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There is almost nothing that is more Hulk than “Hulk Smash.”

It is the catch phrase that Bruce Banner’s alter ego made famous, and is portrayed through a collection of Hulk tattoos we’ve assembled here. When you see a picture of Hulk with his mouth wide open, yelling with the anger in his eyes, you have undoubtedly thought, Hulk Smash. It’s the connection that is made, and these tattoos all make you think that same thing. Hulk Smash.

Black and white, color, extremely detailed, and loose renderings of Hulk and all different looks that the tattoos have, there are so many different ways that someone can take their love for Hulk and put it into a tattoo. Everything about Hulk is memorable, from the yelling face to the massive chiseled green body, and you will see all of those on display here in this post. Enjoy this collection of unique and awesome Hulk tattoos!

The Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas! Over 30 amazing designs to help you Hulk Smash. #avengers #marvel #tattoo #disney

The Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder blade of screaming Hulk face

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

Hulk is known for his scream, almost always being “Hulk Smash” and while the words aren’t said, it’s pretty evident. This tattoo didn’t have much interest in the body, focusing solely on the head, with even the eyes and tongue having intricate green detail. I have to admit, if you look into those eyes for long enough you almost get a little scared.

Hulk breaking through the skin

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

What sets Hulk apart from most other characters in the Marvel series is his green-ness. I know that isn’t a word, but it is for right now. Making a Hulk tattoo black and white is a bold move, especially with one this detailed. The shading and detail surrounding his body, as well as the background, and the fake ripped skin make this tattoo feel very alive and detailed, even without the green!

Black and white calf wrap of Hulk “smashing”

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

In a tattoo attempting to make Hulk feel very angry, this tattoo has all of it. Much like the tattoo above, taking the color out of Hulk in this tattoo needed to be done in a way to make you feel it was still the Hulk. The bits of rock, the ripped shorts and the bulging muscles all make the viewer see the clear cut picture this individual was trying to tell of Hulk.

Hulk/Spiderman Combination

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

I can promise that this is a 1 of 1 tattoo. This is a rendering of Hulk that you have almost never seen, having it combined with Spiderman in what looks to be a Funko POP style. The mouth and suit of the body are clearly defined with Spiderman, but the face is split in half and you can clearly see the green throughout his body, underneath the black Spiderman suit. This is a very unique tattoo which plays to the personal preferences of the individual!

Unique Hulk on forearm

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

Speaking of unique, this is another Hulk that we have more than likely never seen before. This tattoo is a black and white representation of Hulk in a slightly different outfit, this one featuring boots and a cross hanging from Hulk’s neck, and if you look closely a watch on his right wrist. While this is a unique Hulk, the tattoo is all about who gets it done, and kudos for a great tattoo.

“He’s a friend from work”

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

Among one of the funniest lines in the Marvel Universe latest series of movies comes from Thor in Thor Ragnarok. Hulk appears out of the tunnel into the gladiator-like ring, and Thor immediately screams, “I know that guy.” When Hulk emerges, he is wearing gladiatorial combat armor, including the helmet that this tattoo represents. That scene of that movie is easily one of the meanest and most aggressive Hulk appears throughout the series, and this forearm tattoo is meant to represent that anger he had inside.

Hulk breaking through a bicep

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

A lot of what people remember about Hulk is that he breaks anything in his path. In this tattoo Hulk is breaking through the skin of this man’s bicep. The angry face breaking through is meant to show the Hulk that is inside of this individual waiting to break out.

Hulk and Iron Man half sleeve

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

Iron Man and Hulk are the “brainiacs” of the group, both being scientists and are referred to as the first Avengers. Bruce Banner and Tony Stark are always fighting side by side and this man has put them together on one bright and colorful half sleeve tattoo featuring the face of Hulk and the hand of Iron Man.

Simple black and white Hulk Smash

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

With his fists up in the air, and his legs looking like he’s ready to land, Hulk is ready to smash! A simple black and white tattoo on this bicep shows a limited detail tattoo of Hulk ready to smash. In no means am I being disrespectful towards this tattoo by saying it’s limited in detail. The shading is phenomenal trying to give a representation of the body moving, but the focus is more on Hulk’s arms and fist ready to pound as opposed to the face and the rest of the torso, which are some of the most focal points of other tattoos.

