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Top 15 Best DBZ Scenes that were Amazing

Top 15 Best DBZ Scenes that were Amazing

If there’s one certainty on this planet, it’s that Dragon Ball Z is epic. Be it the transformations, the battles, the character growth or the scale. DBZ never once settled for less on the heart pounding excitement that keeps us glued to it’s screens and pages. Whether you first saw the moments as a kid or an adult, these are the moments that DBZ will claim in your memories forever. Here are Top 15 Best DBZ Moments that were Amazing. 

15) Goku and Vegeta’s first fight

A Meeting for the Ages

The epic rivalry begins! When Goku and Vegeta came face to face for the first time, the world had no idea it just witnessed history, a moment that would change Dragon Ball history, but when we saw the epic fight unfold, with Vegeta turning Oozaru, Yajirobe’s heroic entrance, and of course, the Kamehameha and Galick Gun beam struggle, we understood we were watching something like no other. 

Watch the scene:

14) The Turtle Hermit Way

He's Still Got It

“Work hard, Study well and eat and sleep plenty…that's the turtle hermit way” We first heard these quotes from Master Roshi back in the original Dragon Ball, and they became the guiding principles for the rest ofGoku and Krillin’s lives. When the time came for the epic Tournament of Power, we got to see Master Roshi make a daring and emotional stand against the enemy Ganos. The old mentor proved the value of his experience and mastery, giving us an emotional and nostalgic payoff we’ll never forget.

Watch the Scene:

13) Driving School

Fast and Furious Presents: Goku and Piccolo

After defeating Frieza, who would have thought that Goku and Piccolo’s most challenging battle would be....learning to drive!? In the midst of training for the Androids' arrival, we got this absolute gem of a filler episode that remained in the hearts of fans forever for its hilarity. When beings of such unimaginable power struggle with something so common and mundane, maybe it shows us that the rest of us are doing something right. 

Watch the scene:

12) Piccolo’s sacrifice

He Died Not as he Lived

A great redemption story if there ever was one. Piccolo spent his life seeking vengeance on Goku for killing his father, Demon King Piccolo, until the two were forced to team up to battle the Saiyan Raditz. Upon witnessing Goku’s sacrifice and hearing of Vegeta’s arrival, Piccolo took Gohan to train him and in the process, he had bonded with him enough to give his life when Nappa’s deadly attack struck. This one selfless act was proof that Piccolo's days of evil were long behind him.

Watch the scene:

11) Mystic Gohan

Puberty was Kind

They grow up so fast! When all seemed lost in the battle against Super Buu, Gohan entered the fray. Having unlocked all his hidden potential from the Old Kai, Gohan attained a new level of power unlike anything he had seen before. This epic scene showcased Gohan wiping the floor with Buu.Trunks, Goten, Piccolo and those of us watching, could only gaze in amazement. 

Watch the scene:

10) Trunks appears

A Slice and Dice

The earth seemed doomed, the insurmountable Frieza was on his way and Goku was missing in action. As the Z-fighters prepared for their last stand, a miracle occurred. A new Super Saiyan emerged from nowhere and easily destroyed Frieza and his father, King Cold. This epic scene blew us away when the surprise appearance turned the series on its head, when Trunks first appeared, anything seemed possible. 

Watch the scene:

9) Kaioken Super Saiyan Blue

Coming Through with a Combo

The battle against Hit reached its climax when Goku pulled out his biggest surprise, a mixture of his Super Saiyan Blue and his long unseen Kaio Ken transformations. We had never seen forms mixed together in such a way before, reminding us  it had been years since Kaio Ken was even mentioned, but Goku never forgot. The surprise move blew us all away, and for many, this is where the greatness of Dragon Ball Super truly began.

Watch the scene:

8) Gohan Beats Cell

A New Hero for a New Generation

When the young Gohan was staring death in the eye, he rose up to give us one of the most epic scenes in DBZ history. The villainous Cell had already defeated Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha. He demoralized Vegeta to the point of breaking his will to fight, and worse of all, Goku and Android 16 had fallen. But, with one hand remaining, Gohan fired his last ditch Kamehameha and with the support of Goku from Other World. With a helpful distraction from Vegeta, Gohan was able to end the nightmare of Cell forever. This scene will always live on as Gohan's crowning moment, the time when he became a true hero.

