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"Your father's lightsaber. This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or as random as a blaster. An elegant weapon... for a more civilized age."143 Pins 31w
The 4 Sabers on the right are up for sale. Head to our website and check out the "prototype" tab on the menu. These one of a kind manually machined sabers come equipped with full lights and sound, with rechargeable battery, charger, kill key, blade plug, and dueling grade blade. Ready to ship. #starwars, #lightsaber, #fxlightsaber, #sabersmith, #custom, #handmade. Lightsaber Design, Custom Lightsaber, Lightsaber Hilt, Star Wars Rpg, Star Wars Clone Wars, Rogue One Star Wars, Pot Pourri, Star Wars Concept Art, Star Wars Light Saber
The 4 Sabers on the right are up for sale. Head to our website and check out the "prototype" tab on the menu. These one of a kind manually machined sabers come equipped with full lights and sound, with rechargeable battery, charger, kill key, blade plug, and dueling grade blade. Ready to ship. #starwars, #lightsaber, #fxlightsaber, #sabersmith, #custom, #handmade.

Make some pool noodle lightsabers! This project is very easy to do, and your little Jedis will be so happy.

These pool noodle lightsabers are perfect for lightsaber duels because they are lightweight and won’t hurt anyone. Depending on your space, they can be a good option for indoor play!

Make these for fun at home, or as birthday party favors. Also fun to make and give as gifts!

How to make pool noodle lightsabers

Supplies Needed:

  • Pool Noodles – one per lightsaber
  • Duct tape – gray, black, and red
  • Scissors
  • Baby wipes – this sounds silly, but if you wipe the blades of your scissors with baby wipes, they cut right through the duct tape!
  • Serrated knife

First, cut your pool noodle to the desired length. We made ours about 3 feet long.

Use a serrated knife to cut your pool noodles. It works really well!

Then decorate the lightsaber hilt with duct tape. It works well to start by covering the end with tape. Wrap two strips over the end. It doesn’t matter if the ends are neat because you’re going to cover that up anyway.

Then wrap strips of tape around the pool noodle.

Once the hilt is covered with gray duct tape, you can add details like buttons and lines with black and red duct tape.

If you’re having trouble cutting the sticky duct tape, try wiping your scissor blades with a baby wipe – it really works!

And that’s all there is to it! Time for a lightsaber duel!

Have fun making lightsabers!

Need more Star Wars ideas?We’ve got lots!

Build Star Wars LEGO Mosaics with these printable building cards.

Here are some fun Star Wars Nerf Games to try!

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Lightsaber Hilts: With a Simple Twist

I’m not sure there’s anyone out there that’s more excited about Star Wars: Episode 7 than me and while I’m not much of a Cosplayer, that certainly didn’t stop me from wanting to build my own Lightsaber Hilt. In fact I ended up building two of them because of how easy it was. But unlike a lot of hilts I’ve seen, I really wanted mine to have a certain personality beyond just the shape. One day, I was working with a piece of vinyl on the production floor at Lettering on the Cheap when I got the idea: what if I applied custom vinyl decals on lightsaber?

lightsaber on display with custom vinyl

What really got me excited about this project wasn’t just the idea of applying vinyl however. It goes a little deeper than that. Vinyl comes in a variety of glossy levels, textures, colors- heck I could print out my own logos or graphics if I wanted. It was like as if suddenly the Force opened itself up to me and I felt my body surging with the power of the… Anyways, applying vinyl to your lightsaber hilt was really easy and the options it provided me were endless. From banding across the saber to intricate shapes parallel to the hilt I only scratched the surface. Using a Carbon Fiber or Gold Leaf texture I could have achieved a much more technical or rustic look respectively. What about a polished wood? Done. Brushed metal? Done.

Close up of lightsaber hilt

Lightsaber Hilts: No Detail Left Behind

But adding vinyl to your hilt isn’t all about the big details, and there’s a lot of opportunity to fill in the creative gaps with smaller decals. While I didn’t do it here, it would have been great to apply thin parallel lines running just inside the beam projector. Or using a transparent vinyl I could have added some carbon scorching to the beam projector for a bit of ‘used grit’. Seeing the success of these lightsabers has only increased my desire to build another and I would love to hear your suggestions as to how we should go about it.

[one_third]dark side styled lightsaber[/one_third] [one_third]Two different lightsaber on display[/one_third] [one_third]Jedi lightsaber[/one_third]

You might be asking at this point, ‘awesome, where can I make my own?’ well, for the decals you can check out Lettering on the Cheap and for the lightsaber hilts, check out The Custom Saber Shop. They have some seriously awesome custom parts for building your own lightsaber just the way you’d like it. Best yet, the parts are made out of sleek reflective metal and handle comfortably in your hand.

