringe.

43. Flock of Seagulls

This reminds us of a modern take on the 80s hairstyle, the Flock of Seagulls. We think it’s just bold enough and wild enough to fit well among the more extreme fringe styles. This cut will look good with or without hairspray. 

44. Blunt Crop

Yes, we love texture, but sometimes, less is more. The very small amount of texture in this hairstyle creates a simply elegant crop that is inching its way toward high fashion. It’s still a wearable style, and the faded sides keep it distinctly modern.

45. Wave-Filled Crop

Forget product, forget styling! Just roll out of bed and look flawless with this wave-filled crop cut. Effortless looks good on anyone, but it looks especially good on men with fringes. This hairstyle blends together perfectly for a look with almost no hard edges.

46. Small Bangs

Bangs for men don’t have to cover the whole forehead. As a matter of fact, if you’re dealing with short hair combined with bangs, it’s better if the bangs are a little more angular with less coverage.

47. Beach Bum Bangs

This is a classic look for someone who spends a lot of time on the beach or in the sun. The fringe is a little sparser than some of the other styles we’ve seen, but the beach tends to do that to you. Let the ocean waves decide where your hair will lie with this relaxed cut.

48. Tousled Fringe Haircut

This haircut definitely looks like you could run your fingers through it and have it come out looking just as good. The sides are on the longer side, but not too long, so the fringe is still the center of attention.


There you have it, the coolest hairstyles for men who are interested in trying out a fringe. We’re not saying that you have to try one of these hairstyles, but we’re also not saying you shouldn’t. Whether you want to go simple, high fashion, retro, or something completely wild, always ‘do you!

It’s always nice to try something new, so if you liked this list why not share this with a friend who may be looking for a change too?And also let us know which of these styles are your favorites!


If you still hesitate whether to go for a fringe bangs hairstyle or not, then we will help you to make the right decision. A fringe is so versatile cut that you will surely find a style that will be flattering for your facial features and suitable for your preferences. From tousled and effortless to refined and polished, the range of styling options is endless. Wait no longer and check out our guide to these trendy men’s hairstyles.

What Do You Call Fringe Bangs?

So, what is a fringe haircut? When you cut your sides short and leave the top front section of your hair long so that you could style it hanging over your forehead, it is called a fringe cut.

Source: @r.braid via Instagram

How To Cut And Fashion Fringe Bangs?

There are quite a lot of different types of bangs out there. To choose the right look for you, you need to consider such factors as the type of your hair, its texture and your personal style. If you are considering side swept bangs hairstyles or straight ones, your hair should be between 2 and 4 inches long. Ask your barber to give you an angular fringe in the front and any kind of fade or undercut on the sides. Curly guys with bangs should do even less to style their locks. In most cases, you just need to allow your front bangs to fall freely. In case you need your hairstyle to look appropriate for a formal ambiance, apply a bit of hair wax or gel and you will get textured bangs.

Source: @los_cut_it via Instagram

Best Fringe Hairstyles For Men

Of course, we could not leave you without a dose of inspiration and thus prepared this stunning collection of the most stylish hair cuts with bangs.

Curtain Bangs

An eBoy haircut, also known as curtain bangs, has been on trend for several years already and not for nothing. This flagship of mens fringe hairstyles flatters almost anyone, giving their appearance a chic and fancy touch.

Want a hairstyle that looks elegant while being effortless? With a side-swept fringe haircut men can achieve both and even more. It brings a dose of style to your appearance and looks flattering for your facial features.

Source: @los_cut_it via Instagram

With a flowy messy fringe men can create different stylish variations. However, to give it more emphasis and make the focal point of the look, pair the fringe with shortly trimmed sides. The variety of options is wide – a fade, a taper, an undercut, or any combination of them.

Source: @r.braid via Instagram

Brushed Up Fringe Bangs

Brushing up your fringe haircut gives you quite a lot of advantages. First, it looks stylish and modern. Second, it helps you to accentuate your facial features. And third, it is extremely easy to maintain.

Source: @los_cut_it via Instagram

Long Fringe Undercut

An undercut and a fringe go together like peanut butter and jelly. Because the sides are neatly trimmed, it makes the hair on top the focal point of the whole look. Thus, take care to style your fringe in the most elaborate way. Yet, should you decide to go for a simple and low-key hair look, it will still seem quite edgy and sharp.