Watch the scene: 

7) Vegeta’s sacrifice

He Did it for You, for You, and Yes, Even for You

Another epic moment of redemption, the proud Vegeta begins his final atonement for the evil ways of his past and sacrifices himself to rid the world of Majin Buu. While the effort was ultimately futile, the emotion and weight of the scene was not. As Vegeta realizes he cares more for his family thananything else, he finally completes his long journey into the side of good where he would forever remain. 

Watch the scene:

6) Super Saiyan 3

Makes Me Wanna Shout

One of the greatest transformation sequences ever, this half episode long scream gave us a glimpse at awhole new level of power. When we previously thought Super Saiyan 2 ws the highest we could go, Goku shows us we can always aim higher. This stunning transformation sequence pulled out all the stops, and had the whole world feel its tremendous energy. The earth was shaking,waves were crashing and the sky was rolling, all in response to the epic power of Goku. All of it was enhanced even further with an epic soundtrack. 

Watch the scene:

5) Goku defeats Piccolo 

From Boy to Hero

The battle against Demon King Piccolo is one of the best of the original Dragon Ball, it was the first time we had ever seen a truly evil villain like him. With heroes like Krillin and Master Roshi falling left and right, Goku was pushed over the edge, and delivered an epic final blow that will live on in Dragon Ball history. Goku might be earth's greatest defender now, but it was this battle that truly made him a hero.

Watch the scene:

4) Super Saiyan 2

He's Had Enough of Cell's Games

When Gohan stood alone to battle Cell, he gave us one of his most epic transformations. As Android 16 was killed trying to motivate him to stop holding back his power, Gohan snapped and unleashed the rage and hidden potential he had been holding back since he was a young child. Accompanied by the epic music, the shocked reactions from the other characters, and his shining brilliant aura, this is the moment that changed Gohan forever.

Watch the scene:

3) Goku’s Surfing Kamehameha

Up Close and Personal

One of the most epic scenes we’ve ever seen, Goku’s elimination of Kefla is a standout moment in a saga full of standout moments. Finally regaining the power of Ultra Instinct, Goku jumps head on into the fight with Kefla, who responds with a final barrage of attacks. As she fires her largest assault, Goku stuns all those watching by flipping over, riding the attack using his own like he’s pulling a skate trick, and hits Kefla point blank. The elimination took only instant, but the attack will remain unforgettable. 

Watch the scene:

2) First Super Saiyan Transformation

The Legend Awakens

This epic scene is one of the most defining in Dragon Ball Z history g, and will live on in the hearts of fans forever. We heard the legend of the Super Saiyan time and time again, but it was justthat, a legend. That is, until this moment changed anime history forever. When Krillin is killed by Frieza, Goku’s rage explodes. His eyes turn green, his hair turns gold, and his power erupts. Never before had we witnessed a transformation such as this, and while many came after, this would be the one to make history. 

Watch the scene:

1) Tournament of Power End

And the Winner Is....

Saving the best moment for last. With only seconds left in the Tournament of Power, with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, the insurmountable Jiren attacks! With only Goku, Android 17, and Frieza left, the 3 former enemies put their differences aside and teamed up to save the universe by defeating Jiren once and for all. The epic combination of Goku and Frieza working together was an astonishment to witness, with every fighter giving every bit of what they had in this final stand. When this final episode aired, thousands upon thousands of people gathered in public areas to witness the end of the battle live. Their yells and cheers rocked the streets, a worthy testament to the most epic scene in Dragon Ball history.

Watch the scene:

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Dragon Ball Z: The 15 All-Time Greatest Moments

There’s a reason Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime on the planet, and it’s got nothing to do with Goku’s endless trip down Snake Way, or Gohan’s adventures in high school. It’s because of the moments that make all those hours of filler worthwhile. Moments that deliver drama as exciting as anything you’re ever likely to see on television, and that still pull on the heartstrings of fully grown adults.

