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Capcom added two new variants of some of the hardest monsters in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne with their third free major update, Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang. Here we’re going to discuss how to beat Raging Brachydios.

Raging Brachydios is a bigger and meaner variant of Brachydios. While some of the strategies from fighting regular Brachydios will carry over, Raging Brachydios brings a whole new energy to the fight. Here’s everything you need to know.

Before You Fight

To unlock the Special Assignment quest where you fight Raging Brachydios, you need to have finished the Recon Assignment you get from the Tracker after finishing the final story quest for Iceborne. You’ll find the Tracker along with some other NPCs in front of the bulletin board in the middle of Seliana. She’ll have a purple exclamation point over her head. Talk to her to access the Special Assignment quests for both Furious Rajang and Raging Brachydios.

Raging Brachydios is weakest to the ice element with water being a secondary weakness. It’s also moderately weak to each of the five status effects except for blast (which it is only somewhat weak to).

Make sure you have all the staple Armor Skills when crafting your preferred build, such as Weakness Exploit, Handicraft, Critical Boost, Critical Eye, Attack Boost, etc. Any Armor Skills that enhance dodge rolls is a good choice for melee players wanting to stay away from Raging Brachydios’ slime. Blast Resistance is definitely an option to avoid the annoying Blastblight status effect entirely, but since you can get rid of it by dodge rolling I’d save the slots for other things such as Critical Eye or even Health Boost and instead take along a Fireproof Mantle which negates Blastblight when you wear it.

My preferred weapon when fighting Raging Brachydios is Knightly Ectis, the level 12 lance you get from Velkhana parts. Lances are ideal for their defensive capabilities and their ability to hit weak points high up off the ground. Of all the ice-based lances, Knightly Ectis does the most damage to monsters weak to ice according to JinJinx and Tuna. With high base damage and access to purple sharpness, it won’t let you down. You can augment it even further for affinity or health regen, though it isn’t a requirement for Raging Brachydios.

My build includes three armor pieces from Teostra for the fire resistance and the Master’s Touch skill, which prevents sharpness loss when making critical hits. This Armor Skill is perfect for sharpness heavy weapons like the lance. Plus the arms in this set have Heat Guard which prevents the health-draining effect of the Volcanic Region of The Guiding Lands, where you and your party will end up eventually.

How to Beat Raging Brachydios


Raging Brachydios drops slime on the ground just like its regular counterpart that can inflict Blastblight when touched and can explode. While normal Brachydios’ slime takes a while to explode, Raging Brachydios’ slime explodes almost immediately. So make sure you don’t stand on top of the slime, especially when it turns red because an attack from Raging Brachydios or you can make it explode.

It’s weak points are on the head, arms and tail. However, don’t attack them when they turn red because if you do they’ll explode and deal damage. If you don’t want to wait for the parts to cool off, then you can either have a fellow hunter with a ranged weapon or glaive set them off with attacks or you can attack them with water element weapons which don’t trigger the blast, according to users on the Monster Hunter Subreddit.

When you’re not going for breaking its weak points, go for the legs. As with most monsters, Raging Brachydios is more dangerous when attacked head on so attacking the legs from the side is a safe option. The legs aren’t weak spots, though, so make sure you soften them up with a Clutch Claw attack.

If you continuously use traps during the fight, then Raging Brachydios will have less opportunities to lay down its slime.

Despite Raging Brachydios’ huge size, it’s quite mobile. According to GameWith, it can swing its arms while dodging to the side and pounce from a distance. The pounce is telegraphed by the monster knocking its legs together, according to the publication.

According to one user on the Subreddit, many of the monster’s attacks leave it in place for a short while, allowing you to get quick attacks in. They advise not to start up a huge, slow attack during this break, though, as it’ll probably move out of the way and attack you as you’re charging or pulling off the move.

One of Raging Brachydios’ most devastating attacks is when it sticks its head in the ground and shoots a line of explosions. If enraged, it might backstep and do another one, according to another user on the Subreddit.

Once Raging Brachydios’ HP gets down to a certain threshold toward the end of the hunt, it will head to area 15 on the map and cause rocks to fall down to block the exits. You can’t even use Farcasters to escape or even traps, according to GameWith. If you faint, you can reenter the fight by using a Raider Ride to cross over the rocks. Raging Brachydios will cover most of the area in slime which, instead of inflicting Blastblight, will deal damage over time as you step on it. If Raging Brachydios roars, then all of the slime will detonate. Make sure to avoid it at all costs. You can actually use this to your advantage if you have a light bowgun by placing mines (or just barrels for any other weapon user) where the monster is before it roars, dealing huge damage.