Hulk smash back of the hand

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

Hulk smashes with his hand, so what better place to put a tattoo of Hulk thinking about smashing? While this is one of the smaller Hulk tattoos of the post, it is extremely detailed with a face that isn’t commonly used for Hulk and even includes the little word blurb of Hulk thinking about smashing.

Hulk ready to break through

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

The inner-Hulk that many people are attempting to represent through tattoos is very evident. Hulk is the character that obviously is the alter ego of Bruce Banner, with Hulk always hidden inside, only released when tempted. All of these individuals are trying to portray that they have a great inner Hulk ready to break out. This Hulk specifically is bright green with that one fierce eye starring straight into your soul, ready to attack!

Large Hulk thigh tattoo

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

A large black and white Hulk takes up most of this person’s thigh, which features the hand of Iron Man in unison with Hulk’s fist. With both of them clearly ready to fight, Hulk’s body is tensely muscled with his eyes starring off into the distance. The shading takes away from the definitiveness of Hulk’s pecs and abs, but you can clearly still see the large build of him.

Comic book version “Hulk Smash”

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

As if there were any questions here as to what Hulk was thinking, I’m sure they’ve been answered by now. It is evidently, Hulk Smash. The bright green body of Hulk, with the thick fist curled up ready to smash highlights a bright colored tattoo all lead us to believe he wants to smash, but there’s one other glaring detail we missed…the huge yellow and red blurb saying Smash!

Hulk full forearm colored face

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

This tattoo has such a life-like feel to it. Hulk’s face is filled with so much detail, down to the hairs on his eyebrows. You can see the wrinkles in his nose, and you can see the color shading in his teeth. This is one of the most detailed Hulk tattoos, solely of his face. Many Hulk tattoos include the hands to feel the anger that he feels, but the growl of Hulk’s mouth here definitely tells that story.

“Always Angry” Hulk fist

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

Hulk is known for saying his “Hulk Smash” line, and is known for the fact that he is always angry. This comic book-like version of Hulk’s closed fist is a bright green fist that no one should mess with. The background of the fist makes it seem as if he has already smashed something! On top of that, I have to show respect to the very very faint purple that this person has put into their tattoo including it in the shadow of the written words, which represents the color of Hulk’s shorts! Great touch.

Hulk Smash side thigh tattoo

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

Hulk Smash is one of the most popular tattoos, although many people find ways to put their own twist into it. That may include making it black and white, or in this case colored. The bright color with the hand reaching out to grab and the other to smash, the detail is flowing through this piece of art.

Full sleeve Hulk and Captain America

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

In one of the largest featured tattoos on this post, Hulk is featured simultaneously with Captain America. While this post is solely about Hulk, I would feel remiss if I didn’t mention the phenomenal tattoo in front of us that featured Captain America. The black and white sleeve is a thing of beauty when done correctly and this is one of those. You can see the vivid detail in both characters of this tattoo because of the immense shading throughout both parts. Hulk’s face is one of the focal points, as it is the largest part, but the detail of Cap’ is undeniable.

Hulk fist logo

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

A very simple tattoo, to match what appears to be Thor’s hammer, is on display here. No face, no body, just the simple black and white design of a closed fist ready to smash clearly indicates a Hulk tattoo!

One thing on Hulk’s Mind

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

So “Hulk Smash” has been a theme of this post, and there have been many ways in which is has been shown through tattoos. There has been just using the facial expressions, using text blurbs with the word smash, and there have been implications of what Hulk has on his mind. No other tattoo has put this much thought and detail into putting “Smash” into Hulk’s mind, quite like having the words coming out of his head. The detailed green face on this man’s shoulder blade has the words “smash” coming right out of Hulk’s head, since that is what he has on his mind.

Color changing Hulk face

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

In this (presumably) calf tattoo, an interesting design was used for the green coloring of Hulk’s face. All of the features are similar, the angry look and the gritting of his teeth, but there is no interest in Hulk’s body, because we only see a slight look of his shoulders. The interesting thing about this tattoo is the color that’s used. It seems to be leaking, which may indicate that Hulk hasn’t finished turning from Bruce Banner. An interesting look, and a unique idea!

Hulk hand holding a stopwatch

Best Incredible Hulk Tattoo Ideas

This tattoo very clearly has a lot of personal twists to the infamous Hulk hand. Very clearly are the stopwatch and the banner of “Sadie” at the wrist of Hulk. Since neither of these are associated with Hulk, it is a great unique personal twist on the ever-used Hulk fist.

