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We partner with world-class creators to curate exclusive footage that looks like nothing else. Plus, creators on Vimeo Stock keep up to an industry-leading 70% of the revenue for their clips.


Raphael Rogers

You’ve seen Raphael’s work in short films, music videos, and more. His evocative, versatile clips are available exclusively on Vimeo.

More from Raphael Rogers

We decided to license our collection with Vimeo Stock because we respect Vimeo and the work they’ve done to promote high-end cinematography and creators like us.”

What does royalty-free stock footage mean?

When you buy footage, you pay a one-time license fee to use stock footage in your video projects. After that, you won’t have to pay any royalties that are based on plays or the number of video projects. For more details, see our license agreement.

How can I use clips?

Since all of our stock clips are royalty-free and cleared for commercial use, you can use each licensed clip in an unlimited number of video projects, such as commercials, narrative films, documentary films, on websites, and in corporate videos. For more details, see our license agreement. For information on enhanced licensing or extended coverage, please visit Vimeo Stock Enterprise for details.

How can I organize my stock clips in a wishlist?

You can use albums to collect clips you want to consider licensing, or as a moodboard to start gathering ideas for your projects. You can share albums to make sure you’re aligned with your team on which clips work best before you make the purchases. Once you’ve licensed a clip, you can access it alongside your own uploaded videos.

Can I download a preview version of the clip for testing?

Absolutely! Our previews (or “comps”) are 720 x 1280 versions of each file, with a watermark added. While you can’t use these files in any video that you distribute online, these files are perfect for testing in your edit before licensing.

Can I sell my stock footage on Vimeo Stock?

We’re thrilled you’re interested! We’ve partnered with creators to offer an extensive collection of both exclusive and non-exclusive footage. For now, joining the collection happens on an invite-only basis. While we aren’t yet looking for more submissions, we will be in the future, and would love to see your work. If you’re interested in licensing your footage, or sharing other feedback about Vimeo Stock, check out this form.


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The best free stock video sites to use in 2021

Using free stock videos in the right places of projects can really bring projects to life, regardless of whether they're for presentations, websites or your own home-made videos. 

But finding the right video clips can be tricky, as many stock video sites charge a subscription fee for their best content. Thankfully, there are also places where you can download high quality video clips completely free of charge for both personal and commercial use, with no royalties or strings attached.

We've put the best free stock photo sites under the microscope and picked those that offer the best combination of video quality, variety of clips, and flexible licensing. And to finish your project, check out our guide to the best video editing software. There's something for everyone, regardless of experience.

The best stock video site overall is: Shutterstock
For professional and commercial work, it's hard to beat the quality and sheer variety of stock video available on Shutterstock. It's not free, but with over 17 million clips available (including 4K and HD footage), you're almost guaranteed to find something suitable for your project.

1. Pexels

Top quality free stock videos with no strings attached

Reasons to buy

+No attribution necessary+Good variety of clips+High quality footage

Reasons to avoid

-No 4K video

There are some truly spectacular free stock videos videos available on Pexels – all under a Creative Commons 0 (ie public domain) license, which means you’re free to use them for personal or commercial projects without attribution. 

The time-lapse stock videos are particularly lovely, and there are plenty of fun clips from GoPro-wearing divers and climbers. Pexels also include a handy ‘mockup’ category for footage of mobile devices with green screens that can be easily replaced via chroma keying.

Search results include premium videos from Shutterstock, but unlike most stock video sites, Pexels displays these at the bottom so you’re unlikely to mistake them for free clips.

Free stock videos are provided in MP4 format in HD. The only drawback is the lack of clips in 4K, but if Full HD is enough for your project, Pexels should be your first stop.

If you need stock photos, Pexels also offers a great selection of premium-quality stills under the same license. 

Incredible quality free stock videos to download and use

Reasons to buy

+Very high quality footage+Wide range of subjects

Reasons to avoid

-Login is temperamental-No 4K video

Stock Footage for Free feels like the video equivalent of free stock photo site Unsplash, focusing on quality rather than quantity. The footage is extremely impressive; we particularly like the selection of landscapes and looping backgrounds.

You’re given a detailed description of the video so you can be sure it’s the right one before downloading it. This is a sensible decision; downloads can take a while because of the large file sizes. The site’s HD videos are provided in MOV format, but there aren’t currently any 4K clips available.

Free stock video clips are free for personal and commercial use, unless it’s a seriously high-budget production. Stock Footage for Free provides a detailed license agreement that makes explicit all the intellectual property information you’re likely to need.

Before you can download files you’ll need to sign up for a free account or log in using Facebook. At the time of writing, an error meant that we were unable to log in using an email address, though the Facebook option worked fine. We’ve reached out to the company to find out if this is an issue that can be resolved.

3. Pixabay

A huge library of free stock video clips in MP4 format

Reasons to buy

+Wide range of subjects+Selection of 4K clips

Reasons to avoid

-Variable quality

Pixabay is best known as a resource for free stock photos, but is also has a great selection of free stock video clips available to download and use, no strings attached. 

The videos are all submitted by Pixabay’s community of users, and are generally under a minute in length. The site is a good option for abstract images like clouds, as well as somewhat niche clips (the video of a man preparing pieces of beef is a particularly odd example). 

There’s a small selection of 4K video too, motion graphics, and some infinitely looping clips that are handy for websites.

All clips are provided free for personal or commercial use, with no attribution necessary. The files are provided in MP4 format, in a choice of resolutions.

4. Clipstill

Striking cinemagraphs to make your website stand out

Reasons to buy

+Striking, unusual videos+Small file sizes

Reasons to avoid

-Small choice of clips to download

Clipstill is dedicated to cinemagraphs – still photos containing a small repeated animation that plays on a loop. The effect is hypnotic, and a great way to grab viewers' attention. There's only a small selection of cinemagraphs available free (most of the videos on the site are premium content), but they're high quality and change each month, so it's well worth keeping Clipstill bookmarked.

Clipstill's cinemagraphs are available to download as small video files, and are particularly well suited to web design.

It's not essential to provide credit when using Clipstill's videos, but a link back is appreciated. You're free to use cinemagraphs in your own projects unless you're making a commercial product in which it's the main attraction, such as a greetings card or website template (see the licensing page for full details)

5. Videezy

A wide range of high-quality clips, including fun aerial footage

Reasons to buy

+Selection of 4K clips+Impressive drone footage

Reasons to avoid

-Requires attribution

Footage from Videezy is royalty free for personal and commercial use, but users are asked to credit ‘’ in their projects.

Most free stock videos are provided in HD resolution, but there’s also a good selection of 4K clips – mostly landscape scenes and abstract clips rendered using Adobe After Effects.

The quality is mixed, but generally high. We particularly like the selection of aerial drone footage 

All videos are supplied in MP4 format, and you can see the resolution below the preview on the download page.

Keep an eye out for search results marked with a green 'Pro' tag; these are premium clips only available using paid-for credits. The first two rows of search results are also sponsored videos from Shutterstock, which also require a paid membership to download.

6. Videvo

A community-based video site that offers plenty of choice

Reasons to buy

+Lots of choice

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