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Cherry (Fruit) - Price & Uses

Check out this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH) Guide on Cherries. Find out how to get a cherry (fruit), sell price, DIY recipes, how to get, uses, & cherry trees!!

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How To Get Cherries

As A Native Fruit


Every Island will have one variety of fruit which will be its "native" crop. This fruit is randomly chosen from a pool of 5 fruits when you first create your island. If you really want to get Cherries as your native fruit, you'll have no choice but to reset your game until you get them!

Get The Other 4 Fruits On Other Islands

The 4 fruits which don't grow on your island can be obtained by visiting other players' islands. Head over to a friend's island via either local or online multiplayer, pick some of their fruit, and bring it back to your island!

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Can Also Get On Mystery Islands

Mystery Islands

By spending a Nook Miles Ticket you can go to a Mystery Island where you'll also be able to get other varieties of fruit. However, these tickets cost 2000 miles, so this is a slightly more expensive option compared to multiplayer.

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Cherries - Uses

Eat For A Power Up

Power Up

All native fruits, including Cherries, will provide you with a power buff when eaten. This "power up" will allow you to unearth whole trees with your shovel and break entire boulders with your axe. Eating one fruit will give you 1 stamina, which you'll be able to see in the upper left corner of your screen. Performing a special action will consume 1 charge.

Use As A DIY Recipe Ingredient

When you reach the point of the game where you have to prepare for 3 new villagers to come to your island, you'll start to obtain Fruit-based DIY Recipes. The recipes you get will be based on your island's native fruit.

Cherry Sell Price

Cherry Price
Native Fruit100 Bells
Non-Native Fruit500 Bells

The price of fruit is determined by whether or not it is a local (native) or foreign fruit. The fruit you start with on your island will sell for only 100 bells, but other fruit you get (even if grown on your island!) will sell for 500 a piece.

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List Of Cherry DIY Recipes

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For a list of Cherry's favorite gifts in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, visit the Recommended Gifts for Cherry in Animal Crossing: New Horizons page.

The following is a list of items that make good gifts for Cherry, who likes Rock, purple items and dislikes Official items.

Best Gifts for Cherry in Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Rock, purple items

The following items have Cherry's favorite style and color.

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Tiger Jackettoppurplecolorful

Non-Rock, non-Official, purple items

The following items have Cherry's favorite color, but not the favorite style or disliked style.

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Bad Plaid Shirttopyellowpurple
Bad Plaid Teetopyellowpurple
Beaded Shirttoppurpleblack
Beaded Tanktoppurpleblack
Big-Star Teetopyellowpurple
Blue Diamond Shirttoppinkpurple
Corseted Shirttoppurpleblack
Dazed Shirttoppinkpurple
Dazed Teetoppinkpurple
Floral Knit Teetoppurplewhite
Four-Ball Teetoppurplepurple
Funky-Dot Tanktoppinkpurple
Funky-Dot Teetoppinkpurple
Future Tanktopyellowpurple
Genie Shirttopaquapurple
Genie Vesttopaquapurple
Grape Tanktopgreenpurple
Grape Teetopgreenpurple
Grape-Stripe Shirttoppurplepurple
Grape-Stripe Teetoppurplepurple
Jester Shirttopyellowpurple
Jester Tanktopyellowpurple
Nebula Shirttoppurplewhite
Nebula Teetoppurplewhite
New Spring Teetopbluepurple
No. 5 Shirttopyellowpurple
Painter's Shirttoppurplewhite
Painter's Teetoppurplewhite
Paw Teetoppinkpurple
Periwinkle Teetopbluepurple
Picnic Shirttoppinkpurple
Picnic Teetoppinkpurple
Purple Tie-Dye Tanktoppurplewhite
Purple Tie-Dye Teetoppurplewhite
Relay Tanktopyellowpurple
Sharp Outfittoppurplewhite
Splendid Teetoporangepurple
Tropical Tanktopredpurple
Tropical Teetopredpurple
Winter Sweatertoppurplewhite
Creepy Cauldronfurnituregreenpurple
Eggplant Cowfurniturepurplepurple
Harvest Bedfurniturepinkpurple
Harvest Bureaufurniturepinkpurple
Harvest Chairfurniturepinkpurple
Harvest Clockfurniturepinkpurple
Harvest Dresserfurniturepinkpurple
Harvest Lampfurniturepinkpurple
Harvest Mirrorfurniturepinkpurple
Harvest Sofafurniturepinkpurple
Harvest Tablefurniturepinkpurple
Harvest TVfurniturepinkpurple
Harvest Wall Lampfurniturepinkpurple
Incense Burnerfurniturepurpleblack
Papa Pandafurniturepinkpurple
Pink Velvet Stoolfurniturepurplebrown
Spooky Bedfurnitureorangepurple
Spooky Tablefurnitureorangepurple
Violet Screenfurniturepurplepurple
Zodiac Dragonfurnituregreenpurple
Zodiac Monkeyfurniturepurplebrown
Zodiac Ratfurniturepurplewhite
Cityscape Wallwallpaperpurple

Rock, non-purple items

The following items have Cherry's favorite style, but not the favorite color.

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
Acid-Washed Jackettopbluegray
After-School Jackettopredblack
Arctic-Camo Shirttopgraygray
Arctic-Camo Teetopgraygray
BB Teetopwhiteblack
Black Letter Jackettopblackblack
Blue Letter Jackettopblueblue
Bone Shirttopwhiteblack
Cafe Teetopredwhite
Chain-Gang Shirttopbluewhite
Chain-Gang Teetopbluewhite
Checkerboard Shirttopredblack
Checkerboard Teetopredblack
Checkered Teetopwhiteblack
Circuit Tanktopyellowgreen
Denim Vesttopblueblue
Desert-Camo Shirttopbeigebrown
Desert-Camo Teetopbeigebrown
Dragon Jackettopbluecolorful
Fish Teetopyellowblack
Flame Shirttopredblack
Flame Teetopredblack
Jagged Tanktopyellowaqua
Jagged Teetopyellowaqua
Jungle-Camo Shirttopgreenbrown
Jungle-Camo Teetopgreenbrown
Kanji Teetopgreenwhite
Leopard Tanktopyellowbrown
Leopard Teetopyellowbrown
Lightning Teetopbluewhite
Pleather Vesttopblackblack
Pulse Shirttopyellowgreen
Pulse Tanktopyellowgreen
Red Letter Jackettopredred
Rugby Shirttopyellowblue
Rugby Teetopyellowblue
Skull Shirttopwhiteblack
Skull Teetopwhiteblack
Spiderweb Teetopwhiteblack
Tiger Tanktopyellowblack
Tiger Teetopyellowblack
U R Here Teetopredwhite
Varia Suittoporangeorange
Zebra Tanktopwhiteblack
Zebra Teetopwhiteblack
Zipper Shirttopwhiteblack
Zipper Tanktopwhiteblack
Arcade Machinefurniturecolorfulwhite
Billiard Tablefurnituregreenbrown
Bingo Wheelfurnitureyellowblack
CD Shelffurniturebrowncolorful
Cement Mixerfurnitureyellowyellow
Colorful Wheelfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Dentist's Chairfurnituregreenwhite
Detour Arrowfurnitureredwhite
DJ's Turntablefurnituregrayblack
Drip Pailfurnitureaquagray
Effects Rackfurnitureblackblack
Electric Guitarfurnitureredred
Iron Framefurnitureredred
Karaoke Systemfurnituregraygray
Mahjong Tablefurnituregreenbrown
Manhole Coverfurnituregraygray
Metal Guitarfurnitureblackblack
Mic Standfurnituregrayblack
Oil Barrelfurnituregreengreen
Orange Conefurnitureredred
Pinball Machinefurniturecolorfulbrown
Robo-Wall Clockfurniturewhitewhite
Rock Guitarfurnituregreengreen
Striped Conefurnitureyellowblack
Tabletop Gamefurniturebrownblack
Traffic Conefurnitureredred
Virtual Boyfurnitureredblack
Wall-Mounted Speakerfurniturewhiteblack
Wave Breakerfurnituregraygray
Wet-Road Signfurnitureyellowblack

Other Recommended Items

The following is a list of other items that Cherry will not dislike.

