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The kitchen is the heart of the home. The kitchen is where family and friends meet to socialise, cook, bake and eat – quite simply to live. Of course, this also involves a good deal of spillage and dropping of crockery, as well as sticky and sometimes sharp utensils. In other words, the kitchen floor has to put up with a lot, so it is worth having a proper think about what sort of kitchen flooring you want. 

While function and durability are the most important factors, you want your kitchen floor to be beautiful as well. The floor binds the whole room together and can either be a focal point or simply a discrete background. Regardless of your tastes and the style of your interior, at Pergo you can find kitchen flooring that is decorative, easy to install and simple to maintain.

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Vinyl flooring

You will probably spend long hours standing in and walking around your kitchen, and if you want a slightly softer and quieter feeling beneath your feet, you should invest in vinyl flooring. It is one of the most water-resistant and hygienic options and is available in a number of varieties. Modern vinyl flooring can look exactly like wood or tiles but without their negative properties, such as the need for a lot of maintenance or poor resistance to impact, scratches and spillages. On the contrary, vinyl flooring is almost completely maintenance-free and can handle most things.


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This post is written in collaboration with Pergo. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s been a long time coming, but the bones of the kitchen are finally done! I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. Patience is not my strong suit, so to sit with an unfinished kitchen for such a long period of time  was driving me borderline insane. I’ll be sharing the other details of the kitchen soon, but today I want to show you the crazy difference of the before and after of our Pergo flooring.

One of the features we loved about this house was the potential we knew it had. When we walked into this kitchen for the first time, I could see past the oak cabinets and pickled wood laminate flooring. This flooring was actually Pergo that was installed years ago. It was in great condition (which proves how well Pergo holds up over time), but not my style, so we planned on replacing it with a more natural looking flooring.


Pergo flooring before and after photosPergo flooring before and after photosPergo flooring before and after photos


Pergo flooring before and after photos, Providence Hickory

Before and after of Pergo flooring, Providence Hickory

Pergo flooring before and after photos, Providence Hickory

I absolutely love how the Providence Hickory turned out. Its lighter tone and handscraped finish gives our kitchen the farmhouse feel I was going for, especially against the white cabinets. With Pergo’s superior wear performance and wide selection of beautiful, realistic designs, you’re sure to find the perfect floor for your home and style. I also love that I don’t have to worry about staining and scratching in the most used room of our home due to Pergo’s ScratchGuard Advanced.

Overall the install was pretty easy, even with the curvature of the cabinets. It’s held up great with our dog;s nails and our toddler’s need to bang everything on the floor. I’m positive going with Pergo laminate was the best choice we could make for flooring because of the durability, especially at this point in our lives.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for any room in your house, Pergo’s Pinterest board is a great place to start. Pergo’s laminate collection carry a wide range of textures, styles, and colors, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits what you’re going for.

For more on our Pergo experience, check out why we chose our Pergo flooring, how we care for the laminate, and our DIY process.

I’ll be posting more kitchen details in a cumulative before and after soon, so stay tuned!


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How to Seal Pergo Floors in the Kitchen

By Lee Carroll

Regular damp mopping doesn't hurt Pergo, but standing water can.

Pergo and other laminate flooring starts with a durable backing followed by a photorealistic image of wood grain sealed under a tough, plastic coating. This makes flooring planks suitable for almost any room, including damp areas such as kitchens. A true floating floor, each laminate plank interlocks with the next so no nails or glue go into the installation. Some homeowners wish to seal the whole floor after it’s installed, but Pergo does not recommend it; sealing certain exposed edges is the right approach.

Pull out the refrigerator, if one is installed. Use a pry bar to remove the kick-plate trim across the bottom front of the cabinet that houses the kitchen sink.

Vacuum out any dirt or grime from behind the refrigerator and trim using a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment.

Cut the tip on a tube of 100% silicone sealer or Pergo sealer at a 45-degree angle, making an opening that’s approximately 1/8-inch wide. A utility knife makes a clean cut.

Place the silicone tube in a caulk gun, and squeeze its trigger a few times until you feel resistance. If the silicone doesn’t flow, the inner tube might be sealed. Push a long, thin nail or wood skewer through the tip to pierce the seal. Squeeze the trigger until silicone reaches the tip, then release the pressure by flipping the lever or turning the rod at the back end of the caulk gun.

