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15 Best Appetizers at Costco You Can Serve Tonight

From the rotisserie chickens to the fresh cookies and cakes, Costco has everything you need for a delicious meal from start to finish. And whether you're looking for fresh ingredients to start on a new healthy dinner recipe or you need some time-saving premade products, Costco has you covered.

We've rounded up some of the best appetizers you can buy at Costco, from sliced mozzarella to frozen spring rolls. And for more Costco shopping ideas, don't miss these 15 Costco Foods That Make Meal Prep Easy.

shrimp cocktail from costco

If you're only buying produce and packaged goods from the warehouse, you're missing out. The deli section has delicious appetizer and side dish options, like this ready-to-eat shrimp cocktail. Just open the clamshell and serve! At $9.99 a pound, you can't go wrong with this Costco appetizer.

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package of belgioioso sliced mozzarella

Fresh mozzarella and tomatoes are one of the easiest appetizers out there. This pre-sliced mozzarella is perfect for serving with our Caprese Tomato Towers.

aidells teriyaki pineapple chicken meatballs package

Sure, you could serve traditional meatballs as an appetizer. But these pineapple-flavored chicken meatballs are way more fun.

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pinwheel sandwiches on white serving plate

You can find these mini sandwiches in the deli section at Costco. They're the perfect appetizer to serve at family get-togethers.

containers of costco salad

As a meal, the Caesar salad from Costco can be heavy and high in fat. But if you serve it as an appetizer and share it with your family, it can be a great way to add some greens to your meal. Just don't use the entire dressing cup.

And if you're grabbing a bite while you're shopping, here are The Best & Worst Menu Items at Costco's Food Court.

don lee farms organic veggie bites

Think of these as a veggie-packed alternative to tater tots. Made with carrots, onion, sweet potato, kale, and more, these bites are a fun appetizer for kids of all ages.

bowl of general tsos cauliflower with rice and chopsticks

This cauliflower dish is paleo and keto-friendly, making it the perfect appetizer for diners with food restrictions. Plus, who doesn't love the taste of General Tso's sauce?

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If your household is made up of carnivores, serve this frozen chicken as an appetizer alongside that General Tso's cauliflower. It's the best of both worlds!

box of frozen cuisine adventures spanakopita

Add a bit of Mediterranean flair to your dinner spread with these spinach and cheese hand pies. They're the perfect pairing for these 15 Quick and Easy Kebab Recipes.

box of frozen vegetable spring rolls

If you're serving orange chicken, you might as well add these spring rolls to the mix, too. They even come with a soy-ginger sauce for dipping.

box of frozen kirkland signature panko breaded shrimp from costco

These frozen shrimp pieces are the easiest way to add some fun to your dinner table. Don't forget the dipping sauces!

box of bagel bites

If you have young children at home or are just feeling nostalgic, you can buy Bagel Bites at Costco. Although, we do recommend that the rest of your meal be a bit more balanced.

rojos six layer dip tray

Looking for chips and dip? Costco has plenty of delicious options, including this stacked six-layer dip. It's perfect for veggie crudities or for Tostitos.

taylor farms vegetable tray

Don't have time to chop up a bunch of vegetables? Add some fresh produce to your dinner table with this ready-to-serve veggie tray.

box of frozen petite cuisine mozzarella sticks

Sometimes, you just want nostalgic comfort food. And for those days, Costco is waiting in the wings with frozen appetizers like these mozzarella sticks. Yum.

And for more can't-miss Costco items, don't miss these 30 Cheap Costco Buys That Make the Membership Worth It.

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14 Surprising Snacks I’m Grabbing from Costco for the Super Bowl

In the scope of Super Bowl party food recommendations, you would be completely within your rights to ignore an article that recommends hitting Costco for great Super Bowl treats. Because the fact is, if you recognize the name Costco, you already know that this big box store is the ideal place to shop when hosting a party (their best-kept secret is a dinner party game-changer), for everything from paper goods to beverages, to party-sized quantities at rational prices. 

So, I am not here to tell you to shop for your Super Bowl party at Costco for all of these very good and very rational reasons. I am here to say that if you want something of a global twist to your upcoming Super Bowl entertaining, Costco has some surprising and awesome additions to your spread that just might make you the coolest house on Sunday.

Here were my favorite finds at my local Costco this Super Bowl week. Obviously, every branch is different, so not everything will necessarily be available near you, but there is enough here to play with!

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The 25 Best Appetizers From Costco

For most people, Super Bowl Sunday is all about football. I, on the other hand, am willing to admit that I care very little about the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs, and am way more interested in what’s on the menu for this Super Bowl LIV. Typically, Super Bowl spreads are all about comfort food and finger food options, and the Super Bowl appetizers at Costco are a must. Whether you’re hosting a party and looking at approximately four hours of non-stop snacking and eating from your guests, or having a virtual get-together with your own plate of food, you'll want to have a spread full of variety and flavor.

If and when the zombie apocalypse happens, I'm going to do my best to get my family to Costco. I'm pretty sure we could live there for a few decades, because each store contains an absurd amount of food and everything comes in one size: enormous. Thankfully, the quality usually matches up with the quantity, and you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Add a few of these items to your shopping list on your next Costco run, and I'm very confident your Super Bowl party will be a smash. Prices may vary depending on location, and if you use a delivery service like Instacart.