NameType NameColor 1Color 2
A Teetopbluewhite
Airy Teetoppinkpink
Amethyst Shirttopbluepink
Amethyst Teetopbluepink
Aqua Polka Tanktopaquawhite
Aqua Polka Teetopaquawhite
Argyle Knittopgreencolorful
Armor Suittopgraygray
Aurora Knit Shirttopcolorfulwhite
Barber Teetopredblue
Baseball Shirttopredwhite
Basketball Tanktopyellowblack
Bear Costumetopbeigebrown
Bear Shirttopgreenbrown
Bear Teetopgreenbrown
Beatnik Shirttopredblack
Beatnik Tanktopredblack
Beatnik Teetopredblack
Beige Knit Shirttopbeigebeige
Big Bro's Teetopredwhite
Big-Dot Tanktopyellowwhite
Big-Dot Teetopyellowwhite
Black Flannel Shirttopblueblack
Black Track Jackettoppinkblack
Black-Denim Jackettopblackblack
Blossom Teetoppinkpink
Blue Aloha Teetopblueblue
Blue Argyle Shirttopbluegray
Blue Argyle Teetopbluegray
Blue Diamond Teetopbluepink
Blue Down Jackettopblueblue
Blue Flannel Shirttopblueblack
Blue Gym Teetopbluewhite
Blue Jackettopblueblue
Blue PJ Shirttopaquaaqua
Blue Plaid Shirttopblueaqua
Blue Plaid Teetopblueaqua
Blue Ringmaster Coattopblueblue
Blue Tartan Shirttopaquawhite
Blue Tie-Dye Tanktopaquawhite
Blue Tie-Dye Teetopaquawhite
Blue Track Jackettopblueblue
Blue-Bar Shirttopgreenblue
Blue-Bar Teetopgreenblue
Blue-Check Shirttopbluewhite
Blue-Check Teetopbluewhite
Blue-Grid Shirttopaquawhite
Blue-Grid Teetopaquabeige
Blue-Stripe Shirttopbluewhite
Blue-Stripe Teetopbluewhite
Blue-Zap Suittopbluewhite
Bold Check Teetopyellowred
Bright Teetopyellowgreen
Brown-Bar Shirttopgreenbrown
Brown-Bar Teetopgreenbrown
Bubble Tanktopblueaqua
Bubble Teetopblueaqua
Bubble-Gum Shirttoppinkwhite
Bubble-Gum Teetoppinkwhite
Bunny Shirttopaquawhite
Bunny Teetopaquawhite
Camel Shirttopbrownbrown
Candy Gingham Shirttoppinkwhite
Candy Gingham Teetoppinkwhite
Caterpillar Tanktopyellowgreen
Cavalier Shirttopyellowblue
Caveman Tanktopyellowbrown
Cherry Teetopyellowpink
Chevron Shirttopgreenbeige
Chichi-Print Teetopgreenwhite
Chick Teetopbluegray
Chocomint Teetopaquabrown
Citrus Tanktoporangebeige
Citrus Teetoporangebeige
Cloudy Teetopaquawhite
Club Teetopyellowgreen
Comfy Sweatertoporangebrown
Cool Tanktopcolorfulwhite
Coral Tanktopyellowblue
Coral Teetopyellowblue
Cow Tanktopwhiteblack
Cow Teetopwhiteblack
Crewel Teetopgreengray
Crossing Shirttopgreenbrown
Cyan Argyle Shirttopaquagray
Cyan Argyle Tanktopaquagray
Cyan Argyle Teetopaquagray
Cycling Shirttopblueblack
Cycling Teetopblueblack
Daisy Teetoppinkwhite
Danger Teetoporangeblack
Dapper Shirttopyellowgreen
Dapper Teetopyellowgreen
Dark Polka Shirttopcolorfulblack
Dark Polka Teetopcolorfulblack
Dawn Tanktopbluepink
Dawn Teetopbluepink
Deep-Blue Tanktopblueaqua
Deep-Blue Teetopblueaqua
Deer Shirttopcolorfulwhite
Denim Jackettopblueblue
Detective Outfittopbrownbrown
Diamond Teetopredwhite
Dice Tanktopwhiteblack
Dogtooth Shirttopgrayblack
Dogtooth Teetopgrayblack
Dr. Shrunk's Jackettopyellowred
Dragon Suittoporangeblack
Dreamy Teetopaquapink
Earthy Knit Shirttopyellowbeige
Eight-Ball Teetopblackblack
Elephant Shirttopblueaqua
Elephant Teetopblueaqua
Explorer Teetopbeigegray
Fall Leaf Shirttopyellowbrown
Fall Plaid Shirttopyellowbrown
Fall Plaid Teetopyellowbrown
Fern Shirttopgreengreen
Fern Teetopgreengreen
Festivale Tanktopgreenred
Fiendish Shirttopredblack
Firefighter Shirttopyellowblack
Fishing Vesttopredorange
Five-Ball Teetoporangeorange
Flan Tanktopbeigebrown
Flowery Teetoppinkwhite
Folk Shirttopredwhite
Folk Tunictopbrownbrown
Fresh Tanktopgreenwhite
Fresh Teetopgreenwhite
Frog Costumetopgreengreen
Frog Shirttopgreenbeige
Frog Teetopgreenbeige
Garden Tanktopredwhite
Gelato Shirttopgreenred
Gelato Teetopgreenred
Giraffe Tanktopyellowbrown
Giraffe Teetopyellowbrown
Go-Go Shirttoporangeaqua
Gold-Armor Suittopyellowyellow
Gold-Bar Shirttoporangegray
Gold-Bar Teetoporangegray
Gracie Tanktop??????
Grass Teetopgreengreen
Gray Parkatopgraygray
Gray Tanktopgraygray
Gray Tartan Shirttopwhitegray
Gray Tartan Teetopwhitegray
Green Gym Teetopgreenwhite
Green Tie-Dye Tanktopgreenwhite
Green Tie-Dye Teetopgreenwhite
Green Warm-Up Jackettopgreengreen
Green-Bar Shirttopgreenwhite
Green-Bar Teetopgreenwhite
Green-Stripe Tanktopgreengreen
Green-Zap Suittopgreenwhite
Groovy Tanktopyellowpink
Groovy Teetopyellowpink
Gumdrop Teetopgreenpink
Hanten Shirttopbluebeige
Happi Teetopredblue
Heart Teetopredpink
Hero's Clothestopgreengreen
HHA Teetopredwhite
Hot Dog Tanktopcolorfulbrown
Hot Spring Teetoppinkbeige
Icy Shirttopaquawhite
Imperial Shirttopredblack
Jade Plaid Shirttopgreenred
Jade Plaid Teetopgreenred
Jinbei Toptopbluegray
Jockey Shirttopbluepink
Kappa Costumetopgreengreen
Kiddie Teetopcolorfulcolorful
Kids' Smocktopaquaaqua
Kiwi Tanktopyellowgreen
Kiwi Teetopyellowgreen
Kung-Fu Shirttopblackblack
Kung-Fu Teetopblackblack
Lacy White Tanktopwhitewhite
Ladybug Teetopredblack
Leaf Teetopgreenbrown
Lemon Gingham Shirttopyellowwhite
Lemon Gingham Teetopyellowwhite
Li'l Bro's Teetopgreenwhite
Lite Polka Shirttopcolorfulwhite
Lite Polka Teetopcolorfulwhite
Lotus Teetopaquapink
Loud Bloom Teetopgreenwhite
Lovely Teetoppinkpink
Matador's Jackettoporangeblack
Melon Gingham Shirttopgreenwhite
Melon Gingham Teetopgreenwhite
Melon Shirttopgreengreen
Melon Teetopgreengreen
Mint Gingham Shirttopgreenbrown
Mint Gingham Teetopgreenbrown
Mint Shirttopgreengreen
Misty Tanktopgreenwhite
Misty Teetopgreenwhite
Mod Shirttopbeigewhite
Moldy Shirttopbeigebrown
Monkey Shirttopyellowgreen
Mummy Shirttopwhitewhite
MVP Shirttopbluewhite
MVP Teetopbluewhite
Natty Shirttopbluepink
Natty Teetopbluepink
Night-Sky Teetopblueblack
Nine-Ball Teetopyellowwhite
Ninja Shirttopblueblack
No. 1 Shirttopredaqua
No. 2 Shirttopbluewhite
No. 23 Shirttoporangeaqua
No. 3 Shirttopgreenorange
No. 4 Shirttopredpink
No. 67 Shirttoporangeaqua
Noble Shirttopbeigebrown
Noodle Teetopcolorfulwhite
One-Ball Teetopyellowyellow
Optical Shirttopaquapink
Optical Tanktopaquapink
Orange Jackettoporangeorange
Orange Tie-Dye Tanktoporangewhite
Orange Tie-Dye Teetoporangewhite
Pastel-Stripe Teetopcolorfulwhite
Peachy Tanktopyellowpink
Peachy Teetopyellowpink
Pep-Squad Tanktopredwhite
Pep-Squad Teetopredwhite
Pink Argyle Shirttoppinkgray
Pink Argyle Tanktoppinkgray
Pink Argyle Teetoppinkgray
Pink Parkatoppinkpink
Pink PJ Shirttoppinkpink
Pink Tanktoppinkpink
Pink Tartan Shirttoppinkwhite
Pink Tartan Teetoppinkwhite
Pink Wave Tanktoppinkpink
Pink-Bud Tanktoppinkwhite
Pop Bloom Teetopgreenred
Preppy Shirttoppinkwhite
Prism Teetopcolorfulwhite
Racer 6 Teetopyellowblack
Racer Teetopbluewhite
Racing Shirttopredcolorful
Raglan Shirttopblueblue
Raglan Teetopblueblue
Rainbow Tanktopcolorfulwhite
Rainbow Teetopcolorfulcolorful
Rally Tanktopcolorfulwhite
Rally Teetopcolorfulwhite
Red Aloha Teetopredred
Red Argyle Shirttopredred
Red Argyle Teetopredred
Red Down Jackettopredred
Red Flannel Shirttopredcolorful
Red Gym Teetopredwhite
Red Jackettopredred
Red Ringmaster Coattopredred
Red Tie-Dye Tanktoppinkwhite