Raging Brachydios Rewards

The armor set for Raging Brachydios will grant Agitator Secret with two pieces equipped and Artillery Secret with four pieces, raising the maximum level for the Agitator and Artillery skills respectively.

Not only do you get a huge amount of defense with this set, but a ton of armor slots and access to useful skills like Weakness Exploit and Agitator. In fact, with the beta chest, arms and waist, you can raise the Agitator skill to maximum.

Plus each of the weapons give the Safi Jiva weapons with blast a run for their money. They also look a lot cooler than the standard Brachydios weapons. You can also craft a level 12 weapon right out of the box without upgrading a weapon a million times.

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Learn how to beat Raging Brachydios in the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World (MHW)! This guide explains everything about Raging Brachydios's weakness, carves, rewards, and a complete strategy guide for beating and capturing it. Find out what parts are breakable and severable, and what drops and Monster materials are available.

Monster Hunter World Raging Brachydios
Breakable Parts
Head, Forelegs, Tail (Severable)
MapStarting AreaVisited AreasRest Spot
Guiding Lands ImageGuiding Lands23/14/15-

*The starting location may change depending on the Quest.

No body part information is currently known for this Monster. Check back for more details as we continue to investigate!


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Recommended Weapon Element
Ice WeaponRaging Brachydios is weakest against ice.
Recommended Armor Skills
Evade ExtenderRaging Brachydios's attacks have a wide range and a long activation time. Repositioning and getting yourself out of harm's way completely will be useful against Raging Brachydios.
GuardInstead of Evade Extender, Guard will be more useful to have as a shield user.
Stun ResistanceRaging Brachydios can hit you a lot, especially when you are not used to him. Get Stun Resistance to Lvl 3, just in case.
PartbreakerRaging Brachydios takes a long time to recover whenever you break a body part. He also builds explosive slime on his body parts when enraged—except for when the body part is broken.
Blast ResistanceBlastscourge can be a little harder to remove than the normal Blastblight, so having Blast Resistance to prevent it altogether can be useful. It should be noted that you may still have to deal with Fireblight.
Health BoostHaving more health is always a good thing!
EarplugsRaging Brachydios has a big roar, so it will be helpful to have Earplugs at Lvl 5. Plus, in the final phase, he can activate all the explosive slime on the ground with his roar, making you highly susceptible to getting damaged since you cannot move.
GutsGuts can save you from the explosion attack in the final area. Take note that this can also be replaced by Felyne Moxie, so no need to bring this skill if you have that food skill activated.
Clutch Claw BoostIf you have a light weapon that cannot tenderize in one go, it will be helpful to have this, especially if you want to go for breaking Raging Brachydios's body parts.

How to Beat - Raging Brachydios 3.png
Raging Brachydios will now slam his tail on to the ground dealing massive damage. This new move has been added for the Raging Brachydios to prevent hunters who are poking him from behind making the fight more difficult.

How to Beat - Raging Brachydios 4.gif
As the fight goes on, slimes will start to appear around Raging Brachydios making him more dangerous. These slimes will start to appear when Raging Brachydios is agitated. Try to break the head, arms, or tail before reaching this state and remove the slimes to prevent the explosions.

How to Beat - Raging Brachydios 5.png
During some of the attacks of the Raging Brachydios, slime will drip off of his arms, head, and tail which will explode after a few seconds. This makes the fight more difficult especially if you are using a melee weapon. They can also deal massive damage so try to avoid them as much as possible.

You can try to use Watermoss to remove these slimes from the Raging Brachydios. If you do not have any Watermoss available, you can try attacking the body part directly using your main weapon.

How to Beat - Raging Brachydios 6.png
Raging Brachydios takes a long time to recover when you break a body part. Try to equip the skill Partbreaker when before fighting him head-on.

How to Beat - Raging Brachydios 1.png
When you reach the final phase of your hunt, Raging Brachydios will start to attack the rocks near the entrance of Area 15 to trap you inside if you ever come in.

Upon reaching this point, your recovery items and your ammo will be low on supply. Be sure to return to camp first and replenish your items and gears before heading on to Area 15.

How to Beat - Raging Brachydios 2.png
During the final phase, the slimes will explode only when the Raging Brachydios uses his roar. These explosions will be impossible for you to dodge unless if you are wearing Earplugs to negate the roar's disable. The damage from the explosion can take about 80% of your max health, be sure to maintain high health during the whole fight.

