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Buildbox is the world's first software that truly allows anyone to create amazing games regardless of technical skill. Due to its unique user interface, making games becomes a fluid process that doesn't require any scripting, programming or software design experience.


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Getting Started

Welcome to Buildbox 3! We are excited to see your ideas come to life!

If you are brand new to Buildbox and haven’t watched the Getting Started video, now may be a good time. If you’d rather explore the product on your own, you can find a few suggestions in  Exploring Buildbox.

Whether you start from scratch on your own, choose to do a tutorial, watch a video, or play a prebuilt game template, when you first open Buildbox, you are presented with the Welcome screen. This screen accommodates all your choices, provides the latest news and software updates, and allows you to start a new project or open an existing one.

The Getting Started screen consists of two parts, a Buildbox pane on the left and the main display area with three tabs on the right.

Buildbox Pane

The Buildbox pane allows you to do the following:

  • Create a new game project. For example, see Making a Simple Video Game with Tutorials.
  • Open a recent project, if you have already started and saved one.
  • View the latest Buildbox news and announcements.
  • Access additional resources, such as Forum, Discord, our YouTube channel, and Buildbox facebook page.


The three Getting Started tabs provide you with the following options:

TemplatesThis tab displays a list of templates that you can choose to get started. These are basically prebuilt mini-games that demonstrate various Buildbox features and functionality.
  • To preview a template, hover your mouse over it. See Previewing Templates.
  • To load a template, double-click it.
TutorialsThis tab two types of tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions and explain the Buildbox 3 features and tools:
  • Interactive tutorials that open a new Buildbox window and walk you through a project.
  • Video tutorials that demonstrate the the product functionality and provide useful tips.

    All video tutorials are grouped by their content, such as Tools, Gameplay, Tips and Tricks. For a product overview, see the Getting Started video. See also Make a Game with Tutorials.

Each group has additional navigation controls at the top right that you can use to view all tutorials in the category.

UpdatesUse this tab to check for software updates and the latest release notes. Alternatively, on the Buildbox menu bar, select Help > Check for Updates.
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Buildbox 3.2.2 Update Now Available

We’ve just released Buildbox 3.2.2 update! In this latest version of our no-code game development software, our focus was on improving the backend performance for a faster and smoother 2D and 3D game building experience. We’ve added 2D world rendering optimization, icon integration, and new export SDK for iOS v14 and Mac v10.15. There’s also some new node and attribute additions to make building out your games much easier. The trail 3D node now has a position and rotation mode, enabling you to add assets that will spawn and follow the object’s movement path or rotate when following.

Buildbox 3.2.2 Update

With the sound node, we’ve added a new volume control feature that automatically adjusts when you enter a decimal value from 0 to 1. There’s also a new action node that changes the text of any specified UI label, plus the Android haptic feedback feature. Sliders for various value attributes like mass, friction, bounce, and incandescence has been added too. In Buildbox 3.2.2 update, you’ll notice over 25 other fixes and improvements as well.

For a complete list of changes, you can view the full changelog below: 


  • Added: Android BACK button support
  • Added: Downscaled 2d animation positions
  • Added: Android haptic feedback
  • Added: Volume control for Sound node
  • Added: Set UI Text node
  • Added: SubScene KeyframeAnimation icons
  • Added: 2D World rendering optimization
  • Added: Prefer AMD and nVidia discrete graphics cards over Intel onboard
  • Added: Sliders for some physics elements
  • Added: Default value for score type
  • Added: Handling on Android and iOS for sharing without a score type set
  • Added: [JSAPI] level section, entity id
  • Added: [JSAPI] setWorldPosition for entities
  • Added: [JSAPI] Sound node volume attribute fixed: 2d animations position fix
  • Fixed: Crash on reset view of a random 3D game with No gravity using Wizard.
  • Fixed: Bones transformation fix
  • Fixed: FBX scene default scale
  • Fixed: Bug with failing auto updater on some Windows systems
  • Fixed: Ground reappearing when type is changed while hidden
  • Fixed: Msvc redist installer
  • Fixed: EnableTouch argument check
  • Fixed: Looped animations blend issues for FBX files
  • Fixed: Only necessary nav button options are visible on the mind map
  • Fixed: Crash related to component removal
  • Fixed: Rotation issue for some FBX files
  • Fixed: Save issue for win32 exports
  • Fixed: SetPathPosition parameter check
  • Fixed: Tooltip across whole app
  • Fixed: TouchPath PathMove nodes scene displacement
  • Fixed: Issue in Trail3D node related
  • Fixed: Reworked multi-monitor support. Window DP is now calculated from native API instead of relying on screen dp [Windows]
  • Fixed: Deleting destination installation folder on Windows before doing setup

Thanks so much for your continual support, we appreciate it. We can’t wait to see what fantastic games you create with this latest version of Buildbox. Check back here soon for more exciting updates and announcements!