Have any questions or want to make a suggestion? We’re all ears, leave it in the comments below!

5 Most Elegant \u0026 Beautiful Lightsabers - Star Wars Explained

The Strangest Lightsabers in the Star Wars Universe: From Dark Rey to Ahsoka Tano

This article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.The lightsaber is undoubtedly one of the coolest (albeit sadly nonexistent) weapons in all of pop culture. What's not to love about a laser sword that can cut through anything yet easily stow away in your pocket when not in use? Though as we've seen many times in the Star Wars universe, some Jedi and Sith aren't content to stick to the traditional lightsaber design. Dark Side Rey and her bizarre switchblade lightsaber is just the latest example.From double-bladed lightsabers to lightsaber pikes to a lightsaber rifle (?), here are the strangest and most noteworthy lightsaber designs in the Star Wars franchise, including a few from the classic Legends continuity.

Lumiya's Light-Whip

You have to give Marvel Comics credit for thinking outside the box on this one. Long before the days of villains like Darth Maul and Kylo Ren, 1985's Star Wars #95 featured one of the most unusual lightsaber designs ever conceived. Lumiya, former protege of Darth Vader himself, constructed a whip based on ancient Sith designs. Built from a combination of unbreakable Mandalorian iron and lightsaber crystals, this weapon is the only lightsaber that creates a flexible beam. Lumiya nearly overwhelmed Luke with this deadly weapon, forcing him to wield two sabers at once to stand a chance in battle.

The Double-Bladed Lightsaber

The concept of a double-bladed lightsaber was introduced prior to The Phantom Menace, but this movie brought that weapon into the mainstream thanks to Darth Maul. Maul showed how deadly this weapon can be in the right hands, dominating two powerful Jedi at once. Similar doubled-bladed sabers have been used by characters like Savage Opress and Satele Shan.

The Lightsaber Pike

One of the more interesting variations of the double-bladed lightsaber is the lightsaber pike, a weapon used by the guards at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. With a longer hilt and shorter blades, these sabers are designed to be used more like a staff than a traditional sword. The hilts also fold in half in a switchblade-style design, one that's started becoming more popular in the Star Wars universe.

Pong Krell's Sabers

Star Wars: The Clone Wars introduced a corrupt Jedi Master named Pong Krell who puts his own spin on the double-bladed lightsaber design. Krell's saber blades are longer, like Maul's, but the hilts fold in half, like the lightsaber pike. Krell is also the rare Jedi capable of wielding two double-bladed sabers at once, a feat only possible because of his incredible strength and extra arms.

Mace Windu's Purple Saber

Canonically, there's only one Jedi cool enough to wield a purple-bladed lightsaber. Lightsaber crystals almost always come in green, blue or red varieties, making Mace's saber quite the collector's item. We can't help but wonder what became of the weapon after Anakin sliced Mace's arm off in Revenge of the Sith.

Count Dooku's Saber

Count Dooku was regarded as one of the finest swordsmen in the galaxy before defecting to the Sith. His lightsaber hilt features a unique, curved design, allowing for precise motions and strikes. This enhances the fencing-inspired fighting style Dooku has perfected. His protege, Asajj Ventress, wields a pair of similar sabers, though never quite as skillfully as her master.

Darth Sidious' Sabers

Darth Sidious's sabers stand out both for their ornamental design and the fact that the hilts are so short. That makes sense, given that Sidious has taken great pains to conceal his Sith powers and keeps his sabers concealed within the folds of his robes.

Ahsoka Tano's Sabers

When Ahsoka Tano first appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, she wielded a traditional green saber. But as the series progressed and Ahsoka became more confident in her abilities, she switched to the Jar'Kai style of combat, which focuses on dual sabers. Like a samurai, Ahsoka carries a standard-length blade and a shorter blade. Star Wars Rebels further sets her apart by making Ahsoka one of the rare Jedi to wield white lightsaber blades.

Maris Brood's Sabers

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed introduced Maris Brood, a Jedi Padawan who falls to the Dark Side after the death of her master, Shaak Ti. Brood's twin sabers are inspired by tonfa sticks, with a perpendicular hilt design that allow her to hold her sabers at unusual angles.

The Darksaber

The Darksaber is one of the oldest known lightsaber weapons in the Star Wars universe. Its archaic design results in a flat, angled blade that glows black and makes a distinctive hum. This blade has a long history with the warriors of Mandalore. Its creator, Tarre Vizsla, was the first Mandalorian inducted into the Jedi Order, and it's since been used by Mandalorians like Pre Vizsla and Sabine Wren. The Darksaber also shows up in The Mandalorian's Season 1 finale.

