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Bartholow Brothers Clinics "Your Shooting Recipe"
By Foster Bartholow

Footwork, Stance and How to Get the Most Out of Your Swing

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Additional Story

Mental Training > Old Dogs and New Tricks
By Michael J. Keyes M.D.

We all know as shooters develop competition skills, things begin to get harder when they go up the class ladder. Shotgun matches reward perfection, not performance, but performance is the key to gaining perfection. Improvement invariably involves change and the closer you get to perfection, the harder it is to change.

October 2021
Volume 43, Number 10

Skeet champion
Vincent Hancock won
a gold medal at the
Tokyo Olympics —
his third Olympic Skeet title.
See coverage of the
USA Shooting Team and
medalists starting on page 16.
Photo courtesy of USA Shooting

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      • Rding
      • By Rding,
Nasser Al-Attiya v Valeriy Shomin - Skeet Shooting Bronze Medal - London 2012 Olympics

Enough. But the chief would not be the chief if he closed his eyes to Ninka's trick. He soon called his secretary and, stroking. Her elastic buttock, said: Lenus. Your friend is a rude girl.

Forums shotgun sports

Nikolsky - four officers from his regiment with two ladies. The messenger was sent back to say that the owner was going with his friends and would be there in two hours. And to heat a bathhouse for everyone and prepare a festive dinner.

Shotgun Skeet Men Final - 2018 FISU WUC Shooting Sport Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Once, after the exercises, they looked. At us again, treated us to sweets and dragged us away, as it turned out to the bathhouse. There was always heated for the officers.

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