Any instance of a character transforming, fusing, or in any way powering up, will not be up for consideration. We’re focusing on character development and high drama, and while those criteria absolutely factor into some of the Super Saiyan transformations in the series, they already have their own list. Full battle sequences are also excluded (again, they have their own list, and we’re looking more specifically at singular moments).

One more time: no transformations. No extended fights. Otherwise, here the 15 Greatest Moments in Dragon Ball Z.

15 “It’s Over 9000!”

It’s over 9000!” is many people’s introduction to Dragon Ball Z, and in some cases, the only thing they know about the series. It actually turns out that Vegeta’s most famous line was completely mistranslated by the Ocean dub, but it had already caught on so quickly that Funimation were happy to run with the mistake, and as a result, the Prince of all Saiyans has become a staple of internet culture.

But the line was a pretty big deal even before memes existed. The brief display of shock from Vegeta, who had so far sat through the entire Saiyan Saga with a smirk on his face, is all you need for Goku’s endless training on King Kai’s planet to finally pay off. It also represents the tipping point for first-time watchers, as the hint at Goku’s new power keeps your attention for the remainder of the arc, and arguably the rest of the series.

14 Gohan Knocks Back Cell’s Kamehameha

At this point in the Cell Saga, we had already seen Super Saiyan 2 Gohan make quick work of the Cell Juniors, and even outmatch Cell in hand-to-hand, but the greatest indication of just what Cell is up against comes when the 11-year-old deflects a full-power Kamehameha from close range.

It’s not enough for Gohan to overpower Cell, though – he has to completely humiliate him. Rather than launch a Kamehameha right back at Cell, Gohan stands and watches as the massive death beam rockets toward him, only reacting at the very last second.

Even Goku, who had put so much faith in Gohan, isn’t sure exactly what he is capable of, but the fact that Gohan puts in so little effort not only proves the full realization of his hidden power, but that it reaches further than anyone could have predicted. It’s the turning point in the Cell Games, and strangely enough – Gohan’s first ever on-screen Kamehameha.

13 Frieza Sliced

To this day, Goku’s battle with Frieza remains the longest in anime history, but it comes to a swift end, as Frieza is sliced in two by his own discs. Goku tricks Frieza into dodging his own Death Saucers, and follows up with a series of Super Saiyan slaps. As Goku tries to warn Frieza (who was presumably slapped so hard that he forgot about his attack) of the oncoming saucers, Frieza realizes too late that Goku is actually sincere in his offer to help.

Not only does Frieza bring it upon himself, both figuratively (in the sense that actions have consequences) and literally, but his refusal to believe Goku’s advice speaks volumes to Frieza’s personality. His complete inability to understand empathy, kindness, or any kind of concern for others, is his ultimate undoing. It’s a completely unexpected moment under the circumstances, but disregarding his return in the Android Saga (and Resurrection ‘F’), this was such a fitting way for Frieza to go out.

12 Trunks Frees The Future

You could make a strong case for any number of Future Trunks' moments to be included here. His defeat of Frieza and the reveal of his parents are certainly contenders, and both occur in just his first appearance, but Trunks’ most satisfying moment has to be when he travels back to his own timeline to avenges those he lost.

Especially after The History of Trunks, which brutally depicts the harsh reality of a world invaded by androids, and seeing Future Gohan’s unceremonious death at the hands of 17 and 18, Trunks’ revenge is all the more impactful. We have seen first-hand what he’s lost, and what he’s fighting for, to the point that it’s a proud moment when the androids are finally beaten, and Trunks follows it up by dealing Cell a similar hand.

It almost lets us believe that Trunks’ world would be allowed to rebuild, before Dragon Ball Super came along and heaped even more trouble on the future timeline.

11 Vegeta’s Final Words

Goku’s decision to spare Vegeta at the end of the Saiyan Saga initially brought out no change in Vegeta, who straight-up murdered just about everything that stood before him after landing on Namek. But when the Saiyan Prince fails miserably in challenging Frieza, we are introduced to the side of Vegeta that Goku saw all along.