Darth Malgus' Saber

Ancient Sith Lord Darth Malgus has one of the few lightsabers that can probably kill a man even when it's deactivated. The top of the hilt features two blade-like protrusions that make it seem as though Malgus carries an ax on the battlefield.

Darth Chratis' Saber

Another powerful Sith Lord of the Old Republic era, Darth Chratis is notable for carrying a metal staff than can collapse in half and emit a lightsaber blade. The unusually long hilt gives Chratis extra reach in battle.

Darth Bane's Lightsaber Pike

While the weapon the Jedi Temple Guards wield is called a lightsaber pike, The Clone Wars almost introduced a weapon even more in line with a traditional pike. This concept art shows the weapon intended to be used by Darth Bane in the Season 6 episode "Sacrifice." It's basically a long staff that emits a broad, tapered blade. But while Bane himself did appear in that episode, his weapon never made the cut.

The Grand Inquisitor's Saber

Star Wars Rebels introduced the Inquistorius, an order of Dark Jedi charged with helping Vader wipe out the last of the Jedi. Each of these villains is equipped with a multi-purpose lightsaber. The hilt resembles nothing if not an identity disc from Tron, though it can also fold in half so that it looks like the hilt of a cutlass. These sabers can be used in either single or double-bladed mode. These weapons can also double as, well, personal helicopters.

Kylo Ren's Saber

Kylo Ren wields an unusual crossguard saber that reflects his own unstable nature. The crystal powering his saber is cracked, requiring ports on either side of the hilt to vent the excess heat and plasma. The advantage is that Kylo's saber has two extra blades (or quillons) that he often uses to his advantage in battle.

The Lightsaber Rifle

Jedi librarian Jocasta Nu may not seem capable of going toe-to-toe with Darth Vader and his Inquisitors, but she's a surprisingly scrappy fighter when the need arises. Jocasta leveled the playing field by attaching her ordinary blue lightsaber to a specially designed rifle. That rifle uses the lightsaber as fuel for its incredibly destructive blasts. Unfortunately, the rifle can only fire so many shots before the lightsaber burns itself out.

Rey's Switchblade Saber

In The Rise of Skywalker, Rey has a vision of herself wielding this deadly double-bladed lightsaber. This special weapon folds in half like Pong Krell and the Jedi Temple Guards' weapons, but the twist is that it can still be used as a twin-bladed weapon even folded. Now that it's been shown in the films (albeit as a vision), it's only a matter of time before we see someone wielding a similar blade for real.

For more on The Rise of Skywalker, read our official review and staff review roundup of Episode 9, see how The Mandalorian connects to the new movie and how The Mandalorian is using the Darksaber, find out what we learned about Jannah and Lando from the Rise of Skywalker visual dictionary, and check out the surprising Knights of the Old Republic character that's now canon in the movies.Jesse is a mild-mannered writer for IGN. Allow him to lend a machete to your intellectual thicket by following @jschedeen on Twitter.

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15 Fan-Made Lightsaber Designs Way Cooler Than Anything In Star Wars

When it comes to science fiction weapons, is there truly any weapon more iconic than the lightsaber? Sure you've got phasers and sonic screwdrivers, but do they really hold a candle to the kyber-powered weapons used in Star Wars by Sith Lords and Jedi Masters? Perhaps it's the balance of seeing people wielding lightsabers and sword-fighting in contrast to the massive space battles that also happen in the Star Wars movies that make it so exciting to watch. But could the lightsaber be innovated further? What if we combine it with weapons from some of our other favorite shows and movies?

How well would the Sword of Omens do as a lightsaber? Could you fit a lightsaber inside a prosthetic limb? Would Vin Diesel's Richard B. Riddick be a more vicious killer if he was armed with a pair of lightsabers? George Lucas was a brilliant visionary, but we've got drawings, 3D renderings, and models made by fans that would put even the creator of Star Wars' imagination to shame. No need to count midi-chlorians or choose a side with the Jedi or the Sith; just sit back and enjoy these 15 fan-made lightsabers way cooler than anything in Star Wars.


A computer programmer that finds himself trapped inside an actual computer program? It may sound like a Black Mirror episode but it actually describes the 1982 film Tron. Because he's inside a computer, certain items can be easily generated like light cycles and discs. Tron was a gorgeous film but was oddly not nominated for an Academy Award for special effects. Its impact on culture and cinema can be felt today, and such animated films like Toy Story could not have happened without Tron paving the way.

It made sense for kytjunon to mashup lightsabers with the computer-generated world of Tron. This Tron lightsaber looks clean and sleek. Imagine Flynn and Tron fighting MCP with these blue-green lightsabers. They could assemble and reassemble the weapon as easily as they create their light cycles.


