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The Walking Dead (2020)

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Nature wallpaper makes Android, Samsung phones crash

In 2017, it was a series of emojis—simply sending these to an iPhone or iPad user would make the device crash. In April 2020, the new malicious message was a string of Sindhi text paired with the Italian flag—which would make iPhones freeze and restart.

Now, it is Android’s turn.

A new bug discovered by prominent Samsung news leaker ‘Ice Universe’, who tweeted a warning to to Android and particularly Samsung phone users not to set a particular image as a wallpaper.

“WARNING!!!Never set this picture as wallpaper, especially for Samsung mobile phone users! It will cause your phone to crash!Don't try it! If someone sends you this picture, please ignore it,” Ice Universe tweeted.

The wallpaper causes some phones to get ‘soft-bricked’, where they continuously restart. The issue can only be fixed by reseting the device using the bootloader or deleting the file after entering safe mode.

In the replies, people shared a video showing the issue affecting Google Pixel devices too. One user noted that it did not seem to affect OnePlus devices. Another user noted that the wallpaper triggered a SystemUI crash even inside an android emulator. Many users tried setting the wallpaper and then posted about their phones getting soft-bricked.

According to an XDA thread, an AOSP-ROM lead developer, Davide Bianco, identified the bug as being due to the image using the RGB colour space instead of the natively-supported sRGB profile. He submitted a patch for AOSP ROMs. In addition, two LineageOS developers posted two fixes to the issue, with one converting the image from RGB to sRGB and the other changing a value in it to fix the issue.

According to 9to5Google, the issue primarily affects Android 10 users. In addition, even minor changes to the image will not trigger the crash.

Ice Universe later tweeted saying, "Samsung has received feedback on this type of bug in mid-May, and has resolved this issue. Just wait for the subsequent firmware update and do not take the risk."

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Using the Wrong Wallpaper Can Crash an Android Phone

android tool

Modern smartphones are incredibly complex, with the ability to display a huge range of content and to navigate a complex set of color gamuts, file formats, and media types. Occasionally, however, some of those capabilities interact with each other in unanticipated ways, and you get a problem like this.

As first spotted by Twitter account Ice Universe, using the wrong wallpaper on an Android phone can send the device into a soft brick. While it isn’t technically dead, the phone will endlessly boot-loop due to Android’s inability to handle the color space used for the following photo. Note: Viewing the photo won’t damage your Android device — just don’t set it as your wallpaper.

Here’s an example of what the actual soft boot looks like.

Device behavior seems to vary slightly depending on the model and manufacturer. Sometimes people have been able to change their wallpaper before the device crashes or use the TWRP recovery tool, but this appears to be more the exception than the rule. Most of the time, affected users have no choice but to perform a factory reset. Samsung is reportedly working on a fix in UEFI, and Android 11 should also resolve the problem. In the meantime, don’t use this image for wallpaper.

According to developer Davide Bianco, the problem is caused by a lack of support for non-sRGB images in the Android SystemUI itself. This is why you can view the image just fine in-browser, but setting it as a wallpaper will temporarily brick your phone. When SystemUI attempts to map color values, the values in the image above exceed the array size and crash the phone.

In theory, these sorts of images can be used as a booby-trap. Send someone a gorgeous wallpaper, they install it, and boom — their device is now boot-looped. Android 11 will fix the problem by supporting non-SRGB wallpapers without this kind of problem.

Weirdly, not every single Android device is vulnerable to this problem. A Huawei Mate 20 Pro didn’t crash when tested by 9to5Google and OnePlus devices are also rumored to be immune. Products from Samsung, on the other hand, very much aren’t. It’s possible that the specific restrictions or software changes on the Huawei and OnePlus devices allow them to handle this kind of content differently.

Either way, best not to source wallpaper from random people until this problem is resolved, unless you’ve recently backed your phone up. Apple, of course, has had similar problems — on two separate occasions, sending the wrong character to an iPhone has been demonstrated to cause it to crash.

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Walking Dead Phone Wallpapers


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Wallpaper dead phone

HD wallpaper: person holding low battery smartphone, dead phone, hand, tech

Public Domainperson holding low battery smartphone, dead phone, hand, tech, HD wallpaper
Original wallpaper info: Dimensions: 2834x3574px File size: 302.67KB WallpaperFlare is an open platform for users to share their favorite wallpapers, By downloading this wallpaper, you agree to our Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy. if you are the author and find this image is shared without your permission, DMCA report please Contact Us
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2266x1488, 1488x2266

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How THIS wallpaper kills your phone.

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