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aaListReturn a vector with the 20 standard aminoacids in upper caseaaCompCompute the amino-acid composition of a protein sequenceaaDescriptorsCompute 66 descriptors for each amino acid of a protein sequenceaIndexCompute the aliphatic index of a protein sequenceautoCorrelationCompute the auto-correlation index of a protein sequenceautoCovarianceCompute the auto-covariance index of a protein sequenceblosumIndicesCompute the BLOSUM62 derived indices of a protein sequencebomanCompute the Boman (Potential Protein Interaction) indexchargeCompute the theoretical net charge of a protein sequencecrossCovarianceCompute the cross-covariance index of a protein sequencecrucianiPropertiesCompute the Cruciani properties of a protein sequencefasgaiVectorsCompute the FASGAI vectors of a protein sequencehmomentCompute the hydrophobic moment of a protein sequencehydrophobicityCompute the hydrophobicity index of a protein sequenceinstaIndexCompute the instability index of a protein sequencekideraFactorsCompute the Kidera factors of a protein sequencelengthpepCompute the aminoacid length of a protein sequencemassShiftCompute the mass difference of a protein sequence labelled with stable isotope.membposCompute theoretically the class of a protein sequencemswhimScoresCompute the MS-WHIM scores of a protein sequencemwCompute the molecular weight of a protein sequencemzCompute the mass over charge (m/z) of a protein sequencepICompute the isoelectic point (pI) of a protein sequenceplotXVGPlot time series from GROMACS XVG filesprotFPCompute the protFP descriptors of a protein sequencereadXVGRead XVG files from GROMACS molecular dynamics packagestScalesCompute the ST-scales of a protein sequencetScalesCompute the T-scales of a protein sequencevhseScalesCompute the VHSE-scales of a protein sequencezScalesCompute the Z-scales of a protein sequence
Sours: https://github.com/dosorio/Peptides

Identification of R-peptides in envelope proteins of C-type retroviruses

Activation of the murine leukaemia virus (MLV) envelope protein (Env) requires proteolytic cleavage of the R-peptide, a 16 amino acid C-terminal part of the cytoplasmic tail (C-tail) of Env. This paper demonstrates the presence of R-peptides in Env proteins of C-type retroviruses of simian, avian and porcine origin. Sequence alignment with the MLV C-tail led to the identification of a conserved hydrophobic protease cleavage motif located in the centre of retroviral Env protein C-tails. Expression of Env proteins, truncated at the predicted cleavage sites, of spleen necrosis virus (SNV), gibbon ape leukaemia virus and porcine endogenous retroviruses resulted in cell-cell fusion as monitored by microscopy and reporter gene fusion assays. Western blot analysis of MLV particles pseudotyped with the SNV Env protein demonstrated proteolytic cleavage of the SNV R-peptide by the MLV protease. Our data suggest that activation of membrane fusion by R-peptide cleavage is a common mode in C-type retroviruses.

Sours: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12185279/
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7.13.21 — Parkinson's News Today: Probiotics May Reduce Some Signs of Gut Inflammation | Synucleins

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10.21.19 — Parkinson's News Today: Scientists Develop New Compound That Could Potentially Slow Parkinson’s Progression | Synucleins

10.15.19 — Science Daily: Changes associated with Alzheimer's disease detectable in blood samples | Beta Amyloids

10.09.19 — Northern Star: Sleep deprivation could have scary consequences | Beta Amyloids

9.25.19 — Genetic Literacy Project: Experimental blood tests for Alzheimer’s could boost research, treatment... | Beta Amyloids

9.11.19 — Parkinson's News Today: Lewy Bodies Diverse in Structure and Some Fibrils Can Migrate, Study Reports | Synucleins

9.03.19 — Science Daily: The seeds of parkinson's disease: Amyloid fibrils that move through brain | Synucleins

8.29.19 — Medical Xpress: Does a prion hypothesis explain Parkinson's? The jury is still out | Synucleins

8.23.19 — Being Patient: https://www.beingpatient.com/researchers-pinpoint-alzheimers-gene-linked-to-rare-neurological-disorder/ | Beta Amyloids

8.20.19 — Medical News Today: Spontaneous chemistry' may drive Alzheimer's | Beta Amyloids

8.12.19 — Tech Explorist: Alzheimer’s disease destroys neurons that keep us awake | Tau Proteins

8.08.19 — Neurology Today: Elevated Plasma Tau Predicts Stroke Risk Over and Above Other Factors | Tau Proteins

8.04.19 — New Atlas: Alzheimer’s blood test could replace PET brain scans after hitting 94 percent accuracy | Beta Amyloids

7.22.19 — Everyday Health: Blood Biomarkers Show Promise for Identifying Alzheimer’s Disease | Beta Amyloids

6.26.19 — The Guardian: Growing evidence suggests Parkinson's disease starts in gut | Synucleins

6.26.19 — Managed Care: Stat: Beta-amyloid 'cabal' has stymied progress on Alzheimer's | Beta Amyloids

6.25.19 — Neurology Advisor: Cognitive Decline Associated With Successive Amyloid-Beta and Tau Changes | Tau Proteins

