Pa sunset time

Pa sunset time DEFAULT

Sunrise & Sunset for Philadelphia, PA


Position of the SunTime of DayLength of Day
Astronomical Twilight Begins
the sun’s center is 18° below the horizon
5:44 A.M.
Nautical Twilight Begins
the sun’s center is 12° below the horizon
6:15 A.M.
Civil Twilight Begins
the sun’s center is 6° below the horizon
6:47 A.M.
Sunrise 7:14 A.M.11 Hours 2 Minutes
the sun reaches its highest point in the sky
12:45 P.M.
Sunset 6:17 P.M.
Civil Twilight Ends
the sun’s center is 6° below the horizon
6:44 P.M.
Nautical Twilight Ends
the sun’s center is 12° below the horizon
7:15 P.M.
Astronomical Twilight Ends
the sun’s center is 18° below the horizon
7:47 P.M.

All times are at sea level.


Sunrise Sunset Times of Pittsburgh, PA, USA



Current Time:

2021-10-17 08:51:31

Sunrise Today:

07:33:42 AM

Sunset Today:

06:36:42 PM

Daylength Today:

11h 3m 0s

Sunrise Tomorrow:

07:34:47 AM

Sunset Tomorrow:

06:35:14 PM

Daylength Tomorrow:

11h 0m 27s

Year Show All Dates

01/01/202107:43:11 AM05:05:00 PM9h 21m 49s
01/02/202107:43:14 AM05:05:53 PM9h 22m 39s
01/03/202107:43:14 AM05:06:46 PM9h 23m 32s
01/04/202107:43:13 AM05:07:41 PM9h 24m 28s
01/05/202107:43:09 AM05:08:38 PM9h 25m 29s
01/06/202107:43:03 AM05:09:36 PM9h 26m 33s
01/07/202107:42:55 AM05:10:35 PM9h 27m 40s
01/08/202107:42:45 AM05:11:35 PM9h 28m 50s
01/09/202107:42:32 AM05:12:36 PM9h 30m 4s
01/10/202107:42:17 AM05:13:39 PM9h 31m 22s
01/11/202107:42:00 AM05:14:42 PM9h 32m 42s
01/12/202107:41:40 AM05:15:47 PM9h 34m 7s
01/13/202107:41:19 AM05:16:52 PM9h 35m 33s
01/14/202107:40:55 AM05:17:58 PM9h 37m 3s
01/15/202107:40:29 AM05:19:05 PM9h 38m 36s
01/16/202107:40:01 AM05:20:13 PM9h 40m 12s
01/17/202107:39:31 AM05:21:21 PM9h 41m 50s
01/18/202107:38:59 AM05:22:31 PM9h 43m 32s
01/19/202107:38:25 AM05:23:40 PM9h 45m 15s
01/20/202107:37:48 AM05:24:50 PM9h 47m 2s
01/21/202107:37:10 AM05:26:01 PM9h 48m 51s
01/22/202107:36:29 AM05:27:12 PM9h 50m 43s
01/23/202107:35:47 AM05:28:24 PM9h 52m 37s
01/24/202107:35:03 AM05:29:36 PM9h 54m 33s
01/25/202107:34:17 AM05:30:48 PM9h 56m 31s
01/26/202107:33:29 AM05:32:01 PM9h 58m 32s
01/27/202107:32:39 AM05:33:13 PM10h 0m 34s
01/28/202107:31:47 AM05:34:26 PM10h 2m 39s
01/29/202107:30:53 AM05:35:39 PM10h 4m 46s
01/30/202107:29:58 AM05:36:53 PM10h 6m 55s
01/31/202107:29:01 AM05:38:06 PM10h 9m 5s
02/01/202107:28:03 AM05:39:19 PM10h 11m 16s
02/02/202107:27:02 AM05:40:33 PM10h 13m 31s
02/03/202107:26:00 AM05:41:46 PM10h 15m 46s
02/04/202107:24:57 AM05:42:59 PM10h 18m 2s
02/05/202107:23:52 AM05:44:12 PM10h 20m 20s
02/06/202107:22:45 AM05:45:26 PM10h 22m 41s
02/07/202107:21:37 AM05:46:39 PM10h 25m 2s
02/08/202107:20:28 AM05:47:52 PM10h 27m 24s
02/09/202107:19:17 AM05:49:04 PM10h 29m 47s
02/10/202107:18:05 AM05:50:17 PM10h 32m 12s
02/11/202107:16:51 AM05:51:29 PM10h 34m 38s
02/12/202107:15:36 AM05:52:41 PM10h 37m 5s
02/13/202107:14:20 AM05:53:53 PM10h 39m 33s
02/14/202107:13:03 AM05:55:05 PM10h 42m 2s
02/15/202107:11:44 AM05:56:16 PM10h 44m 32s
02/16/202107:10:25 AM05:57:28 PM10h 47m 3s
02/17/202107:09:04 AM05:58:39 PM10h 49m 35s
02/18/202107:07:42 AM05:59:49 PM10h 52m 7s
02/19/202107:06:19 AM06:00:59 PM10h 54m 40s
02/20/202107:04:55 AM06:02:10 PM10h 57m 15s
02/21/202107:03:31 AM06:03:19 PM10h 59m 48s
02/22/202107:02:05 AM06:04:29 PM11h 2m 24s
02/23/202107:00:38 AM06:05:38 PM11h 5m 0s
02/24/202106:59:10 AM06:06:47 PM11h 7m 37s
02/25/202106:57:42 AM06:07:55 PM11h 10m 13s
02/26/202106:56:13 AM06:09:04 PM11h 12m 51s
02/27/202106:54:43 AM06:10:11 PM11h 15m 28s
02/28/202106:53:12 AM06:11:19 PM11h 18m 7s
03/01/202106:51:41 AM06:12:26 PM11h 20m 45s
03/02/202106:50:09 AM06:13:34 PM11h 23m 25s
03/03/202106:48:36 AM06:14:40 PM11h 26m 4s
03/04/202106:47:03 AM06:15:47 PM11h 28m 44s
03/05/202106:45:29 AM06:16:53 PM11h 31m 24s
03/06/202106:43:54 AM06:17:59 PM11h 34m 5s
03/07/202106:42:19 AM06:19:05 PM11h 36m 46s
03/08/202106:40:44 AM06:20:10 PM11h 39m 26s
03/09/202106:39:08 AM06:21:15 PM11h 42m 7s
03/10/202106:37:32 AM06:22:20 PM11h 44m 48s
03/11/202106:35:55 AM06:23:25 PM11h 47m 30s
03/12/202106:34:18 AM06:24:29 PM11h 50m 11s
03/13/202106:32:41 AM06:25:33 PM11h 52m 52s
03/14/202107:31:07 AM07:26:35 PM11h 55m 28s
03/15/202107:29:30 AM07:27:39 PM11h 58m 9s
