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Does La-Z-Boy Make Swivel Recliners?

La-Z-Boy Southeast | February 20, 2020

Does La-Z-Boy Make Swivel Recliners Ferndale

One of the most common questions we receive is, “Does La-Z-Boy make swivel recliners?”

La-Z-Boy manufactures a wide range of swivel recliners and most of our best selling recliners can be upgraded with a swivel base.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about La-Z-Boy Swivel Recliners.

What Is a Swivel Recliner?

Swivel recliners are built with a circular base so you can swivel 360 degrees left or right. Plus, they give you the option to recline.

La-Z-Boy Addison Swivel Recliner

These chairs are popular in living rooms and offices with multiple focus points. They’re also great for entertaining.

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, we’ve noticed everyone who visits our showroom loves to take a spin in our swivel recliners.

Swiveling in a La-Z-Boy Recliner is smooth and effortless. Simply use your feet to move your chair in the direction you prefer.

Can I Add a Swivel Base to My Recliner?

If you fall in love with a recliner that doesn’t swivel, do not worry!

Most of our rocking recliners can be upgraded with a swivel base for an extra charge.

Adding a swivel base to your La-Z-Boy Recliner will cost a little more than $100. However, most people believe it’s well worth it.

This is just one of the many product upgrades you’ll only find at La-Z-Boy.

All of our furniture is available in 900 different leathers and fabrics. We can also add massage and heat to some models.

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La-Z-Boy Swivel Recliners are fun, easy-to-use, and will be the most popular seat in your house.

At La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor, our showrooms feature a wide range of recliners with the ability to swivel.

Here are some additional online resources you may like to check out:

We’d be happy to help you find the perfect swivel recliner at any of our locations in NC, SC, and GA.

Free Recliner Buying Guide 2019
Sours: https://www.furnitureacademy.com/does-la-z-boy-make-swivel-recliners/

How to Stop Sliding a Recliner Swivel Base on the Carpet

Keep that comfortable recliner from damaging your floors with a furniture mat.

Preventing your recliner from moving and scooting around on your carpets is easy and can be done with some tools from your hardware store.

  1. Measure the swivel base of your recliner in circumference to ensure you get the right kind of pad to fit the entire base. Head to your local hardware store and purchase a furniture mat that is just slightly larger than the base of your recliner. For example, if the swivel recliner base is 45 inches across, purchase a pad that is 46 inches.

  2. Decide where you want to place your recliner, if you haven’t done so already. Vacuum the area well, so that no dirt or debris will get stuck under the recliner and pad. Place pad in the area where you wish to place the recliner.

  3. Lift up the recliner, with the help of a friend, and hover it over the furniture pad you laid out. Slowly lower the recliner onto the pad, watching to make sure that it is centered on the pad and that none of the swivel base extends beyond the pad.

Things You Will Need


  • Measuring tape
  • Rubber furniture mat
  • Vacuum


If you can’t find a pad in your size, purchase a large, thick shower mat and cut it down with scissors to fit the size you need. These are essentially the same material as furniture pads and can get the job done for you. Some hardware stores carry furniture pads that match different colors of carpet. If you don’t want to see that small outline of the pad underneath the swivel base, shop around at different hardware and décor stores.

Sours: https://homesteady.com/12002201/how-to-stop-sliding-a-recliner-swivel-base-on-the-carpet
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How Do You Attach a Swivel Base to a Rocker Recliner?

By Staff WriterLast Updated March 29, 2020

Attach a swivel base to a rocker recliner by turning the chair over, removing the black cloth that covers the bottom, fitting a plywood plate for the framework and attaching the rocking, swivel base to the plywood. Inspect the framework under the chair before making the modification, and do not proceed if it is in poor repair. Attaching the swivel base sometimes affects the looks and operation of the recliner.

Swivel bases often have several holes for attaching the mechanism to the bottom of the chair. If the existing framework matches the holes, it is not necessary to install the plywood base, but for recliners with an open framework, the plate is the best option. It is necessary to remove the existing rocking mechanism from some recliners before installing the new base.

The swivel base usually attaches to the plywood base using nuts, bolts and washers. Once you fit the base to the chair, mark the location for the swivel base according to the manufacturer's directions, and mark any holes you need to drill for attaching the base. Tighten the bolts using an appropriate wrench, and attach the base to the frame of the chair. Test the chair to ensure the base is in the proper location to prevent if from tipping over when fully reclined before placing it back into use.

Sours: https://www.reference.com/world-view/attach-swivel-base-rocker-recliner-32c9f9b006d54e
Lazboy Swivel base replacement

Lazyboy Swivel Base Replacement, Repair & Installation

Topics:Maintenance and Repairs | 7 Comments »

You will agree with me a lot of home gadgets come with additional features. It can function properly even without. The function of a Swivel base is no different as this tool helps to rotate the recliner. Perhaps, your type of recliner doesn’t have this feature, or it needs replacement/repairs. No worries, all you need is a guide to help install, replace and repair the Lazy Boy swivel base.