6.24.19 — Science Daily: Alzheimer's missing link ID'd, answering what tips brain's decline | Beta Amyloids

6.24.19 — Parkinson's News Today: Brain Serotonin Changes May Be Early Warning Sign of Parkinson’s, Study Suggests | Synucleins

6.14.19 — BioSpace: Research Roundup: A New Protein Linked to Alzheimer’s and Other Highlights | Beta Amyloids

6.11.19 — Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News: Natural Anti-Parkinson’s Mechanism Discovered That Targets Fibrils,... | Synucleins

6.06.19 — NNR: Alpha-synuclein Mouse Study Stops Parkinson's Before it Can Begin | Synucleins

6.03.19 — Jama Neurol: Association of Amyloid and Tau With Cognition in Preclinical Alzheimer Disease | Tau Proteins

5.29.19 — Being Patient: Herpes Accelerates the Development of Alzheimer’s, Finds New Study | Beta Amyloids

5.29.19 — Parkinson's News Today: Alpha-synuclein in Blood Serum May Be Early Parkinson’s Biomarker, Study Suggests | Synucleins

5.21.19 — Phys Org: Amyloid fibrils lit with near-infrared radiation found to emit a dim, near-infrared signal | Beta Amyloids

5.20.19 — PhysicsWorld: Imaging techniques shed light on amyloid fibrils associated with Alzheimer’s disease | Beta Amyloids

5.10.19 — Alzforum: Forget Fibrils: Lewy Pathology Is More Lipid Than Protein | Synucleins

5.07.19 — Science News: Alzheimer’s Amyloid-Beta and Tau Proteins Act as Prions, New Research Finds | Tau Proteins

5.07.19 — EurekaAlert!: Novel and rapid device opens new doors for Parkinson's disease diagnostics | Synucleins

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1.31.19 — Parkinson's News Today: Cellular Location of Neuroprotective Protein Associated with Parkinson’s Disease... | Synucleins

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Sours: https://www.rpeptide.com/
Peptide bond formation - Macromolecules - Biology - Khan Academy

Calculate Indices and Theoretical Physicochemical Properties of Protein Sequences

R package to calculate several physicochemical properties and indices for amino-acid sequences as well as to read and plot 'XVG' output files from the 'GROMACS' molecular dynamics package


This package required R version 1.2.2 or higher. If you are using an older version of R you will be prompted to upgrade when you try to install the package.

The official release of Peptides is available on CRAN. To install from CRAN, use the following command:

If you have devtools installed, install the latest stable version this package directly from GitHub:

Available functions

aaCompCompute the amino-acid composition of a protein sequence
aaDescriptorsCompute 66 descriptors for each amino acid of a protein sequence
aIndexCompute the aliphatic index of a protein sequence
autoCorrelationCompute the auto-correlation index of a protein sequence
autoCovarianceCompute the auto-covariance index of a protein sequence
blosumIndicesCompute the BLOSUM62 derived indices of a protein sequence
bomanCompute the Boman (Potential Protein Interaction) index
chargeCompute the theoretical net charge of a protein sequence
crossCovarianceCompute the cross-covariance index of a protein sequence
crucianiPropertiesCompute the Cruciani properties of a protein sequence
fasgaiVectorsCompute the FASGAI vectors of a protein sequence
hmomentCompute the hydrophobic moment of a protein sequence
hydrophobicityCompute the hydrophobicity index of a protein sequence
instaIndexCompute the instability index of a protein sequence
kideraFactorsCompute the Kidera factors of a protein sequence
lengthpepCompute the aminoacid length of a protein sequence
membposCompute theoretically the class of a protein sequence
mswhimScoresCompute the MS-WHIM scores of a protein sequence
mwCompute the molecular weight of a protein sequence
pICompute the isoelectic point (pI) of a protein sequence
plotXVGPlot time series from GROMACS XVG files
protFPCompute the protFP descriptors of a protein sequence
readXVGRead XVG files from GROMACS molecular dynamics package
stScalesCompute the ST-scales of a protein sequence
tScalesCompute the T-scales of a protein sequence
vhseScalesCompute the VHSE-scales of a protein sequence
zScalesCompute the Z-scales of a protein sequence

Available datasets

AAdataProperties, scales and indices for the 20 naturally occurring amino acids from various sources
pepdataA data frame with 21 physicochemical properties and indices from 100 amino-acid sequences (50 antimicrobial and 50 non antimicrobial)


Osorio, D., Rondon-Villarreal, P. & Torres, R. Peptides: A package for data mining of antimicrobial peptides. The R Journal. 7(1), 4–14 (2015).

D. Osorio, P. Rondón-Villarreal and R. Torres. Peptides: Calculate indices and theoretical physicochemical properties of peptides and protein sequences., 2014. URL: http: //CRAN.R-project.org/package=Peptides. R Package Version 2.2.

Sours: https://www.r-pkg.org/pkg/Peptides

Peptides r

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How To Calculate The Isoelectric Point of Amino Acids and Zwitterions

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