03/16/202107:27:52 AM07:28:42 PM12h 0m 50s
03/17/202107:26:13 AM07:29:46 PM12h 3m 33s
03/18/202107:24:35 AM07:30:49 PM12h 6m 14s
03/19/202107:22:56 AM07:31:52 PM12h 8m 56s
03/20/202107:21:18 AM07:32:55 PM12h 11m 37s
03/21/202107:19:39 AM07:33:58 PM12h 14m 19s
03/22/202107:18:00 AM07:35:01 PM12h 17m 1s
03/23/202107:16:22 AM07:36:03 PM12h 19m 41s
03/24/202107:14:43 AM07:37:06 PM12h 22m 23s
03/25/202107:13:04 AM07:38:08 PM12h 25m 4s
03/26/202107:11:26 AM07:39:11 PM12h 27m 45s
03/27/202107:09:47 AM07:40:13 PM12h 30m 26s
03/28/202107:08:09 AM07:41:15 PM12h 33m 6s
03/29/202107:06:31 AM07:42:17 PM12h 35m 46s
03/30/202107:04:53 AM07:43:19 PM12h 38m 26s
03/31/202107:03:15 AM07:44:22 PM12h 41m 7s
04/01/202107:01:37 AM07:45:24 PM12h 43m 47s
04/02/202107:00:00 AM07:46:26 PM12h 46m 26s
04/03/202106:58:24 AM07:47:28 PM12h 49m 4s
04/04/202106:56:47 AM07:48:29 PM12h 51m 42s
04/05/202106:55:11 AM07:49:31 PM12h 54m 20s
04/06/202106:53:35 AM07:50:33 PM12h 56m 58s
04/07/202106:52:00 AM07:51:35 PM12h 59m 35s
04/08/202106:50:25 AM07:52:37 PM13h 2m 12s
04/09/202106:48:51 AM07:53:39 PM13h 4m 48s
04/10/202106:47:17 AM07:54:41 PM13h 7m 24s
04/11/202106:45:44 AM07:55:43 PM13h 9m 59s
04/12/202106:44:12 AM07:56:45 PM13h 12m 33s
04/13/202106:42:40 AM07:57:47 PM13h 15m 7s
04/14/202106:41:09 AM07:58:50 PM13h 17m 41s
04/15/202106:39:38 AM07:59:52 PM13h 20m 14s
04/16/202106:38:08 AM08:00:54 PM13h 22m 46s
04/17/202106:36:39 AM08:01:56 PM13h 25m 17s
04/18/202106:35:11 AM08:02:58 PM13h 27m 47s
04/19/202106:33:44 AM08:04:00 PM13h 30m 16s
04/20/202106:32:17 AM08:05:02 PM13h 32m 45s
04/21/202106:30:51 AM08:06:05 PM13h 35m 14s
04/22/202106:29:27 AM08:07:07 PM13h 37m 40s
04/23/202106:28:03 AM08:08:09 PM13h 40m 6s
04/24/202106:26:40 AM08:09:11 PM13h 42m 31s
04/25/202106:25:18 AM08:10:13 PM13h 44m 55s
04/26/202106:23:57 AM08:11:15 PM13h 47m 18s
04/27/202106:22:38 AM08:12:17 PM13h 49m 39s
04/28/202106:21:19 AM08:13:19 PM13h 52m 0s
04/29/202106:20:01 AM08:14:21 PM13h 54m 20s
04/30/202106:18:45 AM08:15:22 PM13h 56m 37s
05/01/202106:17:30 AM08:16:24 PM13h 58m 54s
05/02/202106:16:16 AM08:17:25 PM14h 1m 9s
05/03/202106:15:04 AM08:18:27 PM14h 3m 23s
05/04/202106:13:52 AM08:19:28 PM14h 5m 36s
05/05/202106:12:42 AM08:20:29 PM14h 7m 47s
05/06/202106:11:34 AM08:21:29 PM14h 9m 55s
05/07/202106:10:27 AM08:22:30 PM14h 12m 3s
05/08/202106:09:21 AM08:23:30 PM14h 14m 9s
05/09/202106:08:16 AM08:24:30 PM14h 16m 14s
05/10/202106:07:14 AM08:25:29 PM14h 18m 15s
05/11/202106:06:12 AM08:26:28 PM14h 20m 16s
05/12/202106:05:12 AM08:27:27 PM14h 22m 15s
05/13/202106:04:14 AM08:28:25 PM14h 24m 11s
05/14/202106:03:17 AM08:29:23 PM14h 26m 6s
05/15/202106:02:22 AM08:30:20 PM14h 27m 58s
05/16/202106:01:29 AM08:31:17 PM14h 29m 48s
05/17/202106:00:37 AM08:32:13 PM14h 31m 36s
05/18/202105:59:47 AM08:33:09 PM14h 33m 22s
05/19/202105:58:59 AM08:34:04 PM14h 35m 5s
05/20/202105:58:12 AM08:34:58 PM14h 36m 46s
05/21/202105:57:28 AM08:35:52 PM14h 38m 24s
05/22/202105:56:45 AM08:36:45 PM14h 40m 0s
05/23/202105:56:03 AM08:37:37 PM14h 41m 34s
05/24/202105:55:24 AM08:38:28 PM14h 43m 4s
05/25/202105:54:47 AM08:39:19 PM14h 44m 32s
05/26/202105:54:11 AM08:40:08 PM14h 45m 57s
05/27/202105:53:37 AM08:40:57 PM14h 47m 20s
05/28/202105:53:05 AM08:41:44 PM14h 48m 39s
05/29/202105:52:35 AM08:42:31 PM14h 49m 56s
05/30/202105:52:07 AM08:43:16 PM14h 51m 9s
05/31/202105:51:41 AM08:44:00 PM14h 52m 19s
06/01/202105:51:17 AM08:44:43 PM14h 53m 26s
06/02/202105:50:55 AM08:45:25 PM14h 54m 30s
06/03/202105:50:35 AM08:46:06 PM14h 55m 31s
06/04/202105:50:17 AM08:46:45 PM14h 56m 28s
06/05/202105:50:00 AM08:47:23 PM14h 57m 23s
06/06/202105:49:46 AM08:48:00 PM14h 58m 14s
06/07/202105:49:34 AM08:48:35 PM14h 59m 1s
06/08/202105:49:24 AM08:49:09 PM14h 59m 45s
06/09/202105:49:15 AM08:49:41 PM15h 0m 26s
06/10/202105:49:09 AM08:50:12 PM15h 1m 3s
06/11/202105:49:04 AM08:50:41 PM15h 1m 37s
06/12/202105:49:02 AM08:51:08 PM15h 2m 6s
06/13/202105:49:01 AM08:51:34 PM15h 2m 33s
06/14/202105:49:03 AM08:51:58 PM15h 2m 55s
06/15/202105:49:06 AM08:52:21 PM15h 3m 15s
06/16/202105:49:11 AM08:52:42 PM15h 3m 31s
06/17/202105:49:18 AM08:53:01 PM15h 3m 43s
06/18/202105:49:27 AM08:53:18 PM15h 3m 51s
06/19/202105:49:38 AM08:53:33 PM15h 3m 55s
06/20/202105:49:51 AM08:53:47 PM15h 3m 56s
