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Board + bindings pack YES YES STANDARD 19 + UNION FORCE WHITE 19 - Ekosport

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Characteristics YES STANDARD 2019 + UNION FORCE WHITE 2019


Description YES STANDARD 2019 + UNION FORCE WHITE 2019


Last year we advanced the Standard’s Directional Volume Twin shape, tweaked some key metrics like sidecut and waist width, then applied the Jackpot’s award winning Underbite outline.

The end result is more float, more stability, more edge hold without compromising the response you demand.


Construction :

- RIDERS : Romain De Marchi, Mark Tremblay
- SHAPE : True Twin
- OUTLINE : Directional Volume Twin + MidBite
- BASE PROFILE : CamRock 3-4-3
- CORE : Poplar/Paulownia/Bamboo (*NEW) + Slamback Stance
- GLASS : Triax
- BASE MATERIAL : Sintered True
- Flex rating : 7/10

Tip (mm)Waist (mm)Tail (mm)Radius (m)Weight (g)Effective edge length (cm)


A brand within the brand, the Force delivers the durability and purity of performance demanded by 100-plusday-a-year riders.

An indestructible binding that can handle any condition or terrain with all the features you need and nothing you don’t. Extreme all day comfort, season after season dependability, and backed by a lifetime warranty base - the Force is simply down for the duration.


Construction :

Pioneering the concept of “True Flex” base design, Union was also the first binding on the market to incorporate bombproof Extruded Aluminum Heelcups, and Magnesium Buckles.

Compared to other bindings in this price category, the Force stands alone. We have combined superb materials, features and function that merge into an overall value that is second to none.

Sours: https://www.ekosport.eu/yes-standard-19-union-force-white-19-p-M00060728.html

The Union Force is a solid choice for those that want a full-size disc, love a responsive  damp binding but also want it at a reasonable price  If you can swing it, the Union Atlas is a binding we prefer a little better but if you don’t need the canted footbed and Asymmetrical High Back then this could work.

2016-2019 Union Force Review

Most of the review from the 2018 Force still stands in 2019 except one thing. The 2019 Union Force changed out the washer system that holds the heel cup/ankle strap/high back in place.  The ankle straps don’t come loose anymore and I have already tested a pair on my Union Super Pros.  They work really well.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  No one is perfect and we do make money from the “Where To Buy” links below, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

Days:  Many over the years but about 3 with the 2018 model.
Riders: James,
Boots: Adidas Tactical ADV, Burton AMB,
Insoles: Sandsole Custom Insoles, Footprint Insole Technology Gamechangers, Footprint Insole Technology Gamechangers Lite, Footprint Insole Technology Gameghangers Low Profile
Boards: OZ Custom Woody, Capita Mercury

Highback Flex: There is a softer twist than you would think but it’s super stiff when pulling it straight back.

Boot Adjustability: The Union Force is one of the best in the industry when it comes to dialing out any size boot to fit centered in this binding so it fits centered on your board.  They have an adjustable heel loop and adjustable toe ramp so if you are on the smallest size or biggest size of the size range for your size it won’t be weird like some bindings with a fixed heel loop are. The toe and ankle straps also can adjust really well to match your boot size too. On top of that, you can rotate the high back two different ways so it works well with the boot. The only minor issue is you can’t adjust the ankle strap angle unless you pull the heel loop out or in and then un-center your boot. I can live with a fixed ankle strap angle though.

Stance Width Adjustability: Excellent here too. This is a big disc that has a long track to slide back and forth on.  Since you can dial out the binding really well to fit your boot centered you can turn the discs so they slide from tip to tail and get the exact stance width you want. Also if you have or want a board with an extra pair of set back inserts for powder (1.5″ back instead of .75″) The Union Force and Atlas are the only bindings that will work with boards like this because they need a full-size disc.

Comfort: Very comfortable and I don’t really have too many complaints. The ankle strap that’s been used from 2016-2019 is pretty good and that’s important because that’s usually the culprit when people complain about comfort. It’s not super cush but it doesn’t seem to cause issues with most boots.

Boot Support: Upon comparing the ankle strap now on the Force to the past ones I realized that it’s a little less wide but it’s a lot longer so the support evens out.  It gives pretty good support but also allows some room for movement and I like it.

Turn Initiation: The Union Force has a sharp response to it but it doesn’t overpower a board as some responsive bindings can.  They dial it back just enough so it’s more on the med/fast end so it can work with a wide variety of boards from slower turners to pretty quick/easy turning boards.  It’s really close to the Atlas that we love so much.

