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Dinosaur Pasta Craft

My boys adore dinosaurs. They love they way dinosaurs look. They love dinosaur names. They love playing with their dinosaur toys. They love pretending to be dinosaurs.
As I do our weekly grocery shopping,  I spot  dinosaur pasta. How could I resist?
With so many varieties of pasta, the pasta craft possibilities seem endless.  Make a pasta necklace that tickles your fancy.
Obviously, the dinosaur pasta tickled our fancy!

Materials to make a pasta necklace:


  • Dried pasta of your choice. We had some nice large penne and adorable dinosaur shaped pasta.
  • Paint of your choice. We couldn’t go past our glitter paint.
  • Stiff elastic or cord.

Dinosaur pasta in paint

1. Paint your pasta. My boys had two methods of doing this: using the paintbrush; and dumping it in the paint to cover it with paint. Surprisingly, the dumping it in paint method seemed to yield better results.
2. Let the painted pasta dry. We left ours on a plate for a few days.  As it dries, the pasta soaks up the paint and becomes wonderfully vibrant.

3. Thread the pasta onto the elastic or cord. Experiment with different colours and patterns  – this is the creative part! Play around with the possibilities. At first we alternated the dinosaurs and penne; then we decided to place all the dinosaurs together in the middle of the necklace. We grouped the dinosaurs into colours and threaded them on in a ‘rainbow’ sequence – lighter colours on one end and darker colours on the other. We finished the necklace by placing the penne on both ends of the necklace.

4. When you’re happy with your design, knot the ends together to complete your necklace.

The Quirky Mommas know about kids and their love for dinosaurs.   Check out some of these other fun dinosaur crafts:

Sours: https://kidsactivitiesblog.com/17125/dinosaur-craft-pasta-necklace/
  1. Thanos bed set
  2. Origami angel easy
  3. Nypl digital gallery

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Sours: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162986077579
Quirky Dino Jewellry Unboxing - Prismatic Rose

tatty devine on 20 years of making quirky plastic jewelry

Tatty Devine are the London jewelers whose anarchic beginnings have somehow become a 20 year career. The design duo, comprised of Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden, got their start as a vaguely DIY project turning guitar plectrums and cake decorations into one-off jewelry. They quickly built a following, their hyper-color necklaces shaped like name plates, lobsters, and dinosaurs setting them apart. Now, contemplating 20 years in the business, Harriet and Rosie have put on their first retrospective, Misshapes: The Making of Tatty Devine, which sees its final few days this weekend at Central St Martins' Lethaby Gallery. The exhibition places them in the context of British fashion and creativity, with over 100 of their pieces, and giant versions of their greatest hits. i-D talked to Harriet and Rosie about two decades of turning junk into jewels.

What were you like when you started? Did you have any particularly plan outside wanting to make jewelry?
Our main aim was not to get a ‘proper job’. Having studied painting we both wanted to be artists, move to Hackney, and drink wine at private views. We were ambitious, as we were taught by incredible artists who showed us it was possible to be successful in the world today. We were obsessed with music, looking ridiculous and having fun.

What was the fashion scene like when you launched? Who were your peers/who did you look up to?
The fashion scene was interesting, we were mostly into 70s and 80s second hand clothes. The labels that were interesting at the time were Robert Cary-Williams, who shot bullet holes into T-shirts, and Hussein Chalayan making asymmetric and conceptual pieces. We were obsessed with Pineal Eye, which sold Bernhard Willhelm ,and where you’d be served by [stylist] Nicola Formichetti. They sold face accessories and nail extensions with hair attached. It was all very avant guard. We also loved Marjan Pejoski, his shop Kokontozai ,and that incredible swan dress he made Bjork. It felt like a very male dominated industry which did fire us up to do our own thing.

What was the product that changed things for you, if there is one?
There are so many, whether the leather cuff that started everything off, or the Plectrum Necklace which seemed to represent an entire generation. Being in New York and finding acrylic shapes in 2001 was life changing, as it kick started the laser cut jewelery we became known for and enabled us to develop a production process that was accessible, original and local.

I remember the first jewelry I ever bought was a nameplate necklace from your London Soho shop — what was it like having that as your space?
We loved having the soho shop, it was such a special place — our little corner of Soho. Our store team would get dressed up to go out there (Rhyannon Styles talks about this in her book The New Girl), and people would discover us as they explored what at the time was one of London’s most interesting places. Tatty Devine has almost become a souvenir for people visiting London as it's so fundamentally British.

