Barn finds tractors

Barn finds tractors DEFAULT

Abandoned Forest Property Hides Massive Hoard of Vintage Cars, Trucks, and Tractors

YouTube&#;s Mr. Goodpliers is notorious for spending a great amount of his time hunting abandoned cars. And sometimes he actually saves classics by dragging them out of forests and back yards. He&#;s seen quite a few junkyards too, but nothing compares to the abandoned forest property he visited recently.

There&#;s not a lot of info as to what happened here, but whoever owned and lived in this place amassed an impressive amount of vintage vehicles. And I&#;m not just talking about cars and pickup trucks. This somewhat creepy-looking forest hides all sorts of things on wheels, from semi-trucks and trailers to tractors and bulldozers.

There are more than 90 minutes of footage to go through, but if you have the time and the patience you&#;ll see some impressive stuff. I spotted a nice collection of International Harvester pickups (must have been four of them), a school bus converted to church duty, and a few medium-duty trucks from the s.

A couple of Datsun trucks, an old Volvo, and even a Chevrolet Corvairhave been dragged into the woods for an unknown purpose. But the massive vegetation also hides several tractors, a semi trailer, and even a propane tanker.

And since hoarders rarely restrict themselves to one theme, this place is also packed with loads and loads of car parts and a large collection of old tires. They&#;re scattered all over the place, but there must be hundreds of them.

But that&#;s not all. The property also houses construction equipment, vintage campers, and even old appliances. I&#;m pretty sure I spotted a Lady Kenmore washing machine dating back to the s. Are you into vintage Coca-Colaand beer cans? Well, look close enough and you&#;ll spot quite a few of them.

And as creepy as it may seem, this forest was at some point home to a bunch of people. All those cars are scattered around a wooden house, which seems to have been abandoned decades ago. The same goes for the trailer parked nearby. Vegetation has taken over both of them and there&#;s nothing that can be done to save them, but there are clear signs that someone used to call this place home.

So is there anything of real value in these woods? Well, it depends on how you look at it. Some people will see everything as a big pile of junk, while others will deem some of the vehicles as salvageable. Regardless of that, I think it&#;s a cool time capsule and perhaps a great location for a slasher movie.

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Barn find tractor what is it and will it run

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Finds tractors barn

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