Source: @r.braid via Instagram

Textured Fringe Bangs

A textured fringe is your go-to option for occasions when you need to look elegant and sophisticated. It also allows you to enhance your hair structure if you have curly locks. Simply apply a blob of a hair styling product to your tresses and style them as you like.

Source: @r.braid via Instagram

Long Fringe

If you are ready to make a commitment to a long fringe, you will not regret it. The look comes out stylish and eye-catching no matter how you style it. So that your locks do not obstruct the view, push them to the side or even tuck behind the ear. Either way, it will look attractive and dapper.

Source: @hayden_cassidy via Instagram

Angular Fringe

An angular fringe hairstyle thanks to its asymmetrical appearance puts an intricate twist on your look. It generally features a long front section pushed to one side and shorter flanks.

Source: @r.braid via Instagram

High Volume Fringe

To make yourself visually taller, you can add a little volume to your bangs haircut. To pull it off, you will need to employ some texturizing product and a dry shampoo. It does not necessarily have to look kempt. Messy bangs also work wonders for your height.

Short Fringe Bangs

Not all fringe hairstyles are always long. If you prefer clean-cut looks, then you can still pull off man bangs. Just make them a little longer than the rest of your hair and add a drop of a hair product when styling.

Source: @a.nizhnick via Instagram

Downplayed Fringe Haircut

This fringe haircut is a modern take on a traditional style. Your forehead is also covered with hair, however, it is given a disheveled look for an added flair.

Faux Hawk Fringe

Here is one of those cool haircuts for men who keep up with fashion. It is a fringe version of a faux hawk. The sides are trimmed much shorter than the remaining hair, which you will need to push up and forward.

Source: @r.braid via Instagram

Slicked-Over Fringe Haircut

Obviously, this is not a look for everybody. Only a really fashion forward guy would dare to channel it. The fringe here is slicked over your forehead with a generous amount of hair gel.

Source: @alan_beak via Instagram

Wind-Blown Hairstyle

Give your fringe hair men style a relaxed and breezy feel by opting for a wind-blown look. This ‘do can be achieved with the help of a hairdryer and styling product.

Source: @los_cut_it via Instagram

Short Textured Fringe Bangs

There are no specific length requirements when it comes to textured fringe bangs. Even if you have short hair, you can still define its structure by applying hair gel or wax.

Curly Long Fringe

This hairstyle is one of the best at showing off your curly locks structure. If you have enough will and patience, try to grow your fringe until it starts to cover your ears. One of the best things about it is that it will not require much maintenance.

Controlled Curly Fringe Haircut

Do you like to keep everything under control including your hair? Then this controlled curly fringe haircut male style is your go-to option. To get it, you will need to employ a substantial amount of a hair gel.

Short Tousled Hair

A great way to upgrade your fringe bangs is to tousle them with a dollop of a hair mousse. This will turn your hairstyle form classic to modern without great ado.

Straight Bang

Should you decide to pull off a straight fringe, make sure that the rest of your look does not give the same preppy impression as your hairstyle. Otherwise, you will end up looking like a nerd, not a fashion savvy guy.

All-Around Fringe Haircut

Although bang haircuts are generally known as those with short sides and long front, there are some unconventional styles that differ from this rule, for instance, this all-around fringe cut, which features hair of equal length all around the head.

Source: @r.braid via Instagram

Hipster Straight Fringe Bangs

Even though the era of hipster style has gone, it seems that their hair looks have stayed with us forever. Thus, a straight mens fringe haircut that is attributed to this subculture is still popular nowadays. It looks carefree and effortless while a soft fade on the sides makes a reference to modern times.

Source: @a.nizhnick via Instagram

Cropped Bang

French bangs style is a cropped cut with short sides and a long top. Its main benefit is that it suits everybody no matter their age and type of hair.

Source: @r.braid via Instagram

It is not a secret that you can wear a fringe in multiple different ways. And one of the most popular of them is to add a side part to your hairstyle. This look works best on medium length locks. However, even if you have short hair, you can still pull it off by going for a hard part.

Quiff Fringe

This hairstyle will be particularly beneficial for gents who want to look taller or elongate their faces. As you brush your fringe up, it creates extra volume, thus adding a couple of inches on top. For extra emphasis, complement it with a fade or taper on the back and sides.

