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Internet Premium : 15%
Sales Tax : 7.75% - Sales tax applied to invoice total, including Internet Premium.
Cash Payment Discount: 3%
Participation Requirements: Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval
Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Wire Transfer, and Cash
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Payment Instructions: All accounts must be settled at the conclusion of the auction. We accept Visa, Master Card/ American Express Credit Cards ONLY. Your credit card will be charged for your purchases, plus buyer premiums, and any taxes. A pre-auction authorization will be performed to establish available credit. NOTHING will be charged to your card until a purchase is made. Credit card chargebacks will not be accepted. A $25 service fee will be charged to any account who's credit card on file is declined requiring additional time and telephone contact to establish payment for merchandise or shipping. PLEASE NOTE!! Cash payments will only be accepted until 2:00 pm on January 19th. If payment is not received by 2:00 pm, your credit card will be charged. Cash payments must be received at our office located at 1426 N. Magnolia Avenue, El Cajon, CA 92020. 15% internet buyer's premium. 8% sales tax will be charged unless a California Resale # is provided before bidding (no exceptions) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKE DOWN/PACKAGING/SHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS AND COST. ALL ITEMS NEED TO BE REMOVED BY CHECK OUT DATES - NO REFUNDS ON ANY ITEMS LEFT AT SITE. - Buyers are expected to exercise due diligence before deciding whether or not to bid. We will provide as much information as is made available to us, but all auction items are sold on a 'where is - as is' basis. Absolutely NO CHARGEBACKS!
Deposit Requirements: The auction company requires a deposit of $100.00 to bid in this auction.
Currency Type: USD
Shipping Instructions: Buyer is responsible for all arrangements of packaging; shipping logistics and costs. NO REFUNDS ON ANY ITEMS (EVEN IF LEFT AFTER CHECK OUT DATES ) ALL ITEMS MUST BE REMOVED BY JANUARY 23RD, OR STORAGE FEES WILL BE CHARGED, $5 PER LOT/PER DAY.
Preview Date & Times: January 17th- Wednesday 10AM-4PM
Location: 1426 N. Magnolia Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020
Driving Directions: Please contact the auction company for driving directions.