Red Tie-Dye Teetoppinkwhite
Red Warm-Up Suittopredred
Red-Bar Shirttopredwhite
Red-Bar Teetopredwhite
Red-Check Shirttopredwhite
Red-Check Teetopredwhite
Red-Grid Shirttopbeigeblack
Red-Grid Teetopbeigebrown
Red-Zap Suittopredwhite
Reggae Tanktopgreenred
Reggae Teetopgreenred
Rose Teetopredwhite
Rose-Sky Teetopredaqua
Royal Shirttopyellowred
Samurai Shirttopblackblack
Sandwich Tanktopcolorfulwhite
Santa Coattopredwhite
Scale-Armor Suittopblueaqua
Scale-Print Teetopredred
Seven-Ball Teetopbrownbrown
Shearling Coattopbeigebeige
Silk Bloom Teetopgreencolorful
Six-Ball Teetopgreengreen
Sno-Cone Tanktopredwhite
Sno-Cone Teetopredwhite
Snow Shirttopwhitewhite
Snowy Sweatertopgraygray
Soccer Shirttopyellowgreen
Soccer Teetopyellowgreen
Space Suittopwhitegray
Spade Teetopblueaqua
Speedway Teetopwhitewhite
Spring Shirttopbluebeige
Spunky Knit Shirttopgreenbeige
Star Teetopcolorfulwhite
Straw Shirttopyelloworange
Strawberry Tanktopgreenpink
Strawberry Teetopgreenpink
Striking Outfittopyellowblue
Subdued-Print Teetoporangebrown
Sundae Tanktopgreenbrown
Sunflower Teetopyellowaqua
Sunset Tanktopyelloworange
Sunset Teetopyelloworange
Swell Shirttopyellowbrown
Swell Teetopyellowbrown
Tacky Sweatertopwhiteblack
Tan Dogtooth Shirttopbrownbrown
Tan Dogtooth Teetopbrownbrown
Tan Puffy Vesttopbrownbrown
Team NTDO Teetopredblack
Three-Ball Teetopredred
Tin Shirttopgraygray
Toad Shirttopredwhite
Toad Teetopredwhite
Tulip Teetopyellowred
Twinkle Tanktopbluewhite
Twinkle Teetopbluewhite
Two-Ball Teetopblueblue
Uncommon Shirttopredbrown
Vegetarian Shirttopgreenorange
Vegetarian Teetopgreenorange
Vertigo Shirttopbluewhite
Vertigo Teetopbluewhite
Waffle Shirttopgreenred
Waffle Teetopgreenred
Watermelon Shirttopredred
Watermelon Teetopredred
Western Shirttopbrownbrown
Wrap Shirttopbeigewhite
Wrestler Tanktopyellowred
Yellow Aloha Teetopyellowgreen
Yellow Tartan Shirttopyellowgray
Yellow Tartan Teetopyellowgray
Yellow-Bar Shirttopyellowwhite
Yellow-Bar Teetopyellowwhite
1-Up Mushroomfurnituregreenorange
7-Eleven Modelfurniture??????
7-Eleven Register Counterfurniture??????
7-Eleven Signfurniture??????
? Blockfurnitureorangebrown
Air Conditionerfurniturenonenone
Alarm Clockfurniturebeigebeige
Alpine Bedfurniturebrowngray
Alpine Chairfurniturebrowngray
Alpine Closetfurniturebrowngray
Alpine Dresserfurniturebrowngray
Alpine Kitchen Cartfurniturebrowngray
Alpine Lampfurniturebrowngray
Alpine Low Tablefurniturebrowngray
Alpine Panelfurniturebrowngray
Alpine Shelffurniturebrowngray
Alpine Sofafurniturebrowngray
Aluminum Briefcasefurnituregraygray
Amazing Machinefurnitureblackblack
Anatomical Modelfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Antique Clockfurniturebrownbrown
Arc de Triomphefurnituregraygray
Aroma Potfurnituregraygray
Astro Bedfurnitureorangewhite
Astro CD Playerfurnitureorangewhite
Astro Chairfurnitureorangewhite
Astro Clockfurnitureorangewhite
Astro Closetfurnitureorangewhite
Astro Dresserfurnitureorangewhite
Astro Lampfurnitureorangewhite
Astro Shelffurnitureorangewhite
Astro Sofafurnitureorangewhite
Astro Tablefurnitureorangewhite
Astro TVfurnitureorangewhite
Aurora Screenfurniture??????
Automatic Washerfurniturewhitewhite
Ayers Rockfurniturebrownbrown
Azalea Bonsaifurniturebluepink
Azalea Stoolfurniturepinkpink
Baby Bearfurnitureorangeorange
Baby Bedfurniturecolorfulwhite
Baby Pandafurnituregreenwhite
Backyard Poolfurnitureaquaaqua
Ball Catcherfurniturebluebrown
Ball Returnfurniturecolorfulwhite
Balloon Bedfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Balloon Chairfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Balloon Clockfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Balloon Closetfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Balloon Dresserfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Balloon Lampfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Balloon Sofafurniturecolorfulcolorful
Balloon Tablefurniturecolorfulcolorful
Balloon TVfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Balloon Vanityfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Balloon-Dog Lampfurnitureredred
Bamboo Grassfurnituregreencolorful
Barber's Polefurniturecolorfulcolorful
Basketball Hoopfurnituregraywhite
Bath Matfurnituregreengreen
Bathroom Sinkfurniturewhitewhite
Bathroom Stallfurniturewhitewhite
Beach Chairfurniturewhitewhite
Beach Tablefurniturebluewhite
Beacon Firefurnitureredblack
Bear Polefurniturecolorfulbrown
Beetle Chairfurniturebrownbrown
Bell Knickknackfurnitureyellowyellow
Big Benfurniturebeigebeige
Big Festive Treefurnituregreencolorful
Bill Blasterfurnitureblackblack
Bird Feederfurniturebrownwhite
Birthday Cakefurnitureredwhite
Birthday Candlesfurnitureredcolorful
Birthday Signfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Birthday Tablefurnitureredwhite
Biwa Lutefurniturebrownbrown
Black Katanafurnitureblackblack
Blossom Lanternfurniturewhiteblack
Blue Bedfurnitureyellowblue
Blue Benchfurnitureblueblue
Blue Bookcasefurnitureblueblue
Blue Bureaufurnitureblueblue
Blue Cabinetfurnitureblueblue
Blue Certificatefurniturebrownwhite
Blue Chairfurnitureblueblue
Blue Clockfurnitureblueblue
Blue Cornerfurniturebluewhite
Blue Dresserfurniturebluewhite
Blue Falconfurnitureblueblue
Blue Tablefurnitureyellowblue
Blue Vasefurnitureaquaaqua
Blue Wall Shelffurnitureblueblue
Blue Wardrobefurnitureblueblue
Bottled Shipfurniturebrowngray
Bowling Pinsfurniturewhitewhite
Box Corner Sofafurnituregreengreen
Box of Chocolatesfurniturebrownbrown
Box of Tissuesfurniturewhitewhite
Box Sofafurnituregreengreen
Boxed Figurinefurniturepinkpink
Boxing Barricadefurnitureblueblue
Boxing Matfurnitureblueblue
Bread Boxfurniturebrowngray
Broken Postfurnituregraygray
Bronze Bug Trophyfurniturenonenone
Bronze Fish Trophyfurniturenonenone
Brown Potfurniturebrownbrown
Buche de Noelfurniture??????
Bug Zapperfurnitureblueblue
Bunk Bedfurniturebrownwhite
Butterfly Machinefurnituregrayblack
Cabana Armchairfurniturebrownwhite
Cabana Bedfurniturebrownwhite
Cabana Bookcasefurniturebrownbrown
Cabana Chairfurniturebrownbrown
Cabana Dresserfurniturebrownbrown
Cabana Lampfurniturebluebrown
Cabana Screenfurniturebrownbrown
Cabana Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Cabana Vanityfurniturebrownbrown
Cabana Wall Radiofurniturebrownbrown
Cabana Wardrobefurniturebrownbrown
Cabin Armchairfurniturecolorfulbrown
Cabin Bedfurniturecolorfulbrown
Cabin Bookcasefurniturecolorfulbrown
Cabin Chairfurniturebrownbrown
Cabin Clockfurniturebrownbrown
Cabin Couchfurniturecolorfulbrown
Cabin Dresserfurniturecolorfulbrown
Cabin Low Tablefurniturecolorfulbrown
Cabin Tablefurniturecolorfulbrown
Cabin Wall Clockfurniturebrownbrown
Cabin Wardrobefurniturebrownbrown
Cacao Treefurnituregreenwhite
Camp Stovefurnitureyellowblack
Campfire Cookwarefurniturebrownblack
Candy Jarfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Candy Machinefurnitureredcolorful
