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Mizuno Duel Sonic 2 Men

The Mizuno Duel Sonic 2 for men are neutral racing shoes. These competition shoes have a classic design: they provide relatively little cushioning, but because of this do provide a lot of feel for the underground. Yet another benefit of the little cushioning material used in the shoes is that they are very light in weight. This helps you speed up quickly and break your personal records during your runs. While keeping cool feet throughout. Because the Airmesh upper doesn't just provide a snug fit, but also makes these trainers highly breathable.

The Duel Sonic 2 is the ideal racing shoe for runners who ask for a lot of feel for the underground. Thanks to this direct contact with the track or the road you're running on, you'll have a secure feel during your runs. The Duel Sonic technology ensures a lot of grip. The shoes have a more sturdy feel at the forefoot. This is because of the Wave Duel Plate, which is made of hardened EVA material. This rigid material knows to turn the energy from your landing phase into energy for your toe off. Thanks to this you'll have an energetic feel when running on these shoes. Are you looking for a more traditional racing flat to break your record on shorter distances? The Mizuno Duel Sonic 2 might be the shoe that you've been waiting on.

with credit to to Nibroc-Rock for renders, all other credits listed in credits.txt

**Click thumbnail for video & please read this description**

Discord server:

Sonic Duel is a mod that takes the entire roster of Super Smash Bros Brawl and converts them to Sonic characters.

Please be AWARE this is a beta build so there are many glitches, bugs, and incomplete functions present in the game. With that being said it is HIGHLY ADVISED you read the READ ME's because you will know what to touch, and not to touch. So I beg you to take some time out of your day to read everything I've prepared for you.

Do not request any more characters because this is how far i'll go with the roster!

New movesets never before seen on brawl vault...

- Big
- Sticks
- Super Sonic (Hatred Dictator's but I completed it)
- Hero & Dark Chao
- Chaos (final smash)
- Rouge
- Sonic with bounce ability
- E-123 Omega
- Rouge

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Mizuno Duel Sonic Red SS20 Men's Shoes

365 Rider

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Brand: Mizuno

Mizuno Duel Sonic Red SS20 Men's Shoes

The Mizuno Duel Sonic shoes bring a new version that will push you to reach speeds that you did not think possible. The design and final fit will help you get up to speed and improve your marathons.

- Weight: 220 g
- Drop: 4 mm

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    Mizuno Duel Sonic Red SS20 Men's Shoes

    Mizuno Duel Sonic Red SS20 Men's Shoes

    Mizuno Duel Sonic Red SS20 Men's Shoes

    The Mizuno Duel Sonic shoes bring a new version that will push you to reach speeds that you did not think possible. The design and final fit will help you get up to speed and improve your marathons.

    - Weight: 220 g
    - Drop: 4 mm

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Sonic Smackdown - All Super moves

Sonic Duel

Created by CreepyMime, Sonic Duel is a mod for Super Smash Bros Brawl that replaces every character in the game with a Sonic character and gives them unique movesets. (except Sonic of course) and every stage with levels from previous Sonic games such as Chemical Plant, Pumpkin Hill, etc, and other features that can be found. There are some characters who aren't finished, so there will be more updates coming in the future. For those who are interested in this, here's a link a Discord server:

Sonic Duel Discord Server

(This is completely optional. I thought it would be nice to tell people about this.)

user uploaded image


Along with this is a video I made to contribute to Sonic Duel. It a who can video to see who can make it across the displayed stage, just like how people like Master0fHyrule do it. Sorry about the atrocious editing though. This is one of the first times I edited a video. You don't have to subscribe to my channel by the way.


Duel sonic

Sonic BETA Duel Release! (Sonic Super Smash Bros)


Sonic Duel [Beta]

user uploaded image

Sonic Duel (formerly Sonic Forever) is a mod of Super Smash Bros Brawl that modifies the entire game to fit the Sonic franchise. It began development back in September of 2017 but took hiatus in October of that year due to my lack of interest with it. The mod features over 35+ playable characters and 40 trademark Sonic stages.


Table Of Contents



III.Game Modes


V.Game Requirements

VI. Download Link


I. Characters

user uploaded image

**Credit to Nibroc for these amazing renders:**

With a whooping roster of 39 fighters, Sonic duel covers pretty much the entire core characters of the Sonic universe. Even featuring forgotten characters from over a decade ago!

