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Your Wacom product comes with a Limited Warranty. That means Wacom will determine whether your product needs to be repaired or if we need to replace the defective product or parts. We warranty repairs and replacements for the amount of time that's left on your original Limited Warranty or for 90 days, whichever period is longer.

For warranty support repairs, you'll need to follow the steps below:

1. Call Wacom Customer Support at 1-855-MY-WACOM (699-2266), Monday-Friday, 6 am to 6 pm PST. Our team will help diagnose the issue with your product and determine whether we can resolve the problem with our repair service.

2. If we find an issue we believe we can repair, we'll want you to send your product to us. We'll ask for a valid proof of purchase or Wacom order number, so plan on having that ready. Your Customer Support representative will provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and shipping instructions.

3. When you ship the product, make sure you include your name, address and telephone number. Please also write the RMA number clearly on the outside of the box.

4. Once we receive your product our service team will work to turn it around as quickly as possible. Expect to see a UPS tracking number, via email, once your product is on its way back to you.

For non-warranty repairs, please follow the same steps outlined about for warranty repairs. If you choose to proceed with the repair once we have diagnosed it, we will collect payment and provide you with an RMA number and shipping instructions.

Once we receive your product, we will repair it within 10 business days.

Sours: https://estore.wacom.com/en-US/repairs

Wacom Cintiq 24HD Repair

Wacom realeased the Cintiq 24HD (DTK-2400K) in September 2011. Its large size and the Wacom logo at the bottom of the screen identify the device. The Cintiq 24HD features a 24.1" screen, making it a medium size compared to similar Wacom devices. The Cintiq screen has 1920x1200 HD resolution and 92% Adobe RGB color gamut. The screen sits on an adjustable counterweighted stand. The backlight and the power connectors are known areas of failure of the Cintiq 24HD.

Wacom released two similar models: the Cintiq 24HD Touch, a model that adds touch screen functionality, and the Cintiq Pro 24HD, an updated model released in 2017. The Cintiq Pro 24HD does not have the ExpressKeys and Touch Strips on the right and left sides of the screen and features a different stand design.

Go to this page to access the Wacom Cintiq 24HD troubleshooting page.

Wacom Device Page

Wacom User Manual

Backlight Replacement Guide

Reviews and Specifications

Amazon Reviews

Sours: https://www.ifixit.com/Device/Wacom_Cintiq_24HD
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People are very, very unhappy with Wacom - here’s why

Wacom is one of the biggest names in drawing tablets, and we've been impressed by plenty of its products over the years. But the company appears to have found itself at the centre of a rather unfortunate Twitter storm lately, with users less than impressed (to put it mildly) by its customer service.

Things kicked off when one user revealed (below) that they've been blocked by Wacom on Twitter after calling them out for "falsely advertised warranties". And plenty of users have since piled on calling for a boycott of the brand. So what exactly is Wacom, the maker of some of our best drawing tablets, being accused of?

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In a thread, Twitter user @ompuco explains that Wacom refused to repair their Cintiq tablet, and that documentation on its website claiming a two year warranty is actually "inaccurate". Instead of a being given a free repair, @ompuco was quoted almost $400. This is because their device was a refurbished model which Wacom claims only comes with a one year warranty – information that @ompuco says was nowhere to be found online.

After much back-and-forth, Wacom eventually offered to repair it free of charge. But the debacle didn't end there – it was returned to the user with a "massive scratch" on the screen. And when @ompuco complained some more on Twitter, it seems Wacom hit the Block button. 

The drama has led many on Twitter to declare their allegiance to other such as Huion (hey, why not check out the best Huion drawing tablets?), while plenty of others are sharing their own displeasure with Wacom's customer service. 

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Indeed, the story seems to have stuck a chord with designers on Twitter. While Wacom is yet to comment on the controversy, the brand is no doubt aware of the conversation – 'Wacom' is trending with over 11k tweets right now, with plenty of users sharing their own stories of failed attempts to get their kit repaired under warranty.

Of course, we only know what @ompuco and various other users have shared on Twitter – Wacom could indeed have a valid explanation for the confusion over its warranties. All we'll say is that we can't imagine, say, Apple, blocking users who criticise its customer service on Twitter.

Right, well, now all of that has been explained, you're probably ready to get back to some good old relaxing, drama-free digital drawing. With that in mind, check out today's best drawing tablet deals below.

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Daniel Piper is senior news editor at Creative Bloq. He is an author, editor and national poetry slam champion, and his debut book of comedy short stories was published in 2018.

Sours: https://www.creativebloq.com/news/wacom-twitter-storm
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Wacom Intuos Pro Repair

For additional help on the Wacom Intuos Pro, check out the device’s Wacom Intuos Pro Troubleshooting.

The Wacom Intuos Pro Medium is a graphic design tablet that offers Bluetooth capability to your device, as well as a battery-less pen to use on the tablet. This tablet was released in 2017 and has not been discontinued. The Wacom Intuos Pro is available worldwide and is used by many graphic designers and artists. The Intuos Pro also allows easy graphic designing and easy carrying from place to place. The price for this device is $380, but can range based on the package you decide to buy and how many extra add-ons you decide to get.

This Intuos Pro boasts high reviews across the board, making it a great tool for artists. This is the medium size of the Wacom Intuos Pro device family and works well for graphic designers working on a medium to large scale, as well as those who are trying to break into the graphic design market. The Wacom Intuos Pro replaces the Wacom Intuos original model, which was not as advanced and did not offer as many features as the Pro model. The Pro is the newest model that has been put out, with software updates coming out since the device has been out. One problem the device seems to have is the touch capability occasionally stops working, meaning that the pen and device don’t always connect properly.

The Wacom Intuos Pro is a matte black tablet with buttons located on the top of the device. You can tell that it is an intuos pro PTH660 from the back of the device. It is often used by graphic designers and artists, whose work is done through a laptop or desktop computer. This is the medium size of this device, and offers a sleek design and light weight that allows the user to carry the device around easily. It boasts a long battery life, included pen for writing, and different nibs that allow you to switch the size and style of your writing. It uses a USB style charging cable that allows for quick and easy charging.

  • Product name: Intuos Pro Pen Tablet
  • Brand : Wacom
  • Model Number : PTH660
  • Color : Black
  • Color Category : Black

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty - Parts : 2 years
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty - Labor : 2 years

  • Product Width : 8.54 inches
  • Product Height : 13.8 inches
  • Product Weight : 1.54 pounds
  • Product Length : 0.31 inches

* Built-in Bluetooth connectivity/ wireless LAN

  • Lithium ion
  • 12-24 hr. life, depending on usage

  • Type C Charging cable, included

Teardown link from Boutiqe Retouching

FAQ’s By Aaron Rutten

Wacom’s official website

Sours: https://www.ifixit.com/Device/Wacom_Intuos_Pro

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How to disassemble a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet

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