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With over 100 years of experience in the production of handsaws, Silky Saws is one of the prominent brand names in the industry. The secret ingredient of their success is the great devotion of the workers and the latest techniques utilized in the manufacturing process. The history of saws is pretty long and the design of it remained the same until 1919. Bringing a revolution, Mr. Katsuii Mivawaki created “TAMAKITSUNE” the brand of silky. In 1970, the invention of the automatic saw setting the machine brought in a significant revolution in the development of saws. Using the machine, Silky created and patented a proprietary saw setting process in 1980. The “4-RESTUME” and the “MIRAIME2” saws were developed using this technology. In 1985, both “GOMATRO” and the “GOMBOY” were introduced and featured the first rubber-clad handle. The design was awarded the coveted Japanese Good-Design prize and created an uproar in the industry. The “GOMBOY” has become the industry standard for building folding saws.


This Japanese brand still dominates the market with its epoch-making design. Uichi Miyawaki is currently running the company with the passion to provide the best-possible saw designs. Silky now offers an extensive range of Saws that are perfect for pruning and woodworking, curved to straight saw blades, from folding saws to fixed saws, each saw design is available with a wide selection of teeth configurations. The company also produces 2.40 m up to 7.70 m telescopic pole saws. Designed with the professional tree pruner in mind, the saws by Silky cut faster and last longer in comparison to the traditional ones. Apart from saws, the company also makes sharp blades. With innovative design and optimal performance, Silky Saws products remain the professionals' first choice.


More About the Best Silky Saws and Blades

A lot goes behind designing and making a reliable product. Hence, at Silky workshops, innovative designs are developed using the latest technologies and premium-grade materials. The saw blades are made from authentic Japanese steel and cut out by laser. The company operates from the Ono region of Japan. Due to the metal’s softcore, blades are hard, long-wearing, and flexible. The sharpness of the blades remains for a longer period all thanks to the carbon content in the metal due to which high wear resistance is offered. Sugoi, Hayate, and the Tsurugi are built with high-alloy steel for high corrosion resistance, strength, and are better equipped against temperature changes. All saw blades are further replaceable. Many of the Silky Blades feature impulse-hardened teeth, which means saw teeth are heated and instantly hardened. This process extends the lifespan of the teeth and their fast-cutting edge is hence maintained much longer than conventional saws.


For hard, rust-resistant surfaces that can be easily wiped clean, a lot of blades are hard chrome plated. The taper-ground blades are thicker near the teeth than near the blade’s spine, which allows these blades to move freely and prevent binding in the cut. To enhance the performance and usage, all blades are equipped with comfortable, custom rubber compound handles that reduce vibration, fatigue, and are easy to grip while working with gloves on or in bad weather. Further, every silky saw is provided with a custom hard-plastic sheath that protects the blade when it is not in use or to is worn on the belt as a scabbard. The company delivers quality products, as their manufacturing process is certified to ISO 9001 and meets international standards of excellence. Silky backs up their quality with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on every saw.


Explore Silky Saws Product Range

Silky Saws Axes: Silky Saw crafted axes, machetes, or hatchets are ideal for cutting and chopping jobs. These can also be utilized in the kitchen for breaking up frames or removing the head from fish. The Silky Axes feature a stainless steel blade that is resistant to corrosion and works well when chopping wood and handling any survival situation. The rubber grip handle ensures non-slip and easy-grip absorbing the impact of the strike and reducing the stress to the user. The handle features a lanyard hole that helps to attach the axes to the backpack. These axes are perfect for chopping wood, filleting, hunting, and many other purposes. These one-handed tools are light in weight and easy to carry around.


