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Universal Control Knob
Universal Control Knob

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  • Replaces knobs for D-shaped valve stems
  • 1.6" diameter
  • Universal design to fit most grills
  • Easy installation
  • Made from durable Nylon material

Additional Specifications


Valves and Valve Knobs... Keep 'Em Turnin' On!

Courtesy Appliance Factory Parts

Lubricate gas grill valve stems for smooth operationValve knobs

  • Valve knobs should depress, turn and pop up freely
  • If they are a bit sluggish, remove knobs and carefully spray a small amount of WD40, silicone spray or similar lubricant onto the valve stem area (Fig. 1).
  • Work knobs a few times to distribute the lubricant.
  • Valves that bind severely should be replaced.

Gas Grill Valves:

Spiders have a habit of spinning webs inside the gas jets (also called orifices) which will restrict gas flow. Debris in the lines may also clog these tiny holes. Here are some guidelines to maintain your valves.

  • Check hose connections to valvesCheck the hose connection at the valve for tightness (Fig 2.) This can be checked with a soapy solution if needed
  • Remove the hex head from the gas jets (orifices) with the appropriate size wrench, and make sure the hole is completely clean
  • Check the inner portion of the valve from where the gas jets (orifices) was removed.
  • Webs can be removed with a small piece of wire or toothpick (Fig. 3)
  • Reinstall the gas jets (orifices) and tighten.
  • If desired, test for leaks with soapy water.

Clean valve orfices with a metal wire

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Part#Description Price($)IllustrationK102342

Universal control knob to fit all BBQ Grill valves. Selectable D position ( D is control valve post), socket diameter, and shaft length (Shafts can also be trimmed to desired length). Includes six inserts (shafts) and set screw. Fits any barbeque grill accepting a knob with exterior diameter measurement 2.18 inches and larger.

If barbecue has a decorative bezel inside diameter should be greater than 2.1875� inch so knob diameter fits into bezel. Otherwise, remove bezel or use longer attachment, knob includes several sizes and lengths.

Knob Details


Free Shipping USA!! universal adjustable control knob023433

Universal adjustable control knobs (2)is plastic made to look like stanless steel. This gas barbecue grill control knob replacement ships with 2 different sized inserts to fit different sizes of valve stem. Many valve stems are shaped like the letter "D" and at "OFF" the flat of the D is in different places. With these adjustable knobs the setting of the "D" can be inserted into the control knob so it will fit properly on any barbecue grill control valve.


Free Shipping USA!! stainless looking adjustable universal control knob for bbq grill repair0025940

Pack of Two barbecue grill control knobs that look similar to the black control knobs used by Alfresco and Solaire infrared gas grills. Adjustable, removable install inserts can mount in any direction to any valve.

The insert to attach control knob to any BBQ valve stem can be inserted in back of the knob in any direction to fit all gas barbecue grill setting. Two inch diameter.


Free Shipping USA!! black adjustable universal control knob for bbq grill repairPF6120KKNew design for stainless steel Profire brand barbeque grill control knobs. Heavy metal control knobs have etched settings in the metal for easy, permanent use. This new control knob is the replacement for the older stainless steel knobs. There is a slight design change.$21.

Free Shipping USA!!replacement knob with new design for profire gas bbq grill repair00110universal control knob with extra long 1� shaft. Counter-clockwise bezel. Selectable off position (12, 3, 6, 9 o�clock).$8.

Free Shipping USA!! bbq grill repair replace knob44120

Replacement control knob fits much older Kenmore and Weber BBQ models.
Light grey control knob with long shaft.
D = 6. 1 5/8 inch diameter
2 1/8 inch total height.
control knob bottom extension stem is 1 1/4 inch.

Weber knob More info


Free Shipping USA!! replacement knob fits older model weber spirit
Weber knob info88134

Black replacement control knob made as a replacement for BroilMaster BBQ grill models by Empire out of Canada. D = 3.


Free Shipping USA!! bbq grill repair control knob replace broilmaster 8185B

Replacement control valve for many Charmglow gas barbecues a very long time ago. D = 12 -- this means with the OFF position straight up in a 12 o'clock position the D shape of the valve stem is facing 12 o'clock. This means the flat of the D is on the bottom and the round part of the D is pointing at 12.

Two Inch diameter knob. Bottom extends 5/8 inch from bottom edge.


Free Shipping USA!charmglow bbq grill control knob 81811B

This control knob is almost exactly the same as the control knob above. The diameter and stem extension and knob markings are all identical to one another. The difference between these control knobs is that the valve stem sliding into this knob witll have the D shape pointing to 6 o'clock when OFF is at 12 o'clock on the knob face.


Free Shipping USA!charmglow bbq grill control knob88310

The shiny silver ring on this knob is Not Attached but is tape so You Will Attach this by sticking the ring to the knob. This ensures the OFF and HIGH, LOW, etc is in the proper position regardless of which control valve you have. The control knob has a Two Inch diameter across. The base that connects to the valve stem sticks out 5/8 of an inch.


Free Shipping USA!charmglow barbecue grill control knob 445008

Replacement black plastic adjustable round control knob. Selectable off position can be altered by reinsyalling the back plug position.


Free Shipping USA!! replacement knob fits falcon bbq grill valve887004control knob for single control twin burner models. Selectable off position.$7

Free Shipping USA!! 417088

Fire Magic, Centro, Charbroil, Great Outdoors replacement control knob. D = 6.


Free Shipping USA!! new replace control knob firemagic gas barbeque grill441808

universal knob with no shaft.
Counter-clockwise bezel.
Selectable off position (12, 3, 6, 9 o�clock). Made for very old CharmGlow Gas Broiler in 1960's and beyond!