Buttering: Not a strong point here with the Force but it is far from dead underfoot and it can butter well enough. You can get a lot more out of the Union bindings with mini-discs.

Ratchet System: So different from how they used to be back when I first started using Union bindings.  They are super smooth now and never catch up.  They always come on and especially off with ease.

Shock Absorption: They aren’t the class leaders but there is enough EVA foam here to put them near the top. The binding feels like it dampens the board it’s mounted too as well as absorb shock very well.

So at this price point, the Union Force is a pretty recommendable binding and it would probably be a favorite if we all didn’t like the Atlas a bit better due to the canted footbed and better base plate. So if you can live without those features and want to save a little money the Force is a great call.

2015 and 2014 Union Force Snowboard Binding Review

The Union Force 2014 and 2015 model has had some big but long overdue changes that make this a better binding than before. The only real difference between the 2014 and 2015 Force 2015 has a tool free toe strap which is great. Also, the 2015 ankle strap connector is a little shorter than 2014 so if the fit is a little off just contact Union and they will get you the longer 2014 ankle strap connector which will fix the issue.

2014 and 2015 Union Force Review

Days: 25+
Riders: James, Peter, and Jimbo
Boots: Burton Ion, Burton SLX, Nike Kaiju
Boards: Jones Mountain Twin, Rossignol One Magtek, Never Summer Cobra, Lib Tech TRS XC2 BTX, Rome Agent Rocker, Never Summer Proto and many more. 

Weight: Size M/L 4.0lbs with discs and screws

So the Union Force has been the same for a long time but this year it finally got the long overdue overhaul it deserved.  The old force wasn’t bad it’s just that the other technology in Unions line surpassed it a few years ago when Union upgraded many of their bindings. It wasn’t as recommendable as the other bindings but now it most certainly is.  So here are the changes to the 2014 Force over 2013.

New High Back– Same kind of look here as the old but the top is no longer rounded and it looks more like the SL, Atlas and even the Contact.

New Base Plate– I would have thought that the Force would have taken on the base plate that the Atlas, SL, and MC but they kept the general design that all the older models had. On first look, you would think it’s the same base plate but they re-did the heel to provide a shit ton of padding. It seems that the toe has more padding as well and it’s now going to have shock absorption that is almost as good as the Contact Pro and Factory which is the leader of the Union line in this aspect.  Nice upgrade!

New Toe Ratchet– So I can’t tell you how many times I encountered people complaining about the sticky toe straps.  I’ve never heard a complaint about the ankle strap but just the toe strap.  I was really surprised that Union let this complaint fall on deaf ears for so many years.  I just thought it wouldn’t ever be addressed but I received another surprise this year because the toe ratchet is a lot easier to release than previous models.  They reduced the pressure from 10 lbs to 7 lbs and it’s a lot easier to get on and off.  So far this year I haven’t had one issue getting it off.

Flex: Despite the new design the flex feels very much the same and it offers a similar but better feel than the older model.  It’s about medium to almost med/stiff when to twist it and pretty stiff when you pull back.

Adjustability:  The heel loop can be adjusted to fit your boot size which is good but the way it’s set up makes it more difficult to rotate your high back.  Because of this you also can’t adjust the angle of your ankle strap like you can with many bindings.  2015 added something long overdue which is a tool-free toe strap and a better tool free ankle strap which makes it much better to adjust on the hill.  So with Union bindings, it’s a give and takes.  You get a rather unique custom fitting to your boot size at the sacrifice of the ankle strap and high back adjustability.  The rest is on par with most other bindings.

Comfort: The ankle strap system is about the same as before but the toe strap is pretty different.  It’s smaller and conforms better to most boots. The softer footbed adds a little comfort as well.

Turn Initiation: a Same great response that is greater than you would think for the way the binding looks and flexes.  It’s very sharp and responsive edge to edge. It’s great for a board that requires a little more work edge to edge.

Buttering: Pretty close but a little behind some of the other bindings in the Union line like the Factory and pretty far behind the Union Contact Pro when it comes to flex underfoot. In one day I put the Force, Union Contact Pro, Burton Cartel and Burton Genesis on the Lib Tech TRS. There was a lot of screwing going on but not the good kind. Anyway, it was interesting how different bindings changed the TRS. The easiest bindings to butter with are the Union Contact Pro and Burton Genesis.  Then the Burton Cartel was about the same and then the Force was a little behind them.  It was interesting though that the TRS became a little more damp with the Force, the Contact Pro along with the Genesis the least damp and the Cartel was in the middle. The Force borders between good and great for response and it’s kind of a tossup of which rating to give it.

