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Office Chairs

Office Chairs

Sam’s Club® has a variety of office chairs. Whether you're looking for a leather executive chair, a computer chair for your home office or a comfortable set of chairs for the reception area, Sam’s Club has the office chair you need.

Office Chair Types

High-back chairs can be made with plush leather, metal mesh and more. They feature full backs for lumbar support with adjustable bases to help you stay comfortable while working all day. Some ergonomic models feature a mesh back for added flexibility. Most have armrests for additional comfort.

Mid-back chairs are made of similar durable materials and are also comfortable, but the support only goes to the middle of the back.

For those who work in a more active places where sitting for long periods isn’t common, drafting chairs, desk chairs and office stools can swivel and also extend to meet the height of the desk or table. These task chairs offer comfort and come in a variety of styles. They may feature backs, padded seats and oftentimes wheels to help easily move around while multi-tasking.

Selecting Office Chairs

When you are shopping for office chairs at Sam’s Club, there are a few tips we have for you to keep in mind.

If you work in a community center, auditorium or anywhere large amounts of people gather, then our selection of folding chairs and stacking chairs may be ideal for you. These chairs are also easy to store once the event or meeting is over.

Keep a variety of different sized chairs available, including big and tall chairs.

Also check out our office chair accessories, where items like casters, floor mats and back rests are available to accompany your office chairs.

What's the best office chair for sitting for long hours?

Here are a few things to keep in mind: choose a chair that offers good lumbar support, has armrests, is adjustable and offers your preferred seat depth and cushioning. Beyond that, choose a chair that suits your style and decor. At Sam’s Club, you can find the ideal office chair for your needs.


Office Chairs

Office Chairs

If you’re working from home regularly or running your own business from home, you’ll be spending an awful lot of time in your office chair. Dining chairs might be fine for a few hours a day, but if you’re at the desk full time, you’ll probably want something more supportive, ergonomically designed and, it has to be said, looking the part, especially if you have clients around for meetings.

At Dunelm, we’re experts in turning homes into fully functional, professional office spaces. Whether you’ve devoted the spare room to becoming a home office, or are working from the corner of your living room, we’ve got office chairs that will look the part and, more importantly, seat you in comfort and health over those long working days.

The standard-issue office chair will probably be your first option when you’re changing the role of your home. Our range contains all the different types you want, from the basic to the advanced, with adjustable height, arms and backs for maximum comfort, and airflow materials to keep you fresh. They come with wheels, too, which is great for getting in position when you settle down for a work session.

Some people working from home prefer to have more of a dual-purpose office chair, as they might also use it for their non-work life, too – especially if there isn’t much room to spare. If that sounds like you, have a look at our fabric covered swivel recliners, super plush, comfy seats that can be used at the desk and swung around when you’re off duty and want to catch a TV show or read a book. They even come with their own matching footstools.

A really good solution for those pressed for space is a folding office chair. It’s especially apt if you’re on and off the computer as the day passes because when you’re not at the desk, you can simply fold it up and put it away so it’s out of sight and out of mind. It’s probably not best for very long sessions at the desk, however, so please bear that in mind.

Whatever the style of your office and home, from a traditional setup to something completely modern, you’ll find the perfect office chair in Dunelm’s collection. Wheeled, adjustable, folding, reclining or swivelling, your home office chair is a really important element in your work-life balance and your productivity, so make sure you get it right with a purpose-designed office chair from Dunelm.

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Lane Office Chairs Article

Features That You should look for in Office Chairs

When you are shopping for office chairs, you have to think about price, comfort, and ergonomics all at the same time. You likely have a budget that you have to stick to, but you don�t want to buy chairs that no one can sit in either. There are standard features that most office chairs come with, which you should look for when doing your shopping. These features can really add to your comfort when sitting in the chairs, and should be considered a necessity.

To me, one of the most important features that every good office chair should have is an adjustable back rest. Since no two people are built the same way, this can really help make certain that whoever sits in the chair is comfortable and ready to work. You should be able to adjust the height of the backrest so that your lower back is fully supported, and the back of the chair should also tilt as well, so that you can find and set your most comfortable position. To make certain that the chairs you purchase can accommodate the needs of everyone in the office, you should also look for one that has a backrest that can be widened and tightened as needed.

Another feature on your office chairs that you shouldn�t do without is the ability to raise and lower the height of the chair as needed. It should be easily adjustable, so that with the push of a button you can raise or lower the chair to a more ergonomic position. Your feet should comfortably rest flat on the floor, and if they can�t reach, then you need to lower the height of the chair. This feature can help prevent back strain and injury associated with sitting for long periods of time.

You also want to look at the seat of the chair, starting with the edge of the cushion. You want it to be rounded, so that it doesn�t create pressure points on the legs, especially after long periods of time. A seat that can tilt is also a good idea, which can help make sure that everyone who sits in it is comfortable. You want to make certain that the chair is covered in a durable fabric that is easy to clean, and one that won�t hold or attract heat.

Your office chair should have armrests, and they should be adjustable for optimum use. You also want to make certain that they are padded, which will make them more comfortable while in use.

Last but certainly not least, you want to think about safety when purchasing your office chair. You want to chose a chair that can support weight adequately, and that looks like it can hold up to a lot of use.

5 Most Common Office Chair Tilt Mechanisms: How Office Chairs Recline


Don’t just sit there; your health is at risk! Recent studies have shown that remaining sedentary for prolonged periods of time can introduce risks to your health as serious as the risks introduced by smoking cigarettes. Heart disease, obesity, and diabetes have all been linked to a sedentary lifestyle.

Be Proactive

Sitting for eight hours a day leads to poor circulation, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Other improper workplace ergonomics create health issues like neck and eye strain, as well as back and shoulder pain. Naturally, these concerns are going to detract from your productivity and efficiency in the work place. When you’re working in a city of opportunity like Dallas, you always want to be on top of your game. If you’re constantly trying to get comfortable at work, you’re losing valuable time that could be spent getting quality work done. If you’re distracted by various aches and pains throughout your body, you’re not going to be able to apply your mind as efficiently as possible. If you’re in pain, you’re not going to be able to give your work the concentration and focus that it deserves.

Clear your workspace from the distractions of aches and pains. Make your office an ergonomic office. Watch your productivity and work place efficiency improve, as well as your overall health and well-being outside the office!

Start with Office Essentials

A standing desk is a must in today’s progressive work place. The modern office worker has a choice between sitting and standing, and regularly alternates between positions to create movement and blood flow throughout the day. Standing can improve circulation and alleviate strain on the spine. Ergonomic office chairs continue to maintain proper alignment of the spine and relieve pressure on the joints while sitting down.

Eyestrain is a serious hazard in today’s work place, and it can be reduced in more than one way. The Humanscale monitor arm is fully customizable to adjust the positioning of your computer monitor to the angle that’s perfectly right for your height and vision requirements. Lighting completes your ergonomic office environment, and ensures that you can easily see everything you need to see without putting the strain on your eyes that is inflicted by the fluorescent lighting of outdated offices.

Improve Your Flow

Productivity levels rise when you find yourself free from the nagging distraction of physical discomfort. Reap the benefits of an ergonomic work place today. Do your part to ensure your own health and well-being! Maximize your performance both in and out of the work place with ergonomic office essentials. Come in to Relax The Back in Royal Lane in Dallas to speak with an ergonomic office specialist. They have the knowledge and all of the equipment you need to create the perfect ergonomic workspace.

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