Capsule-Toy Machinefurnitureredbeige
Captain's Monitorfurnitureredcolorful
Card Bedfurnitureredwhite
Card Chairfurnitureredwhite
Card Closetfurnitureredwhite
Card Dresserfurnitureredwhite
Card Lampfurnitureredwhite
Card Screenfurnitureredwhite
Card Shelffurnitureredwhite
Card Sofafurnitureredwhite
Card Tablefurnitureredwhite
Card Towerfurnitureredwhite
Card Wall Clockfurnitureredwhite
Cardboard Bedfurniturebrownbrown
Cardboard Boxfurniturebrownbrown
Cardboard Chairfurniturebrownbrown
Cardboard Closetfurniturebrownbrown
Cardboard Sofafurniturebrownbrown
Cardboard Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Carp Bannerfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Cash Registerfurnitureyellowbrown
Cassette Playerfurnitureredred
Caterpillar Sofafurnituregreengreen
CD Playerfurnitureaquaaqua
Ceramic Hot Potfurniturebrownbrown
Chaise Loungefurniturebeigebrown
Checkout Counterfurniturebrownbrown
Chocolate Cakefurniturebrownbrown
Chocolate Fountainfurniturebrownbrown
Cicada Stereofurniturebluebrown
Circle Bannerfurnitureredblack
Classic Bedfurniturebrownwhite
Classic Bookcasefurniturebrownbrown
Classic Buffetfurniturebrownbrown
Classic Chairfurniturebrownbrown
Classic Clockfurniturebrownbrown
Classic Deskfurniturebrownbrown
Classic Sofafurnitureyellowyellow
Classic Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Classic Vanityfurniturebrownbrown
Classic Wall Shelffurniturebrownbrown
Classic Wardrobefurniturebrownbrown
Claw-Foot Tubfurniturewhitewhite
Clay Furnacefurniturebrowngray
Clear Modelfurnitureredblue
Clothes Closetfurniturebeigebeige
Clothesline Polefurnitureaquawhite
Coat Hangerfurniturebrowngray
Coconut Palmfurnituregreenbrown
Coffee Grinderfurniturebrowngray
Common Bedfurnitureredbrown
Common Chairfurnituregreengreen
Complex Machinefurnituregrayblack
Conga Drumfurniturebeigebrown
Conveyor-Belt Sushifurniturecolorfulgray
Cool Globefurniturebrownbrown
Copy Machinefurniturewhitewhite
Corinthian Postfurnituregraygray
Corn Plantfurnituregreenwhite
Cosmos Fanfurnituregreenwhite
Country Guitarfurniturebrownbrown
Covered Wagonfurniturebeigebrown
Cow Skullfurniturewhitegray
Crab Clockfurnitureredred
Crane Gamefurniturepinkpink
Cream and Sugarfurniturebrowngray
Cream Sofafurniturewhitewhite
Creepy Bat Stonefurnituregraygray
Creepy Clockfurniturebrownbrown
Creepy Coffinfurniturebrownbrown
Creepy Crystalfurnitureredblue
Creepy Skeletonfurniturewhitewhite
Creepy Statuefurnituregraygray
Creepy Stonefurnituregraygray
Crew Member's Seatfurnitureredbeige
Crew's Monitorfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Cube Clockfurnitureyellowwhite
Cuckoo Clockfurnitureredbrown
Cucumber Horsefurnituregreengreen
Cupid Benchfurniturewhitewhite
Curling Stonefurnitureyellowgray
Dab Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Dala Horsefurnitureredcolorful
Deer Scarefurnituregreengreen
Deluxe Rangefurniturewhiteblack
Deluxe Washerfurnitureorangeorange
Desert Cactusfurnituregreengreen
Desk Lightfurnitureblackblack
Dessert Casefurnituregrayblack
Dice Stereofurniturewhitewhite
Digital-Photo Framefurnitureblackblack
Director's Chairfurniturebrownwhite
Display Shelffurniturecolorfulbrown
Diver Danfurnitureyellowcolorful
Djimbe Drumfurniturebrownwhite
Donut Stoolfurniturewhitegray
Dream Catcherfurnitureredbrown
Drinking Fountainfurnituregraygray
Drum Setfurnitureyellowwhite
Eagle Polefurniturecolorfulbrown
Ebony Pianofurnitureblackblack
Egg Basketfurniturecolorfulbrown
Egg Bedfurniturecolorfulwhite
Egg Benchfurniturecolorfulwhite
Egg Chairfurniturecolorfulwhite
Egg Clockfurniturecolorfulwhite
Egg Dresserfurniturecolorfulwhite
Egg Lampfurnitureaquacolorful
Egg Stereofurniturecolorfulwhite
Egg Tablefurniturecolorfulwhite
Egg Toy Setfurniturecolorfulwhite
Egg TVfurniturecolorfulwhite
Egg Wardrobefurniturecolorfulwhite
Eiffel Towerfurnituregraygray
Eight Lampfurniturewhitewhite
Elder Maskfurniturewhitewhite
Electric Kettlefurniturewhitewhite
Elephant Slidefurnitureyellowblue
Espresso Makerfurnituregraygray
Executive Toyfurnitureredred
Exercise Bikefurnituregraygray
Exit Signfurnituregreenwhite
Exotic Bedfurniturebrowngray
Exotic Benchfurniturebrownbrown
Exotic Bureaufurniturebrownbrown
Exotic Chairfurniturebrownwhite
Exotic Chestfurniturebrownbrown
Exotic End Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Exotic Lampfurnitureyellowbeige
Exotic Screenfurniturebrownbrown
Exotic Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Exotic Wall Shelffurniturebrownbrown
Exotic Wardrobefurniturebrownbrown
Fan Palmfurnituregreenbrown
Fancy Dollfurnitureaquawhite
Female Maskfurniturewhitewhite
Festival Lanternfurnitureredwhite
Festive Candlefurnitureorangecolorful
Festive Flagfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Festive Treefurnituregreencolorful
Festive Wreathfurnituregreengreen
Fire Barfurnitureredbrown
Fire Flowerfurniturecolorfulwhite
Fire Hydrantfurnitureredred
Firefly Lampfurnitureyellowgreen
Fish Grillfurnituregraygray
Five Lampfurniturewhitewhite
Flashy-Flower Signfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Flat-Screen TVfurnitureblackblack
Florence Flaskfurnituregreengray
Flounder Tablefurnituregreengreen
Flower Bouquetfurnitureyellowpink
Flower Chairfurnituregreenred
Flower Tablefurnituregreenred
Flying Saucerfurnitureyellowgray
Folk Guitarfurniturebrownbrown
Foosball Tablefurniturecolorfulbrown
Football-Fish Lampfurnitureblueblue
Four Lampfurniturewhitewhite
Frog-Woman Polefurniturecolorfulbrown
Froggy Chairfurnituregreengreen
Fruit Basketfurnitureyellowred
Game Shelffurniturepinkpink
Game-Show Standfurnitureredred
Garbage Canfurnituregraygray
Garbage Pailfurnitureblueblue
Garden Gnomefurnitureredorange
Gas Pumpfurnitureredred
Gaudi's Lizardfurnitureaquacolorful
General's Fanfurnitureblackblack
General's Stoolfurniturebeigeblack
Genie's Lampfurnitureyellowyellow
Giant Dharmafurnitureredred
Giraffe Rulerfurnitureyellowyellow
Glass-Top Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Go Boardfurniturebrownbrown
Goal Polefurniturebrownwhite
Gold Bug Trophyfurniturenonenone
Gold Fish Trophyfurniturenonenone
Gold HHA Plaquefurniturenonenone
Gold HHA Trophyfurniturenonenone
Gold House Modelfurnitureyellowbrown
Gold Stereofurnitureyellowblack
Golden Bedfurnitureyellowyellow
Golden Benchfurnitureyellowyellow
Golden Chairfurnitureyellowyellow
Golden Clockfurnitureyellowyellow
Golden Closetfurnitureyellowyellow
Golden Dresserfurnitureyellowyellow
Golden Manfurnitureyellowyellow
Golden Screenfurnitureyellowyellow
Golden Tablefurnitureyellowyellow
Golden Wall Torchfurnitureyellowyellow
Golden Womanfurnitureyellowyellow
Golf Bagfurnitureblueaqua
Gorgeous Bedfurnitureredblack
Gorgeous Chestfurnitureblackblack
Gorgeous Closetfurnitureblackblack
Gorgeous Counterfurnitureredblack
Gorgeous Deskfurnitureblackblack
Gorgeous Lampfurnitureredblack
Gorgeous Seatfurnitureredred
Gorgeous Sofafurnitureredred