Although Star Wars does give us an amazing glimpse into futuristic technology, let's not forget that the film takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. So if the film actually does take place in the past, then it's absolutely fitting that Natfoe designed a steampunk lightsaber. For those that don't know, steampunk is where technology is still fantastical, but is executed with antiquated means, such as steam power.

So how would a steampunk lightsaber work? It looks like a kyber crystal in the handle of the sword, but that may be too high tech for steampunk. There's an interesting double nozzle at the end, though, so perhaps the crystal, when exposed to steam, projects a blade? Judging by the gears and handles, perhaps it's something that's cranked out?


How effective could a fan be in a fight? If you're a practitioner of tessenjutsu, then you're familiar with the art of Japanese war fan fighting. War fans were normally used by an army commander to signal troops on when to attack, but eventually it was adapted into a form of fighting with the actual fan itself. Some fans were bamboo, others were iron, and they could be used to block thrown daggers and knives.

Since Darth Vader's helmet was inspired by the kabuto (helmet) of Japanese samurai, the artwork of JamesVillanueva beautifully continues the tradition of the Japanese culture's influence on Star Wars. Here we see that the ends of the fan are in fact lightsabers, both jutting out like blades and lining the curve of the fan. This Sith weapon is as beautiful as it is deadly.


What's also awesome about this shoto design by JohnGWolf is that you can see at the top an exposed kyber crystal. Kyber crystals power lightsabers and also were a component in the superlaser fired by the Death Star. As Chirrut Imwe said in Star Wars: Rogue One, "The strongest stars have hearts of kyber."


DarthMater gives us a beautiful lightsaber that makes us ask the question: what does this say about the owner? The material (named here as "adamantine," meaning "unbreakable") looks like a combination of quartz and marble, and the long prons in the front make for an intriguing design, and dangerous even when the blade is switched off. The size of it also looks like it can't dangle from your hip like your typical lightsaber. The last question: is the owner a Sith Lord or a Jedi Master?


The 3D rendering, as well as the reflection of the weapon on the table, are beautiful artistic touches. The look of it is intimidating and just seeing it dangling from the belt of Fiona Fox is enough to make us want to avoid conflict with her at any and all costs. We're not sure if that yellow dot is a button or a dial, but if it was a dial it would be cranked up all the way to 11.


If you were a fan of Darth Maul from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, you probably were in awe at how skillfully he wielded his double-bladed lightsaber. His weapon complemented his flashy acrobatics and his ghoulish appearance. Here we see a lightsaber that may look familiar if you're a fan of another movie that spawned a trilogy or two: Lord of the Rings.

JNetRocks modeled his lightsaber after Gandalf's staff. If you look at the edge of the blade, you can see the resemblance that it bares to the magic staff that Gandalf walked around with. Given the length of the staff, only one side can activate at a time, which makes sense because you'd have to be as tall as an Ent if you were to have lightsaber blades shoot out of both ends of his staff.


Darth Maul first appeared in The Phantom Menace and his double-blade lightsaber was quite remarkable. Up until then we were only exposed to single lightsabers and the idea of varying the design was an unknown option. Then we met Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens and we were in awe of his crossguard lightsaber. It was as dangerous and violent as the person wielding it.

Artist chingoryu takes the crossguard lightsaber one step further and instead of a raging red beam coming out of it, we see a fiery green beam and what appears to possibly be the kyber crystal in the hilt. The secondary blades are referred to as quillons and this might be an homage to the green crossguard lightsaber found by Ezra Bridger in an episode of Rebels. We wonder if the kyber crystal in this lightsaber is cracked like the one in Kylo Ren's.


In the Star Wars series, we see a number of characters lose limbs have been removed, thanks to fighting with lightsabers. Luke lost his hand while fighting Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back, for example. Anakin is virtually hacked to bits by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Although there's amazing technology in the world of Star Wars, instead of growing new limbs, most people seem to get mechanical replacements of body parts, but how come we don't see crazy cyborg Jedi?

The "How Come No One Hasn't Done This Yet" award goes to JohnGWolf for designing a cybernetic arm that has a lightsaber built in. That makes perfect sense; a compact weapon that you can hide in your forearm that is in our opinion one step above having Adamantium claws. It's not a red lightsaber, so we are sure that it's not a Sith weapon, but instead has the yellow blade often used by the Grey Jedi. Could you picture Luke with a lightsaber that shot out of his hand?


The lightsaber, although elegant and deadly, is still a bit of an anomaly. Do lightsabers run out of power? Do Jedi get to choose the color of their blades the way that Mace Windu did? For a while there was even some debate if a non-Force user could even fight with a lightsaber. Thank goodness broodofevil was around to answer just some of our many questions. For example, just how long should a lightsaber blade be?