Silky Saws Fixed Blade Knives: Silky Saws is known to offer an array of fixed blade knives that can be used for different applications. The multi-utility knives are preferred for their strength and durability. The steel blade features a sharp edge making it perfect for filleting, combating, hunting, and more. The fixed blades from this series have two locking open positions for in-line or flush cutting. The folding knives are easy to carry and prevent accidents. These knives have a tooth-edge which allows smoother, easier, and faster cutting performance. The non-slip grip handle offers a solid grip and reduces the stress on the hand while pruning woods, trimming the tree branches.


Silky Saws - Product Series

Silky Saws Big Boy Series: The Big Boy Saw Series features folding saws that have a larger cutting capacity, extended reach, and longer strokes that enable faster cutting. These saws are ideal for cutting trunks and can be used for construction projects as well. The saws of this series feature thicker and stronger aluminum handles and longer blades which make them perfect for cutting larger trunks down to size. The taper-ground, chrome-plated, and curved Japanese blade is rust-resistant. In addition, the excellent design, balance, strength, and superior finish make these multipurpose BIGBOY Saws every outdoor worker’s dream. Coming complete with sheaths, these saws are the perfect arsenal tool for your outdoor projects.


Silky Saws F-180 Folding Saw Series: Browse through the Silky Saws F-180 Folding Saw series for reliable folding saws that are perfect for pruning, home gardening, and outdoor projects. These strong lightweight saws are fitted with large teeth on 7-inch blades. An F-180 further securely locks in two different angle positions for smooth cutting through green wood branches and small firewood. The saws from this series ensure a comfortable and firm grip with a rubber grip, while the usage of lightweight fiberglass polypropylene makes cutting tasks a cinch. The compact size makes them safe to be carried in a pocket, glove compartment, or toolbox. Silky Saws F180 is available in two teeth sizes (TPI - teeth per inch) - 6.5 TPI (large/coarse) and 12 TPI (fine). Each of these knives has color-coded handles associated with the teeth configuration: Red - Large teeth and Yellow - Fine teeth. Comes with a blister pack and is backed with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


Silky Saws Gomboy Series: The Gomboy Saw Series is the product of refined Japanese cutting technology that fits in a myriad of applications. The saws of this product range feature blades that are precisely ground have impulse-hardened teeth, and a non-slip handle that offers ultimate performance. These folding saws are perfect for construction, woodwork, camping, and performing regular yard work. Whether you get a 210 mm or 240 mm Gomboy Professional Folding Saw, each comes with a custom hard plastic storage case. The handsaw is available in a folding blade and fixed blade design. You can even interchange blades between Gomboy types within the same blade length. The Gomboy blade lengths produced are 8-1/3-inch (210 mm), 9-1/2-inch (240 mm), 10-2/3-inch (270 mm), and 11-4/5-inch (300 mm). Moreover, each blade length is available in 3 teeth configurations (TPI - teeth per inch) - 5-6 TPI (large/coarse), 8.5 TPI (medium), and 12 TPI (fine).


Silky Saws GOMTARO Pistol Grip Series: Silky Saws GOMTARO Pistol Grip series includes modern, lightweight, pistol-grip, straight blade saws. These saws are ideal for pruning the trees, or for commercial arborists, orchardists, or rangers. The blades are rust-resistant, hard chrome-plated, taper-ground, with razor-sharp teeth that feature four cutting angles. These saws have a non-slip cushioned comfortable rubber handle. The saws come complete with black polypropylene sheaths that also feature a detachable belt clip. The knob on the sheaths keeps the saws from falling.


Silky Saws Katanaboy Series: Katana means “curved single-edged sword”, which is the weapon of choice for samurai warriors. The Katanaboy Series features two-handed folding saws constructed from superior quality steel. The saws can be used for a range of activities, from mincing meat to cutting firewood. Featuring a taper-ground blade and non-slip rubberized or aluminum grip, these tools are widely used by hikers, backpackers, and hunters. The blade safely folds into the handle making the saws easy to carry around and use for purposes like trimming and pruning. Silky Katanaboy also comes with a sturdy nylon shoulder bag with Velcro fastening and a pocket for replacement blades.