Gorgeous Stoolfurnitureyellowred
Gorgeous Tablefurnitureblackblack
Gorgeous Wall Clockfurnitureredblack
Gracie Bedfurniturebluebrown
Gracie Benchfurniturecolorfulbrown
Gracie Chairfurniturecolorfulbrown
Gracie Chestfurniturebrownbrown
Gracie Deskfurniturebrownbrown
Gracie Lampfurniturebluecolorful
Gracie Low Tablefurniturecolorfulbrown
Gracie Shelffurniturecolorfulbrown
Gracie Wagonfurniturecolorfulbrown
Gracie Wall Clockfurniturecolorfulbrown
Gracie Wardrobefurniturebrownbrown
Grapefruit Tablefurnitureorangeblue
Grass Standeefurnituregreengreen
Green Bedfurnituregreenorange
Green Benchfurnituregreengreen
Green Chairfurnituregreenorange
Green Counterfurnituregreengreen
Green Deskfurnituregreengreen
Green Dresserfurnituregreenorange
Green Lampfurnituregreenorange
Green Pantryfurnituregreengreen
Green Shellfurnituregreengreen
Green Tablefurnituregreenorange
Green Wall Clockfurnituregreenorange
Green Wardrobefurnituregreengreen
Hamster Cagefurniturebrownwhite
Hawthorn Bonsaifurnituregreenbrown
Hedge Standeefurnituregreengreen
HHA Pennantfurniturenonenone
Hi-Fi Stereofurniturebrownblack
Hibiscus Clockfurnitureredred
High-End Stereofurniturebrownblack
High-Jump Matfurnituregreenbrown
Holiday Candlefurnitureredred
Holiday Stockingfurnitureredred
Holly Bonsaifurnituregreenwhite
Hologram Machinefurnitureaquagray
Home-Computer Rackfurniturebrownwhite
Honeybee Chestfurnitureyellowblack
Hospital Bedfurnituregreenwhite
Hospital Screenfurnitureaquagray
Hospital TVfurnitureredbrown
Hot Platefurniturewhiteblack
Hula Dollfurnitureredgreen
Hydrangea Bedfurnitureblueblue
Ice Bedfurnitureaquaaqua
Ice Chairfurnitureaquaaqua
Ice Clockfurnitureaquaaqua
Ice Closetfurnitureaquaaqua
Ice Dresserfurnitureaquaaqua
Ice Lampfurnitureyellowaqua
Ice Shelffurnitureaquaaqua
Ice Side Tablefurnitureaquaaqua
Ice Sofafurnitureaquaaqua
Ice Tablefurnitureaquaaqua
Ice Vanityfurnitureaquaaqua
Ice-Cream Casefurniturebeigecolorful
Ionian Postfurnituregraygray
Ironing Setfurnitureredwhite
IV Dripfurnitureaquagray
Jasmine Bonsaifurnitureyellowbrown
Jellyfish Lampfurnitureaquaaqua
Jingle Bedfurnituregreenred
Jingle Chairfurnitureredred
Jingle Clockfurnituregreenred
Jingle Dresserfurnituregreenred
Jingle Lampfurnitureredred
Jingle Pianofurnituregreenred
Jingle Shelvesfurnituregreenred
Jingle Sofafurnitureredred
Jingle Tablefurnituregreenred
Jingle TVfurnituregreenred
Jingle Wardrobefurnituregreenred
Jolly Rogerfurniturewhiteblack
Jomon Potteryfurniturebrownbrown
Judge's Bellfurnitureyellowbrown
Juicy-Apple Clockfurnitureredbeige
Juicy-Apple TVfurnitureredbeige
Kiddie Bedfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Kiddie Bookcasefurniturecolorfulcolorful
Kiddie Bureaufurniturecolorfulcolorful
Kiddie Chairfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Kiddie Clockfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Kiddie Couchfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Kiddie Dresserfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Kiddie Stereofurniturecolorfulcolorful
Kiddie Tablefurniturecolorfulcolorful
Kiddie Wall Clockfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Kiddie Wardrobefurniturecolorfulcolorful
Kinderdijk Windmillfurnituregreenwhite
Kitchen Cornerfurniturewhitewhite
Kitchen Islandfurniturebeigebeige
Kitchen Scalefurnituregreenwhite
Kitchen Sinkfurniturewhitewhite
Kitschy Clockfurniturecolorfulgray
Kiwi Stoolfurnituregreenbrown
Kokeshi Dollfurniturebrownbrown
Lab Benchfurnituregraygray
Lab Chairfurnituregraygray
Lady Palmfurnituregreenbrown
Ladybug Chairfurnitureredblack
Large Alpine Tablefurniturebrowngray
Large Bookshelffurniturebrownbrown
Large Magazine Rackfurniturecolorfulbrown
Large Space Consolefurnitureaquagray
Lat Pulldown Machinefurnituregraygray
Lava Lampfurnitureaquaaqua
Lawn Chairfurnitureaquagray
Lawn Mowerfurnitureredred
Lazy-Susan Tablefurnitureredred
LED Displayfurnitureyellownone
Lefty Deskfurniturebluebrown
Lefty Lucky Catfurnitureyellowwhite
Lemon Tablefurnitureyellowgreen
Letter Setfurniturenonenone
Life Preserverfurnitureaquawhite
Life Ringfurnitureredwhite
Lift Chairfurnituregraygray
Lily Lampfurnitureyellowwhite
Lily Record Playerfurniturewhitewhite
Lily-Pad Tablefurnituregreengreen
Lotus Lampfurniturepinkpink
Love Testerfurnitureredwhite
Lovely Armoirefurniturepinkpink
Lovely Bedfurniturepinkpink
Lovely Chairfurniturepinkpink
Lovely Dollfurnitureyellowcolorful
Lovely Dresserfurniturepinkpink
Lovely End Tablefurniturepinkpink
Lovely Kitchenfurniturepinkpink
Lovely Lampfurniturepinkpink
Lovely Love Seatfurniturepinkpink
Lovely Phonefurniturepinkpink
Lovely Tablefurniturepinkpink
Lovely Vanityfurniturepinkpink
Lovely Wall Clockfurniturepinkpink
Low Screenfurniturebeigebrown
Lucky Black Catfurnitureblackblack
Lucky Catfurnitureyellowwhite
Lucky Frogfurniturebrownwhite
Lucky Gold Catfurnitureyellowyellow
Lunar Landerfurnitureyellowgray
Lunar Roverfurnituregraygray
Lunch Trayfurnituregraygray
Makeup Casefurniturepinkcolorful
Mama Bearfurniturebeigebeige
Mama Pandafurniturewhiteblack
Mama Polar Bearfurnitureaquawhite
Manneken Pisfurnituregraygray
Maple Bonsaifurnitureredbrown
Marshmallow Chairfurniturewhitewhite
Massage Chairfurniturebrownbrown
Master Swordfurniturebluegray
Medicine Chestfurnituregraygray
Men's Toiletfurnitureaquaaqua
Mermaid Bedfurnitureaquapink
Mermaid Chairfurnitureaquapink
Mermaid Clockfurnitureaquapink
Mermaid Closetfurnitureaquapink
Mermaid Dresserfurnitureaquapink
Mermaid Lampfurnitureaquapink
Mermaid Screenfurnitureaquapink
Mermaid Shelffurnitureaquapink
Mermaid Sofafurnitureaquapink
Mermaid Statuefurnituregraygray
Mermaid Tablefurnitureaquapink
Mermaid Vanityfurnitureaquapink
Milk Canfurnituregraygray
Milk Casefurnitureorangecolorful
Mini Butterfly Tablefurnitureblueblue
Mini Cactusfurnituregreenbrown
Mini Circuitfurnituregraygray
Mini Dharmafurnitureredred
Mini Lampfurniturebeigegray
Miniature Carfurnitureredred
Minimalist Bedfurniturewhitewhite
Minimalist Chairfurniturewhitewhite
Minimalist Clockfurniturewhitewhite
Minimalist Dresserfurniturewhitewhite
Minimalist Lampfurniturewhitewhite
Minimalist Minitablefurniturewhitewhite
Minimalist Ottomanfurniturewhitewhite
Minimalist Sofafurniturewhitewhite
Minimalist Tablefurniturewhitewhite
Minimalist Vanityfurniturewhitewhite
Minimalist Wardrobefurniturewhitewhite
Moai Statuefurnituregraygray
Mochi Pestlefurniturebrownbrown
Modern Bedfurnitureblackblack
Modern Cabinetfurnitureblackblack
Modern Chairfurniturewhiteblack
Modern Deskfurniturewhiteblack
Modern Dresserfurniturewhiteblack
Modern End Tablefurniturewhiteblack
Modern Lampfurnitureblackblack
Modern Sofafurniturewhiteblack
Modern Tablefurniturewhiteblack
Modern Wall Clockfurniturewhiteblack
Modern Wardrobefurniturewhiteblack