06/21/202105:50:05 AM08:53:58 PM15h 3m 53s
06/22/202105:50:21 AM08:54:08 PM15h 3m 47s
06/23/202105:50:39 AM08:54:16 PM15h 3m 37s
06/24/202105:50:59 AM08:54:22 PM15h 3m 23s
06/25/202105:51:20 AM08:54:26 PM15h 3m 6s
06/26/202105:51:43 AM08:54:28 PM15h 2m 45s
06/27/202105:52:08 AM08:54:28 PM15h 2m 20s
06/28/202105:52:34 AM08:54:26 PM15h 1m 52s
06/29/202105:53:02 AM08:54:22 PM15h 1m 20s
06/30/202105:53:31 AM08:54:16 PM15h 0m 45s
07/01/202105:54:02 AM08:54:08 PM15h 0m 6s
07/02/202105:54:34 AM08:53:58 PM14h 59m 24s
07/03/202105:55:08 AM08:53:46 PM14h 58m 38s
07/04/202105:55:43 AM08:53:32 PM14h 57m 49s
07/05/202105:56:19 AM08:53:16 PM14h 56m 57s
07/06/202105:56:56 AM08:52:58 PM14h 56m 2s
07/07/202105:57:35 AM08:52:38 PM14h 55m 3s
07/08/202105:58:15 AM08:52:16 PM14h 54m 1s
07/09/202105:58:56 AM08:51:52 PM14h 52m 56s
07/10/202105:59:38 AM08:51:25 PM14h 51m 47s
07/11/202106:00:22 AM08:50:57 PM14h 50m 35s
07/12/202106:01:06 AM08:50:27 PM14h 49m 21s
07/13/202106:01:51 AM08:49:55 PM14h 48m 4s
07/14/202106:02:38 AM08:49:22 PM14h 46m 44s
07/15/202106:03:25 AM08:48:46 PM14h 45m 21s
07/16/202106:04:13 AM08:48:08 PM14h 43m 55s
07/17/202106:05:02 AM08:47:28 PM14h 42m 26s
07/18/202106:05:51 AM08:46:47 PM14h 40m 56s
07/19/202106:06:42 AM08:46:04 PM14h 39m 22s
07/20/202106:07:33 AM08:45:19 PM14h 37m 46s
07/21/202106:08:24 AM08:44:32 PM14h 36m 8s
07/22/202106:09:17 AM08:43:43 PM14h 34m 26s
07/23/202106:10:10 AM08:42:52 PM14h 32m 42s
07/24/202106:11:03 AM08:42:00 PM14h 30m 57s
07/25/202106:11:57 AM08:41:06 PM14h 29m 9s
07/26/202106:12:52 AM08:40:11 PM14h 27m 19s
07/27/202106:13:46 AM08:39:14 PM14h 25m 28s
07/28/202106:14:42 AM08:38:15 PM14h 23m 33s
07/29/202106:15:37 AM08:37:14 PM14h 21m 37s
07/30/202106:16:33 AM08:36:12 PM14h 19m 39s
07/31/202106:17:30 AM08:35:09 PM14h 17m 39s
08/01/202106:18:26 AM08:34:04 PM14h 15m 38s
08/02/202106:19:23 AM08:32:57 PM14h 13m 34s
08/03/202106:20:21 AM08:31:49 PM14h 11m 28s
08/04/202106:21:18 AM08:30:40 PM14h 9m 22s
08/05/202106:22:15 AM08:29:29 PM14h 7m 14s
08/06/202106:23:13 AM08:28:17 PM14h 5m 4s
08/07/202106:24:11 AM08:27:04 PM14h 2m 53s
08/08/202106:25:09 AM08:25:49 PM14h 0m 40s
08/09/202106:26:07 AM08:24:33 PM13h 58m 26s
08/10/202106:27:05 AM08:23:16 PM13h 56m 11s
08/11/202106:28:03 AM08:21:57 PM13h 53m 54s
08/12/202106:29:02 AM08:20:38 PM13h 51m 36s
08/13/202106:30:00 AM08:19:17 PM13h 49m 17s
08/14/202106:30:58 AM08:17:55 PM13h 46m 57s
08/15/202106:31:57 AM08:16:33 PM13h 44m 36s
08/16/202106:32:55 AM08:15:09 PM13h 42m 14s
08/17/202106:33:53 AM08:13:44 PM13h 39m 51s
08/18/202106:34:52 AM08:12:18 PM13h 37m 26s
08/19/202106:35:50 AM08:10:51 PM13h 35m 1s
08/20/202106:36:48 AM08:09:23 PM13h 32m 35s
08/21/202106:37:46 AM08:07:55 PM13h 30m 9s
08/22/202106:38:45 AM08:06:25 PM13h 27m 40s
08/23/202106:39:43 AM08:04:55 PM13h 25m 12s
08/24/202106:40:41 AM08:03:24 PM13h 22m 43s
08/25/202106:41:39 AM08:01:52 PM13h 20m 13s
08/26/202106:42:37 AM08:00:20 PM13h 17m 43s
08/27/202106:43:35 AM07:58:46 PM13h 15m 11s
08/28/202106:44:33 AM07:57:12 PM13h 12m 39s
08/29/202106:45:30 AM07:55:38 PM13h 10m 8s
08/30/202106:46:28 AM07:54:03 PM13h 7m 35s
08/31/202106:47:26 AM07:52:27 PM13h 5m 1s
09/01/202106:48:24 AM07:50:51 PM13h 2m 27s
09/02/202106:49:21 AM07:49:14 PM12h 59m 53s
09/03/202106:50:19 AM07:47:37 PM12h 57m 18s
09/04/202106:51:17 AM07:45:59 PM12h 54m 42s
09/05/202106:52:14 AM07:44:21 PM12h 52m 7s
09/06/202106:53:12 AM07:42:43 PM12h 49m 31s
09/07/202106:54:09 AM07:41:04 PM12h 46m 55s
09/08/202106:55:07 AM07:39:25 PM12h 44m 18s
09/09/202106:56:04 AM07:37:45 PM12h 41m 41s
09/10/202106:57:02 AM07:36:05 PM12h 39m 3s
09/11/202106:57:59 AM07:34:25 PM12h 36m 26s
09/12/202106:58:57 AM07:32:45 PM12h 33m 48s
09/13/202106:59:55 AM07:31:05 PM12h 31m 10s
09/14/202107:00:52 AM07:29:24 PM12h 28m 32s
09/15/202107:01:50 AM07:27:44 PM12h 25m 54s
09/16/202107:02:48 AM07:26:03 PM12h 23m 15s
09/17/202107:03:46 AM07:24:22 PM12h 20m 36s
09/18/202107:04:44 AM07:22:41 PM12h 17m 57s
09/19/202107:05:42 AM07:21:00 PM12h 15m 18s
09/20/202107:06:40 AM07:19:20 PM12h 12m 40s
09/21/202107:07:39 AM07:17:39 PM12h 10m 0s
09/22/202107:08:37 AM07:15:58 PM12h 7m 21s
09/23/202107:09:36 AM07:14:18 PM12h 4m 42s
09/24/202107:10:35 AM07:12:37 PM12h 2m 2s
09/25/202107:11:34 AM07:10:57 PM11h 59m 23s
