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The local utility companies (AEP, Ohio Edison, Dayton Power & Light, Cleveland Illuminating, Duke Energy, Toledo Edison) continue to deliver power and send you your monthly electric bill even after you choose a competitive supplier. If you do not choose a supplier, you pay a default rate known as the Price to Compare.

Find out how you can get a cheaper fixed rate for your electricity!

Comparing the Best Electric Rates in Ohio

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Regulating the energy sector in the state is the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). It also overseesthe official state energy comparison website, Energy Choice Ohio.  In it, Ohio residents and businesses can compare apples to apples electricity and gas rates of PUCO certified suppliers, find useful information about energy deregulation, their rights as electricity customers, and how to read their electric bill. 

The switching process is easy:

  • Select if you are shopping for a residential, commercial, or industrial power plan
  • Select your state utility
  • Compare available electricity rates with the Price to Compare of your utility

You can also use the free tool tocompare an available fixed rate on our website. We review the majority of suppliers and include useful information about contact information, benefits & drawbacks of available energy plans, and additional perks for customers.

Ohio Energy Market Overview

Ohio has deregulated its retail energy sector in 2001, giving its residents the power to choose who will supply their electricity and gas – and for what price. Since then, some 50% of residents switched electric suppliers, whichaccording to research, has generated a staggering $15 billion saving on Ohio electric bills.

The marketplace competition has also pushed downthe average residential electricity rates in Ohio to 9.94 cents per kWh, which is below the US national average. A number of competitive suppliers sprung up around the state, ready to compete for Ohio customers with a good fixed rate,  energy plans, and home power products.

Utility Companies in Ohio

AEP Ohio

ohio electric rates price comparison

AEP Ohio, headquartered in Gahanna, Ohio, operates in the service areas including Chillicothe, Canton, Columbus, and Findlay.

  • Customer service number: 1-800-672-2231 (residential customers) and 1-888-710-4237 (business customers)
  • Current standard Ohio electricity rates: 5.42 ¢ / kWh

Dayton Power & Light

current ohio electric rates

DP&L serves the Miami Valley region of West Central Ohio, including cities of Dayton, Xenia, Kettering, Trotwood, and  Greenville.

  • Customer service number: 1-937-331-3900
  • Current standard Ohio electricity rates: 5.20 ¢ / kWh

Duke Energy Ohio

ohio electric rates and energy prices

Duke Energy supplies electricity to 840,000 homes and businesses in Cincinnati, Butler, Hamilton, Clermont, Warren, and Brown counties.

  • Customer service number: 1-866-216-2136 (residential customers) and 1-800-774-1202 (business customers)
  • Current standard Ohio electricity rates: 5.72 ¢ / kWh

Both Ohio Edison and The Illuminating Company sit under the umbrella of First Energy and cover service territories in northern Ohio.

Ohio Edison

ohio electric rates energy suppliers
  • Customer service number: 1-888-544-4877
  • Current standard Ohio electricity rates: 5.118 ¢ / kWh

The Illuminating Company

ohio electric rates power rates
  • Customer service number: 1-800-589-3101
  • Current standard Ohio electricity rates: 5.125 ¢ / kWh

 Energy Plans & Products in Ohio

Energy plans are like shoes. One size does not fit all. Navigating through complex information about power rates can be confusing and can ultimately deter you from shopping for a better deal. Below is all you need to know about the different energy products that power companies offer to Ohioans:

Alternative Energy Solutions in Ohio

What is an Ohioan to do, if he wants to green up?


Below are answers to some of the questions you might have about Ohio electric rates.

Is Ohio Edison First Energy?

Yes, Ohio Edison is now one of the ten FirstEnergy operating companies and is the main power provider for northeastern Ohio outside of Cleveland itself.

Should I opt out of Nopec?

NOPEC (Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council) is a non-profit that buys energy in bulk at lower prices to help lower customers’ utility bills. If you opt-out of the program, you will start receiving your utility standard rate.

What does renew content mean?

The Ohio Renewable Portfolio Standard requires that 8.5 percent of electricity sold by Ohio’s utilities or suppliers to be generated from green energy sources by 2026. Renewable content is the renewable energy portion (percentage) of your energy plan.

How do I contact AEP Ohio?

If you need to contact the AEP customer service team, you can:
send an email by filling in this online form
call 1-800-672-2231 for residential customer service and 1-888-710-4237 for business customer service.
If researchers are to be believed, Ohioans have already saved billions of dollars by switching electricity and natural gas suppliers. If you are one of them, well done to you. If you haven’t switched yet, you always have the opportunity to shop around for electricity and select a convenient power plan. Just enter your zip code and let us compare available electric rates for your home or business.