Modern Wood Bedfurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Chairfurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Chestfurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Clockfurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Closetfurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Lampfurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Shelffurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Sofafurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Stoolfurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood Tablefurniturebeigebrown
Modern Wood TVfurniturebeigebrown
Morning Gloryfurniturebluebrown
Moth Orchidfurnituregreenwhite
Mountain Bikefurnitureyellowgreen
Mountain Standeefurnituregreengreen
Mouth of Truthfurnituregraygray
Mr. Flamingofurniturepinkpink
Mrs. Flamingofurniturepinkpink
Mugho Bonsaifurnituregreenblack
Mummy's Casketfurnitureyellowcolorful
Museum Modelfurniturenonenone
Mush Bedfurnitureredred
Mush Chairfurnitureaquawhite
Mush Closetfurniturebrownbrown
Mush Dresserfurniturebrownbrown
Mush End Tablefurniturebrownwhite
Mush Hangerfurnitureredbrown
Mush Lampfurnitureaquaaqua
Mush Stoolfurniturebrownbrown
Mush Tablefurnitureredwhite
Mush TVfurnitureredwhite
Mush Wall Lampfurnitureorangebrown
Music Standfurniturebrownwhite
Neon Signfurniturecolorfulblack
Neutral Cornerfurniturewhitewhite
New Year's Noodlesfurnitureredblack
New Year's Sunrise Lampfurniture??????
Nine Lampfurniturewhitewhite
Ninja Swordfurniturebrownbrown
Octopus Chairfurnitureredred
Odd Clockfurnitureyellowyellow
Oden Hotpanfurniture??????
Ogre Maskfurniturewhitewhite
Old Sewing Machinefurniturebrowngray
One Lampfurniturewhitewhite
Outdoor Bathfurnituregraygray
Oval Clockfurnitureyellowgreen
Owl Clockfurniturebrownbrown
Painting Setfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Pansy Tablefurnitureyellowbrown
Pantheon Postfurnituregraygray
Papa Bearfurniturebrownbrown
Paper Lanternfurniturebeigebrown
Paper Tigerfurnitureyellowblack
Paper Wall Lampfurniturebeigebeige
Partition Screenfurnituregraygray
Patchwork Chairfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Patchwork Dresserfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Patchwork Lampfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Patchwork Sofafurniturecolorfulcolorful
Patchwork Tablefurniturecolorfulcolorful
Paulownia Closetfurniturebeigebeige
Pave Bedfurniturebluewhite
Pave Bookshelffurniturebluewhite
Pave Bureaufurniturebluewhite
Pave Chairfurniturebluewhite
Pave Chestfurniturebluewhite
Pave Clockfurniturebluebrown
Pave Closetfurniturebluewhite
Pave End Tablefurniturebluebrown
Pave Lampfurniturebluebrown
Pave Sofafurniturebluewhite
Pave Tablefurniturebluewhite
Peacock Chairfurnituregreenbrown
Pear Dresserfurnituregreenbeige
Pear Wardrobefurnituregreenbeige
Pendulum Clockfurniturenonenone
Pepper Millfurniturebrownbrown
Phone Boxfurnitureredred
Pickle Jarfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Picnic Basketfurniture??????
Picnic Tablefurnitureredbrown
Piggy Bankfurniturepinkbeige
Pine Bonsaifurnituregreenblue
Pine Chairfurniturebeigebeige
Pine Tablefurnituregreenbeige
Pineapple Bedfurnitureyellowyellow
Pipe Organfurniturebrownbrown
Pipe Stoolfurniturebluegray
Pirate's Armorfurniturewhitewhite
Plate Armorfurnituregraygray
Plum Bonsaifurniturepinkbrown
Polka-Dot Bedfurnitureredwhite
Polka-Dot Chairfurnitureredwhite
Polka-Dot Clockfurnitureredwhite
Polka-Dot Closetfurnitureredwhite
Polka-Dot Dresserfurnitureredwhite
Polka-Dot Lampfurnitureredwhite
Polka-Dot Low Tablefurnitureredwhite
Polka-Dot Sofafurnitureredwhite
Polka-Dot Stoolfurnitureredwhite
Polka-Dot Tablefurnitureredwhite
Polka-Dot TVfurnitureredwhite
Ponderosa Bonsaifurnituregreenred
Pop-up Bookfurnituregreenred
Popcorn Machinefurnitureredbeige
Portable Toiletfurnitureaquawhite
Post-Office Posterfurniturenonenone
Pot Rackfurniturecolorfulbrown
Potbelly Stovefurnituregraygray
Potted Ivyfurnituregreengreen
Princess Bedfurnitureaquaaqua
Princess Cagefurniturewhitewhite
Princess Chairfurnitureaquawhite
Princess Chestfurniturewhitewhite
Princess Clockfurnitureaquawhite
Princess Closetfurniturewhitewhite
Princess Curiofurniturewhitewhite
Princess Dresserfurniturewhitewhite
Princess Lampfurnitureaquaaqua
Princess Sofafurnitureaquawhite
Princess Tablefurnitureaquawhite
Propane Stovefurnituregraygray
Puffer-Fish TVfurnitureorangewhite
Quince Bonsaifurnitureredblue
Raccoon Figurinefurniturebrownwhite
Ranch Armchairfurniturebrownbrown
Ranch Bedfurniturebrownwhite
Ranch Bookcasefurniturebrownbrown
Ranch Chairfurniturebrownbrown
Ranch Couchfurniturebrownbrown
Ranch Dresserfurniturebrownbrown
Ranch Hutchfurniturebrownbrown
Ranch Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Ranch Tea Tablefurniturebluebrown
Ranch Wall Rackfurniturebrownbrown
Ranch Wardrobefurniturebrownbrown
Raven Polefurniturecolorfulbrown
Record Playerfurnitureblackblack
Red Cornerfurnitureredwhite
Red Vasefurnitureredwhite
Red-Snapper Sofafurnitureredred
Red-Tasseled Lanternfurnitureyellowred
Regal Armoirefurnitureyellowwhite
Regal Bedfurnitureyellowwhite
Regal Bookcasefurnitureyellowwhite
Regal Chairfurnitureyellowwhite
Regal Clockfurnitureyellowwhite
Regal Dresserfurnitureyellowwhite
Regal Lampfurnitureyellowwhite
Regal Sofafurnitureyellowwhite
Regal Tablefurnitureyellowwhite
Regal Vanityfurnitureyellowwhite
Regal Wall Lampfurnitureyellowwhite
Resetti Modelfurniturecolorfulbrown
Retro Fridgefurnituregreengreen
Retro Stereofurnitureblackblack
Retro TVfurniturebrowngray
Reversi Piecefurniturewhiteblack
Revolving Spice Rackfurniturecolorfulbrown
Rice Cakefurniturecolorfulblack
Rice Cookerfurniturewhitewhite
Righty Deskfurniturebluebrown
Ringside Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Rocking Chairfurniturebrownbrown
Rocking Horsefurniturebrownbrown
Rococo Bedfurniturebrownbrown
Rococo Candlestickfurnitureorangebrown
Rococo Chairfurniturebrownbrown
Rococo Clockfurniturebrownbrown
Rococo Dresserfurniturebrownbrown
Rococo Lampfurniturebeigebrown
Rococo Shelffurniturebrownbrown
Rococo Sofafurniturebrownbrown
Rococo Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Rococo Vanityfurniturebrownbrown
Rococo Wardrobefurniturebrownbrown
Rooster of Barcelosfurniturecolorfulblack
Rope Partitionfurnitureyellowred
Rose Sofafurnitureredred
Round Cactusfurnituregreenbrown
Round Clockfurnitureredwhite
Round Mini Cactusfurnituregreenbrown
Rubber Treefurnituregreenbrown
S.S. Dolphinfurniturewhitewhite
Saddle Fencefurniturebrownbrown
Sailboat Modelfurniturewhitebrown
Salad Barfurniturebrowngray
Samurai Suitfurnitureyellowblack
Sand Castlefurniturebeigebeige
School Speakerfurniturebrowngray
Sea Globefurnitureaquawhite
Sea-Anemone Bedfurnitureredred
Seven Lampfurniturewhitewhite
Sewing Machinefurniturewhitewhite
Shamrock Clockfurnituregreengreen
Shaved-Ice Makerfurnitureaquagray
Ship Cannonfurnitureblackblack
Ship Compassfurniturebrowngray
Shogi Boardfurniturebrownbrown
Shogi Piecefurniturebrownblack
Shopping Cartfurnituregraygray
Shower Stallfurnitureaquaaqua
