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Delta Shower Valve Installation Tips

Delta Shower Valve Installation Tips

Delta shower valve installation doesn&#;t have to be hard.

That said, if local plumbing code requires the use of copper, this tutorial will be a huge help.

There are tons of tips that&#;ll make your project much easier, so let&#;s dive in!


Delta Shower Valve Installation Supplies

Here are the supplies used in this project:

  • Delta MultiChoice Rough-In Valve
  • Bernzomatic MAP Gas
  • TS Trigger Start Torch
  • H Water Soluble Flux
  • Acid Brush for Flux
  • Oatey Safe-Flo Solder
  • Emery Cloth
  • Nylon Grit Pads
  • Ridgid Deburring Tool
  • Sioux Chief AA MiniResters (Water Hammer Arrester)
  • Type L 1/2&#; Copper
  • Flame Protector Pads

Don&#;t worry, I&#;ll show you how to use all these materials.


How to Set Delta Shower Valves to Right Depth

Setting any shower valve to the correct depth is important.

Attach a scrap piece of the backer board to the stud walls. Then dry fit the tile being used and place the valve inside the wall (flush with the adjacent wall).

Get the measurement from the end of the plaster guard to the finished wall.

Delta Shower Valve Depth

This measurement is the depth of the wood blocking that&#;s needed to set the valve at the right depth.

Delta valves typically just need a piece of 2&#;4 or 2&#;10 dimensional lumber, which can be nailed or screwed to studs.


Connect Copper Riser Pipe to Delta Valve

The first step to installing a Delta shower valve is to connect the riser pipe.

Deburr and prep the copper pipe with emery cloth or nylon grit pads.

Then apply the Oatey H flux to both the pipe and drop-ear elbow; this is a great option because it&#;s water-soluble.

In addition, the water lines won&#;t need to be flushed when using H flux.

I like to overhang the pipe on two pieces of 2&#;6 and solder it with a torch.

Riser Pipe for Delta Shower Valve

This keeps the workspace safe and provides ample working room for the torch.

Let that cool and wipe off any excess flux.


How to Prep Copper Pipes for Delta Shower Valve

Copper pipe prep is the key to getting great soldered joints.

The first step is to deburr both the inside and outside of the pipe.

Then to use either emery cloth or nylon grit pads to clean the copper.

Fittings are normally very clean but it doesn&#;t hurt to use a wire brush.

Finally, apply a thin layer of the Oatey H flux to the pipe and fitting. Once the fitting is placed on the pipe, wipe off any excess flux.

How to Apply Flux to Copper Pipe

This last tip will help you get awesome-looking soldered joints.


How to Solder Copper Pipes to Delta Shower Valves

It&#;s good practice to start the heat at the bottom and work upward.

Therefore, I recommend heating the couplings first then working up toward the valve.

Also, pre-heat the first half-inch of the copper pipe (just for a few seconds) and then apply heat to the fitting.

Soldering Copper Pipe

Dab the solder on the fitting/pipe connection and once it starts to melt, remove the heat.

This admittedly takes some practice, so it never hurts to do just that &#; practice with spare pieces of copper and fittings.

Watch this full tutorial to see all the steps for a Delta shower valve installation with copper pipe


What&#;s Next

Hopefully, the tips in this tutorial help you with your shower remodel. If your next step is to waterproof the shower, this Schluter tutorial might help out.

If you&#;re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join Bathroom Repair Tutor&#;s Video Library &#; it&#;ll make your bathroom renovation much easier!

Let me know if you have any questions and I&#;ll do my best to help.

Hope you have an awesome day!


Jeff Patterson








Write purchased model number here.

Table of Contents:

Warranty Page 2


Rough-In Installation Instructions Pages 3 - 5


13/14 Series Installation Instructions Pages 6 - 9

Maintenance Page 10

Cartridge Summary References Page 10

To order replacement parts, visit




CAUTION: This system/device must be set by the

installer to ensure safe, maximum temperature.

Any change in the setting may raise the discharge

temperature above the limit considered safe and

may lead to hot water burns.


installer of this valve, it is your responsibility

to properly INSTALL and ADJUST this valve

per the instructions given. This valve does

not automatically adjust for inlet temperature

changes, therefore, someone must make the

necessary Rotational Limit Stop or temperature

knob adjustments at the time of installation and

further adjustments may be necessary due to

seasonal water temperature change. YOU MUST

inform the owner/user of this requirement by

following the instructions. If you or the

owner/user are unsure how to properly make

these adjustments, please refer to page 8, and if

still uncertain, call us at DELTA.

After installation and adjustment, you must affix

your name, company name and the date you

Rev. B


Installation Instructions

Owners Manual



You May Need

adjusted the Rotational Limit Stop or temperature

knob to the caution label provided and apply or

attach the label to the back side of the closest

cabinet door and the warning label to the water

heater. Leave this Instruction Sheet for the

owner's/user's reference.

WARNING: This pressure balanced or

thermostatic bath valve is designed

to minimize the effects of outlet water

temperature changes due to inlet pressure

changes, commonly caused by dishwashers,

washing machines, toilets and the like. It may

not provide protection from hot water burns

when there is a failure of other temperature

controlling devices elsewhere in the

plumbing system, if the rotational limit stop

or temperature knob is not properly set or if

the hot water temperature is changed after the

settings are made or if the water inlet changes

due to seasonal changes.

WARNING: Do not install a shut-off device on

either outlet of this valve. When this type of

device shuts off the water flow, it can defeat

the ability of the valve to balance the hot and

cold water pressures.


Valve Trim



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Forged brass body. Back-to-Back installation capabilities. Can be tested with air ( PSI) or water ( PSI) without valve using supplied test cap. Square plasterguard allows for right angle cuts. 1/2" universal inlets accept 1/2" copper, 1/2" iron pipe, PEX or CPVC adapters. 1/2" universal outlets, inlets/outlets have male threads.

MultiChoice® Valve Trim Installation Instructions Owners Manual 17 Series THIS VALVE MEETS OR EXCEEDS THE FOLLOWING STANDARDS: ASME A/ CSA B and ASSE (Type -P- or -T-). CAUTION: This system/device must be set by the installer to ensure safe, maximum temperature. Any change in the setting may raise the discharge

moen shower valve thin wall installation. Our customer support team is here to answer your questions.


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  • Delta thermostatic tub and shower faucets are built with TempAssure valves, while pressure balance tub and shower faucets are built with Delta Monitor valves. Both types of Delta shower faucets feature an adjustable handle limit stop. These need to be properly set, and when they are, this ensures that the temperature of hot water won't rise above a preset level.
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  • Installation Instructions Styles and parts vary by model. English E1 One Handle Tub/Shower Valve Trim Model Number Installation Date For Warranty Support INS - 3/11 INS - 3/11 Printed in U.S.A. © Moen Incorporated Care Instructions To preserve the finish on the metallic parts of your Moen faucet, apply non-abrasive wax


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Delta RUNBX Valve: Installation Instructions. Delta tub shower valve: 3 connection types (IPS, PEX and UNIVERSAL) provide connection options for every type of plumbing. WITHOUT Stops: This tub shower combo valve DOES NOT HAVE screwdriver stops. If this fixture ever requires repair, it would require shutting off the water to the entire home.

Delta Shower Faucet Install

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Delta Multichoice Valve Installation

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