Special Terms

YOU ARE RESPONSBILE FOR TAKE DOWN/PACKAGING/SHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS AND COST. ALL ITEMS NEED TO BE REMOVED BY CHECK OUT DATES - NO REFUNDS ON ANY ITEMS LEFT AT SITE. FISCHER AUCTION COMPANY INC. ('AUCTIONEER') MAKES NO GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, STATUTORY OR OTHERWISE, AS TO, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, CONFORMITY TO ANY SAFETY DESIGN OR POLLUTION STANDARD OR TO ANY OTHER STANDARD OR REQUIREMENT OF ANY APPLICABLE AUTHORITY, LAW OR REGULATIONS, FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND/OR MERCHANTABILITY OR PARTICULAR AGE, YEAR OF MANUFACTURE, MODEL, SERIAL OR OTHER NUMBERS, MAKE, CONDITION OR MILEAGE. EACH AND EVERY SALE SHALL BE MADE AND ACCEPTED AS IS, AND AT BUYER'S RISK. THE BUYER SHALL PAY ALL COSTS FOR ANY REPAIRS. DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU HAVE DETERMINED THE CONDITION OF THE LOT FROM YOUR OWN INSPECTION. ALL ITEMS ARE SOLD QUANTITY TIMES THE $$$ - 1. Any announcements by Auctioneer take precedence over any printed matter pertaining to this auction. 2. Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse registration to anyone and to reject the bid of anyone who has not registered and obtained a Bidder's number. Anyone bidding for an account other than his own must register to that effect, by registering Bidder warrants and represents that he is authorized to bid on behalf of the party represented. 3. Full settlement to be made day of sale. Buyer is not entitled to possession of any of his purchases until the total price of all his purchases has been fully paid in currently collectible funds. Auctioneer may determine that for any major lot, as determined solely by Auctioneer. 4. All lots shall be sold to the highest Bidder as determined by the Auctioneer, with no minimum, reservation, bid-in or buy-back. When the hammer falls and a bid is claimed by two or more Bidders, the Auctioneer shall reopen the bidding between those tied Bidders until there is only one high Bidder. The Auctioneer shall at his own discretion decide whether a 'late bid' is made before the hammer is struck down. All sales are final when the auctioneer declares the item sold. **Please note that Lot by Lot Bids are not valid until all Lots have been sold. ** EVERYTHING IS SOLD BY THE EACH (QUANTITY TIMES THE $$$ ) 5. All applicable sales, use, transfer or excise taxes shall be added to the purchase price of all taxable purchases unless the Buyer, files with the Auctioneer proof of exemption from all such taxes in a form satisfactory to Auctioneer and the applicable governing authority for the locale in which the auction is being held. Buyer shall reimburse Auctioneer for any sales tax not paid by Buyer which Auctioneer is compelled to pay. 6. No sale shall be invalidated and no liability shall be borne by the Auctioneer or Seller due to any defect, error or inaccuracy of description of the lot either in the listing catalog, in any advertising, marketing or other printed materials, or in any statement by Auctioneer or his agents, servants or employees. All such written material and statements are merely descriptive guides, and although they have been compiled from sources deemed reliable, neither Auctioneer nor Seller guarantees or warrants their accuracy. All purchases made by Bidder shall be based solely upon Bidder's personal inspection and/or opinion of the equipment, and Bidder hereby acknowledges that all items were available for inspection prior to the auction. 7. Buyer is responsible to insure purchases immediately and to remove all purchases from the auction site after the sale in accordance with the procedures announced or posted at the sale. Buyer is responsible to repair and restore any damage to real property or permanent improvements caused by removal of the goods purchased. Buyer shall bear all costs, responsibilities and risk of such removal, including performance by hired truckers. Auctioneer reserves the right to require proof of adequate insurance coverage from any Buyer of lots requiring dismantling, rigging or hot cutting. Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Auctioneer from and against any damage to property or injury to person or loss of life occasioned, directly or indirectly, by the acts of the Buyer and/or Buyer's representatives, agent or employees in connection with the dismantling or removal of any lot. In the event a Buyer fails to remove any lot within the time specified, such lot, at the discretion of the Auctioneer and without notice, may be deemed to have been abandoned to the Auctioneer, and the Auctioneer, at his sole discretion shall have the right to resell such lot as provided in paragraph 8 or to remove and store said lot at Buyer's sole risk and expense. Buyer shall be liable for any rent incurred or damages sustained by Auctioneer due to Buyer's failure to remove any lot when due. No lots may be removed until the end of the auction. 8. Auctioneer reserves the right to resell any items on the sale date in accordance with paragraph 3 above and/or any property deemed abandoned to Auctioneer as described in paragraph 7 above. Such items may be resold without notice to Buyer, and Buyer shall be responsible to Auctioneer and Seller for all expenses of any nature whatsoever relating to such resale and collection and for any damages of any nature whatsoever to Auctioneer and/or Seller resulting from such resale. Such expenses and damages shall include, but shall not be limited to, commission of 13% and any deficiency arising between the amount of the initial sales price and the net amount brought upon such resale. Auctioneer may, at its sole option, elect to retain all monies deposited in part payment as liquidated damages and otherwise cancel Buyer's contract of purchase. 9. Auctioneer may, at any time and at his sole discretion and without notice or liability to Bidder, withdraw or cancel the sale of any lot, or offer any lots in groups or with special terms. Auctioneer reserves the right to accept or reject any bid which is merely a fractional advance over the preceding bid. 10. All necessary documents of sale if available will be delivered to the Buyer upon payment in full of the purchase price in currently collectible funds. In the case of payment by check, any titles, bills of sale and other documents of sale will be mailed to Buyer within 20 business days of satisfactory collection of such funds. Acceptability of titles and documents of sale are subject to the making available of same to Auctioneer by Seller. Title and documents of sale provided will be prepared to be effective only in the state in which the auction is being conducted. In the event Auctioneer, for any reason whatsoever, is unable to make available, to effect delivery, or to obtain the necessary documentation required to obtain clear title to such item, whether before or after delivery of any item, or in the event Buyer is unable to obtain possession of any item purchased within 20 days of the auction. Auctioneer's sole liability, if any, shall be the return of any monies paid on such items upon return of the item in question. Any item which shall have been delivered, shall be returned or surrendered to Auctioneer if, within Auctioneer's sole discretion, Auctioneer shall make such demand for return. Auctioneer assumes no liability for any registration fees, title transfer fees or penalties resulting from title paperwork. 11. Bidder acknowledges that an auction site can be a potentially dangerous place and immediately upon registration, if not before, shall so notify his agents, servants, employees and others accompanying him. The auction site shall include any location where a lot is located for display and/or removal, as well as where the actual bid calling is conducted. Bidder agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Seller and Auctioneer and their respective officers, employees, servants and representatives from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, injuries, liabilities, costs and expenses of whatsoever kind or nature (including attorney's fees and costs) for any injury or death to any person or persons whomever or for damage to or loss or destruction of property occurring in, upon or about the auction site when such loss, damage or injury is occasioned, directly or indirectly, by the actions or omissions of the Bidder, his agents, servants or employees. 12. The Buyer is solely responsible to inspect all equipment to insure it is in a condition where it can be safely used, to provide proper safety devices and equipment or means to meet all governmental safety standards, and to notify all persons operating the equipment as to all attendant dangers. The Buyer hereby assumes these responsibilities and agrees to indemnify and hold the Auctioneer and Seller harmless from any future claim pertaining to (1) fitness or use of that asset as purchased; (2) provision of proper safety devices or equipment; (3) notification and warning of Buyer and its representatives, agents, employees, any other users or subsequent Buyers, as to the dangers and risks attending operation of the equipment; and (4) the condition of the equipment. 13. The terms of sale and rules of the auction shall be governed by and interpreted pursuant to and under the laws of the state of California. Auctioneer and bidders/buyers agree and consent that this agreement shall be performable in San Diego County, California and that jurisdiction and venue of any lawsuit arising in any way from the auction or events occurring at the auction site shall be conferred upon the courts of San Diego County, California. 14. It is anticipated that items will be sold at this auction belonging to owners not disclosed.

