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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor alex hutchings guitarAlex Hutchings is a professional guitarist based in Bristol, United Kingdom. He especially plays and teaches jazz fusion, rock and r’n’b. Since 2002, he has toured for a variety of different musical ensembles and brands. Hutchings has the main guitar role on the Thriller – Live concert. He also composes music for BBC TV and radio and ITV. In late 2017 he joined the Steven Wilson live band, touring with them in support of Wilson’s To the Bone album. See for more.

To Cry from Joy

Feeling Fine

& Jack Thammarat 8 String Full length Jam

‘Sophisticated Blues’

Jess Lewis ft. Alex Hutchings – Room 335

Live in Israel

Free jam with his new 8 string

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Waghorn Guitars Alex Hutchings AH6
Waghorn AH6

Waghorn Guitars has collaborated with Jazz/Fusion guitarist Alex Hutchings to produce the AH Series 6 and 8 string guitars.

Alex's mission to find the perfect balance of body design, pickups, hardware and aesthetics to suit his style has seen him very much involved in the design and prototyping process that has brought the AH6 from its inception to the current design specification.

Neck-through Half-through-body neck construction allows unparalleled access to the 24 fret 25.5" scale fingerboard - without sacrificing as much of the tonal characteristics of the body wood as a conventional full neck-through guitar, for a warm, smooth and well rounded tone. Details such as the sculpted heel and careful strap button placement provide effortless ergonomics to provide an unhindered playing experience.

Neck-through The electronics center around DiMarzio's Transition (bridge humbucker), True Velvet (middle singlecoil) and Air Norton S (neck singlecoil sized humbucker) which comfortably provide the vast range of tones required for Alex's genre-spanning jazz fusion style, handling everything from sparkling clean chords to Alex's signature mindblowing shred histeronics. The recessed tremolo and Schaller M6 locking machineheads ensure tuning stability and sustain in every situation.

Neck-throughAs with every Waghorn guitar, the AH6 is hand-made and built to order - now available with an increased range of customizable options enabling you to put your own stamp on a custom AH6. Choose from a wider selection of figured top woods including figured Walnut or Maples, the choice of a 'drop-top' arm chamfer or the standard 'carve-thru' arm chamfer as well as the potential for different bridge, pickup and electronic options, including a choice of Roland's GK3 Divided Midi Pickup or Graphtech's Hexpander system (Hipshot Contour tremolo required) for midi-equipped AH6s. See below for the full specification and options list.

Waghorn AH8
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Alex Hutchings

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UK based (Bristol) guitarist and composer Alex Hutchingshas extensive experience in playing rock, funk jazz and r'n'b and has toured throughout the UK, Europe and South Africa.
He also composes music for BBC TV, ITV, the Cable Network and radio, working on programmes such as Big Brother or Brainiac at Discovery Channel.

Alex founded his first band at the age of 15, playing music of The Beatles and Elvis Presley.
Soon later he has collaborated and toured with many top artists and musicians. He played the main guitar role on Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller Live’ arena tour in 13 countries. Performed at Glastonbury Festival, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, Isle of White Jazz Festival, Cannes Film festival. Regularly playing extensive gigs around the UK.
In 2017 Hutchings toured with Steven Wilson band, in support of Wilson's To the Bone album.

His collaboration with resulted in multiple backing tracks/solos that are now among the most popular to play by number of aspiring guitarists. His tracks, notes, tabs, tutorials are availeble to buy and download on ...

Waghorn AH6 is the main guitar that Alex Hutchings used to play. He also has several Stratocastes and Waghorn AH8 eight-string model, likes to play Ibanez JEM.

Facebook: ...


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