Silky Saws NATAI Series: The saws under the Silky Saws NATAI series are a cross between knife and axe. Constructed from SKS-51 steel and a special Genki rubber grip, the saws absorb the shock very well. These saws are available in two versions—single ground, for chopping off small branches, debarking trees, and layering hedges; double ground for splitting wood. They come complete with a black hard ABS plastic sheath with gold aluminum trim and a detachable belt holder.


Silky Saws Ono Professional Series: Explore this series for small and compact tools that help you clear trails and cut small timber for an evening fire. These pieces of Japanese craftsmanship work as great outdoor tools specifically for activities like camping, hiking, and trekking. The ONO quality tools can be part of your regular camping tools for a long time. Made with genuine proprietary Japanese steel, full tang blades and hard chrome plating make these choppers rust-proof and resistant to the effects of resins. The blades are replaceable and can be easily resharpened. The tools come with a custom hanger hole. They also come complete with custom-fitted carrying cases with a matching hole-hanger.


Silky Saws Pocketboy Series: The Pocketboy Series by Silky Saws comprises compact and lightweight folding saws. The pocket-fit saws offer extraordinary cutting capacity and consume less space in your pockets and backpacks. The sleek saws feature rust-resistant, hard chrome-plated, taper-ground blades with a non-set tooth design for efficient cutting. The blade locks securely into one of two open positions and helps in smooth cutting. The non-slip handle ensures a comfortable grip for the toughest pruning or woodcutting.


Silky Saws SUGOI Pistol Grip Series: The Silky Saws SUGOI Pistol Grip series offers the best-selling, artistic, professional hand saws with razor-sharp blades and ultra-fast cutting, mono-constructed blades. The curved blade enhances the cutting speed with less effort. The saws feature a large and comfortable sure-grip handle that gives strength and flexibility to the saws. The aggressive tooth pattern makes the saws of this category ideal for pruning large limbs. They feature a hard chrome-plated, taper-ground curved blade with a non-set tooth design. These saws have custom, high-visibility, yellow plastic scabbards that can be attached to the belt or lower leg. The exceptional design, strength, balance, and superior finish quality, make Silky Saws SUGOI Grip the ideal choice to prune trees. 


Silky Saws SUPER Accel 21 Series: Silky Saws SUPER ACCEL 21 series includes a varied range of folding saws that are particularly designed for aggressive cutting needs. Crafted from Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) technology, these saws have a precise ground and razor-sharp blade with four cutting angles along its length. The saws feature comfortable, rubberized aluminum, pistol-grip handles for easy grasp, especially on the pull-stroke where greater cutting force is required. Super Accel 21 series tools feature a non-slip cushioned rubber handle and come with a durable polypropylene sheath fitted with a belt clip. One of the finest saws in the market, the SUPER ACCEL series is extremely popular amongst arborists and gardeners around the world.


Silky Saws Zubat Series: The Zubat Series includes a range of professional saws used particularly for pruning services. The favorite amongst the gardeners and tree care companies, these heavy-duty saws feature mono-constructed blades which provide greater cutting speed with less effort and a pistol grip that helps in making precise cuts. The Zubat saws ensure that it is not a strenuous task to handle long tree branches. Exhibiting a unique dual roller system on the scabbard, these pruning saws have an unmatched locking mechanism. These saws are a great combination of a high-performance curved blade with sure-grip handles. Each of the saws from the series flaunts an exceptional design, balance, strength, and fine finishing. These Japan-made knives are perfect for pruning tasks and cutting large branches.


Silky Saws Warranty Details

Every Silky Saws product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Silky Saws will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Silky Saws product that is defective. Silky Saws will return the original item without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Silky Saws will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair.


Defects and repairs not covered under warranty:

Silky Saws does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee. If you have a warranty issue or questions about the condition of your Silky Saws product, please contact us and we will advise you on how best to proceed with submitting your warranty claim to the manufacturer.

