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Life’s magical moments are cause for celebration, and at River Kwai, we give you more than a catered event – we give you an experience. A culinary journey that begins at the very first point of contact with quality service that’s worthy of your special occasion.

We go all-out to impress both you and your guests with delicious menus for corporate events and private functions, gala dinners and cocktail parties, to weddings and celebrations of every kind. Our stunning menu selections let you choose the most delicious, contemporary dishes for your event, or, we can design a one-off menu infused with all the flavours you love. River Kwai Catering will ensure the food at your occasion leaves a lasting impression!
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Best Restaurants Near The Bridge Over The River Kwai 2021

Looking for the best restaurants near the bridge over the River Kwai? In this article, I will give you all the information you need for having a delicious meal when visiting this popular tourist attraction. We’ve visited personally all these restaurants near the bridge over the River Kwai and all of them are located within three hundred meters from the bridge. Some of these restaurants listed in this article can be seen as the best in town, making it a guarantee that you will have a great lunch or dinner when visiting these places.
best restaurants near the bridge over the river kwai

The best restaurants near the bridge over the River Kwai are:


1. Keeree Tara

Keeree Tara is a restaurant located next to the river, close to the bridge over river Kwai and can be seen as one of the nicest restaurants in town. The atmosphere at Keeree Tara is simply amazing, with a stunning riverside view and subtle details, such as small speakers positioned on several corners of the outside dining area that gives the restaurant the feeling as if you are in some sort of theme park. The restaurant opens its doors at eleven o’clock in the morning, although the best time to visit this restaurant is right before sunset. 

The menu of Keeree Tara is extensive with all sorts of Thai delicacies, from Northern Thai dips to a large plate of giant freshwater prawns. Expect to pay around 200 THB per dish, unless you order one of the larger seafood dishes, which can costs you up to 1,500 THB. We would recommend you to try one of the following highly recommended dishes: Spicy Pomelo Salad (185 THB), Smoked Freshwater Fish Chili Paste with Fresh Vegetables (150 THB), Deep-Fried Snake-Head Fish with Spicy Mango Salad (380 THB), Dried Green Curry with Chicken Wrapped in Egg (160 THB) and their signature one kilogram of Giant Freshwater Prawns Grilled (1,500 THB). More information about Keeree Tara, such as opening times, location and other users’ opinions can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Keeree Tara.
Keeree Tara Restaurant
Keeree Tara is located close to the River Kwai and serves amazing seafood!
Keeree Tara Food

Deliciousness guaranteed!


2. Pai-Kan Kanchanaburi

For those who are looking for a more local restaurant near the bridge over river Kwai, Pai-Kan Kanchanaburi is a great option. The restaurant does not have the looks but it does serve excellent tasting local food for a great price. During our visit, we tried the following highly recommended dishes: Grilled Pork (50 THB), Hot Pot Soup Seafood (139 THB) and the Deep-fried Papaya Salad with Spicy Sauce (60 THB). 

The grilled pork was beautifully grilled and the meat itself was nicely lean. The deep-fried papaya salad is a much hearty version than the regular papaya salad and the additional spicy sauce, which you have to pour over the deep-fried papaya strings, was so delicious. But personally, the Hot Pot Soup with Seafood (139 THB) was probably the best option we’ve tried here. The soup itself is already flavoured with herbs and spices and when adding the seafood and vegetables to the soup, the broth gets even stronger. A complete meal for two with so much flavour, for only 139 THB, is something nobody would not like. More information about Pai-Kan Kanchanaburi, such as opening times, location and other users’ opinions can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Pai-Kan Kanchanaburi.
Local food near the bridge over the river kwai

Local restaurant near the bridge over the River Kwai. Delicious food for a bargain!

Local restaurant near the bridge over the river kwai

Highly recommended if you are looking for cheap, delicious, local food.


3. Ban Lung Chuan

Another local restaurant located near the bridge over the River Kwai is Ban Lung Chuan. Similar to the previous recommended restaurant Pai-Kan, Ban Lung Chuang is a restaurant that is mostly visited by locals. The restaurant has a cool natural atmosphere with wooden tables and chairs and a restaurant that is covered in trees and plants. The menu consists of interesting Thai dishes and the following four dishes are among the most-ordered dishes at Ban Lung Chuan: Chicken with Cashew Nut (150 THB), Green Curry Chicken (150 THB), Tom Yum Goong (150 THB) and the Lemongrass Salad (120 THB). The chicken with cashew nut is a hugely popular dish that often runs out later the evening. The lemongrass salad is, in my opinion, a must-order for tourists, as the salad has quite some unusual, yet tasty flavours that you won’t easily find elsewhere. More information about Ban Lung Chuan, such as opening times, location and other users’ opinions can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Ban Lung Chuan.
Thai food near the bridge over the river kwai

Highly recommended Thai food at Ban Lung Chuan.