Fighter Roster

user uploaded image

- Sonic

- Tails

- Knuckles

- Amy

- Eggman

- Shadow

- Rouge

- Silver

- Blaze

- Mephiles

- Cream

- Big

- Espio

- Vector

- Charmy

- Mighty

- Ray

- Tikal

- Hero & Dark Chao

- Chaos

- Metal Sonic

- Metal Knuckles

- E-123 Omega

- Sally

- Shard

- Werehog Sonic

- Chip

- Bean

- Fang

- Bark

- Jet

- Emerl

- Zeena

- Sticks

- Infinite

- Classic Sonic

- Super Sonic

SEGA Guest Characters

user uploaded image

Every fighting game needs guest characters! Sonic duel features 2 fan favorites….

- Amigo

- Billy Hatcher

Character Types

user uploaded image

On the character select screen you’ll notice coloured letters under the caption “type” beside each fighter’s render. Each letter stands for a specified fighting type in the game, have a look…

“S” for Speed Type:

Fighters that are quick and agile on the battlefield. Perform faster than other types but have trouble dealing decent damage to their opponents.

user uploaded image

Represented by: Sonic

“F” for Fly Type:

Fighters that have better than average air mobility. Can perform glides/floating (but not exclusive to them ex: Knuckles), have more than 2 jumps, and great aerial recovery.  Fly types can either lack range or power depending on the character.

user uploaded image

Represented by: Tails

“P” for Power Type:

Fighters that deal great damage and knockback. Often times these fighters will kill at very low percentages and are more resilient to opponents attacks. However they are generally more slow and may sometimes have terrible range.

Represented by: Knuckles

“W” for Weapon Type:

Fighters with a moveset consisting mostly of a weapon. Weapons allow for more range and deal better damage than the fighter’s limbs. Weapon types rank the least amount of characters resulting in minimal character choice. Power, speed, and air mobility depend on the character.

user uploaded image

Represented by: Amy


user uploaded image

I understand clones are a major concern when it comes to fighting games so thankfully, this mod will not have any. Yes Knuckles and Metal Knuckles have a similar moveset but there are still various differences setting them apart. This is the case for every other character who may come across as a clone at first glance.


II. Stages

user uploaded image
user uploaded image

Sonic Duel features over 30 stages of Sonic nostalgia! From classic Sonic's Green Hill to modern Aquarium Park, it's all there. Not every stage has the intended soundtrack so you may hear some old Super Smash Bros music....

Don't worry though, music will be fixed in the next update as well.


III. Game Modes

Sonic Duel features many of the original game modes from Super Smash Bros Brawl but with it's own twist!

Mission Mode (Event Match COMING SOON)

user uploaded image

All the missions from the original event match will be changed to fit the Sonic characters. In the current beta release none will be properly functioning but in the next update it will be up and running!

Once it's done, it will be a great mode to experience different movepools for characters.

Grab The Rings (Coin Battle)

user uploaded image

Instead of grabbing coins you now grab the official Sonic currency! It even makes the ring sfx when you grab it!

All Star Mode

user uploaded image

All Star mode is complete however, I forgot to modify the two player version. This will be fixed in the next update.

I also plant to edit the trophy appearances, stock icons, and overall interface appearing during all star battles.


IV. Glitches & Bugs

user uploaded image

This game is a beta. It is glitchy, messy, and far from complete so I want to make that abundantly clear. It is so important you read the readme files included in the download so you understand what to touch and not to touch.

There are many incomplete characters, game crashing items, and improperly functioning game modes. It is surely in your best interest just to take 1 minute and at least read ONE readme file concerning glitches. You've been warned!!!!


V. Gameplay Video


If you're too lazy to read which characters are glitchy or incomplete, this video uses each character that you should play as for a glitch-free experience. Only characters missing are Cream, Metal sonic, and Jet. Apart from them, everyone is incomplete, almost complete, or buggy.


VI. Game Requirements

user uploaded image

● Need a Wii, Wii U, or PC to play

● You need the Super Smash Bros Brawl disc (Wii and Wii U) or ISO (PC)

● Dolphin Emulator for PC (included in download)

● Homebrew Channel for Wii or Wii U


VII. Download Link

user uploaded image

Be aware that to play this on Dolphin Emulator (PC) you NEED a Super Bros Brawl ISO to run the game. Distribution of ISOs are illegal therefore breaking the guidelines of this Amino. Search "Super Smash Bros ISO" up online to download your own copy and follow the instructions in the Dolphin tutorial to enjoy your experience.

Wii & Wii U users must have the homebrew channel to play, and I cannot make a tutorial on how to install that because I have no knowledge of doing so.

How to install Homebrew Wii Channel:

How to install Homebrew Wii U Channel:

Download here:

user uploaded image
Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Sonic Duel Gameplay!

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