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It can be a difficult task to keep all of your garden tools in one organized space. Whether you’ve amassed a collection of small essentials, large equipment or both, maintaining a clutter-free tool area can be quite the undertaking. Garden tool sheds are an excellent solution for keeping gear and necessities intact, protected and securely stored. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best garden tool sheds of 2021 which includes an option for any budget and yard.

Even a modestly sized shed can be incredibly helpful in storing your garden tools, and we’re confident you’ll find one you like on our list!

The Best Garden Tool Sheds of 2020

What to Look for in a Garden Tool Shed

When choosing the best garden tool shed for your home, there are several components to consider.

Since a shed can potentially be a hefty investment, it’s important that you pick one that will provide ample secure storage for all of your tools.

  1. Materials: Garden tool sheds can be made from a variety of materials. If you live in a region with potential inclement weather throughout the year, it’s a good idea to purchase a shed that can withstand such a climate. Some tool sheds include steel reinforcements and weather-resistant walls. Look into these details when deciding on the best garden tool shed for you.
  2. Size: What do you plan to keep in your tool shed? A lawnmower? Garden furniture? Bicycles? Small tools? The size you choose will depend on what it will store and how much space you have in your yard. If you have a small garden space, you don’t want to purchase a shed that will completely overpower your area. Tall, vertical sheds are an excellent choice for limited spaces. Not all sheds are the same size, but all tool collections are important. 
  3. Security: If you are concerned about keeping your tools safe and secure, you’ll want to purchase a shed with lockable doors. While most sheds don’t come with a lock itself, a simple padlock can be purchased separately at a low cost. 
  4. Colors and design: Not all garden tool sheds look like overwhelming plastic containers. There are many options with attractive wood-like textures and beautiful trim to compliment your garden. Some even have windows and other accents to add a charming look.
  5. Ventilation and lighting: Larger garden tool sheds typically offer ventilation so the interior doesn’t become stuffy and muggy. This is a helpful component for summer and humid weather. Many sheds also have skylights and windows to allow natural light to penetrate the inside, making it easy for you to navigate when looking for a tool.
Best garden tool sheds of 2020

Best Garden Tool Sheds of 2021

Now that we’ve looked further into unique aspects of garden tool sheds, here are the best garden tool sheds of 2021.

1. Keter Factor 8X6 Outdoor Shed

Key Benefits

  • Ventilated
  • Shelving options 
  • Skylight for natural light
  • Lockable
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This outdoor tool shed from Keter is large enough to fit all of your tools, including large lawn equipment such as your lawnmower.

The storage shed is heavy-duty to resist rust and rotting in even the worst of elements. The large capacity can handle all of your beloved garden tools, and it can secure with a locking mechanism.

For organization, the Keter garden tool shed comes with two shelves and brackets. While this large outdoor shed is fairly pricey, it can hold everything you need to make your garden dreams come true!

Keter Factor offers a wide variety of garden tool sheds for any price point! There are several sizes and designs to choose from so you can pick what’s best for your outdoor space.

2. Suncast BMS1250 Outdoor Storage Shed

Suncast BMS1250 Outdoor Storage Shed

Key Benefits

  • Vertical design for a smaller area
  • Holds long-handled garden tools and accessories
  • UV protection and water-resistant
  • Lockable doors
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For smaller budgets and yard spaces, we recommend this sleek garden tool shed from Suncast.

The tall design is attractive and perfect for all of your basic garden tools. The all-weather construction is durable and made with water-resistant material to keep your essentials dry and safe.

The Suncast BMS1250 shed is sized at 22 cubic feet, and it will store tools such as brooms, rakes, and shovels, as well as your smaller items.

3. Suncast Tremont Storage Shed

Suncast Tremont Storage Shed

Key Benefits

  • Reinforced flooring
  • Natural light inside
  • Double door design
  • Made from durable resin material
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The Suncast Tremont boasts an attractive double door design that will allow you to move all of your equipment in and out of it with ease.

This large garden tool shed can hold small items, large equipment, bicycles and a plethora of other necessities.

For additional organization, this shed has built-in support for shelving. Two windows and skylights offer tons of natural light so you can navigate your shed in the daylight without lighting assistance.

This durable tool shed from Suncast is sure to be a great storage solution for your gardening needs.

4. MCombo Wooden Garden Shed

MCombo Wooden Garden Shed

Key Benefits

  • Space for small and large handled tools
  • Delicate, natural look
  • Made with pure fir materials
  • Practical capacity 
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To complement your garden, perhaps you’re more interested in a natural-looking shed.

This arrow garden tool shed from MCombo will be the perfect addition to your beautiful outdoor space.

Divided into two parts, this shed allows you to neatly organize all of your gardening essentials. We like that this shed boasts a coat of waterproof paint, and the tilted roof covered in asphalt felt ensures rain will run right off.

A one year warranty comes with the MCombo Wooden Garden Shed, an added bonus to this already terrific yard organizer.

5. Keter Manor 4X6 Outdoor Shed

Keter Manor 4X6 Outdoor Shed

Key Benefits

  • Stylish wood-like texture
  • Steel reinforcement for extra durability
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy assembly
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Add a modern twist to your garden with this garden tool shed from Keter.

