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Rubber Mats

Looking for the perfect, high-performance rubber entrance mat for your business? At Mats4U we are experts when it comes to durable, hard-wearing commercial and industrial mats and we have an online range of high-quality rubber mats with non-slip and sound cushioning properties. Designed to enhance the entrance to your business or busy reception area, rubber mats from Mats4U help to not only prevent the transfer of dirt and water from entering your business premises, but also to protect wooden, tiled, marble and carpeted floors from becoming worn over time, even in high traffic areas. With a range of mat rolls for larger runs or fixed sizes for smaller areas, browse our online range and find a rubber mat to meet your individual business needs.

At Mats4U we not only offer rubber entrance matting, but also non-slip, chemical resistant, anti-fatigue and rolled rubber matting to name a few. They also come in a range of sizes for small, medium, large and complicated areas, ensuring your floor space has maximum coverage.

The Importance and Purpose of Rubber Mats

According to the HSE, slips and trips remains the most common cause of injury at work in the UK. This can lead to poor work production and employee absenteeism. Rubber mats are designed to prevent accidents from occurring and improve working conditions.

Not only do rubber mats prevent slip and fall accidents, they can also serve many other purposes including:

  • Promoting health and safety
  • Improving working conditions
  • Sound cushioning
  • Provides comfort and warmth underfoot for those who stand for long periods
  • Protects floors against dirt, water and other spillages
  • Prevents dirt and water being brought inside

Types of Rubber Mats  

As rubber mats can serve a number of different purposes, we have a large selection of rubber mats for different purposes and applications. Please refer to the product descriptions to see which mat suits your needs.

Outdoor Rubber Entrance Mats

If you’re looking for a robust outdoor entrance mat, you’ve come to the right place! Our rubber mats are built to sustain high foot traffic whilst safeguarding your facility against dirt and water. Also reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls. The strong rubber allows our mats to endure harsh weather conditions and scrape away heavy dirt, snow and excess water.  Check out Value Rubber Scraper or Value Rubber Scraper with holes with the added value of drainage holes, both make ideal outdoor entrance mat solutions. - effective at removing tough dirt and moisture from footwear and wheels.

Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mats 

Some of our rubber mats contain anti-fatigue properties, designed for workers who are required to stand for a long period of time, especially on hard and cold floors. Our rubber anti-fatigue mats reduce fatigue and prevent associated serious musculoskeletal health issues, whilst protecting your floors. An excellent example is our Hog Heaven Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue Mats. The textured nitrile rubber surface enhances non-slip capabilities and is ideal for wet or dry conditions. Perfect for industrial settings.

Chemical, Oil and Grease Resistant Rubber Mats

Most of our rubber floors mats are chemical, oil and grease resistant. Some are also equipped with large drainage holes to allow fluids to escape through the mat. This prevents fluid build-up and delivers a safe walking surface for users. If you require a chemical, grease and oil resistant rubber mat, please check our Chemical Compatibility Chart for more information.

Where can Rubber Mats be Placed?

Rubber mats can be placed in many different areas. The Traction Tread Non-Slip Roll Matting is ideal for factory floors as it helps to prevent slips, trips and falls due to its non-slip quality. Made with nitrile rubber, this mat can safely be used in both wet and dry areas, indoor and outdoor and has added anti-fatigue properties. For areas prone to spills such as food and beverage industries, the Comfort Flow Anti Fatigue Rubber Mats are constructed of 100% high density nitrile rubber and is superior in grease and oil resistance than other grease proof mats. With a flow-through design that allows water and debris to escape away from the feet, this mat will help to minimise accidents at work.

Other areas Rubber Mats can be used include:

  • Entrances
  • Restaurants and café
  • Bars
  • Distributions centres and warehouses
  • Multiple industrial heavy-duty locations

Need more help choosing the right Rubber Mats for your application?