As mentioned above, once you reach the final phase of the fight, you won't be able to escape the area until you defeat the Raging Brachydios. It is suggested that your party will bring multiple Dust of Life to support each other during the fight.

During the last phase of the fight, the slimes on the ground can deal damage over time if stepped on. Heat Guard will not be able to prevent you from taking damage on this. However, you are desperate, you can try using the Fireproof Mantle to reduce the damage you take from the heat. Minding your positioning can also help you during this fight, try not to step on any of the slime to prevent damage.

Since you won't be able to leave the area, you and your party can use a Health Booster for additional sustain during the fight.

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Raging Brachydios is a Large Monster in Monster Hunter World (MHW). 猛り爆ぜるブラキディオス in Japanese. It is a variant of Brachydios.

  • Kinsect Extracts:
    • Red: Head/Arms/Tip of tail.
    • Orange: Torso/Body.
    • White: Hindlegs.
  • Normal mode: Permanently covered in Yellow Slime that explodes faster then the regular green slime. The slime on its hands, head and tail will over time switch to red, the so called "Flashpoint Slime" Once Red, its attacks will trigger explosions pretty much instantly. The Flashpoint Slime can be washed off by hitting it with melee attacks, water element attacks or watermoss. However, watch your step, as this will cause the slime to fall off and detonate.

  • Enraged mode: Indicated by a short Pause and a Roar. All Areas of its body immediately switch to Flashpoint Slime. Glows stronger and coats area with slime, areas of the body will glow red including arms, head, shoulders, back , and the end of its tail. This is also a warning sign that its attacks will cause explosions on impact. Hitting slime lodged on its body with Watermoss or Slinger Bombs can dislodge them.  Watch out as this will leave an explosive Slime Puddle underneath the part, that explodes after roughly 2 Seconds

  • Recommended Skills:Blast Resistance, Health Boost,  Earplugs, Tool Maintenance, Ice Attack, Evade Distance, Evade Window

  • Best Specialized Tools:Fireproof Mantle (if the player does not have level 3 Antiblast), Temporal Mantle, Evasion Mantle.

  • Best Items: Health items including Max Potions, Lifepowders, and Dust of Life to heal you and your teammates, Cool Drink to prevent heat damage from the volcanic area and reduce the heat damage caused by the heated slime secreted by the monster during its final battle phase. Traps for DPS opportunities, Flash Pods for creating windows to heal/sharpen/retreat.
  • It's recommended to use weapons that deal mhw-ice-damage_s Ice Damage as it's the monsters greatest elemental weakness.

  • Sticky Ammo 3 is very effective against it especially if playing in a team. The sticky ammo will knock down the monster and stun it allowing teammates to safely attack.

  • Flash Pods are very useful to create an opening for healing, or stopping an incoming attack. However, be warned as with all master rank monsters they gain  resistance to being flashed. The resistance will go away after a while.

  • Once Raging Brachydios retreats to the Nest Area of the Volcanic Region, head back to camp to stock up on Ammo and Potions. Once the first player enters the Area, Raging Brachydios will perform a flashy move, that blocks the exits of the Area, preventing any escape (even by Farcaster). Traps are also disabled, including the Palico Thundertrap (yes, they patched it). The Area can still be entered through its southern entrance.

  • Raging Brachydios' mechanics completely change in this phase. Instead of just punching you, Raging Brachydios is mostly focused on spreading its completely released Flashpoint slime all over the Area. The slime deals much more damage on contact in this phase. Once a lot of slime is spread, the Raging Brachydios will roar (indicated by a camera Zoom-Out) detonating every puddle of slime in the room. The explosion is so violent it even damages the Raging Brachydios (84 Damage), which can be used to slay it for a good laugh.

  • As stated above, this monster is currently uncapturable and must be slain in order to complete the quest ....And My Rage for All, which is the only quest where it can be fought or encountered; there are no Raging Brachydios Investigations (though they have been announced to come with a future update).

  • It is best to make good use of the Clutch Claw and knock down the monster as often as possible

  • Due to the fact that Raging Brachydios is much larger than a regular Brachydios it becomes more of a threat, as its large size allows it to hit players much more easier due to its larger hit boxes.

  • Raging Brachydios has a similar move set to a regular Brachydios. However, it both has a more potent set of attacks and a few moves unique to the variant.

  • Specific Combat Tips

    • Unless you want to heal or retreat to get more Supplies, DON'T BACK UP. Raging Brachydios has three extremely long range attacks with large hitboxes and huge damage. Staying close to it and chipping away at its legs and fists is much safer. Unless you use ranged weapons, of course.