Download Buildbox

BuildBox 3 Tutorial - Make a Basic 3D Game in 20 minutes with no code

Announcing Buildbox 3 Official Release

Buildbox 3

We’re excited to announce the official release of Buildbox 3, our most advanced game engine to-date and this is just the beginning! 😀 There will be more updates and tons of new features coming soon. Buildbox 3 opens up the world of game development to everyone regardless of their skill level, making the entire process of developing professional looking 3D and 2D games extremely easy.

With Buildbox 3, you can drag and drop smart assets and presets to help you quickly build out all types of cool games in minutes. This software also has a built-in Asset Library loaded with different game assets that you can use to get started. New smart assets and presets will be automatically downloaded into the library regularly too. Plus, all of the smart assets in BB3 can be edited entirely and customized down to its node structure.

Buildbox 3

In this official release of Buildbox 3, we’ve added an in-depth, step-by-step tutorial for beginners walking you through all the features of the software and how to use them. We also have 14 new assets and 40 new nodes along with the dozens already available in the library. Below are a few examples of our new smart assets:

Gear Grinder

Gear Grinder

Characters instantly die upon contact of the deadly spinning beams in the Gear Grinder smart asset. You can create all kinds of cool 3D worlds with challenging obstacles with this new asset. 



There’s also a cool spiked rotating asset called the Beam, capable of turning any platform or route into a dangerous journey. You can use this fun asset in an assortment of games from arcades and puzzlers to 3D RPGs and more. 

Exploding Cube

Exploding Cube

With the Exploding Cube asset, the shape automatically shatters into little pieces when encountered. It’s an exciting asset to use for a wide variety of different games and themes. Our asset library is loaded with tons of interactive assets like these to help jumpstart your game development.

We’ve added new types of attributes that allow you to make dependencies between assets too. You can connect multiple attributes of different types also. A lot of the new nodes that we’ve included in the final release of Buildbox 3 are low-level nodes, so they’re easy to work with and customize. We’ve also added new camera nodes to give you full control of your camera’s movement. And so you can easily print information to assist with debugging we have a new print node as well.

Endless Gameplay Possibilities

The possibilities are limitless with Buildbox 3. You can make popular 3D hyper-casual arcade games like Helix Jump to more complicated 3D role-playing games reminiscent of Zelda. You can create all kinds of exciting worlds and levels for your game’s characters to explore. Add interactive 3D objects and challenging villains for them to encounter as well.

With our new dynamic lighting features, you’re also able to add spot and point lights to any location in your game to highlight essential objects or guide them through dangerous pathways. Interactive puzzlers, racers, platformers, and addicting card games such as Classic Klondike and Patience Solitaire is possible too. With our smart assets and presets, you’re able to shuffle, flip, and stack cards like you would in a real casino game. It’s very cool. There’s also the ability to physics-based arcades similar to Angry Birds. The only limit will be your imagination.

3D Game Development Made Simple

Making 3D games with Buildbox 3 is super simple and lightning fast. You can have a playable version of your game in less than an hour with our smart asset library. Choose any of the 3D models or objects to create your game level or add new 3D models that you’ve created or saved on your PC by simply dragging and dropping the OBJ. file into the editor.

BB3 - 3D game development


Easily Switch Between 3D and 2D Developing

You’re also not limited to just making games in 3D. With Buildbox 3, you have the option to develop in 2D too. There’s a handy 2D button positioned on the right-hand side of the editor. One quick click and your game world will instantly be converted to 2D. Everything from the camera’s position to the game’s objects and shadowing will appear two-dimensional. We’ve also included plenty of options like the multi-tool to help you adjust your scene to get your game just right.