If you need more guidance on picking the right rubber mat, we are here to help. For more information, please call us on 0122 313 6748. Alternatively, you can send us your enquires using our Contact page, or email us at [email protected]


A rubber mat is versatile, durable, and suitable for multiple purposes, making them popular flooring options for homes, gyms, work areas, and more. At Greatmats, we have a wide selection with options for both indoor and outside use. With our excellent inventory, we have products that can accommodate virtually any flooring project.

Deploying ours in standing work environments in manufacturing facilities is a smart idea. They are a great choice for anyone who must frequently stand on a hard surface. Please explore our huge variety of fatigue tilingsto choose the best options for the area. When used as a runner, they are popular because of custom sizes, delivering economical benefits with safety and comfort. They make it an especially pleasant environment for workers.

Included in the anti-fatigue line are rubber anti-fatigue mats with diamond plate surface textures such as our 2x3 Cushion Comfort Mats.

Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls

It's important to remember that rolled rubber flooring will be quite hefty and will require multiple people to help with the install. But it does cover a lot of space quickly which is why this type of rubber mat is a best seller.

Each roll is 4’ wide and available in lengths up to 50’.

Those with a 1/2 inch or greater thickness option usually measure as a multipurpose 4x6 workout mat or stall mat. We have rubber products in large sizes with straight edges that allow them to be installed against walls or adjacent to others. It connects easily together for a beautiful surface.

Interlocking Rubber Mat

These DIY selections are most often found in a smaller 1x1, 2x2, or 3x3 foot size with interlocking edges to fasten them together. A system utilizing rubber tiles is ideal for tight spaces, since they are easier to maneuver and less product will be wasted.

Thick Rubber Flooring Mat

The thickness of a rubber mat will directly relate to its ability to absorb shock … and to protect the subfloor in the process. It offers extra protection and shock absorption versus thinner designs. Thick commercial-grade rubber mats outdoorare often used for in horse stalls, on patios, in the foot area of a vehicle, and underneath playground gear.

But they can be found indoors too to protect subfloors in weightlifting areas or beneath heavier workout equipment, as 1 inch large rubber mats for gym are great for heavy weight support. A shock absorbent sound reducing rubber mat for a weight room is available with proven results against dropped weights.

Rooftop patios should have 2 inch slip-resistant outdoor rubber mats for car or deck to ensure there is enough weight to keep them in place during strong winds.

Playgrounds should have a 2”-plus outdoor rubber mat to provide optimum fall protection. Keep in mind that vulcanized rubber matting will not require the same amount of thickness as non-vulcanized in order to yield the same durability, but it will have a stronger new smell.

Athletic Mattings

This has extreme durability, and its strength makes it a popular choice for athletic applications. Quite a few of our high quality gym floor matsare 4x6 feet in size and range from 1/4'' to 1” thick. These are useful for athletic high traffic areas, as well as for any space that will see significant impacts, like weightlifting rooms.

It is strong, so it offers excellent subfloor protections. Many opt to install them as garage flooring for home gyms where free weights may be dropped. Customers also may set them underneath hefty equipment to offer additional protections to the home gym flooring. Because it is dense, it won't be indented by this significant weight.

If looking for durability with more cushion, consider our plyometric units, which still have plenty of protections for the subfloor, but its composition is a bit less dense than what is found in traditional rubberized products. As a result, they have a little bit of give to them, making them comfortable.

Industrial and Fatigue Rubber Kitchen Mats

An industrial rubber mat rollor section can improve comfort and relieve tired legs for anyone who needs to spend long hours on their feet.

Industrial environments can have harsh elements, such as grease and oil, but many of ours are made to withstand those very elements that would damage cheaper models. Ours is resistant to grease and are designed to prevent slipping to improve safeness for employees. Others are designed to withstand welding sparks or to control static electricity for an electrically sensitive environment.

To cover wet environments, such as in kitchens or even a laundry room, perforations will keep employees' feet dry and out of the water. They let liquids run right through them, so the top stays dry. Some have designs that help to further maximize traction, like grit incorporated into the mat's top layer.