Here we get less of a drawing and more of an operational schematic, and we couldn't be happier by it! In the bottom center drawing we see controls that adjust the blade length as well as the power. Of course, we're not sure what the power setting would do, and why you wouldn't just have it on maximum all the time. Either way, we're impressed at the blueprint and if we had the time we'd build this saber!


The Chronicles of Riddick, the 2004 sequel to the film Pitch Black, pitted Vin Diesel's Richard Riddick against Necromongers, people not quite dead but also not quite alive. Riddick needed to use every tool and skill at his disposal to keep his enemies at bay, but fortunately the man never seems to run out of ability and in the end becomes the leader of the Necromongers (which is undone almost immediately in the third sequel, Riddick).

We're impressed that hapajedi had the vision to combine Riddick's curved blades with lightsabers. Come to think of it, Riddick does have Jedi-like powers, and Riddick is ridiculous enough to rock two lightsabers at the same time. When Riddick plays the game "Who's the better killer" you best believe he's going to come out on top. These weapons make sure he gets to the bonus round.


In the beginning of Return of the Jedi, Luke tries to release Han Solo from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt. On his first attempt a trap door opens up and drops him in a pit that contained a rancor, a giant beast with long claws and sharp teeth. Luke is without his lightsaber but is still able to kill the rancor by dropping a giant gate on top of him. Although he's not heard from again, whatever happened to the rancor's body?

Artist hexterah has a proposed answer to that question. At first glance this lightsaber looks like it's made from exotic material, and it turns out it is: it was carved out of a rancor tooth. Was it carved from the tooth of the very same rancor that Luke killed? Even if it isn't, it's still an impressive weapon and a sign to your opponent about what you're capable of doing.


As the saying goes, the most powerful weapon is the one you don't have to use, because using it would be absolutely devastating and no one would want to see that kind of destruction happen. A lightsaber is slim and powerful, but it's not at first sight as intimidating as Negan's bat or Worf's bat'leth. Thanks to some modifications by billymcguffin this Sith lightsaber is quite formidable.

Around the grip of the lightsaber is a very sharp and intimidating blade. It's so menacing, in fact, that you almost forget that it's also a lightsaber! Even without activating the lightsaber, the hilt can still be used as a stabbing weapon. If the edge portion of the lightsaber doesn't get you, the actual saber will. It makes you wonder why more Sith lords don't modify their weapons in this way!


In Star Wars: The Force Awakens we were introduced to Kylo Ren and the premise that he was a part of a larger group called the Knights of Ren. Rumors abounded that the Knights of Ren would be explored in the sequel The Last Jedi, but unfortunately that never happened. Concept art for the Knights of Ren show several people wearing outfits similar to Darth Vader holding a variety of weapons.

The artwork for robotpencil gives the Knights of Ren a run for their money. Depicted are four people, all possibly Sith Lords given the red glow of their weapons. Speaking of weapons, this lightsaber posse have a variety of weapons, featuring lightsaber nunchucks and a variant of the crossguard lightsaber. We don't know who these guys are but while we're waiting for the Knights of Ren, we'll definitely take 'em!


One of the cool things about the Thundercats leader, Lion-O, was his weaponry. Not only did he have a sweet giant yellow claw for a shield, he also wielded one of the coolest weapons ever: the Sword of Omens. It started out as a stubby dagger, but Lion-O was able to call upon its power and turn it into a full broadsword. What could possibly make the weapon any cooler?

JamesVillanueva knew exactly what to do. The Sword of Omens is powered by the Eye of Thundera, a powerful energy source that could possibly be sentient. If you think about it, the Eye of Thundera functions like the Force (its possible sentience also makes it close to midi-cholorians), so linking the Sword to a lightsaber makes total sense. Even the retracting blade is reminiscent of a lightsaber.


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Building a STAR WARS Lightsaber from Hardware Store Parts

If you’re a Star Wars fan, it would be unlikely not to have a lightsaber collection. It becomes a must-to-do thing after watching the movie. You might even be considered sacred in the fandom once you have it in your possession.

And if you have it, you should not put it away in a cupboard. That will not be fair to the lightsabers, and if the Jedi found out about this, that would not be so good now, will it? It will be just as bad as saying, “A bunch of teddy bears defeated the great Galactic Empire”.

Show it off, people! Display it uniquely, in your drawing room, in the living room, in your hallway, anywhere you like.

And if you are looking for some ways to display your lightsabers, but can’t find any. Then, my friend, you’re absolutely at the right place. So, let me introduce you to the incredible lightsaber display ideas.

Having a full collection of lightsabers is the biggest flex. When you have them, you never want to keep them in some hidden place. Rather, you would want to display them, to show them off to everyone.

