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[ stˈɛlə], [ stˈɛlə], [ s_t_ˈɛ_l_ə]
  • adj.

    astral (adjective)chief (adjective)
    • first,
    • especial,
    • potent,
    • primal,
    • number one,
    • effective,
    • momentous,
    • controlling,
    • arch,
    • vital,
    • champion,
    • uppermost,
    • star,
    • telling,
    • ruling,
    • premier,
    • capital,
    • foremost,
    • prime,
    • major,
    • predominant,
    • crucial,
    • cardinal,
    • central,
    • weighty,
    • primary,
    • significant,
    • consequential,
    • stellar,
    • paramount.
    dominant (adjective)head (adjective)high-grade (adjective)laudable (adjective)
    • creditable,
    • deserving,
    • worthy,
    • excellent,
    • meritable,
    • meritorious,
    • commendable,
    • mean,
    • terrific,
    • estimable.
    leading (adjective)
    • dominating,
    • top,
    • famous,
    • governing,
    • well-known,
    • initial,
    • noted,
    • best,
    • popular,
    • inaugural,
    • greatest,
    • notorious.
    main (adjective)major (adjective)
    • grave,
    • dangerous,
    • meaningful,
    • Overshadowing,
    • big,
    • major-league,
    • heavyweight,
    • serious,
    • radical,
    • great,
    • life and death,
    • grievous,
    • notable.
    Other relevant words: (adjective)
    • laudable,
    • principal,
    • top of the line,
    • main,
    • Globate,
    • starry,
    • praiseworthy,
    • solar,
    • unmatchable,
    • of note,
    • Supereminent,
    • mainline,
    • out-standing,
    • dominant,
    • head,
    • upper most,
    • super-eminent,
    • second to none,
    • Headmost,
    • universal,
    • unequalled,
    • world class,
    • world-class,
    • first class,
    • primo,
    • top-of-the-line,
    • pre-eminent,
    • lunar,
    • orbicular,
    • Praisable,
    • fab,
    • firstclass,
    • unrivalled,
    • salt of earth,
    • spherical,
    • chief,
    • high-grade,
    • preeminent,
    • Thankworthy.
    pandemic (adjective)praiseworthy (adjective)preeminent (adjective)
    • sur passing,
    • pre eminent,
    • un-matchable,
    • most surpassing,
    • most unmatchable,
    • un-rivalled,
    • more unrivalled,
    • sur-passing,
    • un-surpassable,
    • un rivalled,
    • un surpassed,
    • un-surpassed,
    • un equalled,
    • incomparable,
    • un surpassable,
    • un matchable,
    • most unequalled,
    • more unequalled,
    • most unrivalled,
    • un-equalled,
    • more unmatchable,
    • more surpassing,
    • in comparable,
    • in-comparable.
    primary/prime (adjective)
    • more top of the line,
    • more top-of-the-line,
    • more crackerjack,
    • most worldclass,
    • most crackerjack,
    • more primo,
    • worldclass,
    • most primo,
    • more world-class,
    • more world class,
    • more worldclass,
    • most world class,
    • fabber,
    • most world-class,
    • most primary,
    • most top of the line,
    • fabbest,
    • most top-of-the-line.
    principal (adjective)
    • most mainline,
    • most second to none,
    • more second-to-none,
    • un-paralleled,
    • super eminent,
    • more supereminent,
    • un-rivaled,
    • un equaled,
    • most supereminent,
    • most second-to-none,
    • second-to-none,
    • un-approachable,
    • more mainline,
    • un-equaled,
    • un approachable,
    • un paralleled,
    • more second to none,
    • un rivaled.
    solar (adjective)spherical (adjective)starry (adjective)stellar (adjective)universal (adjective)
  • n.

    celestial (noun)Other relevant words: (noun)prima (noun)starring (noun)
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    • Adjective
      stellate, brilliant, spectacular, remarkable, star, all-star, excellent, bright, impressive, stunning, glittering, extraordinary, wonderful, dramatic, glossy, distinguished, shiny, lustrous, breathtaking, notable, sterling, tremendous.
  • adj.

    • Other antonyms:
      bad, execrable, second-rate, atrocious, rotten, awful, low-grade, lousy, pathetic, minor, unsatisfactory, mediocre, poor, vile, substandard, middling, inferior, terrible, wretched.
  • saddlery, styler, sadleria, scheduler, sutler, side-wheeler, stealer, saddler, steller, settler, scutellaria, stellaria.




(Theol.) Of or in heaven; holy; divine


(Astrology) Of or relating to the heavenly orbs, or to the sphere or spheres in which, according to ancient astronomy and astrology, they were set.


(Astronomy, specifically) Relating to the Milky Way galaxy.



Of, relating to, or being financial principal, or a principal in a financial transaction.


Giving off or reflecting light; radiant; bright


A large, spherical celestial body consisting of a mass of gas that is hot enough to sustain nuclear fusion and thus produce radiant energy. Stars begin their life cycle as clouds of gas and dust called nebulae and develop, through gravitation and accretion, into increasingly hot and dense protostars . In order to reach the temperature at which nuclear reactions are ignited (about 5 million degrees K), a protostar must have at least 80 times the mass of Jupiter. For most of its life a star fuses hydrogen into helium in its core, during which period it is known as a dwarf star and is classed according to its surface temperature and luminosity (or spectral type) on a continuum called the main sequence in the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram. When a star exhausts the hydrogen in its core, it typically develops into one of several non-main-sequence forms depending on how massive it is. Smaller stars, with masses less than eight times that of the Sun, become red giants and end their lives, after blowing away their outer layers, as white dwarfs . More massive stars become supergiants and end their lives, after exploding in a supernova, as either a neutron star or a black hole .


Highest, as in rank or office; foremost


Having a position in the lead; foremost:

Find another word for stellar. In this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for stellar, like: outstanding, heavenly, celestial, astrological, spherical, cosmic, galactic, astral, late-type, supernova and cosmic-ray.

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