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Team Name Point Total 1 Worth Firecrackers - Rico (CA) 150 2 Beverly Bandits - Conroy (IL) 140 3 Orange County Batbusters - Haning (CA) 128 4 So Cal Athletics - Richardson (CA) 109 5 Gold Coast Hurricanes - Cooper (FL) 108 6 So Cal Explosion - Denio (CA) 106 7 Team North Florida - Fagan (FL) 102 7 Lady Magic - Carda/Henderson (CA) 102 9 Texas Impact - Burke (TX) 96 10 So Cal 3D (CA) 92 11 So Cal Choppers - Fausett (CA) 84 12 Strike Zone 77 13 Corona Angels - Tyson (CA) 74 14 East Cobb Bullets - Pauly (GA) 66 14 Texas Glory - Adkins (TX) 66 16 Tampa Mustangs - (FL) 60 17 Washington Lady Hawks - Miller (WA) 59 17 Texas Glory - Shelton (TX) 59 19 Wichita Mustangs - Griggs (KS) 57 20 California Grapettes - Gomes (CA) 55 21 New Town Rock Gold - Waye (PA) 54 21 Sorcerers - Mumma (CA) 54 23 So Cal Pumas - Keohohou (CA) 52 24 KG Hitters 50 25 Styxx (CO) 48 26 Cal Cruisers - Sievers (CA) 46 26 So Cal Breakers - Beddow (CA) 46 28 Easton Athletics (OK) 45 28 TC Stars - Klaviter (CO 45 28 USA Athletics (CA) 45 31 New Jersey Intensity - O'Donnell (NJ) 44 32 NW Bullets - Campos (OR) 43 33 All American Sports Academy (CA) 42 33 Arizona Storm - Brun (AZ) 42 33 Cal Lite - Newton (CA) 42 33 Indiana Magic Gold - Clay (IN) 42 33 MO Originals (MO) Schaberg 42 38 New Orleans déjà vu (LA) 39 38 Texas Bombers Gold QT - Smith (TX) 39 38 Texas Storm - Durham (TX) 39
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Welcome to the home of the Colorado Bombers Fastpitch Softball Club!

The Colorado Bombers bring an exciting brand of softball to Colorado for the committed athlete.  The Colorado Bombers are affiliated with the National program out of Texas and work together to bring education, player development and recruiting benefits to our players. 

Our Bombers Teams are comprised of student athletes who are focused and determined to play at the highest level.  Many Bombers players take those skills and go on to play in College.  We have experienced, educated, and knowledgeable coaching staffs intent on fine tuning your skills and preparing the players to be the best they can be.   We use the latest technologies and analytics, to not only measure your performance but to also track your progression. 

Our recruiting program and coaching relationships are extensive and cover DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, and JUCO schools.  Our tournament and showcase schedule is designed to provide the student athletes the highest level of competition and visibility by college coaches.

The Bombers are a Junior Olympic Fastpitch Softball Program headquartered in New Braunfels, TX, that began competition in 2001. The Bombers provide elite softball players the opportunity to pursue collegiate scholarships and to compete at the highest levels. Located in fifteen states (Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Alabama, Colorado, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Arkansas, Minnesota, Georgia, and Kansas) the Bomber organization and its players are committed to demonstrating leadership in community involvement and professionalism.

Sours: https://www.cobombers.com/
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Field 2 Texas Bombers Gold HTX vs Oklahoma Athletics

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Bombers softball oklahoma

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Field 2 Texas Bombers Gold HTX vs Oklahoma Athletics

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