And for that, you would need a perfectly exceptional idea to display them in a way that would look unique and compel others to take a good look at them.

Table of Contents

1.    Stormtrooper Display

So, the best way will be to become a bit of a rebel. Pun intended, obviously. Didn’t get what we mean? It’s simple, place a life-size stormtrooper figure where you want to display the lightsaber and arrange it like the stormtrooper itself is holding it.

Wouldn’t it look cool? It will!

A die-hard movie fan might not like this idea, but you can guarantee that in-depth lore hunters will get the reference.

And when you have it in your drawing room or at the entrance. Everyone will notice it and get attracted to it; that is how unique an idea it is.

And it will only make you feel great to hear great things about your lovely lightsabers, that you did not just hide away, instead, displayed them. A great decision on your behalf, even if you say so yourself.

2.    Lightsaber Stand

Acrylic Lightsaber Stand

If you are looking for something less controversial, this can be a good idea for you. The simplest way of displaying your lightsaber would be to fit it in a stand. That stand should be unique and iconic, looking attractive, and goes perfectly with the Star Wars theme.

Even though some dealers produce stands made of iron, wood, or other materials, most lightsaber stands are constructed of acrylic or 3D-printed plastic.

The stand’s composition, appearance, and size vary. Although some manufacturers create excellent lit stands with LED illumination for the hilt on display, the majority of the stands aren’t illuminated.

The stand will give out a simple but elegant look, as it will make a combination of a lavish lightsaber with a simple stand. Place your stand on the showcase in your hallway, or you can put it anywhere on display where people could see it.

It is your choice, either place it vertically or horizontally. The stands come in both designs. So, you will be able to line up your whole collection of lightsabers on some tabletop in your hallway or living room showcase; just imagine, wouldn’t it look so amazing?

The horizontal lightsaber stands are small in size as compared to the vertical ones. You can put them horizontally on the table, they will be a few inches up from the surface. But you won’t be able to put more than a few of them on a single table as they will occupy more space.

The vertical stands are also there for you; they display the light hilt facing upward. However, horizontal stands are more preferred among the people who collect lightsabers.

A vertical stand fits great as compared to a horizontal stand for showcasing the hilts that have a different shape like a Dooku style curved hilt or the one like that of Kylo Ren crossguard hilt.

Hence, you can display them in any position you want to; they will look so great that everyone passing by would ask about them, or less, comment on them.

3. Lightsaber Wall Mount

Pmsanzay Clear Light Saber Wall Mount

The wall mount is an accessory that is used to fix the lightsaber on the wall. It is like a stand that fits the hilt in it, and you can place your lightsabers in a line.

They can also be placed in both vertical and horizontal directions, any way you like them. They look really attractive as they stand out parallel to the wall.

It will be a simple but great idea, as it will get everyone’s attention, and look great to everyone who will pay a single glance at them. Lightsabers are already eye-catching, but the display, how you put them, the creativity you put out in showcasing them is what gives them a better shape.

Some of the wall mounts are illuminated at the end, but others are not. It depends on their manufacturers, as some of them make the wall mounts illuminated with illuminated hilts at the end. This gives a whole different lit bright aura to the whole lightsaber from top to bottom.

They come in different materials, and the most common material used for them is acrylic, but they are also composed of metal and plastic.

It is up to you how you will display them; you have quite a lot of choice. Not only in the position but material, design, etc.

You can choose whatever style you want according to your taste. And place them anywhere, on the staircase wall or in the hallways; it will look amazing anywhere they will be displayed.

4.    Lightsaber Display Box

The display box not only encompasses but also displays a lightsaber inside the storage box. It also had a doubling layer which helps in the protection of the lightsaber storage box.

In addition to all the aforementioned features, a lightsaber comes with a lid used as a shield and is used to open or close it easily.

The display boxes are unique, and they are crafted with such perfection that they appeal to peoples’ eyes.

The lightsaber display boxes come in various designs and the most liked among them is the wooden-styled display box. The wooden box comes with a hinged lid and has a latch in front of the box. They are often based on wine bottle designs.

In addition to the wooden box, there is also a plastic display box. The box has a clear shelf and a base. The shelf covers the base as well as the hilt. Few of the plastic boxes are lit with LED lights, while some of them are not.

5. Lightsaber Naked Display

KYBERS RGB 11 Colors Changeable Metal Hilt Light Saber

The naked lightsaber displays come without a stand or mount at all. Additionally, some of these display boxes do not require any additional display accessories at all.

To prevent the lightsaber from rolling off a shelf or falling down the hilt comes with a belt attachment or some other design. In this way, the lightsaber can stand on its own on a shelf or a flat surface without the fear of it falling.