Homage to the creator

Incredible Hulk Tattoos

Stan Lee, the creator of the Hulk, and Marvel for that matter is one of the focal points of this tattoo. In a black and white homage tattoo to the great Stan Lee, the detail through both Hulk and Stan look like a picture. This is a fantastic piece filled with immense detail all the way down to the shading of the sunglasses. What a great tattoo!

Baby Hulk ready to Smash

Incredible Hulk Tattoos

While this may not officially be a “baby Hulk” that is what I’m proclaiming this is, since it has quite a baby face. Okay, maybe pre-teen Hulk? Let’s just decide on that. Either way it is a very green Hulk, even down to the hair, with a lot of bright color, especially the white teeth which makes this tattoo pop out at you. You can see the color from the tattoos around which makes this one need the color to stand out. Well done.

Half Sleeve Hulk ready to break through

Incredible Hulk Tattoos

As is common throughout this post, Hulk is breaking through the skin on this tattoo, but in a very different way. The bright and defined color of Hulk’s face and features, with the crack marks around which show broken skin are all extremely detailed. The eye and the tongue here are much different than the others because they are red, showing a different side of Hulk. One other definitive change in this piece is the Captain America shield that is included in the tattoo. The red and blue of the shield add to the brightness of the green Hulk in this full sleeve tattoo.

NFL Rookie…Hulk!

Incredible Hulk Tattoos

And starting for your San Francisco 49ers, your newest addition…Hulk! Wait! Hulk?! Well, I guess he may not actually make the team this year, but the logo on his red body sure did seem convincing! Everyone has their own adaptation of Hulk, and in this person’s eyes, he’s a member of his beloved San Francisco 49ers.

Cartoon monster-like Hulk

Incredible Hulk Tattoos

The detail in this tattoo, from the sculpted abs, to the chiseled pecs, all the way down to the bulging veins are very clear. What makes this tattoo different from many others is the depiction of a “Frankenstein-like” face. It is a face that is not very commonly utilized to depict Hulk, but tattoos are meant to be creative, and this has all of those characteristics!

Hulk breaking through the back

Incredible Hulk Tattoos

Many of the tattoos that have Hulk breaking through feature the arms and the fist, along with almost all of the head. This tattoo is different in the sense that you can only see a portion of the bright green face that is hidden underneath. The growled teeth and the deep stare from the eyes makes for a scary Hulk ready to break through!

Hulk breaking through full forearm tattoo

Incredible Hulk Tattoos

A very detailed and colorful tattoo of Hulk breaking through this entire person’s forearm. As we’ve seen throughout this post there are many different unique and creative ways to have Hulk breaking through, whether it is half of a face, the whole face, or just a fist. This bright green face with his hands breaking through gives one personal view in how this person wants to represent Hulk breaking through.

Black and white Hulk looking on

Incredible Hulk Tattoos

While this is a different angle than we are used to with Hulk, he is looking off into the distance, in this black and white tattoo. There are many calf tattoos of Hulk, since it is usually a big canvas with a lot of room for a full sized tattoo. In this specific black and white tattoo, there is a lot of shading in order to lay out the whole face of Hulk. You can see bits and pieces of the neck, as well as this tattoo working itself flush into a tattoo on the other side.

Hulk’s fist breaking through the skin

Incredible Hulk Tattoos

Many Hulk tattoos feature the Hulk’s fist clenched, or his face with the mean growl. Here we have the former, a clenched bright green fist breaking through the skin of this man’s shoulder. There is very clearly another tattoo right underneath that matches this tattoo in color as well. A great addition to the work of art.

Unique child-like Hulk

Incredible Hulk Tattoos

As many of the tattoos involving Hulk are, this tattoo is equally as unique as the one before. This Hulk is represented by a younger, childish looking Hulk, with an emptiness in his eyes and much smaller fists than normal. Just remember, never skip leg day Hulk!


Hulk is one of the most polarizing figures in the Marvel universe. He is one of the first to have his own stand alone movie, and he is part of the core group of the Avengers. Bruce Banner, one of the smartest characters in all of Marvel obviously had a very different side of him that is represented throughout the world in all different types of forms, including tattoos.

