Ceiling tile stencil

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Stencil a Fun Pattern on Your Ceiling

The Scoop on Stenciling

Stencils give you the drama of wallpaper with the freedom of paint to work in any room, without the risk of peeling and mold.

Oriental Flair

We picked this Moroccan tile stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils and chose a gray and blue color palette.

Materials List

For this project you'll need a stencil; a stippling brush; 2-inch dense foam rollers; spray adhesive; painter's tape; a paint tray or plastic plate; a piece of cardboard or paper for sample board; paper towels; large zip-top bags; small plastic containers for paint; and latex paint.

Get Started: Prep, Stick and Paint

It’s a good idea to practice your stenciling technique on paper or a sample board, like a piece of cardboard, rather than moving straight to painting your ceiling. Getting your stencil technique down first will save you time and frustration in the long run. You can try out color combinations for your stencil pattern, too. After your stencil test run, map out the design by making pencil marks where each stencil pattern will be positioned.

Prepare the Surface

Clean walls to prep your surface for a clean-edged stencil. A solution of water and dishwashing liquid with a sponge works well to clean dust and dirt off your ceiling.

Stick Up the Stencil

When you’re stenciling a wall, you can use either painter’s tape or spray adhesive to secure and reposition your stencil as you paint the pattern. Stenciling a ceiling is trickier because you’re working against gravity. It’s best to use a spray adhesive for stenciling the ceiling or for intricate designs. Then add a few pieces of painter’s tape around the edge of the stencil to keep it firmly in place. You’ll want to start your stencil on a section of the ceiling that lets you paint an uninterrupted column of the pattern. Then you’ll have a perfect vertical pattern from which you can extend out from.

Paint the Edges

Always start with the edges. Pour some paint onto a plate or paint tray. You don't need a lot of paint (maybe two to three tablespoons of paint to start), and you'll want your stippling brush to be almost dry as you paint. Use a dabbing motion with your stippling brush to start painting in from the edges of your design. You'll use the stencil brush for filling in any gaps where the ceiling meets the trim.

Fill In With Paint

Grab a two-inch foam roller and mini paint tray. Pour a little paint onto your paint tray and load up the foam roller with paint. Keep moving the roller over the paint a few times until it absorbs most of the paint, and then blot any excess paint with a paper towel. When you start applying the roller to the ceiling, you should see no visible paint on the roller surface — it should look almost dry. Use painter's tape on the narrow edges of the stencil to prevent paint rollovers. Let the paint dry, and then apply a second coat. Quick tip: When you're working with a stencil, it’s always best to have less paint on your roller or brush rather than too much.

Tape, Paint, Repeat

Reposition your stencil, lining it up with the painted pattern. Continue on with the pattern. Let the stencil dry overnight. This stencil comes with an additional top-edge stencil — the upper part of the design cut as a smaller separate stencil. This helps make it easy to fill the gaps by your ceiling line after the main section is stenciled.

Bag Your Roller

Painting a stencil on a ceiling is definitely more challenging than painting a wall. When you need to take a painting break, put your roller cover in a zip-top bag and store it in the refrigerator. Check to be sure there’s no excess air in the bag. Then you'll be able to pick up where you left off — no dried-up paint on the roller — without needing to clean your roller cover.

Sours: https://www.hgtv.com/design/remodel/interior-remodel/stencil-a-fun-pattern-on-your-ceiling-pictures

Learn how to create a Faux Tin Tile Ceiling!

I am in the process of doing an office makeover and started on the ceiling.  I was searching the internet for different ceiling ideas.  I found some really great ceiling makeover options and most of the options were very expensive.  Even though my office space is very small the ceiling options ended up being more money than I wanted to spend.  My final decision was a makeover with a faux tin tile ceiling. 

Come see how to creat a Faux-Tin Tile- Ceiling - Designed Decor

This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my disclosure policy for details.  

office makeover-

This is how the office ceiling looked before the makeover.  This space is not original to my 1927 home, it was added on the back of our house by a previous owner.  The other ceilings in my home are all a textured plaster, so this foam tile ceiling does not fit with the character of my home.  I loved the look of a tin ceiling and thought that would be in more character of my home, but the price.  I  originally was going to stencil on a raised pattern tile that would fit in the 12-inch tile squares, and I could create the faux tin finish.  I was ready to start the stenciling, had the stencil and the embossing cream ready to do the project and decided this was WAY too much work and went to plan B.  


Paintable-Wallpaper- Tile Look- Wayfair.comPlan B:  Use wallpaper that looks like tile and do a faux metal finish.  I found this Anaglypta Paintable Wallpaper from Wayfair.com.  This was the answer to make my ceiling makeover easier.  

Faux tin tile samples


I experimented with different types of finishes that I wanted the ceiling to look like.  I tried a few different colors and techniques.  I actually hung them on the ceiling so I could visualize them in the space and left them up there for a few days to see them in daylight and at night.  

office design plans- swatch samplesI decided on this sample above.  The dark gray faux metal finish pulled out the colors from the desktop finish.  I will share the desktop transformation project next week.    

ceiling trim

I started by removing all the wood trim that was on the ceiling.  I numbered the pieces in the order as I removed them so I would know exactly where to place them back up.  

wallpaper ceiling prep

Since I was placing the wallpaper over the existing ceiling, I needed to fill the seams with ceiling putty.  I did not want the wallpaper to show the seams of the foam tile.

hanging wallpaper on ceiling to create faux tin tiles

Once the seams were all filled, we placed up the wallpaper.  I painted the base coat with Sherwin Williams SW7019 Gauntlet Gray using a paint roller.  Since the wallpaper is textured, I needed to paint a second light coat of the base gray color to make sure all the white wallpaper did not show through.  After painting the ceiling, I was a little concerned on how the dark gray paint darkened the room.  I fully expected it to darken the space, but decided it would be fine since this space had full windows on 2 sides.   

Diy-Faux-Tin-Tile-Ceiling using paint and wallpaper

I did a dry brush technique using General Finishes Pearl Effects in Argentine Pearl.   I wanted a brushed metal effect, so I used the dry brush technique and applied it in a random pattern.  

faux tin tile ceiling-before-after

I absolutely love how the faux tin tile ceiling looks in the office.  The concerns I had about the dark ceiling all changed once I applied the pearl effects.  The faux metal finish does reflect some of the light as it bounces off the ceiling.  The ceiling gives this space such warmth and a designer finished look.  I will be sharing all the other office makeover projects in the next few weeks and share the final reveal.  The best part of this makeover was the price.  I priced a tin tile ceiling and for the 144 square footage in this space, the cost is $689+, my cost with the wallpaper and faux finish is $218 that is a $471 savings.  

Make sure you check out my other office makeover posts! 

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Office Reveal

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Sours: https://designeddecor.com/faux-tin-tile-ceiling/
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