Short Cropped Fringe And Beard

A cropped fringe comes in many shapes and lengths. You can wear it short and long, textured and blunt, soft and sharp. No matter what style you are going to choose, you can rest assured that it will come out trendy and chic. Yet, for guys who value their time and choose to look bold, a short cropped fringe is a perfect option.

Bleached Asian Fringe

To add a stylish twist to your fringe bangs, you can get them bleached. This hair look will appear even more daring when pulled off on Asian locks. As they are initially dark and thick, you will need to employ a really quality hair dye that will discolor your strands without damaging them. Plus, it is better to get the fringe texture cut to reduce its weight and add structure.

Short Curly Bang

If you think that you can only wear a fringe on straight tresses, we are here to prove you wrong. Men with curly locks can also nail this hairstyle. Moreover, thanks to its defined silhouette, it gains a unique and sophisticated air. Besides, to achieve a perfect look, there is no need to wait for your hair to get particularly long. Short curly bangs look equally amazing.

Bowl Cut With Brushed Up Bang

Did you know that there are many ways to style a bowl cut? Instead of brushing the bangs down, you can push them up. In this way, you will show off your strong masculine features and add some height, thus visually elongating the face. The sides and back can be faded, tapered or even undercut for an ultimately contrasty look.

Layered Hair With Fringe Bangs

Regardless of how thin or thick your hair is, layering is what it needs. Adding layers to thin locks will create an impression of a full head of hair while for thick tresses, it will remove bulk. What is more, this is one of those haircuts that do not require much styling – just rub a blob of hair wax or pomade between your palms and run the fingers through the locks.

Medium Messy Hair

When you lack time for elaborate and sophisticated styling of your medium length hair, a messy fringe comes into play. To get it, you simply need to tousle the tresses on the top of your head with your hand and you are basically good to go. While it is extremely easy to maintain, this hair look gives your appearance a relaxed and breezy feel.


What is a fringe haircut?

A fringe cut male features a portion of hair in the front of the head that is styled so that it crosses the hairline and covers the forehead partially or completely. There exist many variations of mens fringes, such as a French crop, a Ceasar haircut, a choppy and short fringe haircut men look, side swept, textured, angular and curtain male bangs. Your hairstyle of choice depends on your current haircut as well as natural hair texture and its length.

How long does it take to grow a fringe?

To grow bangs men usually do not have to wait for ages provided their hair is not buzzed very short or shaved off. Usually, to get a fringe hairstyle men can simply brush their hair toward the front and trim it accordingly. Though in case they actually have their hair cropped very short, then to grow a fringe haircut men should wait for around 4-5 months.

Are fringes in for 2021?

Men with bangs are still considered very fashionable and stylish in 2021. One of the best things about the fringe bangs is that this hairstyle is timeless. It only adjusts to the ongoing trends. Among the trendiest hairstyles are short looks, curtain bangs and those heavily textured.


  • Bangs (also known as a fringe) are strands or locks of hair that fall over the scalp’s front hairline to cover the forehead, usually just above the eyebrows, though can range to various lengths. Source
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20 of the Best Long Hairstyles for Men

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Curl and Wave

Voluminous and free-flowing, wear your wavy mane with pride by wearing it long. The longer length will show off your curl at its finest, but be sure and have your stylist cut a shape into your mane. Once shaped, you can wear the waves au natural, or for a variation as shown in this picture, create an off-middle part, take a flat boar-bristle brush to the bang area, and blow out the front smooth. This will relax the over-all effect of a wavy style.

Use products that will fight humidity and control frizz. Finish the look with a few drops of a liquid shine product dispensed into your palms then dispersed through your wavy locks.

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Dreadlocks are essentially hair that is matted or knotted into strands of coils. The matted coils can be narrow or wide, depending on your preference. You can certainly allow your hair to matte naturally over a long time, but it is best to seek a stylist specializing in dreadlocks, coils, and twists. A peppermint shampoo will help keep the scalp feeling itch-free, and be sure to steer clear of products as that can create buildup. Keep in mind that if you decide you no longer want to sport your dreads, they'll have to be cut out.