On the brink of death, Vegeta finally reveals what life under Frieza’s rule had turned him into. The Saiyans were always a warrior race, but Frieza had never given Vegeta the chance to be anything else. Vegeta’s dying wish, scored beautifully in whichever version you happen to be watching, is for Frieza to die at a Saiyan’s hand.

The speech humanizes Vegeta for the first time in the series. Not only is he dying, he uses his final words to open up to Goku, the only surviving Saiyan, actually begging him to avenge the race he was destined to rule.

10 Goten Meets Goku For The First Time

Imagine growing up, only hearing stories about your father. That he was the best fighter to ever have lived, and that he died for the planet he loved. But your best friend also has a father. A father who’s still alive, and takes every opportunity to claim that he, in fact, is the greatest warrior in all the universe.

A six-year-old Goten, facing issues no child should have to, doesn’t know who or what to believe. But when he gets a chance to meet his older doppelganger, it doesn’t matter how strong he is, or how many bad guys he beat up – all that matters is that he has a father.

It’s about as deep as Dragon Ball Z has ever been, and a moment that often goes overlooked in the midst of the Buu Saga madness, but it’s a rare human moment in a series that left regular human standards behind a long time ago.

9 Tri-beam

Tien Shinhan was somewhat of an afterthought by the time Dragon Ball became Dragon Ball Z, but in his last meaningful contribution to the series (at least before Dragon Ball Super), he reminds us all why he played such an important role in the original series.

Already frustrated at being left behind as Piccolo took on Android 17, Tien’s anger boils over when Cell enters the picture, easily beating Piccolo and absorbing 17. As the last roadblock between Semi-Perfect Cell and Android 18, Tien catches up with Cell, firing off continuous Tri-beams in an attempt to buy 18 the time she needs to escape.

Knowing full well that even if he manages to hold Cell off, the massive release of energy will most likely result in his death, Tien’s actions are just as heroic as anything the Z Fighters did in the entire Cell Saga. It doesn’t get the credit it deserves simply because Tien is a minor character at this point, but if it had been Goku up there, it’s a Dragon Ball Z moment that would make anyone’s list.

8 “What Are You Gawking At?”

In the single finest example of Vegeta’s infinite stubbornness, the Prince of all Saiyans is stuck in the awkward situation of defending his lower-class compatriot from Kid Buu, as Goku tries to conserve enough energy to maintain Super Saiyan 3.

Vegeta is severely outmatched in all areas, and after suffering the beating of a lifetime, he winds up (as Dragon Ball characters tend to) passed out in a crater. At least, that’s what Buu thinks. Turning to face an unprepared Goku and cackling maniacally, Buu’s face quickly falls as a mortally wounded Vegeta somehow crawls from his hole in the ground.

Although Vegeta does transform into a Super Saiyan here, it’s the moment just before the transformation that makes the list. It’s the fear in Buu’s eyes as Vegeta lands a couple of prize insults. Vegeta has fallen several levels behind Goku at this point, but by instilling that kind of terror in a being of pure evil, even for just a second, the Saiyan Prince truly lives up to his name.

7 Kamehameha vs. Galick Gun

The original fight between Goku and Vegeta, ranked consistently as one of the best in all of anime, reaches its peak when the pair face off in an epic battle of beams. At this point the two most powerful attacks in the franchise, the Kamehameha and Galick Gun showdown is the first in a long line of iconic beam struggles.

Everything about it, from the colorful visuals right down to the extended screaming from those involved, set the stage from which Dragon Ball Z was built, bridging the gap between itself and Dragon Ball with a massive shift in the power scale.

Looking back through their legendary rivalry, it also acts as a metaphor for what Goku and Vegeta’s relationship would eventually become. Though it’s even in the early stages, Goku, as he so often does, surpasses his physical limits. Vegeta is unable to react, and is left in the dust as Goku moves swiftly onto the next level.