Throughout this post you can see 30+ uniquely designed and created tattoos that each show their side of how they represent Hulk. While a common theme was Hulk breaking through the person’s skin, there were no two tattoos that were the same, since there are multiple ways for that to be brought to life on skin. Some great and colorful pieces of art were on display in this unique group of Hulk tattoos!


18 Smashing Hulk Tattoos

In May 1962 the Incredible Hulk has become one of the most popular and well known Marvel superheroes.

Created by comic book legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby the Hulk is a large, green, muscled humanoid, noted for his immense superhuman strength and angry disposition and temper...understandable when your bright green and forced to wear shorts all the time!

The altar ego of Bruce Banner, a timid physicist who was caught in a radioactive bomb blast, the Hulk is arguably one of the comic worlds most famous heroes, instantly recognisable and a fan favourite. Now as with anything that's bright, bold and damn right awesome the Hulk also doubles as a great subject for a tattoo! The muscles, the strength, the large pearly white teeth, what part of the Hulk isn't suited to be a tattoo?!? So without further a do, lets take a look at some of the best Hulk themed ink...

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Fantastic work by Chris Jones
Awesome Hulk tattoo
A ripped looking Hulk done by David Mushaney
Look at those pearly whites. Cecil Porter certainly nailed it
Brilliant tattoo by Ernesto Nave
Insane Hulk tattoo
Impressive Hulk tattoo
Awesome bit of Hulk ink by Kirt Silver
Bright and awesome hulk tattoo
James Rowe did this great piece
Crazy Hulk hand tattoo
Flexing Hulk by Ivan Bor
Insane Hulk tattoo
The amazing Mike Devries did this brilliant piece
Neil Burgos caught Hulk at his finest here
Mind blowing talent Nikko Hurtado did this equally mind blowing tattoo
Steve Wimmer did this great bit of ink
Peek-a-boo Hulk!

Robert Davies

Written byRobert Davies

Tattoodo Staff Writer and tattoo enthusiast. Lover of all things traditional and blackwork!

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100 Incredible Hulk Tattoos For Men – Gallant Green Design Ideas

Superhero body art is already the next big thing, but nothing tops the mighty brilliance of an Incredible Hulk tattoo.

If you want ink that everyone will marvel at, then why not try out Marvel’s biggest brute?

As a tattoo, the Incredible Hulk’s ripped physique masterfully complements any man’s own sense of toned muscularity. The ink also reveals a dual nature, which is comprised of a mild-mannered exterior that hides beastly forces underneath. Ultimately, these gallant green portraits embody the combination of intellect and power.

For a more discreet presentation, some sly comic fans have acquired the likeness of Bruce Banner in his human state prior to transformation. This cunning approach allows for subtle displays that require a little less pigment, but the marvelous meaning will remain unchanged.

As you will witness firsthand in our guide, there are tons of ways to execute these bold designs. Most aficionados prefer the version of this character that appears in comic books, but some experts are eschewing the animated editions in favor of hyper-realistic approaches.

The Incredible Hulk possesses a lot of room for variation, and guys can have infinite fun designing their own incarnation of the raging monster. Check out the bulk of options below!