    • Don't dodge away from Raging Brachydios, dodge into it. Raging Brachydios moves forward with most attacks, so dodging through them is much safer than dodging away from them.

    • Raging Brachydios might be terrifying on the offense, but it doesn't have much health. Using a Pitfall Trap of Shock Trap early on will allow you to deal a large amount of damage, dramatically speeding up the fight. Raging Brachydios cannot be captured anyway, so using traps as a damaging tool is a good idea, though their effectiveness is greatly reduced after the third one.

  • Areas and their Advantages

    • Area 2 (Start)

      • This is where every Raging Brachydios hunt begins. It's not that great. Use the Scatternuts to execute the slinger burst, watch out for Raging Brachydios' punches and move on as fast as possible.

    • Area 3

      • It's rare that Raging Brachydios even stops here, it usually moves on to the next area if you deal enough damage early on. Use the massive Slide in the north of this Area to get some easy mounts and move on to the next area.

    • Area 5 (Middle Part)

      • You will be here quite some time if your damage isn't great. The Ledges are good for mounting or Dual Blades, as is the narrow slide you enter this area through. There are also several Poisoncups for poisoning and a paratoad, nitrotoads, and a sleeptoad; use all of this and beat up Raging Brachydios until it retreats to the Volcanic region.

    • Area 14 (End Phase)

      • Welcome to Hell! Don't forget your Cool Drink. This is where a large part of the fight is spent. Which is bad because there's no cover, lava everywhere and only one environmental aid in form of the volcano. Use the ledge in the room for mounts and lure Raging Brachydios to the active Volcano (you can tell it's activating by the floor shaking). Stand your ground and bully Raging Brachydios to its nest.

    • Area 15 (Last Stand)

      • If you managed to get this far, good work. The hardest part is behind you. Stock up on items before you enter though, just to be safe. Use the slope to maneuver around Raging Brachydios and the Flashpoint Slime, Avoid the Slimeprints as much as possible and enjoy the fireworks.

  • Armor and Weapons related to the Raging Brachydios Monster. These are unconfirmed and pre-release information for now!




    Notes & Trivia

    • It is known as the "Crushing Wyvern".



    Raging Brachydios render. 

    Raging Brachydios icon. 





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    How to CAPTURE Raging Brachydios and fail the Quest - MHW: Iceborne


    Raging Brachydios - Weakness & Tips

    Check this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to beat Raging Brachydios! Its attacks and moves, weakness, materials, best loadout, weapons, armor, hunting tips, & more!!

    Raging Brachydios - Monster Info

    Raging Brachydios - Weapon / Armor Info

    New Variant Monsters

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    Raging Brachydios - How to Unlock

    Unlocking Tundra in Guiding Lands Required

    The Raging Brachydios will be first available to fight in a special assignment " ...And My Rage for All" quest. Talk to the Field Master in Seliana to unlock this quest.

    Free Quest Available After Completion

    After successfully completing the special assignment, you will then be able to hunt them freely in a Free Quest. Note that tempered or Guiding Lands variant has not been found as of yet, which will most likely be implemented in the future.

    Raging Brachydios - Tips & Tricks

    Raging Brachydios Overview

    Raging Brachydios Overview

    Another variant to hit Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Raging Brachydios brings its explosiveness into the New World. It's more aggressive and has faster, deadlier explosions than its regular counterpart.

    Check Out the Brachydios Monster Guide Here

    Roams Volcanic Region Of Guiding Lands

    The Raging Brachydios can be found around the Guiding Lands, specifically in the Volcanic Region during a quest. Note that it currently cannot spawn outside of it's quest.

    Preparing For Raging Brachydios

    Bring Fireproof Mantle

    Raging Brach also deals a lot of Blastblight and Blast-induced explosions that can easily tear away at your HP. Bring your Fireproof Mantle to help negate the effects of Blastblight.

    Use Ice Weapons To Hunt

    If the Raging Brachydios has the same weakness from older games, Ice-based weapons will be your best bet to do the most amount of damage.

    Bring Recovery Items

    The Raging Brach is definitely more powerful than its regular counterpart & that one already packs a punch, Make sure to bring a lot of Mega Potions & Max Potions to keep your health up in the hunt.

    Stun Resistance Recommended

    Raging Brachydios' attacks have a high stun yield, & will often put you in a stunned state. Having a Stun Resistance as part of your gear will stop you from getting stun locked to the cart.

