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novelty items 08-15 SUZUKI HAYABUSA STOCK OIL PAN 40% off

novelty items 08-15 SUZUKI HAYABUSA STOCK OIL PAN 40% off

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    novelty items 08-15 SUZUKI HAYABUSA STOCK OIL PAN 40% off
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Low Profile Oil Pans

MPS Billet Aluminum
Hayabusa Low Profile Oil Pans

MPS Trap Door Oil PanMPS Trap Door Style Oil Pan 2 inch
Trap Door with Fixed Pickup

The trap door design allows oil to flow freely to the back of the pan during acceleration.  During deceleration the door closes and traps the oil in the back of the pan.  This keeps the fixed pick up submerged in oil both accelerating and decelerating.  The oil that bypasses the pressure relief valve has been ported to the back of the pan as well.  This will prevent just pumping oil from the back of your engine to the front.  These CNC machined, billet aluminum pans are available in 1” and 2” deep versions.  They both feature a fixed oil pump pickup with screen.
Please note: This oil pan was designed to not use the oil cooler. An oil cooler block off and removal of the oil passage restrictor is required when removing the oil cooler.
Please Note: Factory bolts will not work with 1" pan. Qty 14 M6-1.0x16 bolts provided.

VooDoo Hayabusa Fixed Pickup
VooDoo Fixed Pickup Oil Pan

  • Billet 2" Oil Pan
  • Stainless Steel Swinging Pick-Up
  • Designed to Fit 99-20 Suzuki Hayabusa With Sidewinder or Turbo Exhaust
  • Will Not Fit With OEM or Traditional 4 Into 1 Exhaust
  • Holds 4 Quarts of Oil

ARC Oil Heater

Oil Heater

For quicker engine warm ups heat your oil prior to going to the lanes using the ARC sump heater. Heating the oil reduces parasitic engine drag and aids in oil distribution. It is for track use only.


MPS Suzuki Oil Pan Baffles

MPS Hayabusa Oil Pan BaffleMPS GSXR1000 Oil Pan Baffle

Keeps the oil near the pickup for Drag Racing or for Stunt Riding.


  • 1-0566 Hayabusa all years
  • 1-0659 GSXR1000 01-06, GSXR750 00-04, GSXR600 01-04 (requires two 23-OP071060AFM gaskets)


DME Billet Aluminum
GSXR1000 Low Profile Oil Pan

DME GSXR1000 Oil Pan

Fits 2001-2006, 2007-2008, 09-16 and 2017+

Pans are low profile for added ground clearance so you can slam your 1000. These billet oil pans have a swinging pick-up to prevent loss of oil pressure when drag racing.


  • 2001-2008: 1.5" thick
  • 2009-2016: 2.0" thick
  • 2017+ : 1.5" at the front and slopes to 2.5" at the rear
  • Billet aluminum
  • Swinging pickup with needle bearing
  • Uses stock drain plug
  • Not for use with stock exhaust. May or may not fit with your pipe. Measure clearance from stock gasket to pipe



APE Flat Profile Oil Drain Plug

APE Flat Profile Drain PlugAfter issues with cracked oil pans, a leading race shop contacted APE for a solution. The problem.. When these modern no bar bikes wheelie and come down hard, the drain plug can hit the ground and attempts to dig in. This tries to bend the plug backwards which can crack the pan. The solution… APE flat profile drain plug. Can not dig into the track surface and puts an end to the cracked pans. The APE plug use an 6mm allen wrench so virtually nothing protrudes below the pan surface.