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OHEnergyRatings.com Announces Top Ohio Natural Gas Companies

COLUMBUS, Ohio, September 3, 2019 (Newswire.com) - While many people in Ohio are focused on staying cool in the summer months, Ohio Energy Ratings is already preparing for a busy autumn and winter of natural gas shopping. Ahead of this, they have released their first ranking of the Natural Gas providers operating in Ohio. Ohio Energy Ratings has spent over a year collecting data and customer reviews in the Ohio natural gas market and is now ready to announce their findings in their inaugural list of Top Natural Gas Companies. 

Ohio Energy Ratings has chosen Frontier Utilities as their #1 Natural Gas provider in the state of Ohio. Frontier Utilities, recently purchased by NextEra Energy, is a dependable company that has received good customer reviews by offering competitive rates and steady communication with its customers. For these reasons, they landed the top spot in the rankings.

​Checking in at the #2 spot in the rankings is Constellation Energy. Constellation, a division of Exelon, is an energy company providing electricity and natural gas in multiple deregulated states that entered the market with great prices and a great reputation in competitive energy. 

The #3 spot goes to Centerpoint Energy, a very familiar and reliable brand to Ohio shoppers. Centerpoint Energy has offered great rates all year long and maintained a very positive track record with Ohio customers.

It’s important to note that the margin for spots 1-3 was razor-thin between Frontier, Constellation and Centerpoint.

At #4 is Quake Energy, a newcomer to the Ohio natural gas marketplace. While Quake lacks the history or reputation of its competitors on this list, they have entered the market with a rock-bottom long-term rate and are striving to bring value to the Ohio natural gas market. The early returns from their customers have been very positive. 

Finally, rounding out the top five, is XOOM Energy. Xoom has been a steady player for natural gas in several deregulated states and has shown itself to be a great option for natural gas in Ohio. 

The Ohio energy market will always be evolving, but Ohio Energy Ratings is a consistent resource in the marketplace for evaluating the best natural gas suppliers and providers for Ohioans. That’s why this summertime release of the top natural gas providers in Ohio ahead of the fall and winter shopping season is so important. By arming consumers with useful information now, Ohio Energy Ratings helps Buckeye State customers select the best possible suppliers for their home's natural gas service.

About Ohio Energy Ratings
OHEnergyRatings.com offers daily updated information about electricity and natural gas rates throughout Ohio. Since 2009, Energy Ratings has helped over 2 million shoppers make better energy choices.

Ohio Energy Ratings

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Compare The Best Ohio Energy Providers and Rates

from Jamie in Jacksonville, Texas:

  I couldn't be happier.   (see review)

from Lena Previt in Cleveland, Ohio:

  Easy to talk to and very friendly   (see review)

from Kathie in Mansfield, Ohio:

  Easy to get information, good pricing, fast service   (see review)

from Margaret Berold in Mason, Ohio:

  Conversion went smoothly and I savemoney   (see review)

from Richard Cottingham in Powell, Ohio:

  Called Symetry and the customer service person was professional and thorough. I got a letter in the mail soon after confirming my order. All was good   (see review)

from Spencer in Dublin, Ohio:

  Didn't take long to do and I'm now 100% green electric. Its not about savings, it's about using GREEN electric. Better for us and Mother Earth. Do your part. Go green for free. Also g...   (see review)

from Rae in Ashtabula, Ohio:

  Great team. Very knowledgable   (see review)

from Jon in Columbus, Ohio:

  The title says it all. The website is good, the billing processes are good, customer service is okay, etc. The only downside is, that the power lately goes out monthly, usually for four+ hours. When you work from home, that is a non-starter.   (see review)

from Joseph in Dayton, Ohio:

  NRG provides the best cost, service, & support. Just make sure to call after the introductory period to guarantee you keep getting the best rate. It takes just a couple minutes. The representatives ar...   (see review)

from Easy Order-PP in West Chester, Ohio:

  Easy ordering experience-quick completion and transition to provider   (see review)

from Jenny in Barberton, Ohio:

  Everything has gone so well since I switched that I dont even have to give it a thought.They are doing what they do best-a job well done!   (see review)

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Ohio Energy Choices

Ohio Energy Ratings | Compare Ohio Energy Rates

The Ohio Energy Ratings app offers daily updated information on Ohio Electricity Rates in Columbus, Cleveland, and hundreds of other cities throughout Ohio and features electricity rates in the AEP, Illuminating Company, Duke Energy, Dayton P&L, Ohio Edison and Toledo Edison utility areas.

Since 2009, We've helped over 1.5 million shoppers make better energy choices. The Ohio Energy Ratings app enables Ohio residents and business owners to share their opinions and have a voice in the Ohio electricity market.

The Ohio Energy Ratings app helps people make informed buying decisions through its consumer reviews platform and is a reliable source for valuable consumer insight, advice, in-depth energy company service evaluations, and personalized recommendations. Our mission is to help consumers harness the power of information to find, compare, and buy electricity and energy services from the best providers.

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