What's it been like putting Misshapes together? Is it nuts having been in business for 20 years?
It was pretty nuts to essentially research your own life and work. 20 years is an interesting amount of time, long enough to have perspective and make sense of what has happened in that time, both in terms of Tatty but also politically and culturally. Our book is a brilliant document of how the last twenty years fit together — a step by step manual on how to create Tatty Devine! Although we do sometimes wake up and think — how did I get here?

How has your business changed as you've grown? do you still have that anarchic spirit?
The anarchic spirit is still there. It’s very helpful to keep things fresh, keep taking risks and making sure we don’t get bored with what we do — which we never do. The business has changed but only in that we have always learnt from our experiences so we’re always fine tuning, but we still have the same ethos and approach in what we do.

It's been really exciting over the last couple of years to use our jewelry to help spread political messages whether around equality, Brexit, or more recently the lack of investment in creative subjects in schools. There is a massive decline in people taking creative subjects at the same time as the Creative Industries being one of the fastest growing industries and contributing over £100 billion to the economy last year and going to be highly important in the future of jobs. It's madness.

What's it like working with your friend (are you still friends)?
It’s great. When you’re running a business with someone you spend more time together than anyone else, so it’s key that you have a solid foundation of friendship and trust. And yes, we’re still friends!!

Does it feel like a real job yet?
No and as long as we love what we do, it's unlikely it will ever feel like a job.

Misshapes: The Making of Tatty Devine, a Crafts Council exhibition, runs until August 11 at Central St Martins' Lethaby Gallery, London and then tours the UK. www.tattydevine.com

Sours: https://i-d.vice.com/en/article/zmjevw/tatty-devine-on-20-years-of-making-quirky-plastic-jewelry

Dino jewelry quirky

Dinosaurs are awesome. The magnificent creatures from millions of years ago have always captivated us. In many ways, dinosaurs represent an impossible reality. It is sometimes inconceivable that twenty- story tall beasts once roamed the Earth, calling it their own without the presence or interference of the humans which now call the land their domain.

And yet, in a childlike way, this very same inclination towards disbelief is what draws us to them. Countless movies, books, and shows focus on romanticizing incredible, ferocious dinosaurs in their habitat.

Now, you can bring the majesty of the dinosaur home in a piece of dinosaur jewelry accessory or clothing from DinoGoods. The most quality materials make up our colorful dinosaur necklaces, dinosaur tooth necklace, dinosaur earrings, and various assortments of dinosaur jewelry.

Always fair prices and free shipping on all orders help to make it easier than ever to get your hands on adorable dinosaur earrings, beautiful dino pendants, a dinosaur bone ring, dinosaur fossil necklaces, or dinosaur bracelets. We have everything a dinosaur fan would need!

What’s your favorite dinosaur? Is it the T-Rex? Maybe you’re more of a Triceratops fan, or you’re into the Gentle Giant, the Velociraptor, or even baby dinosaurs. In any case, DinoGoods offers a variety of relevant offers to suit your dinosaur fancy.

Dinosaur stud earrings can provide a unique take on the age-old earring style, with a nuanced and Jurassic-themed design sure to impress any dinosaur fan. But although it would be unfair to assign the large, dominating creatures of the dinosaur era with a term such as “cute,” many of the dinosaur earrings, dinosaur rings, dinosaur backpacks (which are great gifts for toddlers and kindergarteners), dinosaur kids clothing, dinosaur room decorations, dinosaur necklaces, and dinosaur jewelry pieces offered by DinoGoods are characterized by an adorable design.

Part of the draw of dinosaurs is their seemingly-paradoxical accessibility as a creature. We look to the gigantic beasts and cannot even comprehend how such beings once controlled the world before being wiped out with extreme prejudice. This same accessibility makes them the perfect addition to a unique wardrobe. Worn as dinosaur necklaces, earrings, or even on a plush dinosaur t rex keychain, a cute or majestic dinosaur is just the finishing touch on a well-made piece by DinoGoods. But don't forget a velociraptor claw, dinosaur tooth necklaces or even some unique dragon necklace collection. Our collection of awesome dinosaur gift ideas for girls and boys are ready to be shipped out today!

While perusing the catalogue of dinosaur accessories on this site, remember the majesty of the animals which sit on the edge of our keychains, rings, or necklaces. After all, dinosaurs are awesome.

Sours: https://www.dinogoods.com/
My FuNkY Earring Collection

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