09/26/202107:12:33 AM07:09:17 PM11h 56m 44s
09/27/202107:13:32 AM07:07:37 PM11h 54m 5s
09/28/202107:14:32 AM07:05:58 PM11h 51m 26s
09/29/202107:15:32 AM07:04:18 PM11h 48m 46s
09/30/202107:16:32 AM07:02:39 PM11h 46m 7s
10/01/202107:17:32 AM07:01:01 PM11h 43m 29s
10/02/202107:18:33 AM06:59:23 PM11h 40m 50s
10/03/202107:19:33 AM06:57:45 PM11h 38m 12s
10/04/202107:20:34 AM06:56:08 PM11h 35m 34s
10/05/202107:21:36 AM06:54:31 PM11h 32m 55s
10/06/202107:22:37 AM06:52:54 PM11h 30m 17s
10/07/202107:23:39 AM06:51:19 PM11h 27m 40s
10/08/202107:24:41 AM06:49:43 PM11h 25m 2s
10/09/202107:25:44 AM06:48:09 PM11h 22m 25s
10/10/202107:26:46 AM06:46:35 PM11h 19m 49s
10/11/202107:27:50 AM06:45:02 PM11h 17m 12s
10/12/202107:28:53 AM06:43:29 PM11h 14m 36s
10/13/202107:29:57 AM06:41:57 PM11h 12m 0s
10/14/202107:31:01 AM06:40:26 PM11h 9m 25s
10/15/202107:32:05 AM06:38:56 PM11h 6m 51s
10/16/202107:33:10 AM06:37:27 PM11h 4m 17s
10/17/202107:34:15 AM06:35:58 PM11h 1m 43s
10/18/202107:35:20 AM06:34:30 PM10h 59m 10s
10/19/202107:36:26 AM06:33:04 PM10h 56m 38s
10/20/202107:37:32 AM06:31:38 PM10h 54m 6s
10/21/202107:38:38 AM06:30:13 PM10h 51m 35s
10/22/202107:39:45 AM06:28:50 PM10h 49m 5s
10/23/202107:40:52 AM06:27:27 PM10h 46m 35s
10/24/202107:41:59 AM06:26:06 PM10h 44m 7s
10/25/202107:43:06 AM06:24:45 PM10h 41m 39s
10/26/202107:44:14 AM06:23:26 PM10h 39m 12s
10/27/202107:45:22 AM06:22:08 PM10h 36m 46s
10/28/202107:46:31 AM06:20:51 PM10h 34m 20s
10/29/202107:47:39 AM06:19:36 PM10h 31m 57s
10/30/202107:48:48 AM06:18:22 PM10h 29m 34s
10/31/202107:49:57 AM06:17:09 PM10h 27m 12s
11/01/202107:51:07 AM06:15:58 PM10h 24m 51s
11/02/202107:52:16 AM06:14:48 PM10h 22m 32s
11/03/202107:53:26 AM06:13:40 PM10h 20m 14s
11/04/202107:54:36 AM06:12:33 PM10h 17m 57s
11/05/202107:55:45 AM06:11:28 PM10h 15m 43s
11/06/202107:56:55 AM06:10:24 PM10h 13m 29s
11/07/202106:58:08 AM05:09:19 PM10h 11m 11s
11/08/202106:59:19 AM05:08:19 PM10h 9m 0s
11/09/202107:00:29 AM05:07:20 PM10h 6m 51s
11/10/202107:01:39 AM05:06:23 PM10h 4m 44s
11/11/202107:02:49 AM05:05:28 PM10h 2m 39s
11/12/202107:03:59 AM05:04:34 PM10h 0m 35s
11/13/202107:05:09 AM05:03:42 PM9h 58m 33s
11/14/202107:06:18 AM05:02:53 PM9h 56m 35s
11/15/202107:07:28 AM05:02:05 PM9h 54m 37s
11/16/202107:08:37 AM05:01:19 PM9h 52m 42s
11/17/202107:09:46 AM05:00:35 PM9h 50m 49s
11/18/202107:10:55 AM04:59:53 PM9h 48m 58s
11/19/202107:12:03 AM04:59:12 PM9h 47m 9s
11/20/202107:13:11 AM04:58:34 PM9h 45m 23s
11/21/202107:14:18 AM04:57:58 PM9h 43m 40s
11/22/202107:15:25 AM04:57:24 PM9h 41m 59s
11/23/202107:16:32 AM04:56:53 PM9h 40m 21s
11/24/202107:17:37 AM04:56:23 PM9h 38m 46s
11/25/202107:18:42 AM04:55:55 PM9h 37m 13s
11/26/202107:19:47 AM04:55:30 PM9h 35m 43s
11/27/202107:20:50 AM04:55:07 PM9h 34m 17s
11/28/202107:21:53 AM04:54:46 PM9h 32m 53s
11/29/202107:22:55 AM04:54:27 PM9h 31m 32s
11/30/202107:23:56 AM04:54:11 PM9h 30m 15s
12/01/202107:24:56 AM04:53:57 PM9h 29m 1s
12/02/202107:25:55 AM04:53:45 PM9h 27m 50s
12/03/202107:26:53 AM04:53:35 PM9h 26m 42s
12/04/202107:27:49 AM04:53:28 PM9h 25m 39s
12/05/202107:28:45 AM04:53:23 PM9h 24m 38s
12/06/202107:29:39 AM04:53:20 PM9h 23m 41s
12/07/202107:30:32 AM04:53:20 PM9h 22m 48s
12/08/202107:31:23 AM04:53:21 PM9h 21m 58s
12/09/202107:32:14 AM04:53:25 PM9h 21m 11s
12/10/202107:33:02 AM04:53:32 PM9h 20m 30s
12/11/202107:33:49 AM04:53:41 PM9h 19m 52s
12/12/202107:34:35 AM04:53:51 PM9h 19m 16s
12/13/202107:35:19 AM04:54:05 PM9h 18m 46s
12/14/202107:36:01 AM04:54:20 PM9h 18m 19s
12/15/202107:36:41 AM04:54:38 PM9h 17m 57s
12/16/202107:37:20 AM04:54:58 PM9h 17m 38s
12/17/202107:37:57 AM04:55:19 PM9h 17m 22s
12/18/202107:38:32 AM04:55:44 PM9h 17m 12s
12/19/202107:39:05 AM04:56:10 PM9h 17m 5s
12/20/202107:39:37 AM04:56:38 PM9h 17m 1s
12/21/202107:40:06 AM04:57:09 PM9h 17m 3s
12/22/202107:40:33 AM04:57:41 PM9h 17m 8s
12/23/202107:40:58 AM04:58:15 PM9h 17m 17s
12/24/202107:41:21 AM04:58:52 PM9h 17m 31s
12/25/202107:41:43 AM04:59:30 PM9h 17m 47s
12/26/202107:42:01 AM05:00:10 PM9h 18m 9s
12/27/202107:42:18 AM05:00:52 PM9h 18m 34s
12/28/202107:42:33 AM05:01:36 PM9h 19m 3s
12/29/202107:42:45 AM05:02:21 PM9h 19m 36s
12/30/202107:42:56 AM05:03:09 PM9h 20m 13s
12/31/202107:43:04 AM05:03:57 PM9h 20m 53s