Boot Support: Not much has changed here in terms of support.  Its the same binding that allows a good amount of freedom on the inside and a little more support on the outside. It’s pretty tweakable. The wider high back is a nice upgrade too making it allow you to get more support/response.

Ratchet System: The demo models we looked at and tried had the toe strap similar to the ankle strap but the production models I’ve seen in the shops and the one I have doesn’t have this.  It’s a little sticky but better than past years models.  I’d like to see Union change their toe strap so it’s a little easier.

Shock Absorption: Very nice upgrade when it comes to shock absorption.  There is a lot more EVA foam in the heel so it offers an easier ride on your feet, knees, and hips. It’s much better than the metal top with a little foam sticking out in previous models.

What does all this mean?  It’s still the same responsive binding with a reduced dead spot underfoot at a good price.  What makes this great now is it’s got excellent shock absorption, better high back and modern feel to it. It’s the kind of binding that is now going to be very recommendable and a nice step up.


2014 Binding Comparison

The Union Force 2013 to 2010 Review

We were hoping the 2013 Union Force would have a new high back and base plate but it’s the same as in 2012.  These have been great bindings for many years but now we feel that the Atlas is a better do anything binding than the force.


Riders: Too many to count
Boards: Too many to list
At first glance, the union binding line has a very traditional look compared to allot of other bindings out there and the Union Force is no exception. After your first day on them, you look at them again and they will look more modern than any binding out there. This binding is made for someone who knows what they want, doesn’t like to fiddle around, set it up once and never think about it again. You cant get too tweaky with these like you can with Burton and flux.

This review hasn’t changed much over the last few years because this binding hasn’t. The only changes for 2013 and 2013 are the Ankle and Toe Strap. Before 2013 and 2013 this was one of our top all mountain recommendations but the last 2 years it’s rarely or ever recommended mainly because Union came out with the Atlas. In our opinion, the Atlas does a far better job compared to the Force for all mountain riding.

Stiffness– They feel medium soft torsion-ally but when you pull straight back they are very stiff. The high backs are right up there with Burton’s team-high back in length and very close to being some of the most responsive high backs out there.

Comfort: Union understands what it is like to ride every day. If set up properly you can almost completely avoid any pressure points. The toe and ankle straps come in at the right angle. The base plate has a cap that covers the plates which help the sole of your boot line up exactly the way it should. The one complaint for comfort with the ankle straps could have more of a taper in the center. That way there would be less pressure on the forward lean. If you don’t crank down the straps real tight this won’t be an issue but just our 2 cents. Another issue is the toe strap buckle. It is a little more difficult to get it off that most toe straps. We’d like to see something similar to the ankle strap or a little more of an extension over it to make them work.

Response– Despite the Union Force’s semi flexy nature, these bindings respond jackrabbit gigolo fast. Its fast like Mike Tyson before he started biting ears. But seriously we haven’t felt a response like this from any other binding out on the market that has the general flex. If you come from an old pair of Burton’s the quick response might almost be too much for you. These are great all mountain bindings. There is allot less binding/board contact so it helps you get a little more out of your turns and tricks. The toe response is probably the best in the industry. We are not sure if it is the design of their gas pedal or the minimal contact that the binding has with the board but something is exceptional about turning with these. This is a bit of a bold statement but some of the riders felt that these were slightly better than the Burton C60’s. The high backs are about the same height as the cartel team-high back. Surprisingly enough they are almost the same width as well. It has a lot of lateral flexibility but if you were to pull this straight back to the heel edge you will be surprised at how stiff this feels. The toe response seemed to match perfectly with the heel response where most bindings are laking a little on the toe side.

Adjustability: A lot of companies have nearly toolless adjustment these days (check out Flux) so its a little disappointing to see that you need a screwdriver for almost every adjustment except part of the ankle strap and high back. Despite that fact, you can still tweak these bindings out to fit your weird feet/riding style. The heel and toe can slide out/in where most companies have only the toe. The drawback with the heel adjustability is that angle of the ankle strap will lower. Most other bindings have 2 to 3 positions for the ankle strap angle where this only has one. The high back has 3 holes so you can adjust the high back to line up with the rail of your board where Burton has a channel so you can really dial it out. If they could change these issues we mentioned then there is no excuse to buy the Cartels over this binding. All and all the adjustability is pretty good.