6.    Lightsaber Wall cross Display

Lightsabers can be displayed on the wall as a sign of a cross to make your room look more aesthetic and beautiful. This also gives a nice touch to your wall while increasing the beauty of the room simultaneously.

To hold the lightsaber on the wall firmly you can use a pack of 2 C-Cell Maglite. The basic purpose of this Maglite is different, but it keeps the lightsaber very firmly on the wall.

They are snug but you should keep in mind not to squeeze them too hard. Squeezing can make the lightsaber damaged, and it will not light for a long time or maybe at all.

Taking the right measurements, you will be able to place them perfectly on the wall. The hilts help keep the lightsaber intact.

7.    Lightsaber Glass Display

One final idea,  equally as aesthetically pleasing as the other ones, is to put your lightsabers inside a glass display. As it is already a light beam, when put in a glass, its lights will reflect more, giving an aesthetic look to the room.

A showcase with a front glass wall, or even a full glass showcase, will be best for this purpose. And when you use the glass with patterns embedded in it, the lightsabers will reflect more, making different patterns with light, giving the room a beautiful and attractive look.

A beautiful lightsaber display in the corner of a room would be enough to catch the eye of anyone passing by. An exceptional display of your love for Star Wars, what else could you ask for?

We have one in our hallway, and people have always asked about it, even those who are not fans of Star Wars. Because it is attractive enough to develop anyone’s interest in them.


Now that you have multiple ideas to display your lightsaber collection, what are you waiting for?

Displaying lightsabers is not only a way to show them off, but it also enhances the beauty of your house; it gives a great aesthetic to the place wherever you display them. It simply increases the beauty.

These ideas are not difficult to work on at all. So, don’t wait any longer, pick one of the ideas mentioned above and get to work.

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Top 10 DIY Lightsaber Ideas to Enjoy the Star Wars Fight

Whether it's Jedi or Sith, you're sure to enjoy the Star Wars franchise's epic space battles. And the iconic lightsaber already makes it places in the hearts. You may think of getting yourself or your kids the ultimate weapon for any upcoming occasion.

But you don't have to spend the whole wallet on commercial lightsabers. Why not utilize the leisure time to craft a functional unit with some mere hardware purchase? That's right; we enlisted the most practical DIY lightsaber ideas for your consideration.


1. Simply Crafted Lightsaber


Create your ultimate fantasy weapon without exceeding the practical simplicity. The idea comes from Parts & Crafts, one creative community to accomplish some unique DIY projects. And the tutorial should give you some insight into a basic lightsaber.

It's preferably the original design to implement, developed in 2008. Despite several improvised versions, you still can start the journey with the simple project.

There are seven definite steps to define the whole job, starting with the necessary tools & materials. It'll take time & some extra cost to gather everything enlisted right there.

And the actual implementation continues from its 2nd step, featuring the handle. You just need to go through all the words for understanding the throughout the progress. And likewise, each step includes several steady pictures to present virtual reality.

Click for more details

2. Flashlight Lightsaber Blade

You don't have to spend the budget on fancy commercial or homemade lightsabers. The tutorial shows one inexpensive method to build the weapon in minutes. You'll require transparent vinyl pipes & shiny foil to hold the flashlight beam inside.

Paying attention to the connectivity should do the exact mechanical tricks. Just follow the video depiction with background explanations to explore the essential points. Minimal implementing steps & manual effort should get you one functional unit.

3. Pool Noodle Lightsaber


Whether you need adult or kid lightsaber, it's one safe bet to settle for the project. Using some duct tape with pool noodles will provide you with one cheap, functional & secure fighting weapon. The design craftsmanship appears rather adaptable for any passionate seeker.

The article starts with some primary introduction to reveal its throughout usability. Not to mention, the most valuable part goes with its versatility in size change.

Regarding the implementation, there are ten defined steps to accomplish the outcome. You'll find the title steps in one list right on the left side of the section.

There are several integrated pictures of every step, requiring fewer words on explanation. Overall presentation is incredibly satisfactory, letting you understand the process in an organized manner. And the result comes incredibly sturdy to withstand regular uses.

Click for more details

4. Homemade Lightsaber from Junks


Throwing away common household junks can prove its worth on different occasions. And the tutorial lets you explore the ultimate trick to turn wasteful into beautiful. The article is one interlinked guidance to continue with the implementation.

There aren't many words on the introductory part to create boredom. And you just need to look into the integrated path for getting all the points for your project.

Apart from the items, you're likely to spend $20.0 on the hardware requirements. There are ten steps to accomplish the ultimate Jedi skills right at home.

