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Jabra Product Warranty Registration

Thank you for your Registration.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Warranty Registration form. Please give us a moment while we verify your submission.

If you require more help, please call our customer service hotline at + or e-mail us at [email protected]

Jabra Product Warranty Registration

Thank you for purchasing Jabra Products.
Please follow the steps to complete registration of your Jabra product warranty

Important Notes

*All fields are compulsory.

The original or photograph of the proof of purchase must be issued in the Philippines and presented together with the product when seeking repair service.

Online warranty registration is valid only in respect of Jabra products purchased in the Philippines and through Jabra Authorized resellers locally with supporting documents such as proof of purchase. Otherwise, the warranty is considered invalid.

No warranty service for parallel imported product.

This warranty is not transferable or assignable to subsequent customer or purchase.

Please read the full text of Warranty and service information at https://www.jabra.com/footerpages/warranty-and-service-consumer.

Please call our customer service hotline at +, (+) or e-mail us at [email protected] should you encounter difficulties with your online registration

Step 1 out of 2 - My Profile Details (Mandatory)

Sours: http://jabraphwarranty.com/

Register your product

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Products supported by Jabra Sport life app, requires registration in the Jabra Sport life app to enable the unique 3-year warranty.
Products supported by Jabra Sound+ requires registration in the Jabra Sound+ app to enable the unique 2-year warranty.
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Sours: https://www.jabra.com/product-registration
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ServiceNet from Jabra an Essential Warranty Tool

The Jabra warranty process has been brought together into one program called ServiceNet, an online service platform. From checking warranty, to following the status of the return order from beginning to end, this platform simplifies the warranty and return process. It is ideally suited for organizations with large quantities of Jabra products deployed, but is available to all Jabra product owners.

Set up a free ServiceNet account by clicking here. Simply provide your name, company name, address, phone number and e-mail address to set up your account. Within a few minutes, a ServiceNet login and password are created and e-mailed to you.

Once you log in, you can check warranty status with the Warranty Checker, request a replacement, and follow the status of the return order.

To check the warranty status of your Jabra product, simply enter the serial number within the Warranty Checker window. If you don't know where to find the serial number, the site has a click-through link: "How to Locate a Serial Number." Next, select from the choices of Headsets, Speakerphones, or Accessories. Scroll down the page to find your product. Once you select your product, a picture of where the serial number is located appears. Type in the serial number, click Next, and you will see if the product is under warranty.

If the product is still covered by warranty, you will see a screen similar to this:

Click Next, and the Basket window appears.

The Basket is automatically loaded with a new, replacement product at no charge. Click Next for your Address Book. You can add and save multiple addresses into this window:

In the successive two screens, you will Confirm the order, and then get a Receipt. After submission, you can follow up on your warranty request by logging in and selecting Manage Your Orders. Here, you'll find all of your warranty history. It's a handy way to keep your Jabra warranty information in one place.

If your product is no longer under warranty, you will get this message: "This product is not under warranty. Please remove the out of warranty item from this order, and proceed with either inside warranty items only, or check the return process for outside warranty items by clicking here."

For Jabra's Warranty and Service Information, please click here.

We hope you find Jabra's ServiceNet to be a useful tool and a great way to keep track of your warranty replacements!
Sours: https://www.avcommsolutions.com/blog_entry.php?ID=&comments=y
New Jabra Products

Help Center


Authorized Service Partner: Pro Connect

Jabra enables you to enjoy the music you love while you’re on the move, with rich and immersive sound. It’s their life’s work to transform lives through the power of sound. In the unlikely event that a Jabra product develops a fault within the warranty period, please check the contact details below. Jabra offers its 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty in India through its Authorized Service Partner is Pro Connect. All you gotta do is make sure that the issue with your product is eligible for a warranty claim. Please read this page thoroughly before contacting the brand.


Jabra's Warranty Period is  2 Years from the Date of Invoice for the following products. You get 1 year manufacturer warranty straight out of the box and can avail an additional 1 year warranty by registering the product on the app.
*Click here to register

  • Jabra - Elite Active 65t
  • Jabra - Elite 65t
  • Jabra - Elite 75t
  • Jabra - Elite Active 75t
  • Jabra - Elite 85h


Jabra's Warranty Period is 1 Year from the Date of Invoice for the following products.

  • Jabra - Speak
  • Jabra - Elite 25e

What’s Eligible?

Manufacturing Defects

What’s Not Eligible?

Physical Damages

The process to claim a warranty for each brand is different. For Jabra, it's required that you get in touch with them directly.

As long as you have your invoice which serves as your proof of purchase, any Jabra service center that services headphones should be in a position to fulfill your warranty claim request. If you’ve bought the product from Headphone Zone's website but have misplaced your invoice, you can simply contact us with your order number and we will send you your invoice. But if you’ve bought the product from any other offline store or online portal, you will have to contact the seller directly before contacting the service center.

The warranty period starts from the date mentioned on the invoice, which is why the invoice copy is imperative for you to claim the warranty.

In case you aren't getting any help from the brand or are facing any issues with the warranty, please let us know. We will try our best to intervene and get you the help that you need.
Please note that Headphone Zone is neither authorized nor liable to provide any replacement or refunds for this brand's products.

Service Partner: Pro Connect
Email:[email protected]
Phone:  or 19

Sours: https://help.headphonezone.in/support/solutions/articles/jabra-warranty-claim-service-in-india

Registration jabra product



The following will assist you in having headsets under warranty replaced by Plantronics.

You can contact Poly (formerly Plantronics) directly with any questions at: (i.e. to verify if the product is under warranty):

Option 2 (Help with product or check status on replacement order)
Option 3 (Product replacement or warranty information)

NOTE: Plantronics will pay to ship your replacement, but you will be responsible for return shipping charges.

START BY CLICKING HERE: https://www.plantronics.com/us/en/support/warranty-service

If you have not previously registered your product with Plantronics:

  • Get started by creating an account. Click on the Create New Account button (on the right of the screen).
  • Select the appropriate customer type &#; Consumer or Business.
  • Proceed to Register a Product (in the Account Dashboard on the left of the screen).
  • Choose Submit a Warranty Replacement request.

If you have already registered your product and have an account with Plantronics:

  • First sign into the Warranty Replacement system (left side of the screen).
  • You will see a list of products you have previously registered and/or replaced.
  • To register a new product, select Register a Product (in the Account Dashboard on the left of the screen).
  • Choose Submit a Warranty Replacement request.

It will be at Plantronics&#; discretion to send replacements first, or require defective units to be returned prior to replacements being shipped.

If you qualify for advance replacements, once you submit your warranty replacement request, Plantronics will strive to deliver your replacement within business days. Note that delays could occur for out-of-stock items, or in processing of new business accounts. Upon receipt of your replacement, please return the defective unit to Plantronics, along with a copy of the packing slip that came with the replacement.

If you have any questions regarding the completion of the form itself, or about your warranty replacement, please contact Plantronics directly at , prompt 5 – ext. , or by email: [email protected]






The following will assist you in having headsets under warranty replaced by Jabra.

You can contact Jabra directly with any questions at   (i.e. to verify if the product is under warranty).

START BY CLICKING HERE: https://www.jabra.com/PN/ServiceNet


Sours: https://www.headsetsdirect.com/plantronics-poly-jabra-warranty-replacements/
How to pair your Jabra Elite 65t or Jabra Elite Active 65t with a smartphone the first time

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