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How to Identify Antique Pad Locks

The invention of padlocks dates back to 500 B.C. during the Roman era. Padlocks quickly advanced in technology and function due to their necessity. The basic shape of a padlock consists of the case, the solid part of the lock where the key fits, and the shackle, the U-shaped piece of metal that disconnects from the case on one side. With so many types of antique padlocks, you can choose to collect just one type or have a varied collection that spans the ages.

Learn your stuff before you look for a padlock at antique stores, auctions and flea markets.

Look at the shape. There are many different types of padlocks, ranging from practical shapes to more decorative ones. Rectangular and circular locks are most common; they differ in the size, shape and girth of the shackle. Decorative-shaped locks are often easier to identify because they are rarer.

Identify the metal. Many locks from the past 200 years are steel, brass or a combination, but there are other metals out there, such as iron. Metals can be identified by their color: brass is yellow or reddish; iron is silvery gray; and steel is brownish gray. Bring a magnet with you when looking for padlocks. Copper, brass and aluminum are not magnetic.

Examine the key. Not every padlock collector collects the keys with their locks; the keys often have been lost over the years. If you are lucky enough to find a padlock with authentic, original keys, their shape can be invaluable to figuring out the make and year of the lock.

Look for inscriptions. Many padlocks made in the last hundred years have the company and their manufacture date inscribed on the case. Research the company and make sure the shape and metal of the padlock are authentic.

Research your lock in your book. Using the information you have gleaned by looking at you lock, find a match in "The National Locksmith Guide to Antique Padlocks." This should help you pinpoint the year and, possibly, the make of your padlock.

Things You'll Need:

  • "The National Locksmith Guide to Antique Padlocks"
  • Magnet


  • Just because a lock looks old doesn't mean it isn't a fake or reconstruction, lessening or depleting its value.


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Collecting Padlocks - Fakes, Frauds, and Fantasies (Beware)

There are a great number of inexpensive new padlocks imported from India and then altered to represent antique or vintage padlocks which are resold as genuine collectors items. A common method used to alter these cheap import locks, is to attach a small plate, usually on the front, with inscribed names of known companies or institutions. This gives the locks an appearance of being officially produced by or for the company named. Some examples are shown bellow.

Another common variety of currently imported padlocks, also mainly coming from India and China, are actually nice looking but are not antiques as reported, The locks from India are mainly cast and show fantasy and mythical creatures, or historic figures. Shown below are several examples of these locks.

A large number of padlocks from China are often represented as genuine antiques, but are instead very well made replicas of old Chinese padlocks. These are often shaped as animals or incorporate traditional Chinese art in their design. The following are common examples of such reproductions

A very clever method being used to market fake antique padlocks involves reproducing actual antique padlocks that were once made in the U.S.A. These are usually cast or stamped in the shape and design of the originals and sometimes even fool the advanced collector. The following examples demonstrate the difficulty in spotting these types of frauds.

Reproduction Winchester Original Antique Winchester

Reproduction Keen Cutter Original Antique Keen Cutter

The current primary distribution mechanism for the fake padlocks is web based. A number of websites offer these for sale, and many attribute them correctly as new or reproduction items. The problem for collectors is that after these are purchased some are resold on the secondary market as genuine antiques, and even experienced antique dealers and collectors are fooled. Such locks are commonly misrepresented on Web based auction sites such as Ebay and at flea markets, antique shows and shops all over the country.

Only after very careful examination and attention to detail as well as knowledge of patent dates and other subtle markings on original antique padlocks can the average collector tell the difference between fraud and original. For a beginning collector these fake antiques are especially difficult to spot. Often, a good giveaway to the fact that they are not genuine antique padlocks is that they are sold with what appear to be two or more original keys. Antique padlocks can occasionally be found with an original key, but it is extremely rare and unusual to find one with two or more of its original keys. Also once a collector gathers experience and knowledge in acquiring padlocks, examining the finish of a lock, sometimes referred to as patina, knowing the type of locking mechanism and key used in certain antique locks are additional helpful guides in determining a true antique.