6 Piccolo Dies For Gohan

While Vegeta is thought of as Dragon Ball’s most infamous anti-hero, and rightfully so, it’s easy to forget that Piccolo once traveled a similar road to redemption. Unlike Vegeta, whose development is wrung out through the entire series until there’s nothing left, Piccolo’s conversion from dark side to light is wrapped up in a neat little bow midway through the Saiyan Saga.

After kidnapping and stalking Gohan (let’s call it what it is), Piccolo begins a transformation that aligns perfectly with his feelings for the son of his arch nemesis. By watching Gohan, Piccolo learns (subconsciously at this point) the values of friendship and kindness.

Fast-forward to Nappa’s assault on the Z Fighters, and to everyone’s surprise, including his own, Piccolo throws himself in front of a deadly energy blast meant for Gohan. His sacrifice takes on another layer of depth when you realize that Piccolo dies not only to protect Gohan, but to repay him for showing him another way.

5 Final Flash

Every version of Dragon Ball Z has its merits, but the Funimation dub of Vegeta’s Final Flash on Cell turns the scene into a masterpiece. Having just transformed into Perfect Cell, the bio-android offers Vegeta one chance to hit him with everything he’s got. Vegeta, after initially wasting his free shot and being launched into the ocean, rises from the water to prepare a Final Flash that takes almost five minutes to charge.

But in this case, the longer the better. As Vegeta’s whole body pulsates and several lightning bolts emit from his energy to create cracks in the ground, the striking visuals work with Bruce Falconer’s score to create a scene filled with enough tension to last a whole episode.

Where Vegeta would later instil fear in Kid Buu, he also exposes Cell’s vulnerability to the power of an Ascended Saiyan for the first time. Even if Cell does regenerate almost immediately after the event, the genuine regret in his face as he stares down Vegeta’s blast serves as a warning to never take Vegeta lightly.

4 Vegeta’s Sacrifice

Vegeta’s sacrifice to save the planet he had planned to destroy is the ultimate pay off to one of the longest-running redemption arcs in modern fiction. Despite his Majin power-up, Vegeta finds himself in the now familiar position of being outmatched by his opponent, but with more than his own humiliation on the line, the Saiyan Prince comes to understand right from wrong.

What’s more impressive is that he is fighting Babidi’s control at the time, and so at a point in the series, when Vegeta should have been at his most dangerous, the family he had neglected since the Android Saga finally brings out the best in him.

The only downfall to this moment, and ultimately the reason it doesn’t make the top three, is that it essentially counts for nothing. Vegeta’s explosion not only fails to kill Majin Buu, but he is actually brought back to life a few episodes later. It’s not that we wanted Vegeta out of the picture, but what a way it would have been to go out, and to resurrect him so shortly afterwards is a cheap narrative pull.

3 Father/Son Kamehameha

Topping the battle of the beams is Gohan’s final effort to defeat Cell. Lacking both confidence and the use of his left arm following Cell’s return, Gohan is ready to give up, but Goku appears as the Ghost of Protecting the Earth Past to talk him through it. As Goku telepathically encourages Gohan to fire a mighty one-armed Kamehameha wave, Goku himself appears in spirit form, as the torch is (temporarily) passed from father to son.

As Vegeta delivers Cell a distracting blow, Gohan’s outline approaches Cell through the mist of energy in arguably the most visually impressive shot of the series, ending the most intense beam struggle the franchise has ever produced.

It’s Dragon Ball Z action at its biggest and best, but even from Other World, Goku puts the finishing touches on a character arc a long time in the making. Seeing Gohan live up to his potential is one thing, but to live up to his father is something else entirely.

2 A Whole New Gohan

After that victory, Gohan spends the next seven years slacking, and we have to go through the motions of his story all over again. On the plus side, this was the opportunity to deliver whatthe Cell Saga never did. At the end of Cell Games, Gohan had ascended, Goku was dead, and the Earth was safe. The one thing that was missing was Gohan’s willingness to accept his new role – to harness his Saiyan side and truly live up to Goku.