Sunrise & Sunset Photos

trees winter sunset sky snow cold clouds photoshop nikon dusk tripod nikkor snowfall hdr highdynamicrange cs4 photomatix d40 tonemapped d40x

"Things that are done, it is needless to speak about…things that are past, it is needless to blame."

winter sunset photoshop twilight nikon downtown pittsburgh dusk empty tripod nikkor hdr highdynamicrange cs4 pittsburghpa steelcity photomatix d40 cityofbridges tonemapped blurhour d40x bigelowgrille evad310 davedicello twlightpictures

"Sometimes...we are so busy for watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are."

city longexposure bridge urban reflection building night skyscraper river dark lights downtown pittsburgh cityscape pennsylvania stadium nighttime ballpark pncpark ohioriver heinzfield cityskyline coalhill alleghenyriver monongahelariver robertoclementebridge fortpittbridge fortduquesnebridge fakepanorama andywarholbridge duquesneheights mountwashignton

She's Even More Beautiful at Night

pink blue sunset sky orange night river evening nikon colorful pittsburgh cloudy northshore pnc d90 nikkor18200mmvr nikond90

Pittsburgh Sunset

door blue light sunset shadow sky sun tree church architecture dark religious evening high nikon catholic pittsburgh dynamic dusk religion churches nikkor range hdr 18mm d40 d40x evad310 davedicello

Front of church

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The storm has passed

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Calm after the storm

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"All you need is love, love, Love is all you need."

winter sunset usa night pittsburgh unitedstates pennsylvania bridges mtwashington ohioriver 2014 westendbridge mckeesrocksbridge ohioconnectingrailroadbridge

Ohio River Sunset

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"On the whole, the happiest people seem to be those who have no particular cause for being happy except that they are so."

bridge winter sunset shadow cloud cold ice water river frozen pittsburgh pennsylvania lensflare hdr alleghenyriver sixthstreetbridge seventhstreetbridge robertoclementebridge westernpa andywarholbridge rachelcarsonbridge canon70d

The Long Shadow

street trees houses sunset red sky photoshop nikon wires hdr highdynamicrange sunsetting cs4 endoftheday photomatix d40 tonemapped d40x evad310 davedicello

“Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others.”

sunset sky clouds colorful pittsburgh glow waterfront stacks

The Stacks

bridge winter sunset cloud cold ice water river frozen pittsburgh pennsylvania lensflare hdr pncpark mountwashington alleghenyriver sixthstreetbridge seventhstreetbridge robertoclementebridge westernpa fortduquesnebridge andywarholbridge canon70d

A Cold Pittsburgh Winter

trees light sunset sun house color yard photoshop nikon glare bright dusk horizon tripod flare rays hdr highdynamicrange cs4 photomatix d40 tonemapped sunflares sunsetsun d40x anotherdaycomestoanend sunsetduskbright evad310 davedicello sunflaresinhdr hdrsunflares nikonsunflare

There is only one day left, always starting over: it is given to us at dawn and taken away from us at dusk. ~Jean-Paul Sartre

sunset silhouette

A Quiet Evening

sunset sun photoshop nikon dusk horizon tripod flare hdr highdynamicrange cs4 d40 tonemapped sunsetsun d40x photoamatix anotherdaycomestoanend sunsetduskbright evad310 davedicello

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”

sunset sun color photoshop evening nikon glare dusk horizon tripod alcohol flare jaeger nikkor hdr highdynamicrange cs4 photomatix d40 tonemapped sunsetsun d40x anotherdaycomestoanend sunsetduskbright evad310 davedicello

"First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you."

winter sunset night photoshop twilight nikon downtown pittsburgh dusk tripod clear nikkor hdr highdynamicrange robertoclemente sklyline cs4 pittsburghskyline pittsburghpa steelcity photomatix yinzer pittsburghbridges d40 cityofbridges tonemapped theburgh clementebridge pittsburgher d40x thecityofbridges abrahamlincolnquotes pittsburghphotography pittsburghhdr evad310 davedicello twlightpictures pittsburghcityofbridges steelscapes picturesofpittsburgh cityofbridgesphotography

“Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition."

blue sunset sky orange sun car photoshop evening high nikon nissan dynamic dusk horizon tripod rims range hdr maxima bluecar cs4 nissanmaxima photomatix d40 tonemapped sunsetsun nissanmotors d40x nissanrims anotherdaycomestoanend sunsetduskbright evad310 davedicello maximarims

And another day comes to an end

sunset usa fall weather architecture pittsburgh unitedstates pennsylvania bridges skylines 2010

sunset over Pittsburgh

bridge panorama sunrise pittsburgh waterfountain heavenonearth alleghenyriver pittsburghskyline pointstatepark canoneos60d tokina1116mmlens luminositymasks

Dawn at Pittsburgh

sky sunrise dawn lights cityscape

Downtown at Dawn - Pittsburgh

road street city longexposure nightphotography light urban motion car night canon dark photography driving pittsburgh pennsylvania nighttime headlight lighttrails brakelight canonphotography urbanexplorer longexposurephotography 10thstreetbypass fouronetwophotography

10th Street Bypass Light Trails

city morning sunrise landscape dawn pittsburgh cityscape unitedstates pennsylvania bluehour