Amazing Incredible Hulk Tattoo Male Upper Arms

Angry Grey Hulk Tattoos Male Forearms

Angry Hulk Face Tattoo Male Arms

Avenger Hulk Tattoo Male Lower Legs

Awesome Hulk Tattoo Male Upper Arms

Biting Teeth Angry Hulk Tattoo Male Forearms

Burning Hulk Tattoo Male Arms

Evil Grinning Hulk Tattoo Male Torso

Extremely Angry Hulk Tattoo Male Forearms

Green Hulk Breaking Tattoo Male Forearms

Green Painted Tattoo Hulk Male Forearms

Green White Toothed Hulk Tattoo Male Forearms

Guys Arms Impressive Hulk Tattoo

Guys Forearms Amazing Grey Hulk Tattoo

Guys Forearms Horrific Hulk Tattoo

Guys Forearms Hulk And Religion Tattoo

Guys Forearms Punching Hulk Tattoo

Guys Forearms Purple Green Hulk Tattoo

Guys Forearms Realistic Hulk Tattoo

Guys Full Sleeve Amazing Hulk Tattoo

Guys Full Sleeves Hulk Tattoo

Guys Full Sleeve Wonderful Hulk Tattoo

Guys Hands Open Mouthed Hulk Tattoo

Guys Lower Legs Hulk Cracking Open Wall Tattoo

Guys Lower Legs Hulk Fist Breaking Wall Tattoo

Guys Lower Legs Red Green Hulk Tattoo

Guys Raging Hulk Tattoo Guys Forearms

Hairy Hulk Tattoo Male Forearms

Hulk And Cross Tattoo Male Shoulders

Hulk And Fire Tattoo Male Arms

Hulk Breaking Through Blocks Tattoo Male Torso

Hulk Causing Damage Tattoo Male Full Back

Hulk Grinning Tattoo Male Hands

Hulk In Fight Tattoo Male Forearms

Hulk Orange Glow Tattoo Male Lower Legs

Hulk Punch Tattoo Male Legs

Hulk Smash Tattoo Male Forearms

Hulk Tattoo Male Forearms

Hulk Violenc Tattoo Male Arms

Hulk With Lightening Streak Tattoo Male Forearms

Incredible Teethy Hulk Tattoo Male Forearms

Lightening Hulk Tattoo Male Lower Legs

Lovely Hulk Tattoo Male Full Sleeves

Majestic Hulk Tattoo Male Full Sleeves

Male Arms Hulk Cartoon Tattoo

Male Forearms Cute Hulk Tattoo

Male Forearms Grey Hulk Tattoo

Male Forearms Hulk Bloody Tattoo

Male Forearms Hulk Fist Tattoo

Male Forearms Smashing Hulk Tattoo

Male Forearms Strong Hulk Tattoo

Male Legs Grey Hulk Tattoo

Male Lower Legs Muscular Hulk Tattoo

Male Lower Legs Smash Hulk Tattoo

Male Stunning Hulk Tattoo Full Sleeves

Male Upper Arms Grey Hulk Tattoo

Mens Arms Hairy Hulk Opening Wall Tattoo

Mens Arms Hulk Ripping Skin Tattoo

Mens Chest Ghostly Apparition On Hulk Tattoo

Mens Forearms Bright Green Hulk Tattoo

Mens Forearms Fluroscent Green Hulk Tatoo

Mens Forearms Green Hulk Tattoo

Mens Forearms Green Monster Hulk Tattoo

Mens Forearms Greyish Hulk Tattoo

Mens Forearms Hulk And Alien Tattoo

Mens Forearms Hulk Anger Tattoo

Mens Forearms Hulk Breaking Through Wall Tattoo

Mens Forearms Hulk Fight Tattoo

Mens Forearms Hulk Tattoo

Mens Forearms Realistic Hulk Tattoo

Mens Forearm Water Color Hulk Tattoo

Mens Full Sleeves Fantastic Hulk Tattoo

Mens Full Sleeves Grey Hulk Tattoo

Mens Hand Hulk Tattoo

Mens Legs Brilliant Green Hulk Tattoo

Mens Lower Legs Greenish Hulk Tattoo

Mens Lower Legs Hulk Tattoo

Mens Lower Legs Insane Hulk Tattoo

Mens Torso Spiderman And Hulk Tattoo

Mens Upper Arms Hulk Opening Crack Tattoo

Muscular Arms Hulk Tattoo Male Chest

One Eyed Hulk Tattoo Male Legs

Open Cracks Hulk Tattoo Male Forearms

Pearly Tooth Hulk Tattoo Male Forearm

Pearly White Teeth Hulk Tattoo Guys

Phenomenal Hulk Face Tattoo Male Forearms

Raging Fire Ball Hulk Tattoo Male Arms

Raging Hulk Tattoo Mens Forearms

Really Angry Hulk Tattoo Male Forearm

Running Hulk Tattoo Male Legs

Screaming Hulk Tattoo Male Forearms

Shiny Green Hulk Tattoo Male Ankles

Spectacular Hulk Tattoo Male Forearms

Strong Hulk Tattoo Male Forearms

Strong Hulk Tattoo Male Shoulders

Stunning Incredible Hulk Tattoos On Male Full Sleeves

Violent Hulk Tattoo Male Forearms

Webbed Green Hulk Tattoo Male Shoulders

Wonderful Hulk Face Tattoo Male Arms

Which Tattoo is Better: Superhero Edition - Tattoo Artists React

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Incredible Hulk Tattoo -- HENDRIC SHINIGAMI

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