If you don't quite love a shrimp cocktail platter, but still have a craving for some seafood, hit up the frozen food section. These Panko-coated bites should hit the spot, and you get 40 to 50 pieces for around $20 a box.


Chicken Potstickers

Potstickers are a good option to add a little variety to the typical football spread of pizza, wings, chips, and dip. These are stuffed with chicken and veggies, and a 4-pound bag is just $12.


Mozzarella Sticks

I'm always a little tempted to buy this enormous, $14 package of mozzarella sticks whenever I go to Costco. (There's 82 to 92 in a box!) And then I remember that I'm the only person in my house who eats mozzarella sticks, and just because I could eat five pounds worth doesn't mean I should.


Beef Franks Wrapped In Puff Pastry

Beef franks wrapped in puff pastry sounds way classier than pigs in a blanket, right? But they're one and the same, and they're one of my all-time favorite appetizers. You'll get 100 for $19 with this big box.


Mesquite Wings

Costco chicken wings will run you about $6 a pound, and most packages had a little over three pounds worth of wings. The ones I perused were all mesquite flavor, but I've found that you can coat them in a bottle of your preferred wing sauce and the flavors will blend together nicely.


Mini Crab Cakes

My family had some of these crab cakes as part of our Christmas dinner spread, so I can tell you firsthand that they are absolutely addictive. A box of 36 costs $20, but I'd suggest getting two. They'll go that fast.


St. Louis Ribs

Costco's racks of ribs go for $8 a pound, and the packages I saw were two to three pounds each. If you're picking up some, you might want to hit up the paper towel aisle, too, because there's just no way to eat ribs without making a huge mess.


Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are the first thing I add to my order when I get takeout, but I'm wondering if these Costco vegetable spring rolls could cut my monthly Seamless bill way down. I very much appreciate that the $9 package comes with packets of plum sauce, because spring rolls just aren't complete without it.


Meat & Cheese Rollups



Pierogis are a great option if you've got kids to feed on Super Bowl Sunday. They're yummy, cheesy, easy to eat with your hands, and not super messy. And in my experience, even picky eaters will chow down on 'em. This pack will give you about three dozen for $10. You can serve bowls of caramelized onion, apple sauce, and sour cream on the site.


Spinach & Artichoke Dip

I'd like to meet the inventor of spinach artichoke dip and shake their hand. This delicious stuff belongs on every appetizer table everywhere as far as I'm concerned. The tub is just under two pounds and goes for $9.



You'd be surprised how fast two pounds of hummus will go, and two pounds of anything for just $6 is kind of ridiculous. If you're trying to keep your party budget under control, this should definitely be at the top of your list.


Naan Dippers

I love the idea of laying out these little Naan Dippers along side your salsa, hummus, and/or dips as an alternative to chips (which just fall apart anyway). This tub costs just $5.


Kirkland Super Extra Large Peanuts

Peanuts can be a perfect pre-game app. You can come up with creative ways to serve these supersized Virginia variety peanuts — or simply put them in a bowl and let your guests munch away. For $7, you can purchase a 40 oz. container of these extra crunchy, roasted and salted little legumes.


Kirkland Organic Tortilla Chips

Can you really call it a Super Bowl party if there aren’t chips and dips? Probably not. These restaurant style tortilla chips are organic and contain a blend of real ground white and yellow corn. Plus, they come in a big ‘ol 40-ounce bag for less than $6, so you won’t have to worry about running out.


Organic Chicken Nuggets

These fully cooked, organic chicken nuggets are a must-have. Use them for dips, nachos, or just to snack on as you watch the game. The 16-ounce pack is just $12.35, and there's currently a $3 off deal when you buy just one pack.


Tyson Boneless Chicken Wyngz

There’s probably no food more synonymous with the Super Bowl than wings. But if you want to spend more time watching the game (and less time cooking), just heat up these frozen wings, which are essentially chicken nuggets that are breaded and coated in a tangy buffalo-style sauce. They come in a giant 3.25-pound bag for less than $13.


Kirkland Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream

Get your scooping arm ready, because there’s a lot of ice cream in this Kirkland container — four quarts to be precise. The dreamy dessert includes two 64-ounce containers for just $14, and can be used to top warm brownies, or become the base to a beautiful Super Bowl Sundae. Is ice cream technically an appetizer? If you're an "eat dessert first" kind of person, yes it is.


Bagel Bites

If your kids (or your partner, or you, honestly) are less a fan of fancy wontons and more into tiny pizzas, behold. You need this enormous box of Bagel Bites. Just under $11 for 72 perfect Bagel Bites.


Mini Cookies

For the sweet tooth, Kirkland's has a great deal on a 60-count box of mini chocolate chip cookies for less than $11. This is another fun one to add with the ice cream, so you could make a whole dessert bar, or put out dips and things like hot fudge, ice cream, marshmallow topping, or even frosting and sprinkles to deck out these little cookies.


Cubano Bites

If you love a Cuban sandwich, these Cubano Bites are must-haves. A 36-count box for less than $11 means these little bites full of ham, pork, swiss, mozarella, and pickle are an ainsanely good deal.

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