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This is kind of different from my other reviews but it has been on my mind so I’ve decided to compare them. These two games are a couple of my daily otoge pick up games that I’ve been pretty dedicated to. (These games are romance based although there are at times subtle hints that indicate they are interested in you in some capacity.) Afterlife is definitely newer and less established than A3! so there will obviously be some quality differences but I thought it’d be nice to give people a little bit of a perspective as to these kinds of games and what they have to offer/how they are different.

To begin with, A3! is from a Japanese developer voiced only in Japanese and has what I would like to say a pretty sizable fandom back in Japan as well in its global state. In comparison to Mr Love’s Queen Choice (MLQC), it’s probably not as relevant at least from what I can see for its international release. I didn’t hear about it till I think I saw a post about it online months after its initial release but I can’t remember what it was exactly about. I just thought it was interesting and decided to give it a try.

Afterlife is developed by a Korean developer, voiced in not only Korean but also Japanese. I’m not exactly sure how big the game is in Korea but from what I’ve seen online and from its global release the game is still relatively small and unknown. I was able to learn about the game from the r/gachagames subreddit while I was looking for a husbando gacha game to play xd. To be honest I didn’t really see much hype about this game’s global release but maybe I missed something in one of the social medias who knows.

So that’s a little background about where the games come from and now I’ll talk a little about the premise of the games and how I feel a little about the story and characters of the game.

A3 follows the story of a variety of boys who come to perform for Mankai Company where you act as their director. I REALLY love A3’s chapter stories and feel like they were written well with good direction as we go through each troupe. (The boys are split up into troupes for each season: fall, winter, summer, and spring.) In addition to these main chapter stories we have the personal stories, cross stories, and event stories. None of these are voiced but a couple of them are pretty interesting depending on what boy you like. Not only are the stories excellent, I really enjoy each and every character in the game. Although a few of them inevitably overlap in character archetype, the story does a good job at fleshing out what kind of characters each person is.

In comparison, Afterlife follows a similar format where it has a variety of boys BUT EVEN MORE. In this world, you are a manager for different groups of soul reapers whose jobs are to purify corrupted souls. Afterlife also has a main chapter, personal story, cross stories, special cross stories (I forget what it’s called), and event stories. It follows the same story of voiced main chapter and everything else not voiced. IMO I feel like Afterlife’s main story is pretty weak and very confusing especially if you are just getting into the game. There’s a lot of missing pieces that you only figure out through things that are contained within the personal stories. Normally I’d be fine with there being secrets but there’s just a lot of context that you miss out that the story just mentions and brings up as a core part of the main story for no reason. The personal stories are really great however, and that’s when I really feel like I get to learn about a character in an environment where it makes sense. One of the big stories in afterlife is that each character has a “sad” past that lead them to become soul reapers. Some of them definitely hit hard and honestly really allowed me to connect with the characters better than the main story did. One thing I really wish the main chapters had done was just go chapter by chapter by each team. I feel like we are introduced as the concept that the boys are in teams and my expectation would be that we would be introduced to each set of boys in their teams first and then start doing cross team stuff in the future of the game story. I could go on and on but the main story is…not great but okay definitely could’ve been structured better. The characters are all great as well (although with the sheer amount of boys there are there are definitely certain characters I just don’t really care about which I’ll elaborate about in the next part.)

One quick comment I want to make is that there are a couple characters in a3 that are in middle school still and in Afterlife there a couple characters that would be in middle school as well (13 or 14). For me, when I see characters that are in middle school I SWERVE AWAY. We don’t like that at all they are literal children. I tend to usually dislike those characters (aside from A3 Yuki who was an a m a z i n g character off the bat) but A3 did a really good job at making me come to love these children and think of them as my own. Afterlife in comparison….they never really introduced me to them…so I still don’t really enjoy them (I also skip through their personal stories because I just have no interest whatsoever and a lot of their archetypes are pretty boring and stereotypical. One of them in specific has this thing where he doesn’t want to be cute but wants to look like a warrior and I definitely cringe a little when I see that lmao.)

Now I’ll talk a little about the gameplay and system for these games. There are daily missions and weekly missions with tasks to complete so you receive items that you can use. As they are both gacha games they obviously have gachas for cards. IMO I like the cards in afterlife a lot better than the ones in A3. I feel like even the lower grade cards are really pretty and enjoy the art a lot. Once you receive a card each one has a special “affection” meter that once filled will unlock the personal stories. You can fill the affection meter by going through stages in the game. The way these two games do stages is slightly different but inherently the same. A3 only has a slight different when it does normal stages but is the same for events. To go through a stage you need to use your normal stamina bar, using the cards fills the affection meter. In Afterlife you can choose which cards to use as it’s kind of a game board gameplay, in comparison A3 just goes randomly. Take it from me the game play isn’t complicated just really time consuming even if you use the auto functionality. I honestly have no idea why these games don’t just have a skip stage functionality. So the way that afterlife differs (but is the same when A3 does events) is that you will encounter “enemies” in a stage that you’ll have to fight using your cards. The first part of this is only exclusive to afterlife and doesn’t involve using something which I’ll refer to as attack points. The second part is where both games are the same as they have a random chance of encountering an actual “battle”. This is where you’ll be using your AP which determines how much damage you can do to an enemy. It’s pretty straight forward.

