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The excitement regarding this all-new ski cannot be overstated. The Faction Agent 3.0 truly has it all: a lightweight core, progressive shape, high-tech carbon weave, balanced flex and per fectly engineered rocker.

Easy on the uphill, and equally capable in the deepest snow, the day-af ter-the-storm chop or the springtime corn, this ultra-versatile of fering will be hailed as one of the hot test touring skis of the year.

 • Lightweight Karuba Core 
 • Full Carbon Weave 
 • Freeride Flat Tail 
 • Elliptic Radius Sidecut 
 • Xl 2.5mm Edges 
 • Surf Zones 
 • Full Strength Sidewall 
 • Anti-Chip Tip And Tail Cap 
 • Titanal Binding Plate 
 • Gloss High Resistance Topsheet

Tip & Tail Rocker in mm: 380 / 230


Surf Zones
Surf Zone tech unites Rocker and Tip Taper design to ensure these two key features work in harmony. Rocker provides float and facilitates pivoting, while a Tapered Tip moves the widest part of the ski closer to the centre and removes unwanted hooking. Surf Zones promise a floaty, seamless ride in all conditions.

Elliptical Radius Sidecut
Elliptical Radius Sidecut is made up of a longer radius underfoot and shorter radii in the tip and tail of the ski. The long radius underfoot means you can pivot faster and easier, while a shorter radius in the tip and tail result in easier turn initiation. This sidecut allows for a wide variety of turns lengths, angles and mounting positions

XL 2.5mm Edges
7 fractions of a millimetre might not sound like much, but when it comes to edges, it adds up. The 2.5mm edges stack an extra 35% of height on top of our already super-durable standard 1.8mm edges. This extra steel gives the rider a pair of skis that are going to take more abuse and last longer.

Titanal Binding Plate
When you’re on a day-long touring trip in the backcountry, you need to rely on your gear. Titanal reinforcement plates are laid up on top of our lightweight cores ensuring that your binding screws hold. This one-piece design fits alpine and touring bindings, adding trustworthy durability to these lightweight cores.

Full Strenght Sidewall
A construction that places strips of protective material along the sides of each core, between the edge and the topsheet. Sidewalls provide the best possible edge hold and stability when the ski is engaged in a turn as well as protecting the woodcore, edges and topsheet from impact and outside damage.

Full Carbon Weave
Between 8 and 12 strips of Carbon, sandwiching either side of the ski’s woodcore, are laid unidirectionally, providing extra stability to the ski, without adding weight to the build. Each carbon strip is woven into the fibre glass to provide strength and stiffness in the full length of the ski.

Lightweight Karuba Core
Karuba is an extremely lightweight woodcore with good strength properties. Despite being little-known, Karuba provides a good flex and vibration absorption capabilities without adding weight, making it an ideal woodcore for a touring ski that performs just as well on the uphill as on the downhill.

Mounting Point Information by Faction:
“For our 21|22 collection, we are introducing a new mounting point system on all our skis, which has three recommended mounting spots: Newschool, Progressive and Classic, all of which are separated by 15 mm. However, we only have one marked on each ski. The Newschool mount (30 mm forward) is designed for people that want a playful ski, for twin tip inspired riding. The Progressive mount (15 mm forward) is great for versatility, carving and slashing - people that want a more balanced ski but don’t want too forward of a mount. The Classic mount (marked) is designed to offer optimal carving ability and float in deep snow, giving you the most tip length of any mount.

On all of our skis except for the Candide series, we only mark the Classic mount - if you prefer to mount at the Progressive or Newschool points, you will need to measure an additional 15 mm (Progressive) or 30 mm (Newschool) from the marked mounting line.

Conversely, on the Candide series, we only mark the Newschool mount - if you would like to mount it at the Progressive or Classic point, you will need to measure 15 mm back (Progressive) or 30 mm back (Classic) from the marked line

Ultimately, the mounting position of your skis comes down to personal preference and your style of skiing. Some chose to mount the skis further to the front or back of the ski depending on what they want to focus on.

We do not recommend mounting your skis at true center as it has more disadvantages than advantages, even if you only ski park, as it will put you too far ahead of the sidecut of the ski, and negatively impact performance.” (Faction, Autumn 2021)

Sours: https://www.sport-conrad.com/en/products/faction/agent-3-0.html

Faction Agent 2.0X Skis


The Agent 2.0X’s are a game changer in the touring ski category for those who prefer stability and stiffness. Unlike many of their lightweight counterparts, the Agents can ski fast and aggressive without chatter and hold an edge like a downhill race ski. Although I didn't have the opportunity to ski them in deep powder given they were tested after the winter season wrapped up, they handled spring hardpack and corn exceptionally well. I normally ski in the 172-180 range, so testing them at 171cm put them a bit on the short side, however, all reservations went out the window upon discovering just how stable they were at speed. Edge grip was solid on firm snow up to 50 degrees and turn initiation very smooth. The bases held up really well despite skiing over cinder and the occasional rock encountered on volcano tours. Competing with G3 FINDr 86's, the Agents usually won unless I wasn’t focused on downhill performance (the FINDr 86's are about 300 grams less at 172cm, although the Agents remain in the ballpark for a high-end touring ski). I suspect their performance would drop off marginally in over-boot-top powder and chop due to the combination of less tip rocker and less flex than a powder specific ski. In all other conditions, I would consider them a highly versatile choice and a solid performer in firmer conditions. Hopefully, more lengths will be available after their initial run this season. 

Sours: https://www.backcountryskiingcanada.com/Faction-Agent-2X-Skis
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While its 1,570 gram-per-ski weight is certainly respectable among freeride touring skis, the fact that the Faction Agent 2.0 2020 boasts the best strength-to-weight ratio Faction has achieved in 13 years of ski building means it skillfully walks the tight rope between uphill efficiency and downhill reliability. Tip and tail rocker, a lightweight karuba wood core and “surf zones” keeps playfulness top of mind, great for conditions ranging from powder snow to soft spring corn. The Agent’s flat tail, carbon stringers and full-length sidewalls give it a bit of an edge, however, ensuring you can rely on these babies in firm conditions at speed.

FREESKIER tester thoughts: “Light ski that was very efficient on the uphill. Pretty soft, but sturdy enough to make good turns on the down through steep corn.“

“Great for late spring corn, taking down big uphills and harrowing steeps.”

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Weight: 1,570 g/ski

Sours: https://freeskier.com/gear/faction-agent-2-0-2020
Tested: Faction Agent 2.0 / Agent 2.0X 2021 freetour ski

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2022 Faction Agent 3.0 Ski Review - Curated

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