    Melees Avoid Hitting Reddened Parts

    Avoid Hitting Reddened Parts

    When the Raging Brachydios has reddened parts in its body, these will explode when hit. Make sure to avoid them to keep safe from damage.

    Slime Explodes Almost Instantly

    Slime Explodes Almost Instantly

    When the monster drops slime on the ground, it won't have an elongated countdown like the normal Brachydios. Avoid getting onto the monster's slime at all cost as these explode almost immediately!

    Tail Can Deal Massive Explosions

    Tail Can Deal Massive Explosions

    Unlike the normal Brachydios, the Raging Brachydios' tail is very dangerous. It can cause explosions when it hits you, making it hard to find a safe spot around its body to do damage.

    Hunters Will Be Trapped During Final Showdown

    Hunters Will Be Trapped During Final Showdown

    When the Raging Brachydios' HP lowers, it will fall back into Area 15 on the map. Once you arrive, it will collapse the entrance, trapping you inside. You will not be able to use Farcaster or Traps. Be sure to return to the camp to stock up on items prior to entering this area!

    Slime Behaves Differently During Showdown

    During the final showdown, the slimes will behave differently than before, it will not put blastblight upon contact, but will deal heavy DoT while on it which cannot be nullified. The slimes will continue to persist after time, but will be remotely detonated by Brachydios' roar.

    Raging Brachydios - Weakness & Traits

    The Raging Brachydios has 3 weak spots: It's Head, Front Legs, and Tail. Target these areas to get the maximum damage per hit.

    Effective Damage Type Per Weak Spot

    Part Severe Blunt Ammo
    Front Legs★★★★★・★★・

    Elemental Affinity Reference Chart


    Status Effect Resistance Chart


    Raging Brachydios - Recommended Loadout

    Recommended Elemental Weapons

    Ice weapons will be most effective against the Raging Brachydios
    Water-elemental weapons can also be used against the Raging Brachydios

    Recommended Skills

    SkillRecommendation Criteria
    Blast ResistanceReduces chance of getting Blastblight
    Health BoostIncreases HP & survivability significantly
    Tremor ResistanceLessens staggering caused by ground tremors
    EarplugsLessens staggering caused by monster roars
    Tool MaintenanceLessens cooldown of Specialized Tools
    Ice AttackIncreases Ice Attack power of weapon
    Evade DistanceIncreases evade distance to help avoid slime
    Evade WindowIncreases invulnerability window when dodging monster attacks
    Stun ResistancePrevents stun when getting hit by Brach's attack multiple times

    Best Specialized Tools

    ToolRecommendation Criterial
    Fireproof MantleFireproof MantleReduces heat damage caused by environment. Negates Fireblight and Blastblight
    Temporal MantleTemporal MantleRecommended to bring this mantle as it can allow you to avoid potentially deadly attacks
    Evasion MantleEvasion MantleIncreases the invulnerability window while evading and grants a temporary attack boost for evading a monster attack at the very last moment

    Raging Brachydios - Moves & Counters

    Arm Slime AttackPlants slime on the ground with its arms that explodes after a set amount of time. May stick to the hunter, requiring 5 rolls to remove
    Headbutt Slime AttackSlams head and arms onto the floor, causing immediate explosion when enraged.
    Tail Slam AttackSlams tail on the ground, causing explosions. Dodge to the side to avoid getting hit
    Step-in HookBrachydios quickly steps in and swings a hook, while dodging to the side
    Pounce Brachydios pounces on you from a distance. Attack is telegraphed by it knocking its front legs together
    Straight ExplosionBrachydios sticks its head into the ground, unleashing a line of ground explosion