Silver Bug Trophyfurniturenonenone
Silver Fish Trophyfurniturenonenone
Silver HHA Plaquefurniturenonenone
Silver HHA Trophyfurniturenonenone
Simple Armchairfurnitureredred
Simple Kettlefurnitureredred
Simple Love Seatfurnitureredred
Six Lampfurniturewhitewhite
Skeleton Figurinefurniturewhiteblack
Ski Rackfurniturecolorfulbrown
Slalom Gatefurnitureredred
Sleek Bedfurnitureblackblack
Sleek Chairfurnitureblackblack
Sleek Clockfurnitureblackblack
Sleek Closetfurnitureblackblack
Sleek Dresserfurnitureblackblack
Sleek Lampfurnitureblackblack
Sleek Side Tablefurnitureblackblack
Sleek Sideboardfurnitureblackblack
Sleek Sofafurnitureblackblack
Sleek Stereofurnitureblackblack
Sleek Tablefurnitureblackblack
Sleeping Bagfurnituregreengreen
Slide Puzzlefurniturebluewhite
Sloppy Bedfurnitureaquabrown
Sloppy Chairfurnitureaquabrown
Sloppy Clockfurniturebeigewhite
Sloppy Closetfurnitureaquabrown
Sloppy Dresserfurnitureaquabrown
Sloppy Lampfurnitureaquabrown
Sloppy Sinkfurniturebrowngray
Sloppy Sofafurnitureaquabrown
Sloppy Stereofurniturecolorfulblack
Sloppy Tablefurnitureaquabrown
Sloppy TVfurnitureredbrown
Small Igloofurniturewhitewhite
Small LED Displayfurnitureyellownone
Small Magazine Rackfurniturecolorfulwhite
Small Space Consolefurniturecolorfulgray
Snail Clockfurniturebrownbrown
Snake Plantfurnituregreenbrown
Snow Bunnyfurniturebrownwhite
Snow Globefurnitureredwhite
Snow Machinefurnitureblueblue
Snowman Bedfurniturewhitewhite
Snowman Chairfurniturewhitewhite
Snowman Clockfurniturewhitewhite
Snowman Dresserfurniturewhitewhite
Snowman Fridgefurniturewhitewhite
Snowman Lampfurniturewhitewhite
Snowman Matryoshkafurniturewhitewhite
Snowman Sofafurniturewhitewhite
Snowman Tablefurniturewhitewhite
Snowman TVfurnitureyellowwhite
Snowman Vanityfurniturewhitewhite
Snowman Wardrobefurniturewhitewhite
Soda Casefurniturecolorfulgray
Soda Fountainfurniturecolorfulgray
Soft-Serve Lampfurniturebrownwhite
Spa Chairfurnitureaquaaqua
Space Captain's Seatfurnitureredbeige
Space Consolefurniturecolorfulgray
Space Heaterfurniturewhitewhite
Space Shuttlefurniturewhitewhite
Space Stationfurnituregraygray
Spaceman Samfurniturewhitewhite
Speed Bagfurniturebluegray
Spherical Radarfurnitureaquablack
Spiderweb Clockfurnituregrayblack
Spinning Wheelfurniturebrownbrown
Spooky Bookcasefurnitureorangeorange
Spooky Chairfurnitureorangeorange
Spooky Clockfurnitureorangeorange
Spooky Dresserfurnitureorangeorange
Spooky Lampfurnitureorangeorange
Spooky Sofafurnitureorangeorange
Spooky Vanityfurnitureorangeorange
Spooky Wall Lampfurnitureorangeorange
Spooky Wardrobefurnitureorangeorange
Squid Chairfurniturewhitewhite
Stag-Beetle Chairfurnituregraygray
Stained Glassfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Stained-Glass Lampfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Stair Dresserfurniturebrownbrown
Star Projectorfurnitureblackblack
Statue of Libertyfurnituregraygray
Steamed Bun Casefurniture??????
Storage Casefurniturewhiteblack
Stripe Bathroom Sinkfurnitureaquawhite
Stripe Bedfurnitureaquawhite
Stripe Chairfurnitureaquawhite
Stripe Clockfurnitureaquawhite
Stripe Closetfurnitureaquawhite
Stripe Dresserfurnitureaquawhite
Stripe Lampfurnitureaquawhite
Stripe Shelffurnitureaquawhite
Stripe Sofafurnitureaquawhite
Stripe Tablefurnitureaquawhite
Stripe TVfurnitureaquawhite
Stuffed Stockingfurnitureaquacolorful
Stump Stoolfurniture??????
Sunflower Stereofurnitureyelloworange
Super Mushroomfurnitureredorange
Super Starfurnitureyellowyellow
Super Toiletfurniturepinkpink
Surveillance Camerafurnituregraygray
Sushi Platterfurniturecolorfulbrown
Sweets Bedfurniturebeigewhite
Sweets Bookcasefurniturebeigebeige
Sweets Chairfurniturebeigebrown
Sweets Closetfurniturebeigebrown
Sweets Dresserfurniturebeigebrown
Sweets Lampfurniturecolorfulbrown
Sweets Minilampfurniturecolorfulwhite
Sweets Minitablefurniturebrownwhite
Sweets Playerfurniturepinkwhite
Sweets Sofafurniturepinkbeige
Sweets Tablefurniturebeigebrown
Table Lampfurnitureaquawhite
Taiko Drumfurniturebeigebrown
Tall Cactusfurnituregreenbrown
Tall Lanternfurnituregraygray
Tall Mini Cactusfurnituregreenbrown
Tangerine Chairfurnitureorangeorange
Tanuki Wall Clockfurniture??????
Tape Deckfurnituregraygray
Tatami Bedfurnituregreenbrown
Tea Setfurnitureyellowgreen
Tea Tablefurniturebrownbrown
Tea Tansufurniturebrownbrown
Tea Vasefurniturebeigebeige
Ten Billion Barrelfurniturecolorfulblack
Tennis Tablefurnituregreengreen
Three Lampfurniturewhitewhite
Tiki Torchfurnitureredbrown
Time Clockfurniturewhiteblack
Timpano Drumfurniturebeigegray
Tower of Pisafurnituregraygray
Toy Camerafurniturepinkpink
Train Setfurnituregreenbrown
Trash Binfurnitureredblue
Trash Canfurnitureaquagray
Treasure Chestfurnitureyellowgreen
Tree Standeefurnituregreenbrown
Tribal Maskfurniturebrownbrown
Triple Bananasfurnitureyellowyellow
Triple Red Shellsfurnitureredred
Tulip Dresserfurnitureyellowyellow
TV with VCRfurnituregrayblack
Twelve-Grape Platefurnituregreenwhite
Two Lampfurniturewhitewhite
Ultra Handfurnitureblueblue
Ultra Machinefurnitureredwhite
Ultra Scopefurniturewhitewhite
Unknown Machinefurnituregraygray
Upright Pianofurnitureredblack
Upright Vacuumfurniturebluewhite
Vacuum Cleanerfurnitureredwhite
Vaulting Horsefurniturebeigebrown
Veggie Basketfurniturecolorfulbrown
Ventilation Fanfurniturewhitewhite
Vintage Camerafurniturebrownblack
Vintage Radiofurniturebrownbrown
Vintage Telephonefurniturebrownbrown
Vintage Telescopefurnitureyellowbrown
Volleyball Netfurnituregrayblack
Wagon Wheelfurniturebrownbrown
Wall Fanfurnitureaquawhite
Wall Flowerpotfurnitureyellowred
Wall-Mounted Monitorfurniturebluewhite
Washing Machinefurniturewhitewhite
Water Birdfurniturecolorfulcolorful
Water Coolerfurnitureaquawhite
Watering Troughfurniturebrownbrown
Watermelon Chairfurnituregreenred
Watermelon Tablefurnituregreenred
Wedding Cakefurniturepinkpink
Weeping Figfurnituregreenbrown
Weight Benchfurnitureblackblack
Western Fencefurniturebrownbrown
Wheat Bundlefurniturebrownbrown
Wheat Fieldfurnitureyellowyellow
Whirlpool Bathfurniturewhitewhite
White Katanafurniturewhitewhite
White Potfurniturewhitewhite
Wide-Screen TVfurniturebrownblack
Wii Balance Boardfurniturewhitewhite
Wooden Boxfurniturebrownbrown
Wooden Stoolfurniturebrownbrown
World Mapfurnitureaquaaqua
Yellow Certificatefurniturebrownwhite
Yoshi's Eggfurnituregreenwhite
Yut Boardfurniturecolorfulwhite
Zero Lampfurniturewhitewhite
Zodiac Boarfurniturebluebrown
Zodiac Dogfurnitureorangeblack
Zodiac Goatfurnitureyellowblue
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What gifts are for Cherry in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Cherry is a sisterly villager type in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This means she is very caring toward the player, less vain than others. But she is extremely straightforward and blunt about things. Her punk rock look makes perfect sense.