These new padlock fakes can in themselves be collected. However, the important point is that they should never be misrepresented as true antique or vintage items.

Perhaps, the most important weapon against being fooled by misrepresented non-antique padlocks is knowledge. A collector should try as hard as possible to read and acquire any and all information pertaining to vintage and antique padlocks as well as the companies that once made them. Many trade journals, catalogs, and books are available, though sometimes hard to find. Networking with fellow collectors, attending national lock collectors shows and joining collector organizations helps a collector tremendously in acquiring valuable information about the hobby. There are two excellent padlock collector organizations that include subscriptions to newsletters or journals. For more information the American Lock Collectors Association (ALCA), based in Ohio; and the West Coast Lock Collectors Association (WCLCA) located in California can be contacted through their respective websites:

https://www.facebook.com/AmericanLockCollectorsAssociationand www.wclca.net
Sours: https://www.gatreasures.com/
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(921) Some Antique Padlocks

antique padlocks Price Guide

Rare 19th Century Antique E. Cotterill & Co A20 Padlock Mint Original in Box Completed$8817.88Vorh�ngeschloss Hohldornschl�ssel Schl�ssel 17. Jh. Key Clef Chiave Padlock Completed$7703.181920s THE WINCHESTER STORE PADLOCK/LOCK ROTATING DISPLAY-1 OF 2 KNOWN TO EXIST Completed$6650Louis Vuitton Padlock & Keys Gold Charm 18k Yellow Gold Bracelet Completed$64111890''s~UNION PACIFIC, DENVER & GULF RAILWAY~RARE OBSOLETE RAILROAD PADLOCK~ Completed$6388.89Antique US Marine Railroad Lantern Wick Cutters T.Slaight Padlock Completed$5375.99HUGE antique/vintage trick padlock with key Completed$5200H.C.Jones Patent Newark NJ Trick Padlock Puzzle Lock&Key 1800s Old Vtg Antique Completed$4615WINCHESTER LOT OF 21 PADLOCK LOCK COMPLETE SET-WITH KEYS-EXCELLENT CONDITION Completed$41501915 SAN DIEGO PANAMA-CALIFORNIA EXPOSITION PADLOCK Completed$3151.01Vintage Old 2 3/4" Round Padlock Lock with Original Skeleton Keys Completed$2750VERY RARE E. Cotterill's Royal Climax Detector Padlock with Original Key Antique Completed$2739antique padlock Completed$2728.67RARE Texas Mexican Railway 6 LEVER ROUND PUSH PADLOCK LOCK - NO KEY - Railroad Completed$2700VINTAGE WESTERN ELEVATOR PAD LOCK RARE MUSEUM QUALITY Completed$2666.89Rare Antique YOUNG PATENT 1877 Brass Scandinavian Combination Dial Padlock Lock Completed$2650Ming Dynasty Chinese Reticulated Carved Jade Padlock Form Plaque, Big, Thick Completed$2500Antique Old Brass Santa Fe System SF Route Railroad Padlock Lock Completed$2481.67Wonderful Antique Chinese Silver Necklace & Pad Lock, Coral & Turqoise Beads Completed$2475H.C.Jones Patent Newark NJ Trick Padlock Puzzle Lock 1800s Old Vtg Antique Completed$2447cadenas ancien avec sa clé Completed$2320.28Authentic Gucci Padlock Signature Shoulder Bag Medium Red Leather Handbag Completed$2300Antique E COTTERILL'S Padlock Climax Detector Unpickable Powder Proof c.1850's Completed$2294.22ANCIEN CADENAS SERRURE EN FORME DE VASE FER FORGE REPOUSSE 18 eme SERRURERIE Completed$2256.93Unusual Antique Padlock Completed$2158.58ANTIQUE