    Raging Brachydios Weapons & Armor

    Click Here For All Raging Brachydios Weapons & Armors

    Raging Brachydios Weapons List

    WeaponMaterials Needed
    Lightbreak Blade
    (Great Sword)
    - Brach Obliterator x 3
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Indestructible Ebonshell x 4
    - Immortal Reactor x 1
    Lightbreak Edge
    (Long Sword)
    - Brach Obliterator x 3
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Indestructible Ebonshell x 4
    - Immortal Reactor x 1
    Lightbreak Sword
    (Sword & Shield)
    - Brach Obliterator x 3
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Indestructible Ebonshell x 4
    - Immortal Reactor x 1
    Lightbreak Twins
    (Dual Blade)
    - Brach Obliterator x 3
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Indestructible Ebonshell x 4
    - Immortal Reactor x 1
    Lightbreak Hammer
    - Brach Obliterator x 3
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Indestructible Ebonshell x 4
    - Immortal Reactor x 1
    Lightbreak Timbre
    (Hunting Horn)
    - Brach Obliterator x 3
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Indestructible Ebonshell x 4
    - Immortal Reactor x 1
    Lightbreak Lance
    - Brach Obliterator x 3
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Indestructible Ebonshell x 4
    - Immortal Reactor x 1
    Lightbreak Gunlance
    - Brach Obliterator x 3
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Indestructible Ebonshell x 4
    - Immortal Reactor x 1
    Lightbreak Axe
    (Switch Axe)
    - Brach Obliterator x 3
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Indestructible Ebonshell x 4
    - Immortal Reactor x 1
    Lightbreak Charge Blade
    (Charge Blade)
    - Brach Obliterator x 3
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Indestructible Ebonshell x 4
    - Immortal Reactor x 1
    Lightbreak Press
    (Insect Glaive)
    - Brach Obliterator x 3
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Indestructible Ebonshell x 4
    - Immortal Reactor x 1
    Lightbreak Gun
    (Light Bow Gun)
    - Brach Obliterator x 3
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Indestructible Ebonshell x 4
    - Immortal Reactor x 1
    Lightbreak Cannon
    (Heavy Bow Gun)
    - Brach Obliterator x 3
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Indestructible Ebonshell x 4
    - Immortal Reactor x 1
    Lightbreak Bow
    - Brach Obliterator x 3
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Indestructible Ebonshell x 4
    - Immortal Reactor x 1

    Master Rank Raging Brachydios α + & β + Armor Set

    ArmorMaterials Needed
    Brachydium Held α + & β +- Indestructible Ebonshell x 2
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Brach Obliterator x 2
    - Large Elder Dragon Gem x 1
    Brachydium Mail α + & β +- Indestructible Ebonshell x 2
    - Brach Warhead x 1
    - Flashpoint Slime x 3
    - Brachydios Pallium x 1
    Brachydium Braces α + & β +- Indestructible Ebonshell x 2
    Brach Obliterator x 2
    - Flashpoint Slime x 3
    - Shala Ishvalda Gem x 1
    Brachydium Faulds α + & β +- Indestructible Ebonshell x 2
    Brach Obliterator x 1
    - Brachydios Lash x 1
    - Bazelgeuse Mantle x 1
    Brachydium Lunegreaves α + & β +- Indestructible Ebonshell x 2
    - Brach Warhead x 2
    - Flashpoint Slime x 3
    - Immortal Reactor x 1

    Raging Brachydios - Breakable Parts & Material Drops List

    Breakable Parts & Body Carves List

    Break HeadBrach Warhead
    Immortal Reactor
    Break LegsBrach Obliterator
    Flashpoint Slime
    Body CarveIndestructible Ebonshell
    Flashpoint Slime
    Brach Obliterator
    Brach Warhead
    Immortal Reactor
    Tail CarveBrachydios Lash
    Indestructible Ebonshell
    Immortal Reactor
    Shiny DropsFlashpoint Slime

    Quest & Capture Rewards List

    Complete QuestIndestructible Ebonshell
    Flashpoint Slime
    Brachydios Lash
    Brach Obliterator
    Brachydios Pallium
    Immortal Reactor
    CaptureIndestructible Ebonshell
    Flashpoint Slime
    Brach Obliterator
    Brach Warhead
    Immortal Reactor
    Dragonvein Solidbone

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    Quest raging brachydios

    This guy is annoying to fight but I must have that armor and that gunlance...and maybe light bowgun. Is it getting your volcanic region to rank 6? I can't find anything on this.

    Optional quest is the only way to re-fight it unfortunately.

    Aegis24 (Topic Creator)1 year ago#3

    tekato posted...

    Optional quest is the only way to re-fight it unfortunately.
    how do we get optional quests for him? or do you mean investigations?

    Aegis24 posted...
    how do we get optional quests for him? or do you mean investigations?
    Check your optionals.
    They're listed as already completed 'cuz f*** it and f*** you, says Capcom.

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    I'm just a scrublord. I prefer casual games.

    Yeah I thought the same thing when my friends said it unlocked for them and I didn't see it in my optionals either. But yeah, they're definitely there as the last two on the bottom as Completed.

    Aegis24 (Topic Creator)1 year ago#6

    well damn i missed that lol

    Furious Rajang is the same, fyi


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    It was so good. that in the physical, that in the moral sense. and I could not come to my senses.

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