Dampening- There isn’t much you can’t do with these bindings. These are designed to be good every where so if speed is your only thing then there are better bindings out there. However, they do perform as good or better than most in their category.

Shock Absorption– Not bad but could use some work here. Instead of using padding across the entire heel there is some sort of metal over the padding. We’d like to see the same set up as theUnion Atlas, Union Force SL or Union Force MC where it’s all dense padding on the back heel.

The 2011 Union Force and Below Issue

After many days on the hill, we found one issue with the Union Force and Force SL aroud the Ankle. The small strap does not give you that feeling you are locked in and supported like many larger ankle straps do. When riding stiffer boards through chopped up mogul powder runs to get back to the chair your ankle feels very exposed and there is a lot more stress. On groomed runs or in most situations in the par,k you don’t notice this. If the Ankle strap had more volume on the side we think this might eliminate this feeling in less than ideal situations and create more stiffness. It’s not something that will be a problem for everyone but some will not like this at all. Because the turn initiation is exceptional it makes the ankle problem worth putting up with but we’d love to see an investment in a better ankle strap and more adjustability around the ankle.
Unions Toe straps can be a bit sticky and especially so for those that like to crank em down tight. For some, this is a big problem and for others, it’s not that big of a deal. Until Union address this issue, here are some pointers on how to make the toe strap less sticky so you can enjoy the bindings better qualities.

The 2012 Union Force changed the toe strap.  It better fit’s over the toe which we like but we would of liked it better if they added the new asymmetrical ankle strap that the Atlas , Force SL , Contact Pro, Asadachi and Force MC have.

A Quick look at the 2012 Union Force

The 2011 Union Force are almost exactly the same bindings as the 2010 Union Force except for a very slight change in the ankle strap.  It has some air bubles in it but that is about it.

Sours: https://thegoodride.com/snowboard-binding-reviews/union-force-2010-2021-snowboard-binding-review/
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Union Force Snowboard Bindings

Save big on near-new and used items that have been returned or have various blemishes or defects from shipping and warehouse activities.

Each item has been inspected by House staff for quality and labeled and discounted according to the levels detailed below.

All sales on used product are final and warranties no longer apply.

Used - Very Good

Item is in near-new condition with very little, if any, signs of wear. Packaging may not be original or may be damaged, and item may be missing original tags. All sales final and warranties no longer apply

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Used - Fair

Item is moderately used but still has plenty of life left in it. Expect cosmetic scratches and signs of use but overall the item is in sound working condition. May be missing parts (see item description). All sales final and warranties no longer apply

Used - Bargain

Item is heavily used and shows significant signs of wear and may be missing parts (see product description for specifics). Performance may be moderately affected. All Sales final and warranties no longer apply.


Sours: https://www.the-house.com/un1for04mst19zz-union-snowboard-bindings.html
Tin quốc tế mới nhất 18/10, Mỹ phản ứng gì khi Trung Quốc thử tên lửa siêu thanh nguy hiểm? - FBNC

Union Force Mens Snowboard Bindings 2019/20

Highback: Force Duraflex ST, Burnt Orange, Ultragrip with Secure Grip Toe Strap, : Sports & Outdoors, A brand within the brand, Medium, Burnt Orange, The Force delivers the durability and purity of performance demanded by 00-plus-day-a-year riders. Lifetime Baseplate/Heelcup Warranty, US Men's 8-10, Multi-year comfort and dependability. Heelcup: Extruded 3D Aluminum, Classic Pro Ankle Strap, : Sports & Outdoors, Medium, US Men's 8-10, An indestructible binding that can handle any condition or terrain with all the features you need and nothing you don’t. Baseplate: Stage 4 Duraflex ST. backed by a lifetime warranty base. : Union Force Men's Snowboard Bindings - 2019/20. : Union Force Men's Snowboard Bindings - 2019/20.

Union Force Mens Snowboard Bindings 2019/20

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Union Force Mens Snowboard Bindings 2019/20

Union Force Mens Snowboard Bindings 2019/20

Mens Snowboard Bindings 2019/20 Union Force, : Union Force Men's Snowboard Bindings - 2019/20 (Burnt Orange, Medium (US Men's 8-10)) : Sports & Outdoors,Discount Exclusive Brands,Hot sales of goods,Good products online NOW,Hot-selling products,Enjoy the cheap discounted prices at Competitive Prices! 2019/20 Union Force Mens Snowboard Bindings, Union Force Mens Snowboard Bindings 2019/20.