Buildbox 3 - 2D development


Fully Customize Every Part Of Your Game

Buildbox 3 also gives you the freedom to make games how you want. Every single aspect of your project can be customized, including your game’s UI screen. Just click on the built-in animation menu editor to start creating eye-catching UI screens or funny cut scenes to match your game’s theme. There’s also in-game labels, icons, and other graphics that you add. You can change the color, size, integrate shadows, and even customize the gradient to your UI screen and text. It’s a lot of fun to play around with because you can get really creative with your design.

BB3 - UI Screen Customization

You can learn more about all of the amazing features and new options available with Buildbox 3 right here.


3 buildbox

Buildbox 3.4.1 Update: A New Look, New Features, and New Possibilities

Buildbox 3.4.1 Update

Ready to Make Your Own Game?

We’ve just released Buildbox 3.4.1! This latest update of our 3D game maker brings a new look, new features and functionality, and new possibilities for game creators. You can now create games in ways you never could before with more helpful tools for scaling, monetizing, and even testing your games. In addition, we’ve added a new interactive tutorial to make learning how to make a game using Buildbox super simple. Plus many other fixes and performance improvements!

Download Buildbox

Here’s a quick rundown of What’s New in Buildbox 3.4.1!

Completely Redesigned Home Screen

The home screen has been completely redesigned in Buildbox 3.4.1, with a sleeker look and improved navigation options. Along with our new interactive tutorial that guides you through making a game, you’ll notice easier access to all our platform features, including premium templates and a brand new profile system for managing your Buildbox account or contacting support. 

New Profile Management System

The new profile management system in Buildbox 3.4.1 gives you a comprehensive view of your profile account and ad monetization data from all of your games. Manage your Buildbox subscription with ease, see current ad monetization and recent transactions, revenue share, exports, and more.

Adbox Monetization 

We’ve also added Adbox, our new easy ad monetization solution, so you’ll never have to deal with ad networks again! Adbox allows you to integrate ads into your game and then let Buildbox handle everything else, from ad optimization to payouts. 

You’ll be paid directly from Buildbox via Hyperwallet and receive your earned monthly revenue * approximately 15 days after the end of the month. You can transfer your funds out of your virtual wallet to any account you want.

Explore the Adbox Dashboard

Adbox and shared revenue are included in all plans. Creators on the Free plan receive 30%, those on the Plus plan receive 70%, and Pro users get 90% of all earned Adbox revenue. 

You can learn more about our subscription plans and revenue share options right here.

Auto Backup 

Buildbox 3.4.1 now includes autosave! As you build your game, our new backup system will automatically save your current changes and progress. So, you’ll never have to worry about losing your work again! 

Autoscale FBX/OBJ Model Import

We’ve added an autoscale feature as well. You can now custom scale any FBX or OBJ file directly within Buildbox. Autoscale eliminates the need to switch between software programs like Blender to resize or edit objects or characters for your game.

Buildbox World

Another great new feature in this latest release is Buildbox World. It’s a totally free mobile app that lets you export directly from Buildbox to your device in seconds — previewing and playing your projects on your mobile device. Test, analyze, and iterate with ease. Get a natural feel of your game without the hassle of exporting and dealing with Xcode or TestFlight. You can download Buildbox World for iOS today. The Android version will follow soon, so stay tuned!

For a detailed list of changes, you can view the full changelog below:

Change Log:

  • Added: Adbox game monetization solution
  • Added: BBWorld Export
  • Added: New Interactive Tutorial
  • Added: New Welcome Screen
  • Added: Simple Backup for BBDOC files
  • Added: Safe / Fast Game Preview
  • Added: Proper Scale for OBJ and FBX imports
  • Added: Ability to import/export groups of nodes
  • Fixed: Objects with transparent textures don’t fade in or out of fog
  • Fixed: Keyboard Buttons Assigned to UI Buttons Not Triggering
  • Fixed: Crash on Preview in some cases
  • Fixed: Textures are missing from FBX objects after reopening Buildbox
  • Fixed: Preview crashing after font was added
  • Fixed: Image enlargement after Preview restart
  • Fixed: Buildbox crashes in some cases when closing the preview window

Thanks so much for your continued support and feedback, we appreciate it. Our team has been paying close attention to all of your input on our social and support channels. We’ll be working hard on future updates to make improvements and bring more of the features and tools that you want to see to the platform. We can’t wait to see what you create with Buildbox 3.4.1! 

Download Buildbox

Buildbox 3 Tutorial: How to use the Send and Receive Node

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