Look for a bright yellow edging to increase safety and visibility. Others have a beveled edge for easy accessibility with cart traffic. In addition to smaller individual units, some runners measure as long as 60’ to quickly cover the cement base in a warehouse.

Rooftop Matting

Rooftop floor protectionis able to be placed directly over the rubbery membrane of a commercial roof or outdoors patio. It delivers slip resistance in all kinds of weather. It may even offer a fall height rating that makes for a safer surface.These are extremely resilient, even if exposed to the harshest weather conditions. They won't split or crack in the extreme cold, and they're weighty enough so that windy weather won't lift them.

Playground Mattings

Non slip exercise mat for playgroundsis often glued down, which gives the outside installation permanency. Ours help to maximize the safety of children at play. They are sold with fall ratings ranging from 6’ to 10’, so they're suitable for use with a variety of equipment.

Many of our rubber playground mats come in the form of interlocking tiles as the interlock system keeps the mats tightly held together for safety.

Entrance Mattings

Anti fatigue gym mat flooringalso works in entryways. It is highly durable and is designed to offer great traction, even when it’s wet, while also preventing sand, dirt, and debris from being tracked into a building. It can minimize daily cleanup efforts, and it is available in many designs and colors to suit the building's decor.

If you're looking for a scraper door mat, Greatmats also offers rubber options for that, such as the Ridge Scraper Mat. These rubber door mats are great for enhancing traction for safety.

Installation of 4x6 Workout Mats

  1. Using a pen, mark where the cutting should happen.
  2. Place a 2x4 board under the rubber floor mat.
  3. Set up a guide along the line.
  4. Score along the straight edge guide with a sharp utility knife, allowing gravity to pull open the cutting over the 2x4.
  5. Continue scoring until going all the way through the material.

Rubber Mats for Horses

Horse stall mats are some of the most common multi-purpose rubber mats. Some even have ring shaped holes in them to serve as drainage mats.

FAQ Rubber Mat Q&A

What are the best rubber floor mats?

For covering a larger space, multiple rubber mat pieces are the smartest option. Or consider a thinner roll of 3/8 inch or less for ease of movement.

Is a rubber mat worth it?

Large sections deliver very few seams at a lower price per square foot, ideal both for commercial and residential spaces. These are particularly beneficial for high traffic spaces like stair treads, since the rubbery material is firmer and more durable than plastic or foam cushioned products. When used at work, they can transform hard concrete subfloors into a softer, safer spot, reducing tripping hazards.

What is the best way to cut rubber gym mats?

They can be easily cut to fit tight to the edges or around obstacles. Lay out a ruler or guide and score the rubberized materials, including EPDM tiles, with a knife. Set a 2x4 piece of wood under the area to be sliced open, and gravity will allow the cutting to pull apart, simplifying the process.

How do you attach rubber mat tiling in a stall?

The heavy duty stall mats with holes, which come in both straight edging and interlocking modular tiles, do not require a glue down installation. Most can be connected via connector clips, so they are easy to clean and easy to install, making them suitable as a DIY project. In certain conditions, they’re heavy enough for animal stalls that no attachment is needed.

Are rubber floor tiles toxic?

No. They do have an odd odor, similar to a new car smell, that some people find off-putting, but it dissipates over time. There have been no studies that have discovered a link between using recycled tires and other types or rubberized components in floorings and toxicity exposure in humans, children, or animals.
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Find rubber flooring products for covering a home gym floor or going atop a garage floor to make a man cave or workout space. It yields extreme resiliency at a good value - perfect for garage flooring that won't be used under vehicles. A rubber mat roll, underlayment, a rubber floor tile, or a rubber floor mat are available for installs anywhere.