The processing with certain tricks may appear somewhat delicate for first-timers. But following the words can provide an excellent outcome through proper finishing. Amateur pictures manage to capture the job from a closer view, requiring your attention.

Click for more details

5. Multi-Color Lightsaber Blade

We have lots of guidance on homemade lightsabers, preferably single-coloured blade. Though the presentation appears a professional job, you can accomplish the objectives at home. The video clearly demonstrates the simple creation of the multi-coloured lightsaber.

All the necessary materials are enlisted right under the screen for easy shopping. Apart from the commentary, the screen depicts measurements & commands on occasion. Sticking with the tutorial should end up crafting the weapon with adaptable modifications.

6. Premium Lightsaber Project


Making one realistic lightsaber may sound difficult without the right DIY guidance. Of course, you can attend the ultimate weapon over a slightly extended budget. The article lets you create your gear through a challenging yet enjoyable crafting process.

Before getting into the details, the first segment reveals the project necessities. Both lists appear pretty long, costing you some worthy bucks ahead of complete satisfaction.

And there are 16 different steps to fulfil the requirement of your ultimate present. There are large pictures on every step, against some mere words. Although there are insufficient details, you're to figure out all the hidden hacks without wasting your time.

Click for more details

7. Combat-Ready Lightsaber

The video lets you craft one premium lightsaber with some necessary yet reliable hardware. But you're to make sacrifices for getting a better result, going well with the demonstration. Initial purchase seems costly, coming right beneath the tutorial screen.

Explaining words with initial details on every material should keep the pace. It'll take considerable time, effort, precision & definite skills on your DIY implementation. The project requires your specific dedication to assembling the mainframe in practicality.

8. Top-Notch Lightsaber Design


Embracer the force with one high-quality weapon in hand to induce the style. The DIY trick appears more like a revised version of the very first 'Simply Crafted Lightsaber'. And the decisive outcome comes more precise, detailed, functional, appealing & practical.

But there are problems with the outcome since the craftsmanship remains somewhat old. You'll get the points on its drawbacks right after the introductory beginning.

There are 16 steps in total to keep going with the pace, skipping unnecessary verbosity. And the process calls for some delicate materials; you're to check the interlinked shops.

Completion will take considerable time concerning its overall design complexity. But the brief explanation should help you with the perfect implementation. As it happens, there are some nice depicting pictures to capture the ongoing steps individually.

Click for more details

9. Stylish DIY Lightsaber Hilt

Impress anyone with one incredibly realistic lightsaber, skipping the silly outlook. And the video tutorial remains simple in presentation but insightful in implementation. It starts with the necessary tools in one frame, letting you estimate the probable cost.

The guidance seems slow, covering every detail you should have in mind. Of course, putting all the parts together requires serious attention to catch the exact implementation. Finalized frame comes easy to use without any potential threat of falling apart.

10. Circuited Skywalker Lightsaber


Enjoy real-life Star Wars fight with your kids through its featured lightsaber in the hands. You're sure to find the project rather suitable without any uncertain complexity. The article continues in a fluent flow to let you make simple yet elegant lightsaber at home.

Following the introductory part, you'll find the steps in shortened sentences. And its right side enlists all the necessary items for the job.

For offline implementation, you can even download the manual from the link. Right after, you just need to explore all the explaining words.

Instead of defined numbers or bullets, there are segmented paragraphs to present the steps. The craftsmanship should become easy enough with its straightforward depiction. There are some cartoon pictures included, nothing to do with the process.

Click for more details

Additional Thoughts on DIY Lightsaber Project

Apart from the preferred projects right above, there are several ideas worth considering.

11. Mini Lightsaber Project


It's probably the simplest lightsaber version you can possibly find. Despite its simpler look to satisfy your kids, you'll have to focus on the throughout processing. Download link lets you get the guidance for offline implementation.

Click for more details

12. Cheap, Easy Lightsaber Hilt

Ordinary paper tube with adhesive foil requires no intense mechanical processing. Using some glue to connect the papers should shape up the righteous hilt. Though it lacks the bright colours, its simple appeal should do the tricks on fun-play.

13. DIY LED Lightsaber

The video tutorial demonstrates an easy implementation of simple lightsabers. Time-lapse dynamics require proper understanding, specifically the wired connections. And the materials remain enlisted right below the screen.

14. RGB LED Strip Lightsaber


Common objects with some additional purchase will get you the classic lightsaber. Enlisted hardware components with seven different steps will cover the entire job. And the video integration should keep everything crystal clear.

Click for more details


There are many thoughts to shape up the space gears for a fun-fight at home. And you just need to choose the ultimate project plan based on your capability. One peculiar fact concerns with its future modifications to satisfy your demands. You can improvise the overall design idea by yourself towards an absolute betterment.


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