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**This resource should only be used by teachers who already use and have access to StudySync. This my own original work and is not meant to endorse StudySync/McGraw-Hill in any way. These are resources that have improved the use of the program in my classroom.**

The best way to utilize these assignments are by using them in conjunction with the StudySync curriculum. These activities are a way to use Unit 1 in the 8th Grade Core ELA Curriculum on StudySync and the ease of Google Docs in conjunction.

These assignments range from vocabulary, supplemental assignments, close reading activities, summative writing assignments, and many more!


  • Suspense Vocabulary Worksheet
  • Let ‘Em Play God Close Reading Activity
    • Lesson Plan
    • Google Slides
    • Close Reading Activity
  • "The Monkey's Paw" Visual Vocabulary Google Slides
  • "The Monkey's Paw" Theme Worksheet
  • Suspense Element Tracker Worksheet
  • A Night to Remember Close Reading Activity
    • Lesson Plan
    • Google Slides
    • Close Reading Activity
  • Violence in the Movies” Venn Diagram Worksheet
  • Lord of the Flies Theme Worksheet
  • “The Bells” Close Reading Activity
    • Lesson Plan
    • Google Slides
    • Close Reading Activity
  • Summative Writing Assignment with Rubric
  • Summative Writing Assignment Scaffolding

A Comprehensive English
Language Arts Curriculum
for Grades 6-12


A living curriculum, with Rich multimedia and captivating resources added every day.

StudySync is a complete ELA curriculum designed to meet the rigorous academic needs of today’s classroom. In print or online, StudySync is designed to engage every student, because every student deserves the same opportunity and access in the classroom, regardless of his or her native language, learning level or physical, social and emotional ability.

  • Integrated Reading & Writing

    StudySync’s unique blend of contemporary and classic literature comes together with the program’s rigorous reading routines to dynamically instruct students toward mastery.

  • Embedded Skills Lessons

    Skill lessons ensure students build foundational language and comprehension skills, as well as reading, writing, and research on inquiry skills every day.

  • English Language Learners (ELL)

    Resources are organized around a first read, a close read, and an associated skill lesson. ELL skill lessons emphasize explicit vocabulary instruction, language acquisition, and reading comprehension.

  • The Writing Process

    Extended Writing Projects (EWPs) guide students through the process of writing multi-paragraph essays in a variety of forms. Explicit writing instruction through a combination of Writing Process and Skill lessons, guide students through the stages of Planning, Drafting, Revising, Editing, and Publishing.

  • Assessments

    Self, peer, and teacher evaluations are embedded in every unit lesson to provide teachers a wide variety of short and longer cycle formative assessment options. End-of-unit summative assessments combine progress monitoring tools and targeted lessons for re-teaching and remediation to meet the needs of all learners.

  • Peer Review

    Our peer review platform creates a community of writers giving students an authentic audience to provide immediate feedback every time they write. Anonymous peer review helps build students into skilled writers and critical thinkers.

Unparalled Media

Introducing StudySyncTv and More

Consuming media in the classroom is never a passive pursuit. Our media is carefully designed to amplify student voices, foster collaboration, and elevate the level of academic discourse.


What better way to learn how to critically analyze a difficult text than to watch a model of students doing just that? Our StudySyncTV episodes show students how to participate in a critical discussion of literature, how to support their viewpoint with text evidence, and how to skillfully use academic vocabulary – all while collaborating with their peers.


Imagine having hundreds of skills lessons available in a click. That’s what StudySync provides. Using peer-to-peer instruction, SkillsTV episodes provide an explanation and a model for key literary skills, including plot, theme, character development, tone, setting and more!

Concept Definitions

Each skill lesson includes a Concept Definition video where students define and break down the key components of a skill or strategy. Concept Definition videos put student voices front and center to introduce key concept vocabulary. These videos always feature a diverse cast of students to accurately reflect and inspire its diverse classroom audiences.


Watch how StudySync’s movie-like Previews open the doors to great literature by providing context and intrigue to diverse texts from all genres.

Ever-Growing Resources

Connecting with Literature Through Technology

Take advantage of StudySync's vast, ever-growing digital library of over a thousand classic and contemporary, fiction, and non-fiction selections. Students and teachers can access diverse characters and points-of-view through in-depth studies of texts at levels of complexity and bring the literature to life with additional video content added throughout the year.

StudySync Blasts Engage Students with the Most Important Issues in the World Today

StudySync Blasts capture students’ imaginations with short read / write assignments addressing real world topics. Whether the topic is the recent decline of the honeybee population, the impact of Brexit on the chocolate trade, or the relationship between social media and our social lives, Blasts provide a social learning experience that builds reading, writing and research skills on a platform mediated by teachers.

StudySync's Ever-Growing, Ever-Enhanced, Responsive Platform

Technology is ever-evolving. No one downloads an app or computer program without having access to improvements and updates. It’s the same with StudySync. As new opportunities for better instruction, assessment, and student collaboration become available, we offer them directly to you.

Equitable Access

Reaching every Student

  • Scaffolds

    StudySync is setting the standard for what equity looks like. Our scaffolds allow for every student in a class to work on the same assignment. We provide the appropriate support for every learner – be it language summaries or sentence frames.

  • Accessibility

    StudySync is constructed to support students with disabilities, providing a high-contrast interface, screen-reader support and use of the product without a mouse.

  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

    Research shows that social and emotional skills are malleable and can be developed using a variety of approaches. That’s why StudySync incorporates countless SEL opportunities throughout the program. Embedded opportunities for self-reflection and collaboration allow students to set and achieve personal goals while also working on maintaining relationships with peers in their classroom.

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