How To Choose Rubber Mat Flooring

  1. Consider whether indoors or outdoors layouts are desired and the planned use type
  2. Review the size of the project and budget
  3. Look at the potential color compared to the room design
  4. Consider interlocks vs. rolled layouts
  5. Consider freight vs. ground delivery

A commercial customer could use our high quality rubber flooring for weight rooms, animal stalls, playgrounds, and rooftops. These are American made, allowing our customers to count on the quality they’ll receive. Greatmats carries the best price points, no matter how big or small the order.

Our network of factories around the country ensures we can find the best prices and shipping rates. Greatmats uses recycled tires in quite a few models, which helps keep each tire out of the landfill.

Heavy duty rubber flooring rollsallow a customer to cover a large spot in a short amount of time at a great cost. These installations will have fewer seams than with pavers. A customer can glue this down for permanency or use carpet tape for temporary installs.

We commonly have these in 4-foot widths in all black or in black with color flecks.

Rubber floor matswork equally well for indoor and outdoor use cases. Outdoors, consider using them in horse stalls or on a playground under swings or a slide. For indoor setups, it’s shock absorbent for use underneath free weights or heavy exercise equipment.

Greatmats offers a wide range of floor rubber mats, including 2x4, 4x6, and 4x10 feet coverages.

Beneficial Floor Rubber Mat Designs

  1. Desirable price point
  2. Easily moveable
  3. Simple storage
  4. Extreme durability

They commonly will make use of an interlocking edge, rather than a straight edge, like square and rectangle matting has. Jigsaw edging allows customers to tightly connect them without the need for adhesives. Pop them apart to return to the original sub-floor. They stack perfectly for storage in a closet.

The puzzle style edges will fit together tightly. This means they stay connected if placed under stress. Manufacturers sometimes cut interlocking rubber tileswith a water jet. This delivers an extremely precise shape.

Another option is a stamping process. Stamping isn’t quite as precise, but it still works well.

With puzzle edges, customers have the option of performing a DIY installation. Only a couple of people are required to install them. The interlocking tiles are small and lightweight.

These are a popular in school, home, and commercial gyms. They have what’s needed for both workouts and weight training.

Rubber mat for floor can be laid directly over a hard flat surface, such as concrete. Rubber gym flooringhas significant sound reduction and thermal insulation properties too.

Rubber gym flooring rollsabsorb the impact of dropped weights, which limits noise. For cross fitness gymnasiums, try the 2.75-inch thick model. It connects together for a fast layout. Place it over existing floorings.

For commercial applications, rubber rolls in a 4x10 foot sizeare common in 1/4 and 3/8 inch thick styles.

Our Rubberlock line is available in kits with a unique design that simplifies island installations. Most kits will include border and corner pieces with beveled edges. These create safety in outside playgrounds at churches, schools, and parks, reducing tripping hazards.

Large rubber matsoffer fall height ratings. They can be installed by landscape contractors onsite.

We provide them at various prices with several color choices. When thicker, they yield higher fall protection ratings. For playgrounds, they have good traction for running and jumping. Should children drag their feet while swinging, they will stay in place.

They are easy to install and maintain. Many carry warranties up to 15 years. They create a safe surface year round. Use them in any climate. Whenever one becomes damaged or worn, just replace it. This is easier than trying to repair a large section.

For stable owners, using horse stall mattingis becoming popular, as it has durability and strength. An animal stall with these rubber products is better for cleanings, as it reduces time required. Additionally, they’re more comfortable and safer for horses versus dirt. They require less bedding too.

Choose interlocking kits made to cover 10x10 foot areas and larger. Or they can be customized to fit any barn space. Use them in aisles, stalls, and wash bays.

Rubberized Flooring Anti-Fatigue Matting

Anti-fatigue American floor matsfor manufacturing and industrial usages help employees reduce stress on their legs. When spending long days standing for work, padding is important to keep employees feeling fresh.

They are durable, standing up to constant use. Some even have foam centers for comfort. We offer various textures on the surface. Some are designed for wet areas, yielding non-slip surfaces if damp.

Synthetic rubber flooring for kitchen or factory layouts will have grease resistant properties. It is easy to clean, while increasing worker safety and productivity in a factory or restaurant environment.