Blue Hour Pittsburgh

morning beautiful skyline photoshop sunrise river dawn nikon pittsburgh tripod nikkor hdr highdynamicrange sunflare cs4 steelcity photomatix beautifulcities yinzer cityofbridges tonemapped theburgh pittsburgher colorefex cs5 rachelcarsonbridge beautifulskyline d700 thecityofbridges pittsburghphotography davedicello pittsburghcityofbridges steelscapes hdrexposed picturesofpittsburgh cityofbridgesphotography

Flooded boardwalk HDR

reflections pittsburgh northshore pncpark sunflare alleghenyriver pittsburghskyline steelcity robertoclementebridge pittsburghbridges andywarholbridge robertoclementestatue sunriseinpittsburgh davedicello hdrexposed pittsburghinthemorning clementebridgepittsburgh morninginpittsburgh

Chain on the North Shore and the Pittsubrgh skyline HDR

Moments After Sunset

longexposure morning fog skyline sunrise nikon pittsburgh cityscape usxtower mtwashington pa pittsburghpa westernpa alleghenycounty rollingfog d7100

Here comes the sun

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Saturday Morning

reflections pittsburgh northshore pncpark sunflare alleghenyriver pittsburghskyline steelcity robertoclementebridge pittsburghbridges andywarholbridge robertoclementestatue sunriseinpittsburgh davedicello hdrexposed pittsburghinthemorning clementebridgepittsburgh morninginpittsburgh

The Roberto Clemente Bridge reflects in the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh during the morning blue hour HDR

city morning bridge river nikon pittsburgh hometown 2012 april1 libertybridge capturenx colorfx nohdrhere

Liberty Bridge Pittsburgh, PA. (Non-HDR)

morning winter snow sunrise river dawn nikon downtown pittsburgh mtwashington barge westend hdr pncpark ohioriver daybreak heinzfield robertoclemente sunflare cathedraloflearning pittsburghskyline mtlebanon mellonarena westendbridge d600 civicarena kennywoodpark steelcity pittsburghpenguins pennsylvanian pittpanthers immaculateheartofmarychurch d700 d40x gradiants consolenergycenter davedicello hdrexposed kecksburgufo

Pittsburgh glows before sunrise HDR

city sunrise nikon pittsburgh nightscape pennsylvania hometown northshore nik riverwalk pncpark alleghenyriver ndfilter highmark 1635mm longexposre clementebridge adobelightroom cityofchampions capturenx d700

Pittsburgh - April 10/2013 (Updated Image 4/11/13)

summer sky moon night pittsburgh pennsylvania earth space nighttime astronomy nightsky outerspace supermoon

The Supermoon (2013)

city railroad sunrise pittsburgh unitedstates pennsylvania pat trains lightrail bustle portauthority hustle

The P.A.T.

pittsburgh bridges mtwashington northshore pncpark pittsburghpirates pittsburghskyline steelcity pittsburghbridges cityofpittsburgh sunrisepicturesofpittsburgh viewofthepittsburghskyline

Sunflare over PNC Park and the Roberto Clemente Statue

sunrise pittsburgh cityscape

Sunrise Over Pittsburgh

skyline sunrise october pittsburgh cityscape pennsylvania 2014 westendoverlook steelcity

Steel City Sunrise

sunrise nikon lee nik lightroom morningmist route19 ndfilter upperstclair d700 orrroad southhillsvillagemall singhrayrnd

In the Mist

railroad morning sunrise unitedstates pennsylvania trains calm amtrak passenger csx mckeesport passengertrain amtk196 csxpittsburghsub csxp030

A tranquil Capitol

Pittsburgh, PA, USA Map

Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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Sunrise and sunset times in Philadelphia, PA

Check out today's and tomorrow's sunrise and sunset times in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, as well as the whole calendar for October 2021.


October 17, 2021. Current time: 8:51 am (America/New_York timezone)

Sun rising over the horizon

First light at 6:46:24 AM

Sunrise time: 7:12:19 AM

Sun setting behind the horizon

Sunset time: 6:19:30 PM

Last light at 6:45:26 PM


October 18, 2021

Sun rising over the horizon

First light at 6:47:25 AM

Sunrise time: 7:13:23 AM

Sun setting behind the horizon

Sunset time: 6:18:04 PM

Last light at 6:44:01 PM

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Latitude: 39.952335
  • Longitude: -75.163788
  • Time zone: America/New_York

October 2021 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Sunrise and sunset calendar

Sunrise and sunset times, civil twilight start and end times as well as solar noon, and day length for every day of October in Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the first day of October is 11 hours, 48 minutes long. The last day of the month is 10 hours, 33 minutes, so the length of the days gets 1 hour, 15 minutes shorter in October 2021.