Inside view of ZX14 PanAdam's Performance
ZX14 Low Profile Oil Pan

New from Adams Performance comes the next generation of Billet Oil pans for the Kawasaki ZX14R 06-17.Adams Performance Oil Pan

  • This Billet aluminum oil pan has internal baffling and trap door to control oil flow.
  • 1.5" Depth
  • Designed for idewinder type exhaust systems that do not travel under the oil pan, so check before you purchase. This kit also includes an oil filter relocator.
  • Will Work on the Gen 1(06-11) or the Gen 2 (12-17) Will Require a Shorter Oil Filter
  • Includes Drain Plug and New Modified Oil Pickup

Part Number

DescriptionRacer Price


 MPS Hayabusa 1'' Low Profile Oil Pan Trap Door Style



 MPS Hayabusa 2'' Low Profile Oil Pan Trap Door Style



 VooDoo Hayabusa 2'' Oil Pan w/ Swinging Pickup



 MPS Oil Block Off Fitting Suzuki (each)



 MPS Hayabusa Oil Pan Baffle



 Cometic Hayabusa Oil Pan Gasket



 DME Low Profile Oil Pan GSXR1000 01-06



 DME Low Profile Oil Pan GSXR1000 07-08



 DME Low Profile Oil Pan GSXR1000 09-16



 DME Low Profile Oil Pan GSXR1000 2017+



 MPS GSXR1000 Oil Pan Baffle 01-06, GSXR750 00-04, GSXR600 01-04



 Cometic GSXR1000 Oil Pan Gasket 01-02



 Cometic GSXR1000 Oil Pan Gasket 03-08



 Suzuki GSXR (all) Oil Pan Drain Plug



 Suzuki GSXR (all) Oil Pan Drain Plug Gasket



 APE Flat Profile Drain Plug Hayabusa, GSXR600-1000



 Adams Low Profile Oil Pan ZX14



 ARC Sump Heater Oil And Water 100W 120V 1/4'' Npt


Sours: https://www.mpsracing.com/products/MPS/OilPan.asp
  1. Springfield xds modifications
  2. Psrc org
  3. Metallic pinstriping
  4. Accuweather lemon grove


Hello, I’m looking for a for a bit of information. I’m running a Suzuki Hayabusa in stock condition. I’ve purchased your dry sump and tank which is working quite well. We set the engine up with dual radiators, and one single oil cooler. Water temps have been 170-180°F, oil temps have been 240°F and climbing. We have not allowed temps over 240°F. We're not really sure what is normal oil temps for this engine, but were concerned were on the edge. Can you offer some info on this and some possible solutions?


The Suzuki Hayabusa engine, as with many Suzuki engines, has evolved from the oil cooled engines and almost as much heat is transmitted into the oil system as the water system. The temperature of your oil at 240°F (116°C) is ok, but because the engine expands the bearing gaps increase dropping oil pressure. If the temperature could be kept closer to 230°F (100°C), this would help oil pressure as well. My suggestion would be to increase your oil cooler size significantly. You may also find that once you have managed to reduce the oil temperature, that this will also help to control your water temperature better as well.

When your engine is cold (oil temperature of 0 - 20°C) at tickover, I would expect to see between 50 - 60psi approximately and if revved over 100psi. Obviously this is not recommended until the engine is hot.

As the oil temperature rises, the tickover oil pressure will drop quite quickly and I would expect to see approximately 20psi when oil temperature is 60°C. As the engine is revved, peak oil pressure will probably be just under 100psi. I would recommend that you try and maintain between 80 - 100°C, this way your oil pressure at tickover will be in the region of 7psi and peak oil pressure 60 - 70psi.

The further the temperature rises, the lower the pressure will get, this drop in oil pressure is caused by 2 main factors; first of all the engine block grows dramatically with heat causing increased clearance between the bearings and the crank and secondly the oil itself gets thinner with heat, this is quite normal. If your engine was running a standard oil pump gear as opposed to our uprated gear, I would expect to see a 10% reduction in oil pressure throughout the range. It is not uncommon with oil temperatures in excess of 120°C being tickover oil pressure as low as 2psi and peak oil pressure down to 35psi. The most important thing to look out for is that the oil pressure follows the rpm, if you see any drops in oil pressure at higher rpm it is likely that your oil tank is carrying insufficient oil and therefore oil surge is occurring, which will cause engine damage.