Greatmats even offers diamond platetextured rubber anti fatigue mats.

Paversare a popular choice for outside requirements. These work nicely for outdoor rooftop patios and flat surfaces, creating wind and weather resistance in climates of all types. Freezing temperatures and direct summer sun do not affect it. For outside installations of 400 sq. feet or more, glue them to each other and to the subsurface.

The Burke Flooringline is made for schools, libraries, airports, and offices. It has custom colors and textures, including square, sculpted, and coin.

This family includes stair treads and wall base options. Match them for a finished, uniform look. The Burke Endura line has everything needed for a complete install.

Dog training and doggy daycare facilitiesuse them too. They give quick installs, carry a low cost, and offer impressive strength. They protect the subfloor against pet urine. Use glue for a water tight installation. Use clear silicone caulk on the seams to seal against accidents from pets.

It is gentle on the paws of dogs. The animal's toenails will not damage it, either. For cleanings, just use light disinfectants.

It is an environmentally friendly flooring material. With almost 260 million tires discarded each year, creating recycled floorings helps the environment, keeping them out of landfills.

Greatmats offers recycled, virgin and epdm rubber flooring options for a variety of applications from exercise rooms and home gym flooring to flooring for laundry rooms and underlayments for laminate. Rubber material makes a great water-resistant and slip-resistant flooring solution for playrooms and which is comfortable underfoot.

Most of best sellers come from recycling car or truck tires, outperforming rubber flooring Home Depot or Lowes sells. They may last for decades. Many have 10- or 15-year warranties.

These may require resealing occasionally, such as in entry ways. Sealers provide a durable wear layer for a high traffic area. At gymnasiums, though, it rarely will need to be sealed.

It can be swept as needed or spot washed by hand. Always use a neutral pH floors cleaner. Have two buckets on hand whenever cleaning with a mop. One bucket will have clean waters and the other will have dirty waters.

For larger spaces, use automated walk behind or rideable cleaners to steam clean or scrub with a soft brush or pad.

FAQ Rubber Flooring Q&A

Is rubber flooring good for basements?

Yes. It is perfect for spaces where durability is required. It has impressive versatility. Cleaning is easy versus others, which is nice for sweaty workouts. It creates a barrier between the cold cement and places where people will be sitting or laying on it. It does not soak up moisture that may seep through the cement.

Is recycled rubber flooring safe?

Yes. It is safe to use in numerous applications for all ages of people and pets. It sometimes has an odor when initially installed, which is not dangerous. Using it in a well-ventilated room negates the intensity of the smell, which will dissipate eventually.

Is rubber flooring expensive?

It provides long lasting performance, resulting in a great value. It will deliver several years to a few decades of safer use. It's one of the most durable selections available. Its overall price per square foot is about average compared to some other selections.

Does rubber flooring absorb sound?

It will provide a sound dampening capacity if used in an area where noise is constantly present, like in workout locations where weights often are in use. It also yields a cushioning subsurface to place under exercise machines, which cuts down on the noise they generate.

Are rubber floor tiles waterproof?

Rubber flooring tiles will not soak up moisture or water from spills or seepage through the foundation in a cellar. They naturally resist liquids. They also yield a high level of traction for walking across them whenever the top is damp or wet.

Top 4 Rubber Mats Benefits

  1. A rubber sheet is economical
  2. An interlock edge simplifies installing
  3. It can create comfortable roof patios
  4. A 4x10 ft roll has free shipping and covers 40 sq. ft

Top 5 Benefits of Fit Lock Rubber Tiling

  1. Fast installation with puzzle edging
  2. Smaller pieces are easier to handle
  3. Many thickness choices
  4. Lower minimum order requirements for custom colors
  5. Can set atop low pile carpet
Clean and DRESS rubber floor mats with ONE product!

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4x6 RB Rubber Gym Mat - 3/4 Inch Thick

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