Thai restaurant near River Kwai

The chicken cashew nut (front) is so popular, it often runs out during the evening.


4. Loft Restaurant & Bar

Loft Restaurants & Bar is another beautiful riverside restaurant which is located next to Keeree Tara. Both restaurants are from the same owner, but the difference between both of these restaurants in style and food is huge. Where Keeree Tara is more like a relaxing oasis, Loft Restaurant & Bar is a trendy place which hosts live music performances, has a large cocktail bar and is also suitable for late-night drinks. Also important to know, the restaurant opens its doors at five o’clock in the afternoon and usually gets busy after sunset. 

As said, the menu is completely different compared with Keeree Tara. There are international and local Thai food options available, from huge Barbecue Pork Ribs (550 THB) to Deep-Fried Local Fish in Pepper Sauce (250 THB). When visiting, make sure to try at least one of the following highly recommended dishes: Grilled Duck with Chili Paste (180 THB) which is their best-seller, Spicy Algoe Glass with Seafood (180 THB), Loft Fo (250 THB). More information about Loft Bar & Restaurant, such as opening times, location and other users’ opinions can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Loft Restaurant & Bar.
Loft restaurant near the bridge over River Kwai

Tasty food with a perfect view on the bridge over the River Kwai.

Food near the bridge over River Kwai

Good food and a great atmosphere.


5. Madam Nam Nueng

When you are looking for something else than Thai food, Madam Nam Nueng is a great option which is located close to the Bridge over the River Kwai. As the name of the restaurant already suggests, Madam Nam Nueng is specialized in Vietnamese food, in particular Nam Nueng. For those of you who don’t know what nam nueng is, here is a brief description: Vietnamese sausage is served with lettuce leaves and greens where you can fold the Vietnamese sausage, garlic, chilli, mango, banana, herbs and sauce in rice paper packages and eat them all together at once. The combination of all these flavours makes it so delicious. Throughout Thailand, you can find plenty of restaurants who serve this deliciousness, even in Thai restaurants.

Other good food options besides the Nam Neung (120 THB), are the Fried Shrimp with Sugar Cane (120 THB), Spicy Vietnamese Sausage Spicy Salad (89 THB) and the Grilled Pork with Boiled Rice Vermicelli (89 THB). More information about Madam Nam Nueng, such as opening times, location and other users’ opinions can be found on the TopTravelFoods review page of Madam Nam Nueng.
Madam Nam Neung

Nam Neung (120 THB)

Vietnamese food near the river kwai

Fried Shrimp with Sugar Cane (120 THB)

There you have it, our list of the best restaurants near the bridge over the River Kwai. You can find this all these restaurants, and many others in Thailand, in our food app called TopTravelFoods. Instead of recommending good restaurants, we recommend the best food these restaurants have to offer. If you are looking for the absolute best dishes near you, TopTravelFoods is the app you must have. The app is available for both Android and iOS and is completely free. Or when you are on a desktop, you can explore the best local food in Kanchanburi.


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A simple yellow plastic sign hangs over the cash register at River Kwai Seafood II, a ramshackle Thai joint on Belmont just west of Ashland. “This is not Burger King,” it reads. “You don’t get it your way. You get it my way, or you don’t get the damn thing.”

The saying has been copied numerous times by River Kwai’s customers onto paper plates, scraps of paper, and strips of cardboard and hung next to the sign and on adjacent walls. There are versions in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Tagalog, Greek, Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Urdu, and Dutch.

“What country I got people from?” asks Decha Chotipradit, a 52-year-old Thai who owns the restaurant with his younger brother Boonsong. “Tahiti. People from Australia, New Zealand, India, Netherlands. From Kiev, which used to be in Russia, a dancer came in. I got one Mongolian guy that comes in, he’s short with dark skin. Iceland, they come in. Canada, a lot. We got Tunisia, from Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria. South Africa, a lot of them. Vietnamese people, Burmese people. A lot of Swedish ladies. One of them, she liked me a lot. We had one guy from Mozambique. Cameroon, Central America, and South America come in. I interview them, all of them. ‘What are you doing here? How’d you get here? How’d you get away from the Mexican border patrol?’ And they all love my rice.”