Sours: https://moowr.com/Mens-Snowboard-Bindings/Outdoor-Recreation-qhcmu-537379.shtml

2019 union force

Union Force 2019-2020 Snowboard Bindings Review


When you think cult following you think Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tommy Wiseau’s masterpiece The Room or The Grateful Dead circa 1977, you don’t necessarily think of a snowboard binding. Yet, here we are… The Union Force has a stronger and more consistent fan base than most Premier League teams.

Whether you’re just at the beginning of your snowboarding journey or a grizzled mountain veteran, chances are you have either happily owned a set of Forces, know someone who happily owns a pair, or are gagging to get your hands on a pair. They’re a staple of the Union line, hell they’re a staple of the sport itself.

“They’re a staple of the Union line, hell they’re a staple of the sport itself”

The Force is mostly unchanged (if it ain’t broke…) bar a few tweaks, they’ve added a pin through the toe strap to ensure even if it’s sketchy it’ll still hold.

The Heelcup is a 3D aluminium that boasts an impressive strength to weight ratio, and Union are so sure of its robustness they’ve slapped a lifetime guarantee on it.

Union’s Universal Disk is able to fit both inserts and channel system, so if you’ve got a mixed quiver you can chop and change to your heart’s content.

A padded ankle strap keeps your foot snug and secure and adds a bit of extra support when you’re cranking through turns. An Ultragrip toe strap forms round the front of your boot and gives and extra dash of responsiveness edge to edge.

A good value binding that can handle the abuse you’re likely to put it through, the Force is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

“It’s been said a million times already – the Union Force has to be one of the best all-rounders of all time. They’re snowboarding’s answer to popping on the kettle and slipping into a pair of sweat pants after a long day at work. Nothing fancy, nothing luxurious, just straight-up comfort that everyone can appreciate.

No big changes from the Force this year, thankfully. You get the same highback, baseplate and buckles that make them some of the most versatile and affordable bindings out there.

There’s enough flex to spend the closing weeks of the season lapping the park and enough rebound to go Mach Ten down the Harakiri.

I’ve never had any issues with pressure points or straps working themselves loose on the Forces either. No surprises here though. That’s what Union are renowned for.

“If your budget is hovering just below the £200 mark, do yourself a favour and step up to these. If you’ve got £250 to spend, why not save yourself a few notes and invest the change in a better snowboard?”

If I had to fault anything it would be the screws, which have been known, on occasion, to work themselves free without much warning. I only rode the Force for one day this season, so I can’t categorically say the problem has been resolved, but there were no signs of them coming loose by the end of the day.

Normally when testing a product I try and evaluate it purely on performance alone. Then, once I find out the price I try to consider how well it lives up to it. If you told me the Force cost £260 this season I’d still think they were worth it. There’s really nothing to fault here.

If your budget is hovering just below the £200 mark, do yourself a favour and step up to these. If you’ve got £250 to spend, why not save yourself a few notes and invest the change in a better snowboard? Whatever you screw these into you’ll be absolutely ripping.”

“Strong as an ox! If you want something that can keep going after multiple seasons’ worth of abuse, bets don’t come much safer than the Force.

“These are quite stiff, so feel a lot more suited to charging than messing about”

“These are quite stiff, so feel a lot more suited to charging than messing about. As you can probably tell just by looking at it, there’s not a whole lot of flex in that highback. Not a bad thing, of course.

While the straps aren’t hugely techy, they do their job well without any danger of pressure points. You can find more effective shock-absorbing elsewhere, but they’re not far off the industry’s best – especially when you consider the price tag.

Naturally there’s a real ‘solid’ feel to these, which won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you lean more towards the reliability of aluminium over the malleability of urethane, then these won’t let you down.”

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Sours: https://whitelines.com/snowboard-gear/reviews/bindings/union-force-2019-2020.html
Union Force 2019 Snowboard Binding Review - Tactics

Union Force [2020/2021]

Union Force [2020/2021]

  • Union Force [2020/2021]


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Available in size:

  • Medium: 41-43 (US 8-10)
  • Large: 43.5+ (US 10.5+)
Union Binding

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Union Force [2020/2021]
  • Union Force [2020/2021]
Sours: https://www.backcountry.it/en/snowboard-bindings/650-union-force.html

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Staff Picks: Our Top 6 Union Bindings For 2019/2020

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Staff Picks: Our Top 6 Union Bindings For 2019/2020

Union bindings has lots of new stuff at better pricing than ever! Here we go through our top 6 bindings for this winter.