Fri, Oct 16:30:28 am6:56:03 am6:44:17 pm7:09:52 pm11:48:1412:50:10 pm5:59 am7:41 pm5:27 am8:12 pm
Sat, Oct 26:31:26 am6:57:02 am6:42:40 pm7:08:15 pm11:45:3812:49:51 pm6:00 am7:39 pm5:28 am8:11 pm
Sun, Oct 36:32:25 am6:58:01 am6:41:03 pm7:06:39 pm11:43:0212:49:32 pm6:01 am7:37 pm5:29 am8:09 pm
Mon, Oct 46:33:24 am6:59:00 am6:39:27 pm7:05:04 pm11:40:2712:49:14 pm6:02 am7:36 pm5:30 am8:07 pm
Tue, Oct 56:34:22 am7:00:00 am6:37:51 pm7:03:29 pm11:37:5112:48:56 pm6:03 am7:34 pm5:31 am8:06 pm
Wed, Oct 66:35:22 am7:01:00 am6:36:16 pm7:01:54 pm11:35:1612:48:38 pm6:04 am7:33 pm5:32 am8:04 pm
Thu, Oct 76:36:21 am7:02:00 am6:34:41 pm7:00:21 pm11:32:4112:48:21 pm6:05 am7:31 pm5:33 am8:03 pm
Fri, Oct 86:37:20 am7:03:01 am6:33:07 pm6:58:48 pm11:30:0612:48:04 pm6:06 am7:30 pm5:34 am8:01 pm
Sat, Oct 96:38:20 am7:04:01 am6:31:34 pm6:57:15 pm11:27:3312:47:47 pm6:07 am7:28 pm5:35 am7:59 pm
Sun, Oct 106:39:20 am7:05:02 am6:30:01 pm6:55:44 pm11:24:5912:47:32 pm6:08 am7:27 pm5:36 am7:58 pm
Mon, Oct 116:40:20 am7:06:04 am6:28:28 pm6:54:13 pm11:22:2412:47:16 pm6:08 am7:25 pm5:37 am7:56 pm
Tue, Oct 126:41:20 am7:07:06 am6:26:57 pm6:52:43 pm11:19:5112:47:01 pm6:09 am7:24 pm5:38 am7:55 pm
Wed, Oct 136:42:20 am7:08:08 am6:25:26 pm6:51:13 pm11:17:1812:46:47 pm6:10 am7:22 pm5:39 am7:53 pm
Thu, Oct 146:43:21 am7:09:10 am6:23:56 pm6:49:45 pm11:14:4612:46:33 pm6:11 am7:21 pm5:40 am7:52 pm
Fri, Oct 156:44:21 am7:10:13 am6:22:26 pm6:48:18 pm11:12:1312:46:20 pm6:12 am7:19 pm5:41 am7:51 pm
Sat, Oct 166:45:22 am7:11:16 am6:20:58 pm6:46:51 pm11:09:4212:46:07 pm6:13 am7:18 pm5:42 am7:49 pm
Sun, Oct 176:46:24 am7:12:19 am6:19:30 pm6:45:26 pm11:07:1112:45:55 pm6:14 am7:16 pm5:43 am7:48 pm
Mon, Oct 186:47:25 am7:13:23 am6:18:04 pm6:44:01 pm11:04:4112:45:43 pm6:15 am7:15 pm5:44 am7:46 pm
Tue, Oct 196:48:27 am7:14:27 am6:16:38 pm6:42:37 pm11:02:1112:45:32 pm6:16 am7:14 pm5:45 am7:45 pm
Wed, Oct 206:49:29 am7:15:31 am6:15:13 pm6:41:15 pm10:59:4212:45:22 pm6:17 am7:12 pm5:46 am7:44 pm
Thu, Oct 216:50:31 am7:16:35 am6:13:49 pm6:39:53 pm10:57:1412:45:12 pm6:18 am7:11 pm5:47 am7:42 pm
Fri, Oct 226:51:33 am7:17:40 am6:12:26 pm6:38:33 pm10:54:4612:45:03 pm6:19 am7:10 pm5:48 am7:41 pm
Sat, Oct 236:52:36 am7:18:46 am6:11:04 pm6:37:14 pm10:52:1812:44:55 pm6:21 am7:08 pm5:49 am7:40 pm
Sun, Oct 246:53:39 am7:19:51 am6:09:43 pm6:35:56 pm10:49:5212:44:47 pm6:22 am7:07 pm5:50 am7:38 pm
Mon, Oct 256:54:42 am7:20:57 am6:08:24 pm6:34:39 pm10:47:2712:44:40 pm6:23 am7:06 pm5:51 am7:37 pm
Tue, Oct 266:55:45 am7:22:03 am6:07:05 pm6:33:24 pm10:45:0212:44:34 pm6:24 am7:05 pm5:52 am7:36 pm
Wed, Oct 276:56:48 am7:23:10 am6:05:48 pm6:32:09 pm10:42:3812:44:29 pm6:25 am7:03 pm5:53 am7:35 pm
Thu, Oct 286:57:52 am7:24:16 am6:04:32 pm6:30:56 pm10:40:1612:44:24 pm6:26 am7:02 pm5:54 am7:34 pm
Fri, Oct 296:58:56 am7:25:23 am6:03:17 pm6:29:45 pm10:37:5412:44:20 pm6:27 am7:01 pm5:55 am7:33 pm
Sat, Oct 307:00:00 am7:26:31 am6:02:04 pm6:28:34 pm10:35:3312:44:17 pm6:28 am7:00 pm5:56 am7:31 pm
Sun, Oct 317:01:04 am7:27:38 am6:00:52 pm6:27:25 pm10:33:1412:44:15 pm6:29 am6:59 pm5:57 am7:30 pm

Year distribution of sunrise and sunset times in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 2021

The following graph shows sunrise and sunset times in Philadelphia for every day of the year. There are two jumps in the graph that represent the hour change for Daylight Saving Time (DST) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sunset Time
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Cresco Sun forecast calculated mathematically.

Cresco Sun Times Statistics

Daylight Hours

Solar Events

  • Autumnal Equinox Day/Night Nearly Equal

    22 September, 2022
  • Spring Equinox Day/Night Nearly Equal

    20 March, 2022
  • Winter Solstice Shortest Day

    21 December, 2021
  • Summer Solstice Longest Day

    21 June, 2022
  • Next Partial Solar Eclipse

    14 October, 2023 12:04–2:34 pm
  • Next Total Solar Eclipse

    1 May, 2079 5:04–5:06 am
  • Next Annular Solar Eclipse Ring of Fire

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Time pa sunset

Pennsylvania, USA Locations

Pennsylvania, USA Locations

The locations drop-down includes: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Altoona, Erie, Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, Reading, Scranton, Williamsport and more.

The locations drop-down includes: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Altoona, Erie, Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, Reading, Scranton, Williamsport and more.

Select Your City, Town or POI

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Western Pa Sunset Time Lapse

Sunrise and sunset times, day length in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Today is Sunday, October 17, 2021

SunriseSunsetSolar NoonDay Length
7:137:13 AM18:186:18 PM12:4512:45 PM 11:04:31

See sunrise, sunset, and twilight information for the entire month in the tables below.

Sunrise and sunset calendar — Philadelphia, USA

SunriseSunsetSolar NoonDay Length
Fri, October 1 6:576:57 AM18:426:42 PM12:5012:50 PM 11:45:37
Sat, October 2 6:586:58 AM18:416:41 PM12:4912:49 PM 11:43:01
Sun, October 3 6:596:59 AM18:396:39 PM12:4912:49 PM 11:40:26
Mon, October 4 7:007:00 AM18:386:38 PM12:4912:49 PM 11:37:49
Tue, October 5 7:017:01 AM18:366:36 PM12:4812:48 PM 11:35:14
Wed, October 6 7:027:02 AM18:346:34 PM12:4812:48 PM 11:32:38
Thu, October 7 7:037:03 AM18:336:33 PM12:4812:48 PM 11:30:03
Fri, October 8 7:047:04 AM18:316:31 PM12:4812:48 PM 11:27:29
Sat, October 9 7:057:05 AM18:306:30 PM12:4712:47 PM 11:24:55
Sun, October 10 7:067:06 AM18:286:28 PM12:4712:47 PM 11:22:20
Mon, October 11 7:077:07 AM18:276:27 PM12:4712:47 PM 11:19:46
Tue, October 12 7:087:08 AM18:256:25 PM12:4712:47 PM 11:17:13
Wed, October 13 7:097:09 AM18:246:24 PM12:4612:46 PM 11:14:40
Thu, October 14 7:107:10 AM18:226:22 PM12:4612:46 PM 11:12:07
Fri, October 15 7:117:11 AM18:216:21 PM12:4612:46 PM 11:09:35
Sat, October 16 7:127:12 AM18:196:19 PM12:4612:46 PM 11:07:03
Sun, October 17 7:137:13 AM18:186:18 PM12:4512:45 PM 11:04:31
Mon, October 18 7:147:14 AM18:166:16 PM12:4512:45 PM 11:02:01
Tue, October 19 7:157:15 AM18:156:15 PM12:4512:45 PM 10:59:30
Wed, October 20 7:167:16 AM18:136:13 PM12:4512:45 PM 10:57:01
Thu, October 21 7:177:17 AM18:126:12 PM12:4512:45 PM 10:54:32
Fri, October 22 7:197:19 AM18:116:11 PM12:4512:45 PM 10:52:04
Sat, October 23 7:207:20 AM18:096:09 PM12:4412:44 PM 10:49:37
Sun, October 24 7:217:21 AM18:086:08 PM12:4412:44 PM 10:47:10
Mon, October 25 7:227:22 AM18:076:07 PM12:4412:44 PM 10:44:45
Tue, October 26 7:237:23 AM18:056:05 PM12:4412:44 PM 10:42:19
Wed, October 27 7:247:24 AM18:046:04 PM12:4412:44 PM 10:39:55
Thu, October 28 7:257:25 AM18:036:03 PM12:4412:44 PM 10:37:32
Fri, October 29 7:267:26 AM18:016:01 PM12:4412:44 PM 10:35:10
Sat, October 30 7:277:27 AM18:006:00 PM12:4412:44 PM 10:32:49
Sun, October 31 7:297:29 AM17:595:59 PM12:4412:44 PM 10:30:29