Sours: https://www.sbdmotorsport.co.uk/ufaqs/hayabusa-oil-temperature-oil-pressure-levels/
DIY Hayabusa Service 2021 - 8000 kms - Oil, Oil Filter, Spark Plugs, Throttle bodies - Part 1 of 2

posted on 24/2/13 at 06:24 PMReply With Quote
Oil advice - Hayabusa

Just wondering what oil people are using in their hayabusa engines??

Its the first time i've had to change the oil so not sure what to use. I believe it should be 10w40 but do I use synthetic or not as I have read some threads about it not being good for the clutch?? slipping etc??

Car will be used for trackdays....any advice appreciated.

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posted on 24/2/13 at 06:57 PMReply With Quote
For performance bikes, I was always recommended to use a good semi- or fully synthetic oil. Mineral oil was touted as causing clutch slip.
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posted on 24/2/13 at 07:02 PMReply With Quote
Castrol Power 1 - 4T - 10W-40 is what I use...

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posted on 24/2/13 at 07:22 PMReply With Quote
I've been using Silkolene Super 4 10w40 - this stuff:

my main use is trackdays also, no real problems (that were caused by the oil anyway!)
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posted on 24/2/13 at 08:41 PMReply With Quote
Just to be different I use std Suzuki supplied oil main dealer no best

Check out my blog [email protected]

posted on 24/2/13 at 09:37 PMReply With Quote
Thanks for the advice everyone.

One more question..... how many miles between oil change??
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posted on 24/2/13 at 11:25 PMReply With Quote
Another vote for Castrol Power 1 (used to be called GPS) in the correct viscosity. It's a semi synth but some of the fully synths I have seen like silkolene are so thin even when cold they are like water which worries me when it comes to surge. Andy Bates also used to recommend this one but I don't know if its still his current recommend.

In some ways I'd rather go for a mid range semi synth that is just over half the price of a fancy synth and change it more often.
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posted on 15/5/13 at 10:59 PMReply With Quote
Originally posted by yellowcab
Castrol Power 1 - 4T - 10W-40 is what I use...

Just ordered some of this myself, thanks
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posted on 16/5/13 at 07:42 PMReply With Quote
Originally posted by b3ngy
Thanks for the advice everyone.

One more question..... how many miles between oil change??

MK quote 3,000 miles between oil changes, but if you're 'giving it beans' on a regular basis, then factor that in accordingly. I've just changed my oil after the car (and engine's) first 1,000 miles, due to a leaking oil-cooler hose. (took the opportunity to do so whilst the cooler hoses were off). Clear as a bell, with no residue or signs of contamination. Used 10/40 semi-synth as recommeded by most Busa BEC owners and by the Suzuki dealer here.
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posted on 16/5/13 at 09:04 PMReply With Quote
hi all i have been a bike mechanic working on some top race bikes and we only use a 10w40 semi oil any top brand will do if you go fully we found it would leak though any week point and there are some clutches that dont like it the only good point is you can go flat out from almost cold

as to how many miles just keep an eye on the oil when its had enough it goes black but as a guide i would advise 2-4k onthe road or 2-3 track days

but remember 5lt oil costs £28 an engine costs thousands
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posted on 17/5/13 at 07:47 AMReply With Quote

but remember 5lt oil costs £28 an engine costs thousands

Very true. I completely understand the need to keep on top of oil servicing.

Ended up going for a castrol 10/40w semi.

Thanks for the advice everyone.
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posted on 19/5/13 at 07:07 PMReply With Quote
Good choice. If you become tempted to go fully synth my advice is research moly content first - I had to switch away from motul 300v due to bad clutch slip with it - although I preventively changed bits in the clutch at the time, changing to a low moly content oil fixed it - the majority of the silkolene oils have no moly and a higher Jaso compliance, so I think it's a much better make of oil.
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Sours: https://locostbuilders.co.uk/forum/40/viewthread.php?tid=179101

Oil hayabusa

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