BRASS IDEAL CLOCK FACE COMBINATION PADLOCK Completed$2100.99Antique 1878 3 Dial Combination A- Z Padlock Lock Grove Completed$2075Tiffany Bracelet 18k Padlock Completed$2035Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock 100 pieces set Cadena metal[Used] Completed$2026.99Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock 30 pieces set Cadena metal[Used] Completed$2025Vintage Brass Padlock GNR''Y Great Northern Railway Lock GNRY Completed$2024.91Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock 70 pieces set Padlock metal[Used] Completed$2015.99ANTIQUE 1879 BRASS COMBINATION LOCK PADLOCK PAD Completed$2012.99ANTIQUE R.G.W. RY. TRAIN BOX LOCK ~RIO GRANDE WESTERN RAILWAY~ RAILROAD PADLOCK Completed$2010VINTAGE PADLOCK UNUSUAL RARE GORDIOS CYLINDER LOCK WORKS Completed$2002Rare Antique E Cotterill's Climax Detector Unpickable Powder Proof Padlock 1850s Completed$1936.75Antique Chinese Carved Jade Pad Lock Pendant w 14K Gold Completed$1935ANTIQUE NORWICH LOCK MANUFACTURING COMPANY MASONIC STORY PADLOCK LOCK NR Completed$1925.991920s WINCHESTER STORE PADLOCK/LOCK-W/ORIG KEY-VERY RARE MODEL Completed$1905Edwin Cotterill Wilson Patent Victorian Padlock Completed$1901.37Antique Padlock/Key, Trick button to access key way. Quality Old Piece Bronze? Completed$1893ANTIQUE RARE PATENT NO KEY COMBINATION LOCK COMBO EXCELSIOR J.B.SAVAGE 1868 PAD Completed$1875Authentic LOUIS VUITTON 70 pieces Padlock [Used] Completed$1875Rare Johnsons Rotary Lock and Key Pat Feb 5,1861 (Padlock and Orignial Key) Completed$1832.77LOUIS VUITTON Cadena Padlock 100 Pieces & Keys Gold Brass HERMES LANCEL BURBERRY Completed$1830Authentic LOUIS VUITTON 60 pieces Padlock [Used] Completed$1776Authentic LOUIS VUITTON 80 pieces set Padlock [Used] Completed$1775Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock 60 pieces set Padlock brass[Used] Completed$1735STUNNING ANTIQUE VICTORIAN SCOTTISH AGATE ANCHOR PADLOCK SILVER BRACELET BROOCH Completed$1726.71Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock 60 pieces set Padlock metal[Used] Completed$1725.9Masonic Story Lock padlock with key, in ex-streamly excellent condition Completed$1725Christian Dior Necklace- Authentic Signed DIOR Padlock Aged Choker Necklace Completed$1724.46VINTAGE SAN QUENTIN E.G&C PADLOCK OLD LOCK Completed$1710.55Antique 19th century HUGE Padlock 3.5 POUNDS w/ Brass Orig Working Key HUGE! Completed$1704.98ANTIQUE LARGE IRON PADLOCK COLTON'S PATENT JAN 6,1844 Completed$1703Rare big Combination Padlock 7 wheels Lock Cadenas Vorhängeschloss Lucchetto Key Completed$1701Authentic Gucci Padlock Signature Shoulder Bag - Black/Gold Medium Completed$1700Rare Sentimental Georgian Gold & Garnet Padlock Brooch/ Locket - Heart & Key Completed$1689.98Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock 60 pieces set Padlock brass[Used] Completed$1675Antique Masonic Story Padlock no Key [email protected]@K! Completed$1675SUPERB ENGLISH 1905 ANTIQUE 9ct SOLID PINK ROSE GOLD CURB CHAIN PADLOCK BRACELET Completed$1664.125" Heavy Iron Antique Padlock With Key Completed$1663.89Gucci Tian Padlock beige multi signature print shoulder handbag purse NEW $2100 Completed$1645Authentic LOUIS VUITTON 50 pieces Padlock brass[Used] Completed$1634.99Authentic LOUIS VUITTON 50 pieces Padlock [Used] Completed$1626Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock 50 pieces Padlock brass[Used] Completed$1625Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock 50 pieces Padlock brass[Used] Completed$1625Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock 80 pieces set Cadena metal[Used] Completed$1625Antique Brass H.A. Wilcox Padlock 2" X 3" Completed$1614.23NWT Gucci Padlock Small Black Leather Bamboo Top Handle Trunk Shoulder Bag $2900 Completed$1614VERY RARE BRASS JOHNSONS ROTARY PAT FEB 5, 1861 PADLOCK LOCK W/ ORIGINAL KEY NR Completed$1612.91Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock 60 pieces set Padlock brass[Used] Completed$1607Ultra rare E Cotterill climax detector padlock with two original keys c 1850 Completed$1606.68Rare 1878 Chinaman Story Pad Lock Completed$1601.11NWT Gucci Padlock Small Black Leather Bamboo Top Handle Trunk Shoulder Bag $2900 Completed$1593Vintage Old 2 1/4" Round Base & 1 1/2" Round Top Padlock Lock with Key Completed$1592.89Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock 83 pieces set Cadena metal[Used] Completed$1586.99Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock 80 pieces set Cadena metal[Used] Completed$1581.99NWT Gucci Padlock Small Black Leather Bamboo Top Handle Trunk Shoulder Bag $2900 Completed$1580Roberto Coin Padlock Necklace Custom solid link chain 16" long, 14.5 gr 18k Gold Completed$1569Gucci Padlock GG Small Bamboo Shoulder Bag - Brand New! Completed$1563Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock & keys 50 pieces set Other steel[Used] Completed$1525.99Authentic Gucci Supreme Padlock Tote Medium Shoulder Bag GG Completed$1525VERY UNIQUE VINTAGE LEVER PADLOCK PROTOTYPE/ PATENT MODEL/ SALESMANS' SAMPLE ? Completed$1525Authentic LOUIS VUITTON 70 pieces Padlock [Used] Completed$1525Authentic Gucci GG Logo Guccissima Medium Padlock Black Leather Web Shoulder Bag Completed$1525Rare Antique GIANT Six Wheel 19thC. French Combination Padlock Lock w/ Code 10cm Completed$1525ANTIQUE ARABIAN OR EASTERN STAR PUSH KEY STORY PADLOCK. Completed$1520.99Authentic LOUIS VUITTON 40 pieces Padlock [Used] Completed$1505Rare YOUNG PATENT 1877 Brass Combination Dial Padlock Lock Antique Completed$1500Authentic LOUIS VUITTON 40 pieces Padlock [Used] Completed$1487Very rare large Edwin Cotterill’s 19th century padlock and key Completed$1480.7Antique Iron Box Chest Box Coffer from Germany 17th 18th Century padlock Completed$1475Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock 50 pieces set Padlock metal[Used] Completed$147518ct Gold With Diamonds Tiffany & Co Padlock Pendant Completed$1461.3Authentic LOUIS VUITTON 50 pieces Padlock [Used] Completed$1450.99Antique ADVERTISING Promotional Pad Lock MORGAN LINE “Ship from the East” Tool Completed$1436.51RARE ANTIQUE 18K ENAMEL DIAMOND PADLOCK FORM KEYWIND PENDANT OR POCKET WATCH! Completed$1433Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Padlock 50 pieces set Padlock metal[Used] Completed$1425.99Authentic LOUIS VUITTON 40 pieces Padlock brass[Used] Completed$1425
Sours: https://www.antiquesnavigator.com/antiques-price-guide/antique-padlocks-price-guide.html

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What to look for when buying antique padlocks.

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