This red dog is one of the best villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If a player is lucky to have her on their island, then they need to know what kind of gifts are best for Cherry.

What gifts are for Cherry in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Image via Nintendo

Becoming true friends with villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons should be every player's goal. This is a milestone achievement in ACNH, but how it is calculated is still unseen.

The best option is to talk to the villagers every day, help them with tasks they need done, and never ever forget their birthday. Be sure to wish them a happy birthday with a nice gift.

When it comes to Cherry, she loves things that are black or purple in color. This includes a ton of items in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons catalog, so be on the lookout.

She likes "cool" and "elegant" styled items. This is also a list which has tons of things to choose from in ACNH. Here are a few examples, showing just what Cherry likes to receive:

  • Zigzag-Print Dress
  • Shorts Outfit
  • Parka Undercoat
  • Reflector
  • Floral Lace Dress
  • Skull Tee
  • Rimmed Glasses
  • Bone Costume
  • Dandy Hat
  • Pilot Shades
  • Botanical Tee
  • Eye Patch

Just be sure these items are in the appropriate color to match her favorites. Clotching is always a good choice for Cherry, as she loves to rock new looks provided to her by the player.

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When it comes to furniture, she likes things with a horror theme, a kid theme, or ones that are just plain expensive. Get her the right gift for her birthday or just because and she'll be at true friend status in no time.

FAIRYCORE ISLAND OF CHERRY PINK // Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) Guides

Fruit Furniture & Clothes: How to Craft & Complete List of Items

There’s a variety of fun Fruit furniture, clothes, rugs, wallpapers, and more you can craft in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with some options initially available from your native fruit! In this guide, we’ll show you every Fruit item available and how to craft them.

How to Unlock, Get, and Craft Fruit Furniture & Clothing

When you reach the point in Animal Crossing: New Horizons where Tom Nook asks you to build three house plots for incoming villagers moving to the island, you will first unlock two DIY crafting recipes for your Native Fruit’s main furniture items.

However, there are far more fruit items including clothing and rugs to be discovered in the game beyond the two regular furniture items. You can also unlock the furniture for other fruits beside your native fruit by finding the crafting recipes.

How to Find and Unlock New Fruit DIY Crafting Recipes

You can find new DIY Crafting recipes to unlock new fruit items to craft in the same ways as most other recipes can be learned in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Here’s a brief summary of the various ways you can find new recipes:

Unfortunately, the new crafting recipes you find through most of these methods are completely random, so outside of trading there really is no way to guarantee finding the fruit recipe you want.

Trading with Friends for Fruit Items

But even if you don’t get lucky enough to learn other fruit recipes yourself that you want, you can easily get the items from another player who has them by playing multiplayer using the internet or local wireless play. We recommend trading your own fruit furniture with someone else of a different fruit, so you can both benefit from the exchange!

If you want to try saving your friend some hassle, you can even try and gather up the necessary fruit supplies yourself rather than expecting them to use their own fruit to craft the items. Visiting other mystery islands using a Nook Miles Ticket is a great way to find foreign fruit!

List of All Fruit Furniture & Clothing Items

There are currently two furniture items, a wall, a rug, a dress, a hat, and an umbrella for each of the five possible native fruits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Additionally, there are a few Coconut and Mixed Fruit furniture items.

The complete lists below includes all of the fruit furniture and clothing we have found so far, screenshots of each item, and the crafting materials you need to make each item. Use the links below to jump to each section:

UPDATE 03/30: We have made a HUGE update adding over 15 new fruit items including rugs, umbrellas, walls, hats, and more!

Apple Fruit Furniture & Clothing Items

Apple Chair

How to Craft Apple Chair

Juicy-Apple TV

How to Craft Juicy-Apple TV

Apple Wall

How to Craft Apple Wall

Apple Rug

We believe that the Apple Rug item exists in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but are currently missing a screenshot.

Apple Dress

How to Craft Apple Dress

Apple Hat

We believe that the Apple Hat item exists in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but are currently missing a screenshot.

Apple Umbrella

How to Craft Apple Umbrella

Cherry Fruit Furniture & Clothing Items

Cherry Speakers

How to Craft Cherry Speakers
  • 10 Cherries
  • 2 Iron Nuggets

Cherry Lamp

How to Craft Cherry Lamp

Cherry Wall

How to Craft Cherry Wall

Cherry Rug

We believe that the Cherry Rug item exists in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but are currently missing a screenshot.

Cherry Dress

How to Craft Cherry Dress

Cherry Hat

How to Craft Cherry Hat

Cherry Umbrella

How to Craft Cherry Umbrella

Orange Fruit Furniture & Clothing Items

Orange Wall-Mounted Clock

How to Craft Orange Wall-Mounted Clock

Orange End Table

How to Craft Orange End Table

Orange Wall

We believe that the Orange Wall item exists in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but are currently missing a screenshot.

Orange Rug

How to Craft Orange Rug

Orange Dress

How to Craft Orange Dress

Orange Hat

How to Craft Orange Hat

Orange Umbrella

How to Craft Orange Umbrella

Peach Fruit Furniture & Clothing Items

Peach Surprise Box

How to Craft Peach Surprise Box

Peach Chair

How to Craft Peach Chair

Peach Wall

How to Craft Peach Wall

Peach Rug

How to Craft Peach Rug

Peach Dress

How to Craft Peach Dress

Peach Hat

How to Craft Peach Hat

Peach Umbrella

How to Craft Peach Umbrella

Pear Fruit Furniture & Clothing Items

Pear Bed

How to Craft Pear Bed

Pear Wardrobe

How to Craft Pear Wardrobe

Pear Wall

How to Craft Pear Wall

Pear Rug

How to Craft Pear Rug

Pear Dress

How to Craft Pear Dress

Pear Hat

How to Craft Pear Hat

Pear Umbrella

How to Craft Pear Umbrella

Coconut Fruit Furniture & Clothing Items

Palm-Tree Lamp

How to Craft Palm-Tree Lamp

Coconut Juice

How to Craft Coconut Juice

Coconut Wall Planter

How to Craft Coconut Wall Planter
  • 1 Coconut
  • 5 Clumps of Weeds

Mixed Fruit Furniture & Clothing Items

Fruit Wreath

How to Craft Fruit Wreath
  • 2 Apples
  • 1 Pear
  • 3 Cherries
  • 3 Oranges
  • 1 Peach

Fruit Basket

How to Craft Fruit Basket
  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Pear
  • 1 Cherry
  • 1 Orange
  • 1 Peach

Infused-Water Dispenser (Fruit Jar)

How to Craft Infused-Water Dispenser (Fruit Jar)
  • 2 Apples
  • 2 Pears
  • 2 Cherries
  • 2 Oranges
  • 2 Peaches
  • 2 Coconuts

If you have obtained crafting recipes for Fruit Furniture or Clothing missing an image in this list, please help us out by submitting a high-quality screenshot link in the comments below! Thanks to Mayor Willow, Iroh, Murray, Hailey, Dizzy, Thunder, Geekish, Charlie, Gryth, Jenn, DellyKupo for contributing photos to this guide.

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Acnh cherry dress

Animal Crossing Cherry Dress Image

Shopping information for Cherry Dress

Orderable from Catalog: No
Buy Price: Bells 0Bells
Sell Price: Bells 1600Bells
Drop-Off Box Sell Price: Bells 1280Bells

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Check the Most Accurate Animal Crossing New Horizons Cherry Dress Prices

Animal Crossing New Horizons Cherry Dress is a type of Clothing, you need to pay 0 bells for using it in the game, or choose to buy Animal Crossing Cherry Dress on AKRPG with 0.08USD. Cheap Animal Crossing items for sale with enough stock here, choose the quantities you want, you’ll receive it with best ACNH Cherry Dress price in the shortest time. It’s not easy to make a large amounts of Animal Crossing New Horizons BELLS, knowing how to sell and how many bells is every item worth will make difference. Sell the Cherry Dress to Tommy in Resident Services when you don’t require it, 1600 bells can be earned.

Full Animal Crossing Switch Item Prices Database

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Custom Design Tips + Tricks! (Cottagecore + Fairycore Dress Tutorial) - Animal Crossing New Horizons

And you, Light. - I asked my daughter. And I. I wanted this for a long time.

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