As Gohan arrives on Earth to face Super Buu, wearing his father’s gi, he walks right up to Buu with a smile on his face, and delivers the greatest single line in Dragon Ball Z history: “Fight you? No, I wanna kill you.” This version of Gohan, the strongest a single character had ever been in Dragon Ball, has gone by many names across the fandom, but Ultimate Gohan seems to be most fitting. This is Gohan with all the boxes ticked; at his full potential, and radiating confidence. The Gohan we were promised from the very beginning.

1 Vegeta’s Respect

After his sacrifice proved ineffective, Vegeta actually delivers a meaningful and long-lasting moment that sums up his entire Dragon Ball journey up until this point, as he watches Goku at Super Saiyan 3 face off against Kid Buu for the final time.

With Gohan’s rise to Earth’s protector also having fizzled out, Vegeta’s acceptance was the only character story left to tell. After spending so much time, and training so hard, trying to escape Goku’s shadow, Vegeta comes to the conclusion that he has been surpassed. Although we obviously knew this already, Vegeta’s infinite pride had left him blind to the fact for so long, and to finally admit it shows a monumental shift in his character.

Vegeta’s respect was a long time in the making, but as we relive his relationship with Goku from Vegeta’s point of view, you realize that every beat in their rivalry has been leading to this moment.

You’re better than me, Kakarot. You are the best.” The Buu Saga isn’t everyone’s favorite, but those nine words alone are enough to make both Vegeta’s prolonged redemption arc and the final saga in the series entirely worth it.


Leave your favorite Dragon Ball Z moments in the comments! First one to point out that there are no transformations on this list wins a prize!


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Dragon Ball: 10 Moments From The Series That Changed Everything

Throughout the decades, Dragon Ballhas persevered as one of the most popular anime around. The series has definitely changed a lot from its very first episode to now, with dozens of iconic moments sprinkled in that changed the series (and the entire Shonen genre) from that point onward.

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A list detailing all of these moments would be way too long, especially since some of these moments are a bit more memorable than others. Below are just a few that every Dragon Ball fan should not only be aware of, but will undoubtedly be reminded of given that they changed everything from that point on.

10 Master Roshi Debuts The Kamehameha

When Dragon Ball began, it wasn't long before Goku found himself in fights against animals, Oolong, Yamcha, and other villains, although an important Dragon Ball staplewas missing: energy attacks! When Master Roshi debuted the Kamehameha to put out the fire that raged on Fire Mountain, fans everywhere were blown away with the knowledge that a fighter's energy could be converted into an attack.

After that point on, energy attacks became more and more common to the point where a character who can't utilize energy attacks pretty much has no chance of winning a fight, and every warrior worth fearing is expected to have a signature one under their belt.

9 King Piccolo's Return

For the large majority of Dragon Ball, all of Goku's major opponents were Earthlings. From Yamcha and Tien to the Red Ribbon Army, Mercenary Tao, and Emperor Pilaf, Goku found himself challenged by a few of Earth's strongest inhabitants. This all changed after the fight against King Piccolo, as Goku found himself struggling against the Namekian warrior and his alien offspring, marking the end of Goku's days fighting regular Earthlings.

From that day on, all of Goku's major opponents were from other worlds, and even in the cases of Cell and the androids, it's important to note that they were created using data from Goku's battles with his extraterrestrial foes.

8 Dende Recreates The Dragon Balls

When the Dragon Balls were first introduced, some fans remained skeptical as to whether or not they could actually grant wishes. Shenron was summoned for the first time by Emperor Pilaf, but his powers were weaker then than they are now. Back then, he could only grant one wish at a time before the Dragon Balls were turned to stone for a whole year, and there were limits to certain things he could grant, like who he could wish back to life and how many people he could revive at once.

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After Dende was made Earth's guardian, he created Shenron to mirror the Namekian Dragon Porunga in terms of his capabilities, granting Shenron the ability to grant a maximum of three wishes. And even after granting those wishes, the Dragon Balls wouldn't turn to stone, meaning that they could be used without the yearlong wait, making them a lot less mystifying than they used to be.