Free Shipping USA!! 01810MHP, PGS control knob. D = 6.$6.95

Free Shipping USA!! 423048Brinkmann, Charmglow Home Depot control knob, D = 12, for 8mm shaft$10

Free Shipping USA!! replacement control knob for home depot brinkmann bbq grill80246

Original Sunbeam design control knob. Replaces Sunbeam part number 40-2466. Valve stem insert D shape opening equals 9.


Free Shipping USA!! sunbeam replacement control knob like original402504

Brinkmann control knob, D = 12, 8mm shaft for a Very Tight Fit installed.


Free Shipping USA!! lqarge black control knob replaceemnt for some sunbeam and brinkman bbq grill models432038OEM style Ducane BBQ Grill control knob. D = 12.$8.

Free Shipping USA!! replacement control knob for old ducane bbq grills manufactured by ducane8343088

Replacement control knob fits several model of Kenmore gas barbecue grill. D = 6. Total height 1 13/16 inches and 2 1/4 inches diameter.

more Knob images and data$13.

Free Shipping USA!! replacement control knob fits several Kenmore bbq grill models.
more Knob images and data441474OEM style control knob. Replaces Sunbeam OEM part #40-4147 assembly #10390-381. D = 9.$9

Free Shipping USA!! replacement control knob for a bunch of Sunbeam barbeceu grill parts8044704control valve knob like Charbroil barbeque$8.

Free Shipping USA!! replacement control knob size and shape allows this to replace kenmore, charbroil, thermos and sunbeam controls8073094

control knob, D = 12, 6mm shaft like Charbroil gas grills


Free Shipping USA!! 8090904

Grill and barbeque repair OEM style control knob replacement originally used in Phoenix barbeqcue models. D = 3.


Free Shipping USA!! 402552gas grill valve replacement control knob like Great Outdoors barbecue$15.

Free Shipping USA!! plastic replacement control knob fits great outdoors bbq modelsSOL-6015R

Replacement knob for Solaire infrared gas grills. The stainless steel designed metal knob will fit on any Solaire barbecue grill and comes standard on the 30, 42 and 56 inch models as well as the Solaire side burner models.

Control Knob Details$22.

Free Shipping Continental USA!!solaire replacement metal knob like stainless steel control10039

Viking gas barbecue grill replacement control knob. One per order; image shows two knobs so both sides are visible.


Free Shipping Cont'l USA!!rotary bbq grill ignitor with three outlets10097

Viking BBQ Grill control knob replacement for stainless U shaped burner and stainless smoker-pipe burner.
Control Knob Details


Free Shipping Cont'l USA!!viking control knob replacement10088

Viking gas barbecue grill rotisserie safety valve replacement control knob.
Rotisserie Knob Details


Free Shipping Cont'l USA!!rotisserie valve knob replacement10163

Hard plastic button cover for Viking ignition switch.


Free Shipping Continental USA!!
plastic button cover for some viking ignitorsTEC488

Black plastic replacement control knob for TEC infrared gas grills


Free Shipping Cnt'l USA!!tec infrared gas barbecue grill replacement control knob90139-4

Pack of 4 stainless steel control knobs for Lynx gas barbecue grills. The new stainless steel knobs can be used to replace older control knobs including the much older black plastic control knobs that are no longer available AND this control knob also fits all the new Lynx models


Free Shipping Cont'l USA!! 90139-1

One stainless steel control knob for Lynx gas barbecue grills. Unfortunately the black plastic barbeque grill control knobs are no longer available. This single stainless steel control knob will fit older Lynx model control valve stems AND will fit the New Lynx Models.


Free Shipping Cont'l USA!! 06523 Stainless steel control knob fits DCS gas BBQ Grills. This stainless knob comes standard on newer DCS grills but the control valve is the same so it will fit any DCS model grill as a replacement. Check overall diameter approx 2 1/4 inches.


Free Shipping Continental USA!!
metal stainless steel dcs control knob dcs grill parts211007

Black plastic DCS control knob. This fits older models of DCS BBQ grills. Check overall diameter approx 2 1/2 inches.


control knob dcs grill parts119.043

Black plastic DCS control knob 211043 slightly smaller than 2 inch diameter. This control knob is a Set Of Two Knobs fits some of the older models of DCS BBQ grills. Check overall diameter 2 inches or be sure to check model of DCS gas barbecue grill.


Free Shipping Continental USA!!control knob older dcs model grill parts 34699 New control knob for the Genesis barbecue grill models in 2011 by Weber. These new barbecue grill models have the Weber gasgrill burners installed from the fron to the back instead of the left-to-right installation of the past 30 years. The new Genesis BBQ grills with the front to back burners have these new control knobs. $25.

Free Shipping USA! new weber genesis control knob bbq grill repair 210knSS

Shiny metal control knob for stainless steel Alfresco gas barbecue grill models. Like everything Alfresco manufactures the control knobs are very heavy metal and made for durability outdoors.


Free Shipping USA!!alfresco gas bbq grills control knob, stainless


Rotary igniter module With Ignition Knob

rotary ignitor with single outlet to fit Ducane, Profire, Viking and thousands of other gas grill models. Single round post to connect one electrode wire.


Free Shipping USA!!viking rotary ignitor replacement


Rotary Ignition Module With Ignition Knob

Replacement rotary ignitor module with two outlets to fit Ducane, Profire, DCS, Viking and hundreds of other grills. Two round male outlets to attach two electrode wires.


Free Shipping USA!!rotary ignitor replacement viking bbq gas grill
Char-Broil grill knobs not turning correctly - repair

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Weber Grill Repair - How to Replace the Main Control Knob Kit

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