Events rely on AP to get points that attribute to a scoreboard and determine your results/rewards. Generally from my experience, it’s easier to do well/rank well in afterlife than A3 currently because afterlife doesn’t have a big fanbase right now. Events take around a week in each game and there are two different kinds of events for each game. 1. Point event 2. progress event. I don’t really have a good word for the event so I just called it progress event but basically just think of it like there is no ranking and you’re doing a lot of it by yourself. Progress events are also easier in afterlife as you don’t have to grind to get points whereas A3 you do. A3, however does a good job at rewarding users over the course of the event period by giving freebie items that help with the event. (Afterlife really fails at this. I’ll go into this more in a bit.) In my personal opinion, Afterlife events overall are better but really need improvement and need to be prepared for scalability if they plan to get more users in the future. Going back to gameplay however, Afterlife exceeds at having ample of things to do, shifts, constellations, etc. the gameplay is unique and is basically A3’s gameplay with more and I really like it. In that way, Afterlife’s gameplay > A3.

Customer/Fandom interaction/treatment. This is probably one of the biggest things that I feel is important to me as a user. I think that MLQC does a really good job at this and is one of the reasons that I’ve played the game for so long. The fandom in A3 is great but the company doesn’t really seem to interact that much with the community HOWEVER there is a discord server and there is a subreddit and definitely a community on twitter from what I can see. Afterlife’s social media manager is AMAZING they interact with the users and give really helpful resources for the community to do things that would contribute to its popularity (supporting art) along with giving crucial updates on problems that might’ve occurred. I really like afterlife’s social media manager and they should be praised for the work they do because they really helped in making me excited for the community. Afterlife has a discord server (I think tbh have to fact check) but no reddit, however there is a small twitter fandom. Unique to afterlife is that they have an in game chatting system which I think is a really great idea and leads to some great resources as well.

These two games fail at the most critical part of customer engagement overall. The main attraction of these games are the events of course. However, the game almost never does anything to add onto these events. To elaborate, in MLQC prizes are given out for reaching goals, winning giveaways, or just for the heck of it. They reward the fanbase for being engaged in their product even if it isn’t a big prize. However, this is an aspect that fans LOVE especially F2P players because they are still able to GET something and be able to TRY to do something during events. Thus, Afterlife and A3 massively fail as giving good incentives for players to play the game during times other than special events. You might say that it’s not important because it’s not like they would spend money right after doing that but that’s not the point. The point is that every single potential customers need to be attached to the game and care about it in order for the company to even get money. It quickly becomes obvious that something is a cash grab if all the game is is events and nothing else. If they are reading this review PLEASE do something about your marketing cause I really think you guys are missing the mark. ESPECIALLY AFTERLIFE SINCE YOU GUYS ARE STILL NEW and clearly have a small fandom. (note afterlife has done small things for this in the beginning, one give away and one small resource event but still right now they should be doing even more since they have barely even been released. The most a3 has done for this is probably x2 gold boosts which tbh we don’t need)

In game purchases:

There’s no variety in A3’s shop aside from the normal event packages, There are no subscription packs or anything, Afterlife, however, has these, including a point system for purchases where you can get redeem coupons for certain things in the game. Afterlife also has special packages outside of their normal subscription packages which are definitely imo affordable and attractive offers. A quick note is that because A3 is so laid back resources are hella abundant. My complaint with Afterlife is that their resources are SO hard to get and that is one of the most frustrating parts of the game, but it’s also a grindy game and the stamina recharging rate is fairly quick so I’ll let y’all go lol.

To summarize my personal experience, I’d like to say that although I’m in Afterlife mode right now A3 is probably slightly my more favored game and the reason being the story ENGAGED me and made me feel an overall attachment to the characters along with me knowing the general direction of where the story would be heading building anticipation. I feel like Afterlife has missed this mark for me currently but would love for this to be proven wrong. At the same time, I think I’m more inclined to engage in Afterlife events as the cards are really REALLY nice and there is a lot of voiced engagement throughout the gameplay experience which makes me attached to the game. Also I think the testament that I’m not engaged in A3’s current event right now and not even attempting to play after getting the event story basically shows you how A3 lacks that customer engagement aspect. I’m not exactly sure what this review was but felt like it’s just opinions that I wanted to voice after basically playing these games every single day. Also would like to state that this is just my opinion and obviously after looking back I think I might’ve worded things differently/some opinions may be wrong and/or maybe a tiny bit burned out from all the games but this is my general impression. Hoping that this review will also bring a new audience to checkout these games as well. I still recommend both games as they have different unique aspects to offer to their audiences. I know I was pretty critical on Afterlife for its story but it’s still a really GOOD game and the stories are really nice to read aside from the problems I had with its direction. I could probably go on about more things to complain/compliment about but I really think people should try to experience it first hand to see what I’m talking about!

Non related fact:

Ghilley is my favorite in Afterlife and Tenma is my favorite in A3 LOL. That’s all I wanted you guys to know. Thank you for coming to my tedtalk. please look forward to my taisho Alice review coming soon! (I wrote this at 1 am after procrastinating writing my other reviews smh also apologies for any grammar mistakes.)