The Manor 4X6 model can fit all of your small and large tools inside the 131 cubic feet capacity. This shed is made with a wood-like texture which is water-resistant.

Resin plastic with steel reinforcements ensures that your tools will stay protected against rain, snow, and other elements.

With the Keter Manor shed, you can lock up your tools for additional security, and zero maintenance is necessary for upkeep.

We love that this garden tool shed can fit in smaller garden spaces, and it’ll be an impressive adornment for any yard.

6. Rubbermaid 5X2 Storage Shed

Rubbermaid 5X2 Storage Shed

Key Benefits

  • Practical design
  • Cost-effective
  • Available in a variety of size options
  • Impact-resistant flooring
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The Rubbermaid Storage Shed is affordable and practical for any garden set up.

The double-walled construction ensures that your tools will be protected from inclement weather. Plus, impact-resistant flooring helps to keep your gardening essentials dry and safe.

We like the smart design of this specific Rubbermaid garden shed because it has enough storage to hold all of your tools without taking up too much precious yard space.

Inside you’ll the ability to customize shelving and pegboards for ultimate organization. Then when you’re not working in the garden, attach a lock to your shed and rest assured knowing that your tools are secure.

7. Suncast Glidetop Horizontal Storage Shed

Suncast Glidetop Horizontal Storage Shed

Key Benefits

  • Heavy-duty floor to support large tools
  • Design allows for easy access to everything in the shed
  • Made for strength and durability
  • Lockable lid
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The Suncast Glidetop garden tool shed is unique in that the lid slides open for complete access to all of the shed’s content without hassle.

The shed is tall enough to store items like bicycles and trash cans, and has plenty of space for all of your other necessities.

Made from polypropylene resin panels, this shed is made for ultimate durability and strength. The floor is designed to support heavy equipment such as a lawnmower.

You will need a considerable amount of horizontal space for this Suncast tool shed, but the 98 cubic feet is sure to be ample space for a majority of your gardening essentials.

8. Keter Fusion 7X4 Composite Storage Shed

Keter Fusion 7X4 Composite Storage Shed

Key Benefits

  • Robust doors with steel reinforcements
  • Drillable walls to add shelves and hangers
  • Wood-plastic composite is corrosion-resistant
  • Attractive design
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This large Keter Fusion tool shed would be a trendy, helpful addition to your yard.

It has everything you need to keep your garden tools protected – ventilation, lockable doors, durable walls, and a weather-resistant structure.

The revolutionary design is high-quality and stylish for any yard or garden space.

Built for sturdiness and longevity, this Keter Fusion tool shed is sure to offer the functionality and storage space you’re looking for.

Final Thoughts

A garden tool shed is no small purchase, and it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each shed you’re considering.

Remember to recognize what the climate is like where you live as well as how big your garden tool collection is.

Some tool sheds are available in a variety of sizes and colors, so those are factors you will want to decide on as well.

Whatever you decide, we know that a garden tool shed will keep your yard space looking organized, charming and alluring.

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Sheds & Outdoor Storage

Sheds & Outdoor Storage

Want to beautify your yard and get more organized at the same time? The outdoor storage solutions at Sam’s Club can help you do just that. Outdoor storage is extremely versatile. From protecting the cushions on your outdoor furniture to keeping your lawn and garden supplies organized, there are many reasons to consider some outdoor storage.

Outdoor Storage Boxes

If you only need a small amount of storage space, you might want to opt for an outdoor storage box. Storage boxes come in a variety of sizes and materials. They’re handy for storing outdoor pillows and blankets, toys and sporting equipment, or even your most-used garden supplies. If you have a pool, a storage box is the perfect place to keep pool toys and cleaning supplies. Storage boxes are often kept on the deck or patio, and some of them can double as extra seating.

Outdoor Storage Sheds

If you have the space in your yard, consider an outdoor storage shed. If you’re currently using your garage or your basement to store items like your tools or lawn mower, you’re going to love having an outdoor storage shed. The convenience of having an outdoor shed can’t be beat, and you can set them up so everything is organized how you like it. Sam’s Club has storage sheds in wood as well as vinyl and plastic/resin. Many storage boxes and most storage sheds can be locked, so your items will stay safe and protected.

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10 Best Outdoor Storage Sheds You Can Buy on Amazon Right Now

Today’s options are a lot cuter than you think.

Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links.

Outdoor sheds are a great way to hack some garage-style square footage if you don’t have a garage. And while they’ve kind of earned a reputation for being eyesores, today you can find tons of attractive options, from rustic-chic to modern style. And if you think an outdoor shed is out of your budget, think again. We found some great sheds on Amazon — most for less than $500. Some even less than $200! Read on and shop our top picks.