Staff Picks: Our Top 6 Favorite Union Bindings For 2019/2020

Union bindings are the most sought after bindings year over year. We consistently sell out of these things before Christmas every year. Not only that, but we get a ton of great feedback on how they ride, feel and last. This year we decided to put together a list of our Top 6 Favorite Bindings For The 2019/2020 Season!

The first thing you might notice looking at all the Union bindings over the past couple seasons is how much better the straps got. Union did a lot of research and development on their straps to make them thinner, stronger and more comfortable. You’ll also notice the ratchets on them are always attached directly to the nylon skeleton on the strap, making them super strong.

A little back-story on Union Bindings:
Union made their name in the binding world when two designers from Drake Bindings left to start their own thing. After their no-compete clause ended Martino Fumagalli and George Kleckner had a “re-union” in Seattle, Washington to launch the brand. With a logo designed by the famous Aaron Draplin, they set out to make the world’s highest quality bindings possible. Over the years they’ve been working to bring the highest-end materials possible to snowboard bindings, such as extruded aluminum, injected magnesium and forged carbon.




The highest end bindings we carry, The Falcor is personally designed by Travis Rice himself down to every little detail and named after his yacht. You’ll notice on these bindings that they have lots of small differences from every other union product in the line, because he worked one on one to design every little detail. You’ll notice stuff like the ratchets are slightly bigger than every other binding because he likes to wear big mitts, or that the forward lean adjuster is smaller than any other bindings because he needs to keep them low profile for the style of riding he does. These aren’t quite the lightest bindings on the market, and they aren’t the stiffest, but they might be the stiffest binding for their weight. Did we mention they are still incredibly light, even the highbacks are hollowed out and made with forged carbon, a product originally developed by Lamborghini because it’s super light and super strong. We’ve got to say, if these bindings are good enough for Travis Rice’s insane attention to detail, they should be good enough for anyone.
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As of last year, the Strata took over the place of the Contact Pro in the line at the $360 price range. Torstein Horgmo dedicated insane hours to working with Union to design these bindings. Union even got him to wear a motion capture suit while testing these bindings to see exactly what parts of the bindings get pressure while under the pressure of Torstein’s riding. They took that data, and developed an algorithm to place the holes in the highback and make it the exact torsional stiffness needed to perform at his level. This is the all mountain binding that you can put the test anywhere and still have fun riding it tweaking grabs with your friends. Since it’s inception, it’s become the #1 most requested binding by team riders and shop employees.
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The Union force is almost a brand of it’s own at this point. A binding that has been in the line since the start (15 years) and is our #1 selling binding year after year. The Force is the best priced binding that still gets the full Union tech package, this means Magnesium ratchets, full 4 corner bushings on the base of the bindings, toolless highback and strap adjusters, along with the famous Duraflex ST base (see below). They’ve also updated the straps on the Force (like most Union bindings lately), so they look really good and feel insanely comfortable. When you hold this binding in your hand, you can tell why it’s the #1 binding around, we call it “The One Binding To Rule Them All”.

Duraflex ST is a nylon material that Union spent years and tons of money inventing with the help of Dupont engineering. This material is what made for their famously durable bases and lifetime warranty.
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Originally designed by Gigi Ruff, the Contact Pro was top seller at the $360 price point for years. Since the introduction of the Union Strata last season, they have been able to bring the price down on these to $289, making it possibly the best value binding on the market. The Contract Pro binding is famous for introducing the Union Mini Disc. It also gets it’s name because only 5% of the base material actually touches your board, the rest is a soft bushing that allows the base of the binding to flex under your feet, giving it an amazing surfy feel. These were also the bindings that brought out the now super popular Union mini discs. Like the Force bindings, the strap got redone this year and looks really amazing, super thinned out and mega comfortable.  

This is also the binding where you can get a Scott Stevens pro model colorway, which is always super popular.
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Union Scott Stevens Pro Bindings 19/20


Union Flite Pro Bindings Acid Greenunion flite pro bindings online canada free shippingUnion Flite Pro Bindings Online Canada green black orange

The Flite Pro bindings, aka the fucking light bindings, are the ultimate bindings for someone on a budget. New for this year, they brought the price down from $230 to $199.95. I think it’s safe to say that these are the best binding on the market for under $200. Originally designed by Gigi Ruff, he designed the highback to look like a BBS car rim.  These are a softer flex and playful binding perfect for cruising the park and groomers. Even though they come in under $200 they still have the Union Warranty that their bindings are famous for.
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Sours: https://shop.shredzshop.com/blogs/blog/staff-picks-our-top-6-union-bindings-for-2019-2020/

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