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AFTER L!FE: The Sacred Kaleidoscope

A place unlike the Human Realm, 「The Otherworld」
To manage these twenty odd, lovable, and sometimes
dazzling Soul Reapers(!) is my duty!

To fulfill their deepest desires,
my Reapers are hard at work even now!

An RPG fantasy for every lady
The Kaleidoscope of wishes, AFTER L!FE (After Life)

■ Home Page :
■ AFTER LIFE Twitter :
■ AFTER LIFE Facebook:

- What is AFTER L!FE?
▶A new Manager joins the Soul Reapers!
Former pop idols to angels from heaven!
These 20 Reapers of varying ages, walks of life, and time periods
rely on YOU, their manager, to lead them to a bright future!

▶Their Heartfelt Stories - ★
Everyone has experiences that led them to the afterlife!
Enjoy the beautiful artwork and powerful episodes of these
Reapers, comparable to anime, manga, and light novels!

▶The Daily Life of a Soul Reaper?!
These grim reapers do not only go after wayward souls and
vengeful spirits! They clean their dorms, prune the orchards,
patrol the grounds, and post on Social Media. A day in their
life is jam PACKED!

▶The Sweet Sound of Famous Voice Actors!
Stick with the Korean, or go with Japanese!
The different voices of the 20 Reapers will take your immersion
to the next level. Open your ears to their sweet whispers!

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Afterlife Game

Hey everyone,

Back again to do another personal review it been a while since I have posted anything but anyways I’m here to talk about the recent game that been released which is called Afterlife.

So when I first saw this adverting on Facebook feeds I thought why not give it a go since it looks so cool and new so.


So it’s your basic story of MC is manager of the Grim Reapers and do daily duties to maintain the department so far to me feels kinda genetic feels kinda similar to the A3 story I was reading so it’s alright story.


Like other otome games I played liked obey me or Mr love queen choices there’s Gacha system to get cards of the guys and typical system low rates for SSR card.

(gave mr love a break because the annoying rates for SSR) honestly don’t like Gacha system when you want certain for love interest and don’t get it can get frustrating.


So gameplay here what I’m going to talk about this is what put me off continuing playing after life it’s super confusing as hell I don’t like the mechanics in the game

I understood one part is turn based battle I don’t mind that since similar to final fantasy game.

But from when you have to purify the enemy then you move like on game board. I started scratching my head like huh this is actually confusing me.

Would I recommend it? maybe not only because story I wouldn’t say it’s amazing feels kinda average and gameplay is just confusing didn’t feel fun maybe if you like A3 you play it but even then that gameplay isn’t confusing mess.

My personal rating 3 / 5

[AFTER LIFE] AFTER L!FE: The Sacred Kaleidoscope Official Trailer


Full name

AFTER L!FE: The Sacred Kaleidoscope

Release date

June 25, 2020

AFTER L!FEis a simulation game created by NHN Corp., a Korean game company. It released globally on June 25th, 2020 for iOSand Android. It features mild fantasy violence but is rated E for everyone. While free-to-play, there are in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 - $99.99 per item.

AFTERL!FE prides itself as 'An RPG fantasy for every lady,' although the game allows you to choose Male or Female when prompted for gender. Players begin as a new Manager who joins teams of Soul Reapers. Ranging from former pop idols to angels from heaven, the 20 Reapers are looking to YOU to lead them to a bright future. The Reapers you will get to know vary in age, walks of life, and time periods, making every new encounter fun and exciting, but sometimes heart-breaking.


Through game play you will experience their heartfelt stories that led them to the afterlife, but also their jam packed daily life. Experience beautiful artwork like CGS, sprites, and even chibi sprites during stories, events, and on your home screen! The Reapers do more than Purify wayward souls, they're also responsible for cleaning their rooms, pruning the orchards, and patrolling the grounds. You'll even see them make posts and chat on social media! Animated chibi Reapers show off their attacks during battle, so there's always something fun for your eyes.

AFTERL!FE even features famous voice actors in both Korean and Japanese languages. Swap between the two languages so you can experience their sweet whispers x2 for all 20 Reapers. That's 40 voices!

Collect Cards of your favorite Reapers and level them up to help you for Purification battles. You can win or earn new cards via gacha and events.


Although the game is singleplayer, players are able to add friends and exchange friend points to purchase normal recruitments for Soul Reapers. Players mainly level up through Reaper Activity investigations and or events. To participate in both, players are tasked with recruiting and forming Soul Reaper cards into Attack and Support teams.

AFTER L!FE is a gacha simulation game, so Soul Reaper cards are ordered from least rare to most rare: N, R, SR, SSR. Cards can be obtained from the Recruit Reaper page found in the home screen. Additionally, these cards can be leveled up, can limit break, and can unlock constellation nodes to learn active and passive skills. These activies, including Manager Training, help to increase the main stats of the game - passion, honor, and will - and the combat power for the card.

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[AFTER L!FE : ปรารถนาในดวงใจ] AFTER L!FE Official PV

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