For Your Bicycles

For Your Patio Accessories

For Your Lawn Tools

For Your Seasonal Decor

For Your Firewood

For Your She Shed

For Your Gardening Supplies

For Your Sporting Gear

For Your Pool Toys

For Your Lawn Equipment

Top 10 Storage Sheds on Amazon

Everyone can do with extra outdoor storage space, particularly if the garage is already packed to the brim. The obvious solution is a shed, those handy house-like structures set in the backyard that keep everything from your power tools and lawn equipment to bicycles secure and under cover. Perhaps you already have a shed—you know, the wood one that came with the house you bought 25 years ago—and it's showing its age.

If you have the time and inclination to build a new one—and maintain it—more power to you. Otherwise, your best bet is to opt for a plastic shed, designed to hold up to the elements and requires almost zero effort to keep looking brand new.

What to Consider

First you'll want to nail down the shed’s dimensions and capacity. There are models small enough to store a lawn mower and a few gardening supplies and tools, but not much more. The largest plastic sheds can have two sets of double doors and are spacious enough to accommodate, say, a set of patio furniture and a cantilever umbrella, plus act as spillover for whatever doesn’t fit in your garage. Almost all plastic sheds are made of weather-resistant, high-density polyethylene resin and have ventilation to prevent mildew and odor buildup from any chemicals stored inside. Also, the vast majority of sheds have a latch or notch for a padlock. Beyond that, it's all about aesthetics and extra features, such as windows, skylights, and built-in shelving systems.

How We Chose

Our selection includes plastic sheds in major styles and sizes with ratings of at least four stars, plus we chose options across multiple price points, from budget to high-end. There are a range of features and boxes you’ll want to check when shopping, and we’ve highlighted the most notable for every shed we cover.

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Our Value Pick

Keter Manor Plastic Shed



This contemporary dove gray plastic shed from popular brand Keter has an attractive gable-style roof and white trim. It’s made of durable, all-weather resin that’s reinforced with steel and offers roughly 264 cubic feet of storage capacity. It features wide, double-panel doors that lock, a window and a skylight, plus a sturdy floor panel. 

There’s a small vent above the front doors to prevent moisture and chemical odors from building up inside, and it’s designed to withstand 65-mile-per-hour winds. 


A Step Up

Keter Factor Plastic Shed



If you have more to spend and need a bit more storage space, this polypropylene resin shed, also from Keter, is an excellent value. It has a 285-cubic-foot capacity, plus there’s shelving inside to organize items you want at eye level. 

Features include high-arched double doors that lock, a rugged floor panel, and a window and skylight. There’s also a wide vent near the roof to keep airflow circulating and, like the shed above, this shed is made to handle winds up to 65 miles per hour.


The Modern Shed

Suncast Modernist Storage Shed



It isn’t easy to find a shed that’s more urban than country, but this one fits the bill. With its sleek modernist style, the weather-resistant shed is made of resin, reinforced with steel frame for extra strength. It features faux-wood paneling in contrasting shades of black and gray, an angled roof with a stylish row of windows underneath, and doors that lock. The shed has a footprint that's roughly 7 x 7 feet. 


The Tool Shed

Outdoor 2 ft. 9 in. W x 2 ft. D Plastic Vertical Tool Shed



This tall, narrow storage shed is ideal for tools and gardening equipment, plus it has a hint of country-chic style, with shutters at the top and decorative paneling. It offers 22 cubic feet of space, made of waterproof and fade-resistant resin, and it features double doors with handles long enough to fit a padlock and a thick floor. The storage shed is made to accommodate shelving inside, though it’s sold separately. 


The Small Shed

Keter Small Outdoor Storage Shed



For those who have a small yard or a full garage, this petite shed is the perfect size to keep the most essential lawn equipment under cover. The 140-cubic-foot shed has a 4 x 6 footprint, constructed of weather-resistant resin. It features a durable floor panel and wall brackets to accommodate shelving, sold separately. There’s also a lockable front latch, a skylight and window, and a vent on top to maintain airflow. 


The Medium-Sized Shed

Rubbermaid Vertical Plastic Shed



Anyone who needs a space-saving shed with decent storage will appreciate this option. Rubbermaid’s large vertical shed has a 159-cubic-foot capacity, with a customizable shelving system inside that includes a pegboard for organizing small items. It’s made of durable hard plastic, with double-wall construction for added stability and strength, plus the floor has treads to prevent slipping. The contemporary double front doors are lockable and feature elegant inset molding and a wide pull.


The Extra-Large Shed

Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed



This massive shed is 15 feet long, constructed of high-density polyethylene reinforced with steel, with an impressive lineup of features. 

There’s a storage system with adjustable shelving, flooring with treads for added traction, and steel trusses supporting the roof. There’s also two shuttered windows, screened vents, and six small skylights. Keep in mind that this shed requires a foundation laid beneath it. 


The Garbage Bin Shed

Homspark Plastic Shed



There’s no need to keep unsightly garbage bins out in the open. This small shed is designed to store 32-gallon trash cans out of sight, constructed of high-density polyethylene panels, including a hinged lid. The two front double doors are lockable, with shingled front panels and recessed handles, plus there’s a small notch at the base for hands-free opening. The side panels have a diamond pattern, a nice extra design detail. The shed is a customer favorite, with an average 4.5 stars from 785 reviewers. 

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Outdoor Tool Storage Unboxing and Assembly

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