Guides to Install, Replace or Repair Swivel Base
The Lazy Boy Swivel base is a luxury tool, but based on the owner’s preference you can decide to add it to your recliner, repair or replace it when damaged. Note that the installation of your Swivel base depends on the recliner model.

1. Invert Your Recliner Upwards
To make your installation less stressful and also keep your work environment tidy, it is advisable that you make use of a sheet. Turn over the chair on the tarp to reveal the base mechanisms. You might want to ask for help.

2. Remove The Detachable Coverings
It is only when you expose the chair mechanism that you will be able to proceed with your installation, replacement or repair. This can be simply be done by removing the detachable coverings by using your hand, claw hammer or screwdriver for coverings that come with screws and nuts.

3. Remove The Swivel Base
This is only necessary if you want to replace your swivel base. Spin the base of the chair so that the holes on the swivel base align with holes on the base of the chair. Then, unscrew the swivel base to reveal the other mechanism.

4. Detach The Screws Of Your Rocking Base And Remove It
There is a need to detach the screws of your Recliner rocking base, but WATCH OUT! Take a concise note of the springs. Place an object to fill the space between the springs so that the holes line up. This will also prevent the base from sinking and eliminate stress and trust me; it saves time.

5. Detach The Mechanisms From Rocking Base
To install the swivel base, detach the reclining mechanism from the frame of the rocking base. Then you can take heed of the next step below.

6. Screw-In The Frame Of Swivel To Reclining Mechanism
This is the stage where you can attach your frame to the reclining mechanism by screwing it in. The reclining mechanism has about 3-4 holes for attachment. It is important that the frame is securely fitted to the reclining mechanism so you can make use of 3 holes.
Flip it over across the crossbars, and use a stick to hold it in place. Make sure the holes align at the sides. In case the holes are not well aligned, use a metallic object such as claw hammer to adjust it, so it doesn’t make things difficult. Make sure to screw in the sides as well to the crossbars.

7. Lock In Swivel Base
With all the above steps in place, you can now attach your swivel base. Place your swivel base across the pre-designed holes and carefully lock them in with special 360 rotating screws. Rotate and spin the swivel base to ensure it’s flexible.

Where to buy Swivel Base Parts?
Buying online is a great choice as it’s convenient and also the cheapest option. Depending on where you are located, shipping is usually free. Head over to our, Lazyboy recliner parts page for more info or check out the listings below:

Conclusively, we have drafted the guide above to give you homemade easy steps to install, replace and repair your Lazy Boy swivel base. we do hope you find this post helpful. If you need of any Lazyboy repair guide, our How to Repair your Lazyboy Recliner will be useful.

Sours: https://www.lazyboyreclinersonline.com/lazyboy-swivel-base-replacement-repair-installation/

Recliner base swivel

The instructions may vary depending on your precise model of recliner.

  1. Turn over the recliner so the base faces upward.
  2. Spin the base of the chair so that the holes on the swivel base line up with holes on the base of the chair.
  3. Place spacer bushings, if necessary, in the space between the holes.

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Also know, how do you attach a swivel base to a recliner?

How to Put a Swivel on a Recliner

  1. Tip the recliner over on to a flat, steady surface such as a table.
  2. Place the wood base in the middle of the recliner bottom.
  3. Place the circular base chair swivel approximately in the middle of the wooden base.
  4. Tip the recliner back over with the help of your assistant and place where desired in your room.

Furthermore, can you put a swivel on a recliner? It's important that the recliner be in good shape so the modification attaches securely. A recliner can be modified to swivel and rock.

Secondly, how do you take apart a recliner?

Taking Apart Your Recliner Chair: While standing behind the recliner, reach into the gap between the backrest and the sides of the chair. Pull down on the metal levers inside the gap to release the backrest from the recliner's frame. Lay the recliner on its side so that you can access the bottom of the seat.

Can you stop a swivel recliner from swiveling?

Disabling the swivel function stops the chair turning, leaving only the recliner and footrest active. You might want to disable the swivel if the chair is close enough to knock nearby furniture like side tables and bookcases. Stop your recliner swivelling by adjusting screws on the base.

Sours: https://findanyanswer.com/how-do-you-remove-a-swivel-base-from-a-recliner
How to Install a Rocker Swivel on an upholstered chair

Replacement Glider Swivel Mechanism with Ring Base

Swivel Glider mechanism including ring base for glider chair.
A standard ring base with a 49 ball bearing full race swivel plate with a 10 10 glider attached
Add swivel and glider motion to any matching chair.


Category: Recliners & Rockers.Tags: glider mechanism, ring base, swivel.


Glider Swivel Mechanism with Ring Base Description

The Glider Swivel Mechanism with Ring Base is a cost-effective solution to repair a broken chair or add extra motion to existing furniture. Why waste hundreds to replace a broken glider  or swivel chair when one part can fix the one you already have? Wish your favorite chair could glide or swivel? Create the perfect chair with the this swivel mechanism to add gliding and swivel motion.

Product Information

  • standard ring base with a 49 ball bearing full race swivel plate.
  • a 10 x 10 glider is attached to the standard ring base.
Sours: https://discountfurnitureparts.com/product/replacement-glider-swivel-mechanism-ring-base/

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