Twilight calendar — Philadelphia, USA

Fri, October 1 6:306:30 AM19:097:09 PM5:595:59 AM19:417:41 PM5:275:27 AM20:128:12 PM
Sat, October 2 6:316:31 AM19:087:08 PM6:006:00 AM19:397:39 PM5:285:28 AM20:118:11 PM
Sun, October 3 6:326:32 AM19:067:06 PM6:016:01 AM19:377:37 PM5:295:29 AM20:098:09 PM
Mon, October 4 6:336:33 AM19:057:05 PM6:026:02 AM19:367:36 PM5:305:30 AM20:078:07 PM
Tue, October 5 6:346:34 AM19:037:03 PM6:036:03 AM19:347:34 PM5:315:31 AM20:068:06 PM
Wed, October 6 6:356:35 AM19:017:01 PM6:046:04 AM19:337:33 PM5:325:32 AM20:048:04 PM
Thu, October 7 6:366:36 AM19:007:00 PM6:056:05 AM19:317:31 PM5:335:33 AM20:038:03 PM
Fri, October 8 6:376:37 AM18:586:58 PM6:066:06 AM19:307:30 PM5:345:34 AM20:018:01 PM
Sat, October 9 6:386:38 AM18:576:57 PM6:076:07 AM19:287:28 PM5:355:35 AM19:597:59 PM
Sun, October 10 6:396:39 AM18:556:55 PM6:086:08 AM19:277:27 PM5:365:36 AM19:587:58 PM
Mon, October 11 6:406:40 AM18:546:54 PM6:086:08 AM19:257:25 PM5:375:37 AM19:567:56 PM
Tue, October 12 6:416:41 AM18:526:52 PM6:096:09 AM19:247:24 PM5:385:38 AM19:557:55 PM
Wed, October 13 6:426:42 AM18:516:51 PM6:106:10 AM19:227:22 PM5:395:39 AM19:537:53 PM
Thu, October 14 6:436:43 AM18:496:49 PM6:116:11 AM19:217:21 PM5:405:40 AM19:527:52 PM
Fri, October 15 6:446:44 AM18:486:48 PM6:126:12 AM19:197:19 PM5:415:41 AM19:517:51 PM
Sat, October 16 6:456:45 AM18:466:46 PM6:136:13 AM19:187:18 PM5:425:42 AM19:497:49 PM
Sun, October 17 6:466:46 AM18:456:45 PM6:146:14 AM19:167:16 PM5:435:43 AM19:487:48 PM
Mon, October 18 6:476:47 AM18:446:44 PM6:156:15 AM19:157:15 PM5:445:44 AM19:467:46 PM
Tue, October 19 6:486:48 AM18:426:42 PM6:166:16 AM19:147:14 PM5:455:45 AM19:457:45 PM
Wed, October 20 6:496:49 AM18:416:41 PM6:176:17 AM19:127:12 PM5:465:46 AM19:447:44 PM
Thu, October 21 6:506:50 AM18:396:39 PM6:186:18 AM19:117:11 PM5:475:47 AM19:427:42 PM
Fri, October 22 6:516:51 AM18:386:38 PM6:196:19 AM19:107:10 PM5:485:48 AM19:417:41 PM
Sat, October 23 6:526:52 AM18:376:37 PM6:216:21 AM19:087:08 PM5:495:49 AM19:407:40 PM
Sun, October 24 6:536:53 AM18:356:35 PM6:226:22 AM19:077:07 PM5:505:50 AM19:387:38 PM
Mon, October 25 6:546:54 AM18:346:34 PM6:236:23 AM19:067:06 PM5:515:51 AM19:377:37 PM
Tue, October 26 6:556:55 AM18:336:33 PM6:246:24 AM19:057:05 PM5:525:52 AM19:367:36 PM
Wed, October 27 6:566:56 AM18:326:32 PM6:256:25 AM19:037:03 PM5:535:53 AM19:357:35 PM
Thu, October 28 6:576:57 AM18:306:30 PM6:266:26 AM19:027:02 PM5:545:54 AM19:347:34 PM
Fri, October 29 6:586:58 AM18:296:29 PM6:276:27 AM19:017:01 PM5:555:55 AM19:337:33 PM
Sat, October 30 7:007:00 AM18:286:28 PM6:286:28 AM19:007:00 PM5:565:56 AM19:317:31 PM
Sun, October 31 7:017:01 AM18:276:27 PM6:296:29 AM18:596:59 PM5:575:57 AM19:307:30 PM

During civil twilight the geometric center of the sun is between 0 and 6 degrees below the horizon. Objects are clearly distinguished without artificial light.

During nautical twilight the center of the sun is between 6 and 12 degrees below the horizon. Sailors can navigate, using a visible horizon as reference.

During astronomical twilight the center of the sun is between 12 and 18 degrees below the horizon. Between the end of astronomical twilight in the evening and the beginning of astronomical twilight in the morning, the sky is dark enough for all astronomical observations.

Philadelphia, USA

Country: USA
State: Pennsylvania
Philadelphia’s coordinates: 39°57′08″ N, 75°09′49″ W
Population: 1,526,006
Find out the current time in Philadelphia
Find out the time difference between Philadelphia and other world cities
Find out namaz times in Philadelphia
Wikipedia article: Philadelphia


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