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New Ridgid Stealth-Black 18V Brushless Combo Kit (Limited Edition)

Ridgid 18V Gen5X Brushless Power Tool Combo Kit

Over at my local Home Depot, there’s a small tower of new “Limited Edition” Ridgid 18V Gen5X brushless cordless power tool combo kits.

At the time I first saw them, I didn’t realize what was so special about this new promo bundle. It was when Ridgid posted an image on one of their social media accounts that the allure became clear to me.

Update: This kit will be $299 for Black Friday.

Ridgid power tools are normally very orange, or orange and grey. The tools in this new combo kit are mostly black and grey, with very small orange accents.

As far as I can tell, the tools in this kit are “limited edition” by way of sporting a completely different color scheme.

Ridgid 18V Gen5X Brushless Power Tool Combo Kit Color Scheme

Here’s a quick side by side image of the limited edition brushless impact driver, and Ridgid’s regular brushless impact driver. The differences are quite obvious.

What do you think – should this be Ridgid’s new color scheme, or would it be better for them to stick to orange and grey?

The kit comes with:

  • Hammer drill R86116
  • 3-speed impact driver R86037
  • Angle grinder (4-1/2″) R86041
  • Circular saw (7-1/4″) R8653
  • (2) 4.0Ah battery packs (R840087)
  • Charger (R840095)
  • Carrying bag

Here’s a snapshot of the specs, based on details for the like-SKUed orange and grey version tools. The regular model R86116 hammer drill features 700 in-lbs max torque delivery, carbide chuck jaws, and 100 setting micro clutch. The R86037 impact features 2250 in-lbs of max torque, 3 speed and torque settings, and “tri-beam” LED worklight. There’s only one version each of the angle grinder and circular saw, sized for 4-1/2″ wheels and 7-1/4″ blades, respectively.

The combo price of $399 is good, but it’s uncertain if this is the final sale price.

The regular version of these tools are priced at $119 for the bare tools ($139 for the circular saw), or $199 for a 2-battery kit. So based on that, the approximate retail cost of buying all the components in this combo kit would be around $559 ($199 + ($119 x3 )).

There’s a “brushless automotive kit” special buy, that comes with an impact driver, impact wrench, and angle grinder, for $299. There’s also a brushless hammer drill with impact driver combo, for $279.

Ridgid prices their combo kits very aggressively. $399 seems to be a good price, and the data suggests that this is as good a price as we’ll see. But I’m not 100% confident that this is the lowest price we’ll see. My certainty is at maybe 95%.

It’s good then, that Home Depot has a 90-day return policy and low price guarantee. I think I was once told that they can do price adjustments for 30 days.

Price: $399

Buy Now(via Home Depot)

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Sours: https://toolguyd.com/ridgid-18v-brushless-combo-kit-limited-edition-black-color-scheme-h2017/
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  • 1/2" Hammer Drill
  • 7-1/4" Circular Saw
  • 1/4" Impact Driver
  • Reciprocating Saw
  • LED Flashlight


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