7 The First Beam Struggle

Energy attacks have existed in the franchise ever since Master Roshi's first onscreen Kamehameha, but never before had contrasting energy attacks collided until Goku's Kamehameha met Vegeta's Galick Gun in an epic moment that showed fans just how evenly matched the Saiyans seemed to be. After this point, beam struggles became an easy way to compare one character's strength to another's.

Many villains, like Cell, Broly, Cooler, and Dr. Wheelo, found themselves in situations where their energy attacks pushed against Goku's Kamehameha, or in Cell's case, Gohan's. Beam struggles have been so well-received, that when they aren't included in games like Xenoverse or FighterZ, many fans are left slightly disappointed.

6 Goku's First Death

In Dragon Ball, fans had seen characters like Krillin, Master Roshi, and Bora lose their lives before later being brought back by Shenron, although they'd never seen just what the afterlife looked like until Goku met his end at the hands of Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon.

After Goku's death, fans got their first gander at the Other World, and were introduced to King Yemma and King Kai. As the series progressed, more aspects of the Other World and its unique hierarchy were expanded upon, adding a new dimension to the Dragon Ball world that would remain relevant for the remainder of the series as both heroes and villains continued to die and return to the world of the living.

5 The First Super Saiyan Transformation

Transformations are a staple in Dragon Ball, but this wasn't always the case. In the early days of the series, the only notable transformation was when Goku turned into a Great Ape, but as the series progressed, Goku's extraterrestrial opponents revealed alternate forms that bolstered their strength.

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Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation was not only an iconic anime moment, but it marked the point where transformations became vital for defeating powerful enemies.

4 Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 Transformation

When Goku first revealed the Super Saiyan transformation on Namek, fans knew Vegeta and Gohan would soon be rocking gold locks themselves. During the fight against Dr. Gero's creations, nobody expected that there was a level beyond Super Saiyan known as Super Saiyan 2, which Gohan debuted during his fight with Cell.

After this point, further variations of Super Saiyan, like Super Saiyan 3 and 4, weren't as surprising, since fans were now aware that a Saiyan could push their Super Saiyan transformation past its limits.

3 The Birth Of Gotenks

As Dragon Ball progressed, characters invented more ways to increase their power in seconds, whether it be through transforming or absorbing other characters. And yet despite all of these methods, Fusion stands out as one of the most effective. Gotenks was the first fused character that fans had ever seen in the franchise, with Vegito following just a few episodes later.

After the concept of fusion was introduced, fans have always posed fusion as a way for the Z-Fighters to defeat powerful opponents throughout Dragon Ball Super, and it has become a useful battle tactic that even Kale and Caulifla took advantage of. The concept of fusion has been so well-received by the Dragon Ball community that a 2016 Nintendo 3DS game, Dragon BallFusions,centered around the promise for fans to fuse any characters they desired to create a brand new, powerful warriors.

2 Beerus's Introduction

It's ironic that Beerus appeared so late in the series given that his actions (or inactions rather) have shaped the story from the very beginning. His introduction ushered in a new era of Dragon Ball, introducing fans to a new divine hierarchy that included Gods of Destruction and Angels, while also introducing fans to this concept of god ki, which remained extremely relevant throughout Dragon Ball Super as Goku and Vegeta went on to discover new Super Saiyan forms.

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Beerus's introduction also came with the revelation that there were other universes, which has not only expanded the Dragon Ball world, but has given the story the possibility to continue for years with unlimited possibilities.

1 Ultra Instinct

Since the days of Dragon Ball, fans have always expected Goku to debut some new ability or transformation to defeat the next major opponent, but perhaps nothing shook the fandom to its core more than when the Saiyan warrior tapped into the powers of Ultra Instinct during the Tournament of Power. The technique was something that was never seen before in the series, enabling Goku's body to instinctively avoid attacks and strike without the usual limitations of the mind, further cementing Goku as the strongest warrior in his universe.

Although he's never used Ultra Instinct to the extent that he did during the Tournament of Power, the series' focus has now shifted to him training to master this technique rather than a Super Saiyan transformation, and fans are constantly theorizing when he will enter the form next. It's clear to see that wherever Dragon Ball Super goes, Ultra Instinct will play a key role in the story.

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