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You do not have to live near the ocean to have beachy hair. Grow your hair out to about chin length and mostly one length all over. Have your stylist chip into the bottom with a light layering or texturizing to create added movement. Create a sun-kissed look to the hair by asking your stylist for an ombré highlight or balayage. The key is that it should look as naturally sun-lightened as possible. Traditional highlights using foils or a mesh cap can look too strategically placed. Finish your hair with a sea-salt spray like Herbivore Coconut Sea Mist Texturizing Spray ($20) for added texture.

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Long and Textured

Jason Momoa's hair practically has a life of its own. To achieve texture, the best route is to air-dry hair, but blow-drying and using a texture spray works, too. Keep in mind that heat will also cause damage to your hair, so look for a blow dryer made with a ceramic heating element. The internal ceramic unit smoothes down the hair cuticle rather than blowing it open and actually cuts down on drying time.

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Thick and Shiny

If you’ve been fortunate enough to be blessed with a thick, full head of hair, show it off by growing it out. Consider long layers cut all over, with layers also framing your face. You can do a severe part by blow-drying the hair into one direction heavily off to the side that naturally flows. Roughly blow-dry the remaining hair by tousling with your fingers while it dries under the heat. Typically, the lighter your hair color, the less it shines, and the darker your hair, the more shine comes through. If you feel you need additional shine, use a shampoo and conditioner that specifically adds shine. Once dry, use a light hold shine pomade for control and added brilliance to ensure your thick head of hair does not look dull and dry.

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A$AP Rocky's center-parted braids are artful and edgy. With this look, protection is key. Try covering the head with a satin handkerchief at night while you sleep, which will prevent the roots from drying.

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Simply Straight and Long

Classically long, straight hair can look good at any age. The key thing to remember is the texture of your hair. If you are thinning, either on top or the sides, do not try to pull off long hair as it will only emphasize hair loss. Be sure to keep your mane looking healthy by regularly washing and conditioning with moisturizing products. Regular trims are also important, as you will be susceptible to split ends that lead to breakage of the hair.

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Face-framing Shag

Indeed, a little shaggy can be sexy. If you have a natural wave to your hair, this is an excellent option to create a style with a longer length. You can play with wearing your bangs forward, off to the side, or pushed back. Wear the style full around your face or tuck the sides behind your ears. Longer lengths allow you to switch up your style, all with the same haircut. Your stylist should cut long layers for movement with the sides slightly shorter, graduating into a longer nape length. This style should be pretty low maintenance for you; however, longer lengths can show off oil more easily.

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Straight and Controlled

Long hair can make a great statement, but essentially, long hair is old hair. As it ages, hair is prone to environmental damage, split ends, and breakage. Eliminate the chances of damage by taking care of your tresses. Hydrate the hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Do not skip out on the conditioner when you have long hair. If you happen to be prone to oily build up on your scalp, then replace a cream rinse out conditioner with a light spray leave-in one that you use only on the ends of your hair.

To get this look, blow-dry hair and, after your hair is dry, add a few drops of a liquid shine product into your hands and work through your hair. We recommend Reflections Liquid Shine ($19), which doubles as a heat-protectant.

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Long and Lucious

More and more guys are getting into embracing their natural hair texture and letting their locks fly free. If you're going to join the gang, make sure you have a good product routine to keep your strands in the best health; you might also consider braiding or tying your hair up at night to prevent tangles.

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Tidy and Parted on the Side

"Styling long hair can be a challenge, as you have to contend with factors that can affect the overall outcome," notes Butler. "The texture of your hair can play a big role in how you approach styling. Do you have curl, wave, or is your hair stick straight? Humidity in the air (or a lack of it) can affect whether you end up with frizz or smooth hair." 

Those looking to achieve this look (best for naturally straight hair) should keep the hair trimmed around shoulder-length with light layering through the ends. After washing and conditioning with hydrating products needed for longer hair, dispense a dollop of styling product throughout your hair. You want control, not crunch, so be sure it is a light-hold formula. Make an exaggerated side part with a fine-toothed comb, going straight back with the part, not angled. Once your product is in, and your part has been created, take a vented brush and blow-dry the hair while working to keep the hair parted. You now have your hair sculpted and locked into shape.

Finish with a light hold pomade to control any frizzing and polish off the sleek effect.

