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You can still run into this issue if the 45e is parked for a long period (weeks) of time, even if the high voltage system is being charged. The high voltage system only charges the 12v system while in ready-drive mode not while parked. Also if your 12v battery goes bad due to age or etc, you can run into this same problem.

a scenario like this?
my 45e sits for many weeks, depleting its 12V battery. high voltage battery is fully charged, though. my car is coded to start in Sport Individual, but because the 12V battery is depleted, it won't start the ICE or go into drive-ready mode. at this point, can i select ELECTRIC, HYBRID OR ADAPTIVE modes to get into electric drive-ready mode and drive away? then as i'm driving, the high-voltage systems begins to charge the 12V battery? or will i not even be able to get into electric drive-ready mode because i coded my car to start in Sport Individual?


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I _think_ the ICE is started by the electric engine which runs off the HV battery (no 12 starter motor). However, the 12 V systems control everything in the vehicle, so without 12 volts, nothing works.

And I believe the 12 V battery/batteries are not charged by the DC/DC converter when the car is sleeping. The DC/DC converter is running when the car is running - and probably when the HV battery is being AC charged.

I really wish BMW gave us more information.

yeah, something more informative would be nice. i don't think BMW really understands there are enthusiasts who want to understand its vehicles' technicalities deeply.

Auricomanything in your notes?

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In this video, we will show you how to replace the 12V battery in your BMW i3. One of the first signs that your BMW i3 has to be replaced comes through through the instrument cluster which will display a “Battery discharging while stopped” message. Of course, you can always head over to your local BMW dealership to have the battery replaced, but some of us enjoy the DYI process. As always, this is just a guide and in no form or shape a recommendation to replace your own 12V battery. There are several safety checks you need to perform, like disconnecting the High Voltage Safety Connector. If you’re not comfortable with this, please seek the help of a professional.

If you’re still interested in doing the work yourself, our own Chuck put together a comprehensive video taking us through the entire process. We used the Remy 12V Battery AUX18L which costs around $140 and the iCar Pro OBD2 Diagnostic Interface. You’d also need the Bimmerlink App from the App store for iPhone/Android.

bmw i3 12v battery replacement 623x830

Step-by-Step Guide for BMW i3 12V Battery Replacement:

  • Buy new 12V Battery and trickle charge until fully charged
  • Open Front Trunk
  • Remove Covers over Driver’s Side and Passenger Side in front trunk
  • Disconnect Main Battery with High Voltage Safety Connector (Service Disconnect)
  • Block disconnect – use safety pin to prevent accidental re-activation.
  • Remove “Frunk” Bucket
  • Remove Battery Hold Down Brackets
  • Remove Battery Vent Tube
  • Remove Windshield Wiper Fluid Fill Tube
  • Disconnect Battery Terminals
  • Remove 12V Battery
  • Remove Brass Terminals and transfer to new battery
  • Move new 12V Battery up into frunk on battery tray
  • Reattach Battery Positive and Negative Cables
  • Move into final position, install Vent tube
  • Reinstall Hold Down Brackets
  • Re-engage High Voltage Battery
  • Replace Frunk and side covers.
  • Move to cabin and use iCar to register new battery

Tools needed

  • 4mm Hex socket or hex key to remove frunk
  • 10mm Socket
  • 10mm open ended wrench
  • 10mm ratcheting wrench – not necessary but huge time saver
  • Leather Gloves
  • iCar OBD2 Diagnostic Interface
  • Battery Tender to trickle charge the new 12v battery

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BMW i8 12V Kids Battery Powered Ride On Car with Remote - Black

Revolutionary design that moves you.

The outrageous design of the i8 transferred over just as smoothly to this 12V toddler ride-on version. From the shark-nosed grille to the floating body panels and start-up sounds, this BMW will allow your little driver to experience this futuristic ride today. If s/he is too young to drive by themselves, it comes with a parent remote that lets you enjoy it as well. You can steer it left/right and drive it forward/reverse with the remote. Use it in low speed until they are used to the car and later on switch to faster speed once they are familiar with its operation. We suggest the BMW i8 ride-on car for children 2 to 4 years of age. Some assembly is required, about 45-60 minutes.

Note: We stock 2 variants of the i8 - please check the differences below and choose which version you prefer when adding to cart.

ECONOMY: (12V 4.5Ah Battery, Plastic Seat, 25W Gearboxes, Plastic Finish, Plastic Wheels)

PREMIUM EDITION: (12V 7Ah Battery, Leather Seat, 45W Gearboxes, Spray Painted Finish, EVA Rubber Wheels)


  • Licensed 12V BMW i8 electric ride on car
  • Select from 2 speeds forward (2/4 MPH)
  • Reverse just as easy
  • Can be driven by child with the steering wheel or with remote by an adult
  • Functional front and rear lights
  • There is an adjustable seat belt for ONE
  • Plastic Seat or Optional leather seat
  • Perfect for child 2-4 years of age
  • Weight capacity of 66 lbs
  • Push-Button Start With Vrooom, Vrooom Start-Up Sounds
  • MP3 Aux for Audio
  • Plastic Wheels or Optional EVA


  • Color: Black Plastic or Optional Spray Painted Black
  • 12V 4.5Ah or Optional 12V 7Ah Longway Battery
  • Drive Motors: 2 x 12V 25W or Optional 45W
  • Steering Motor: 1 x 12V
  • Speed: 2 Gears (Approx 2/4 MPH)
  • 2.4GHz remote
  • Dimensions: 44"L x 28"W x 18"H
  • 110V Wall Charger
  • Model # BTD-1001BLK
BMW 760Li vs Maybach: تحديات السباق ‏‪ *سيارات الـ‏‪ V12‬الفاخرة*‬

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2020 BMW M760Li (V12) - Walkaround

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