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The Race Across America is the subject of the film Godspeed, a documentary film hitting select theaters May 22nd.

&#;The Award-winning documentary GODSPEED has turned out to be no ordinary cycling film. The brutal reality of two middle-aged men, racing as a relay-team, around the clock, for an entire week, including the punishing obstacles and life-draining assault on their bodies, minds, and characters required something many world-class athletes depend on, family, friends, and faith. Purchase advanced tickets now. &#;

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The Radavist is a group of individuals who share a love of cycling and the outdoors. We will always stop for a photo, or to hit a jump. We believe the outdoors should be respected. Please, pack it in and pack it out. Leave it better, even. Remember, we’re all ambassadors for cycling, so be polite on the road and the trails and observe the leave no trace principles.

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CLIENT | Fuji Bikes
PROJECTS | Supreme // Auric // Jari

Everything we know has gone into making the Supreme, our fastest, our most aerodynamic and our most forward-thinking bicycle ever: better aerodynamics to slice through the wind, more stiffness to transfer full power into every pedal stroke, better compliance to smooth the ride, optimum fit across all sizes and lighter weight to help flatten even the toughest climbs. The Supreme is the first of a new breed of Fuji race bikes, with a design DNA destined to be first in every class.

The culmination of years of aero engineering and a no-compromise pursuit of speed with control, Fuji storms onto the aero road market with Transonic: a carbon race bike that is precision personified - allowing riders to unleash unparalleled speeds without restraint.

Lauren Gregg and Meggie Bichard shed their number plates and take a break from racing to have some fun at Mountain Creek Bike Park aboard their Fuji Aurics.

Not all those who wander are lost, but the Jari pushes that truism to the limit. Conceived to master main roads and backroads, pavement, gravel and singletrack, the Jari will carry you and your gear to the ‘X’ on that dog-eared map. Not lost, just on the path less pedaled.

Kestrel Bikes | Legend SL
Kestrel Bikes | RT

CLIENT | Kestrel Bikes
PROJECTS | Legend SL // RT

Kestrel SL
The new Legend SL is constructed using our highest grade K Ultra high-modulus carbon fiber in a new one-piece mold structure. No bonded joints means the lightest, strongest, and best riding frameset we’ve ever created at a mere g. Complimenting the sophisticated frame design is Shimano's top tier Dura Ace group set for professional level performance. Each of the seven sizes have unique tube shapes, and carbon layups to produce the best possible ride quality for every size rider.

The RT is constructed with our premium KSL Superlight Carbon using polyurethane molds to optimize compaction, reducing weight and increase frame stiffness. Shimano's Ultegra drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes offer premium performance and consistent braking in any weather and at any speed. The endurance geometry is further complimented by shaped seat stays providing increased compliance for more comfort over uneven road surfaces

Princeton Tec | Axis
Princeton Tec | Snap
Princeton Tec | Helix

CLIENT | Princeton Tec
PROJECTS | Axis Headlamp // Snap Headlamp // Helix Lantern

Axis Headlamp
We wanted to give you the ability to get exactly the right amount of light at exactly the right time for whatever you're getting into- chasing a late night hatch on the river, dawn patrol on the trails, or hanging with friends around camp. That's why the Axis headlamp was designed with a simple, intuitive hybrid control system- a button to move you through red, spot and flood modes, and a dial to dim (and brighten) each mode to help you find the sweet spot for any task. The Axis comes in a alkaline battery and rechargeable models.

Snap Headlamp
Multitalented, hard-working and adventurous: just like you. The SNAP is a one stop tool for any of your lighting needs: headlamp, flashlight, bike light, safety flasher, lantern and magnetic area light.

Helix Lantern
When PTEC set out to design our series of lanterns, we took a long, hard look at which design elements would best serve the end user. Folding legs raise the Helix to provide broad lighting; they also create stable foundation that holds fast even on irregular surfaces. These lanterns hang from all different angles, whether cooking, playing cards, or getting settled in the tent. The controls are unique as well, with the Backcountry’s button-free swipe control surface and the Basceamp’s familiar power dial. They all collapse down to a fraction of their normal size when it comes time to break camp.

Sours: https://sourlandstudios.com/product
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Aidan Girt

Musical artist

Aidan Girt is a Canadiandrummer for the Montreal-based post-rock collectives Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Exhaust. He is also a solo electronic artist under the names OSB, 1-Speed Bike, and Bottleskup Flenkenkenmike and continues to record (with others) in Some Became Hollow Tubes.[1]


In , Girt co-founded Godspeed You! Black Emperor.[2][3]

Girt, along with Gordon Krieger and Mike Zabitsky, formed the group Exhaust; they performed in Montreal for a short time and released a single in In , the three released a self-titled album and, in , a studio album, Enregistreur.[4][5]

Girt played drums as a guest musician on the debut album of A Silver Mt. Zion in

As 1-Speed Bike, Girt released a number of solo albums and EPs, including El Gallito in [6][3]

In Girt began releasing music as a duo with guitarist Eric Quach under the name Some Became Hollow Tubes.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor[edit]

  • F♯A♯∞ (Constellation Records, )
  • Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada (Constellation Records, )
  • Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven (Constellation Records, )
  • Yanqui U.X.O. (Constellation Records, )
  • 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! (Constellation Records, )
  • Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress (Constellation Records, )
  • "Luciferian Towers" (Constellation Records, )
  • G_d's Pee at State's End! (Constellation Records, )


A Silver Mt. Zion[edit]

1-Speed Bike[edit]

  • Droopy Butt Begone! (Constellation Records, )
  • I'm a Pretzel on a Stealth Mission to Kill the President (Broklyn Beats, )
  • Limp Penis (self-released, )
  • El Gallito (Broklyn Beats, )
  • Klootzak Keizer (Broklyn Beats, )
  • Someone Told Me Life Gets Easier in Your 50s (Broklyn Beats, )
  • A Swimmer in the Ocean Is Not Afraid of the Rain (Bully Records, )
  • Pashto Translator Needed (self-released, )
  • This Country is Torture (Bad Panda Records, )
  • Robbery (self-released, )

Bottleskup Flenkenkenmike[edit]

  • Untitled 12" (Toolbox, )
  • Looks Like Velvet, Smells Like Pee (Broklyn Beats, )

Some Became Hollow Tubes[edit]

  • In I Thought This Shit Would Never Change (self-released, )
  • Keep it in the Ground (Gizeh Records, )


External links[edit]

Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aidan_Girt

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