Decha is grateful that he’s a Buddhist, because his job requires vast oceans of patience. Almost every night he handles, cajoles, and soothes a ridiculous melange of hungry people, from cabdrivers to bored teenagers to drunks on all-night benders. Boonsong, a taciturn brick wall of a man, doesn’t work well with customers. He is, however, a competent cook. Wearing a denim apron with flowered patches, he toils over a hot wok all night. Decha deals with the hordes.

“A normal person would get depressed a lot,” Decha says. “But with Buddhism, I keep my strength. Like Phil Jackson. You know why he won so many championships? He practices Buddhism. Sometimes customers make me so mad. They can’t control themselves. I handle it, no problem.”

Decha, Boonsong, and their sister, Sommuek, who also works in the kitchen, are from Bangpakong, a small town in eastern Thailand that is nowhere near the Kwai River, which runs along part of the country’s western border. The restaurant’s name came to Decha back in 1985, when his temple asked him to pick up a monk at O’Hare. The monk wondered what he did for a living. Decha said he was between jobs. The monk, who had just come from London, said he’d eaten at a Thai restaurant there called River Kwai that pulled in several thousand pounds a day.

The Chotipradits opened the first River Kwai a few months later, in a three-table storefront near Elston and Kimball. It didn’t do well, but Decha already had his eye on the Belmont location. He was also contemplating staying open all night. Working the lunchtime rush nearly killed Boonsong, he says, and mid-afternoons were flat.

The building that currently houses River Kwai has been a restaurant since World War II. The last two owners before Decha were also Thai, but they did little to keep up the place; though relatively clean, the restaurant looks as though it was last renovated during the early days of the Marshall Plan. The hard rubber floor bulges and buckles in every corner and along every seam. The roof, which Decha says is made out of what once were bunks for air force pilots, was plopped onto the restaurant by a previous owner. The low ceiling is hollow plaster. Any customer over five foot six is in danger of decapitation.

A half dozen small tables are squeezed into perhaps 100 square feet of space. Decha encourages customers to get to know each other, since Boonsong takes a while to serve up the food. One customer from Downers Grove calls in his order around 9, just as they’re opening, so the food will be ready when he gets there an hour and a half later. Despite the yellow sign over the register, Boonsong’s heaping plates of fried rice, shrimp chop suey, curry chicken, and Thai pepper steak are, in fact, cooked to order. Some people want their food Chinese style, while others prefer pure Thai. “We are flexible,” Decha says. “We do it the way they want. Many things we invented here. Made in USA. More meat, more shrimp, more egg, we do it.”

Decha considers himself a liberal and is prepared to accommodate customers from every culture. He plays Greek, French, Egyptian, or Indian music on request. Yet he has developed some prejudices over the years, which he says are justified by experience. “Islamic, very hard customer. And the Irish drunk? Oh, that’s a hard one. They want to go over everybody first. They want to fight my brother. Most lenient customers are Hispanic. They wait. They complain, but they wait. Those Moroccan guys, not bad. They got more dignity. Pakistanis are rough. Whoo! They want their way all the time. No breaks for nobody. But this is America. First come, first serve.”

The brothers made the terrific mistake of not purchasing their building in 1986. Now Belmont is sprouting new condos like bean shoots, and Decha’s landlady has informed him that the property’s time is coming. He’s only asked her for two month’s notice. “I’m gonna move in either direction three-quarters of a mile,” he says. “I’m gonna get everybody the address when I get my 60 days.” He hopes to move into a bigger space, but realizes that might not be possible. As things stand, he can’t accept phone orders most of the time. “We could make twice what we make now on phone orders alone,” he says. “We have big business, you know, but there’s no way. If we increased our orders, my brother might get a heart attack and die.”

River Kwai Seafood II, 1650 W. Belmont (773-472-1013), is open 9 PM to 6 AM every day except Tuesday. –Neal Pollack

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): Decha Chotipradit and various restaurant photos by Nathan Mandell.

Sours: https://chicagoreader.com/arts-culture/restaurant-tours-inside-river-kwais-melting-pot/
Kanchanaburi's River Kwai Floating Restaurant - Vlog Day 4 \u0026 5

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Kwai restaurant river

Only there is a better room - Igor said, and he took us to another room, where the walls were transparent. And the ceiling was white, where everything that happened in the room was reflected. There were also 3 tables.

Floating restaurant on the river Kwai in Kanchanaburi กาญจนบุรี

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