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After having your stylist cut your hair with long layers all around, you want to style the hair away from your face while defining the layers. This look is meant to look easy and breezy. Spray a texturizing spray such as a sea salt mist in your hair, then flip your hair upside down and blow-dry your hair while tousling with your fingers. Once hair is mostly dry, flip back upwards and, with a vented brush, blow-dry while pulling the hair back and away from your face. Once drying is complete, rub a lightweight wax in your hands and disperse it throughout your hair. 

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The Man-Bob

A traditional bob is one length all around, meaning no layers, but can be angled straight all-around or at an inverted angle. From there, your stylist can shape the hair to your natural texture. In this picture, the model has natural waves where the back and sides have been slightly stacked with layers. The front is still long, which makes it distinguishable from becoming a shag haircut. Tucking the strands behind the ears to show off the jawline will keep the look in place. Style with a light hold gel or styling cream for control and definition.

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Rock 'n Roll

You can choose to cut your hair all one length or have soft layers around the face. When styling your hair, you will want to use a straightening balm or serum. This will help to smooth out any curl or wave to the hair. If you want to take it a step further and get your hair super straight, use a flat iron on your hair once dry. Section the hair off in half-inch sections, starting at the nape, and work your way up to the top. Keep the flatiron moving on the hair, working it from the root and running down to the hair strand tips. Piece out the tips by applying a hair wax just at the ends. 

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Deliberately Messy

This style can be pulled off on short, medium, or long lengths. The key to remember is to have your stylist heavily layer your hair all over, which will create a deliberately "just rolled out of bed" look. When you are drying your hair, use your fingers to tousle the hair while under the heat. You don’t want any definitive parts in the hair, just natural movement. A sea salt spray may also be a good idea to use on damp hair before drying to add texture.

Once hair is dry, use a stickier product such as a hair paste or putty, work well into the palms of your hands, and then distribute through your locks, piecing out your hair as you go. 

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Pulled Back

There are times when you need your hair pulled out of your face while working on something or playing sports; however, pulling the hair back can also look very stylish. If your hair length falls around the jawline, pull back just the top half of the hair into a low ponytail. If your hair is longer, go ahead and pull all the hair back. The key to this look is to keep the ponytails low and off the top of the head. Be sure to take great care in pulling your hair back. "Make sure to use a hair tie that is soft versus an elastic band that will put tension on the hair," recommends Butler. "Repeated pressure in one spot can weaken the hair and produce breakage."

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Jared Leto's slightly feathered 'do frames his face well, showing off his features thanks to layers and great styling. Less is more in terms of styling this look, so use just a simple leave-in conditioner that is lightweight and focus its placement on the ends. 

Regardless of how you style your long hair, make sure you are taking steps to protect it. "Longer lengths simply means more of your hair has been exposed to the elements and normal wear and tear," says Butler. "That means your hair can become damaged and weaken over time, making it susceptible to breakage. Make sure to use a good moisturizing shampoo as well as a conditioner." Butler recommends Floyd's 99 Refresh Hair and Body Conditioner ($29).

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Layering can be used for any length of hair but can greatly vary. You can have one-length hair all around and only have the hair framing your face layered. You can have all-over layers, which help to create movement and texture while eliminating bulk, or you can have an all-over layer in addition to layering the face-framing pieces, seen here on actor Avan Jogia. Depending on the effect you want to create, your stylist can layer your hair accordingly. Most styles will require at least some layering—whether conservatively or heavily layered will depend on the style you are shooting for. Using pomades, waxes, muds, and pastes will help piece out layers, creating definition and dimension.

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Benicio Del Toro offers a prime example of a mid-length that's long enough to be trendy but still manages to be a classic look. "This style has all hair at about six to eight inches long in length and is perfect for men with a slight wave," says Vaccaro.

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Russell Brand's shaggy look is pure 1970s—with a modern twist. "This grown-out shaggy, layered cut is perfect for curls." To get a similar look, Vaccaro advises using "a curl creme to enhance and define and mix with a medium-hold gel if your hair is prone to frizz." To prevent greasy-looking hair, wash your hair regularly and condition the ends, as you will be prone to split ends with longer lengths. Work in a light hold grooming cream—try Pete and Pedro Hair Cream ($19)—to control and style.

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