Set the tip of the silicone tube in the gap between the Pergo flooring and kitchen sink cabinet. This gap should be approximately 3/8 inch. If it’s wider, opening the silicone tip wider aids application.

Squeeze the caulk gun trigger until the silicone flows. Pull the gun through the gap keeping pressure on the tube by squeezing the trigger as needed. Fill the expansion gap with a generous amount of silicone, leaving no unsealed space between the edge of the floor and cabinet.

Seal the edge of the floor along the front of the dishwasher.

Apply silicone in the expansion gap between the floor and exterior door, if the kitchen has a door.

Seal any other areas in the room near a water source where the Pergo’s raw edge is exposed, such as around a water supply pipe that runs up through the floor.

Replace trim and move appliances back into their spots after 24 hours or two days if interior air is dry. Silicone needs humidity to cure properly.



  • Open windows to help with ventilation if silicone fumes are too strong.
  • Wearing chemical-resistant gloves lets you smooth the silicone. This isn’t necessary but can help when sealing wider gaps.
  • If Pergo was installed before the dishwasher, the dishwasher rests on top. In this case, the dishwasher must come out to seal the flooring edge.


  • Sealing the whole floor with urethane or any other floor sealing product could void the Pergo warranty.

Writer Bio

Carole Oldroyd, a writer based in East Tennessee, has authored numerous DIY home improvement, Human Resources, HR and Law articles. In addition to holding a degree in paralegal studies, she has more than 10 years of experience renovating newer homes and restoring historic property.

Best Flooring for Kitchens - The Good Guys

Today I’m sharing my Pergo flooring kitchen reveal, and all I can say is…why in the world did we wait so long?


To see all of my Pergo room reveals, click here.

If you’re new here, we are in the process of ripping and replacing our entire first floor carpet (and old flooring) with brand new Pergo Outlast+.  This DIY has totally transformed our home!!!

Kitchen (before): I settled, I know. But the builder was charging 12-G's for the cabinets I wanted so I took the builder's basic. It seemed outrageous at the time.

Everything about this new Pergo floor makes sense with our design aesthetic (and our lifestyle). As we continue finishing off the remaining rooms, I’ll be popping in with live video updates, so be sure to follow me on all of my social media channels (Instagram / Facebook) or by clicking the “let’s connect” buttons and following all of my social media channels listed under my picture on the right. I’m planning a Facebook Live, a YouTube walkthrough of my house and Instagram video to come!

Click to see the Pergo flooring kitchen project from the beginning  

Because we live in an open concept home, it really feels like a “one room house”.  Because of this, we’ve had to be strategic about starting and stopping points (you know, because “life” doesn’t stop just because we are installing a floor) and we’d have to live with an unfinished “edge” between rooms. We’d set aside time to tackle certain rooms, but with homecomings, school plays, Halloween parties and birthdays…grabbing that time has been a challenge.

Here are some “after” photos…I love the hand scraped look and the color contrast against the light grey and white cabinets.  The color we chose is Molasses Maple in the Outlast+ collection.


I love the variation of color of the floorboards.  They hide dirt well too, such a bonus!


In the shot below, you can see what I mean about finding good starting and stopping points. One of the trickier parts of this project was wrapping the floor around the island. But I did a lot of these cuts myself (and I, of course, have no photos to show for it!)


One last “before and after” comparison.

  • pergo-kitchen-progress-update-kitchen-before-by-snazzylittlethings-com-2
  • pergo-flooring-kitchen-reveal-view-from-dining-room2-768x1024

Here is a quick reminder of the layers that we have to deal with as we remove the old floor and carpet. We lay plywood to even up the layers, and it’s been working really well. Removing carpet takes less time than I ever imagined….it’s gone within about an hour in each room, staples and all.



Be sure to learn more about Pergo’s new Outlast+ line on their social media channels:

Facebook // Pinterest //  Instagram // Twitter

I received Pergo Outlast+ laminate flooring and accessories for my home free of charge to facilitate my review.

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Vinyl Plank vs Laminate vs Engineered Hardwood

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