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Explore a digital world overlaying the real world with COIN. Find rewards, items, and special opportunities. Interact, communicate, and compete with other players in location-based games. Redeem rewards for a variety of exciting items, like digital assets, gaming systems, tablets, and more.

Here's what you get when you use COIN:

Verify location data through "Geomining", and earn COIN! Use the "AutoCollect" feature to earn on the go, or establish a "Home Base" if you'll be spending the day indoors!

COIN has a variety of redeem options, and we're always adding more! We'll even sometimes add redeem items specifically requested by users. Normally, we have redeem items for digital assets that can be stored in digital wallets, Bluetooth speakers & headphones, gaming systems, and more.

**Newest Redeem Feature is the COIN Sweepstakes!**
With Sweepstakes, you can redeem your COIN for entries into national sweepstakes. So far, we've had Sweepstakes for the PS5, Xbox Series X, VR headsets, Nintendo Switches, and more! (Currently only available for US Residents, other Terms & Conditions Apply)

Earn more COIN through completing quick surveys with our partners, playing minigames to unlock more places to Geomine, or trying a variety of our other features! We're always growing, updating, and improving, and look forward to finding the most fun ways to earn rewards.

COIN allows you to use referral rewards links or "SentinelX Sharing" to earn more when your friends join in on the fun! Invite a friend to earn more COIN, or simply compete to see who can earn more COIN faster! Geomine near each other to activate Team Lift, or Geodrop messages to each other inside the app!

COIN is a free app -- you don't need to spend money to start earning now! If you want to add verification to your data, and increase that data value (earning more COIN!), you can use a SentinelX device or try a subscription:

• Basic COIN Account
• 1x Geomining Speed & Recharge Rate
• 1x Likelihood of Big Geomines
• 1x Geomining Rewards

COIN PLUS: $24.95/month
• 2x Geomining Speed & Recharge Rate
• 2x Likelihood of Big Geomines
• 12x Geomining Rewards

*MOST POPULAR* COIN PRO: $34.95/month
• 3x Geomining Speed & Recharge Rate
• 3x Likelihood of Big Geomines
• 12x Geomining Rewards
• 3x Additional Geomining Rewards



You own your data, and you have the right to store it, share it, use it and sell at your sole discretion. GeoCash has been created so that you can finally truly execute your rights.

GeoCash is a data collector app that allows any user around the world to share their private and anonymous data with GeoDB’s Data Sharing Ecosystem while being rewarded with GEO tokens on a daily basis.

You own your data, and you have the right to store, share, use and sell it at your sole discretion. GeoCash has been created so that you can finally truly execute your rights.
GeoCash is a data collector app that allows any user around the world to share her/his private and anonymous data with GeoDB's Data Sharing Ecosystem while getting rewarded with GEO tokens on a daily basis.
GeoCash allows users to gain rewards for the data they generate, and at the same time exchange GEO Tokens with the rest of the users. Users will also be able to check both their own stats and other people's stats, such as heat maps, locations, and distances travelled.

All of the data shared with the ecosystem will be entirely anonymised, and no one will be able to track you or impact you with annoying advertisements.
You will finally be compensated for your data and you will be able to use your GEOs (a publicly-traded Token) in exchange for services or for other market tokens.
Join now the New Data Economy, join GeoDB!

  1. Mikron machining
  2. Satisfied guitar chords
  3. Tony little machines
Amount:   50   -   Location: 42.68, -92.33

Amount:   18.704   -   Location: 48.48, -123.33

Amount:   6   -   Location: 33.46, -100.03

Amount:   5   -   Location: 28.2, 84

Amount:   5   -   Location: 40.67, 22.93

Amount:   5   -   Location: 46.53, 24.55

Amount:   5   -   Location: 43.09, -89.42

Amount:   5   -   Location: 48.24, 16.3

Amount:   5   -   Location: 43.1, -89.31

Amount:   5   -   Location: 43.1, -89.31

Currently: 47822.474000499 geodropped
GeoCoins Found: 14106.258552075 | Dropped: 61928.732552574
Top Hunters: Yerper (1000) tamhou (825) NNN (817.11100000131)
GeoCoin Hunters: 8622 | Banned Users: 149
*Users caught spoofing their GPS location will be banned instantly.

COIN App: How Much I Got Paid (Full Review)

Technical Analysis

WhatisGeoCoinabout?GeoCoin has created a real life scavenger hunt where users are rewarded with cryptocurrency! Users are able to drag and drop GEO on to the map for others to collect in a fun blockchain gaming user experience powered by Ubiq. Our goal is to bring GIS and GeoTechnologies to the blockchain to try and drive mass adoption of cryptocurrency. We plan to do this by removing barriers of entry to new users entering the cryptocurrency scene. We are currently actively beta testing, it is free to sign up and open to everyone. Essentially users can Sign Up, Login, turn on their smartphone GPS and navigate to the location of the nearest GEO to earn their first cryptocurrency!

If you would like to participate and try to collect some free GEO, please follow our getting started guide.Getting Started Guide

GeoCoin is an ERC20 Token on the Ubiq Network. We migrated a snapshot of all balances in January 2018 from our original Qubit Proof of Work blockchain, captured at block # 1568125. The ERC20 token is currently trading at Bittrex, CatalX and CryptoFacil exchanges.

Proof of Location: The remainder of the GEO supply will be dropped onto the map for collection through Proof of Location (PoL), with a total GEO supply capped at 4,000,000 GEO. The remaining 598,875 GEO will be distributed at a rate of roughly 50,000 GEO per year.

Don't see any GEO nearby? No problem! Head on over to our new PoL GEO Drops Interface, pan and zoom into your local area and drop a magnet. This magnet will attract GEO to nearby places!

Proof-of-Location (PoL) GEO Drops Interface

Powered by MapBox

New and improved MapBox interface provides game like web map experience.

Improved Cartography

MapBox allows for a more dynamic style of web map.

Drag n Drop GEO

Pin some GEO to a public park or a business location near you.


Spatial Clustering

Dive into a nearby cluster to fan out all the GEO near you.

3D Buildings / Video Game Sound Effects

Improved gaming experience with local 3D Buildings and Sound Effects.

More great features to come

Check out our Roadmap for all our current and future development plans.

CoinFestVancouver2019 GeoCoin gave a presentation at the CoinFest Vancouver 2019 conference!

This year CoinFest Vancouver offered a Blockchain Gaming Expo, featuring cryptocurrency projects from the local community and across the world. GeoCoin presented at 4:40pm on Saturday April 6th 2019 at The Beaumont Studios, 316 W 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC. The event started off at 10am and ran until 7pm. The day was filled with presentations from many Blockchain Gaming projects, and there were multiple booths setup as well. Dave and his wife also took part in the Blockchain Wedding held on Sunday April 7th 2019 at Don Francesco Ristorante Italia, 909 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC.

GeoCoin Presentation     Blockchain Wedding


App geo coin


GeoDB is being created and developed by GeoDB Blockchain Limited, a London based company whose corporate mission and goal is to ensure the development of the ecosystem, build a financial sustainable model, democratize the crypto culture by ensuring open access to the platform, encouraging the network growth and safeguarding that the platform becomes fully decentralized over time.

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