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Silky are known as the best folding and fixed saws in the world. And we 100% agree with that. That is not our opinion because we sell them, it's because we use them and they are amazing and I am sure you all agree.

But if they are so amazing, then why do they break?

Balance is everything!  Just like any high quality tool, these saws are designed to make the job feel effortless.  For example, take high quality kitchen knives (like the one that makes your finger bleed by just looking at it). When the blade is thinner and the quality of the metal is high, it's going to make that job feel like a breeze on a hot Summer's day. But the downside is, if you accidentally drop the knife, the chances of it breaking, are a lot higher. OR if you cut something you aren't meant to, it will bend, snap or chip the blade.  

Same goes with Silky Saws. Silky Saws have thinner blades, compared to many cheaper saws.  This means that they feel super easy and fast to use, but it means that they are not designed to be thrown around or used incorrectly. They will handle being misused a little but for only for saw long. (so long, he he)  So the best idea is to learn how they like to be treated!

The thicker the blade, the harder it is to break!.  Problem with that is, if its really thick it also is a lot harder to use, it requires more energy as you are pulling wider chucks of wood out with each stroke.  It is also heavier to carry and hold. Silky do make some thicker, heavier saws, but the majority of their saws are very thin. Silky do many things to their blades to make them superior and easier to use.   One of those things, is to make the kerf of the blade very narrow. (Kerf of the blade is width of the blade, not from tooth to spin) The upside of this, it makes the saw super fast and easy to use cut. The down side of it, is the thinner the blade is the easier it is to break. (But not if you use it correctly and be mindful of what you are cutting).  Silky have also included things to strengthen the blades and prevent you breaking as much as possible. This however does not mean that they are indestructible. Do the wrong thing enough and they will break.


The answer is impossible, but only if it's looked after! The most important thing you need to know about a Silky Saw, is that it is a pull saw only.

The only way to break a Silky Saw or snap a blade is by:

- Bending it   (the blades are flexible... but it's metal, bend it far enough and too often,  it could snap).
- Trying to cut on the push stoke   (too much force will be used and if it pinches it will cause the blade to bend and snap)
- Twisting it   (if jammed lift the end of the branch the release pressure, don't pull from side to side) This can also happen when putting too much pressure on the forward stroke.
- Hitting hard material causing teeth to chip off.  (pulling branches toward yourself, or hitting hard material in a branch)

Silky have made their blades as flexible as possible.   Now this is so that they DON'T break easily and you have a fighting chance of learning how to use them correctly.  But this is the fun thing with steel. The more you bend steel the more you change the molecular structure of the steel. With each bend it will become more brittle. So you may have been using your saw for a while now, but still putting forward pressure on the blade.  It may have got caught a few times, but this time you got it caught and it did that awkward ‘S’ bend thing, one to many times, then it snapped!

Use the Silky Saw correctly by gliding the saw blade back and forth with minimal pressure when you pull the blade toward yourself only.  Cutting on the pull stroke requires less energy and gives you more control over the action of the saw.

The cool thing about metal, is it tells the story.  If your one beautiful blade becomes two, you can find out why this happened.  (Unlike many relationships). Simply get both sides of the blade and join them back together.  Move the join around until it matches perfectly. This will show you exactly what angle the blade was on when it broke.  Sometimes it will be twisted, other times it will be on a 35 degree angle. At least this way you will know what happened and prevent it from happening again.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please let us know and one our team members will be more than happy to help! (07) 3823 1599 or [email protected]

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Zubat Arborist Edition 330mm / 13" by Silky

Zubat Arborist Edition 330mm

Arborist Edition 330mm Extra Blade

The Zubat Arborist Edition cuts on average 15-20% faster than a standard 13” Silky Zubat. This improved cutting efficiency is the result of increasing the tooth size from 5.5 Teeth per Inch (TPI) to 4.7 TPI. You use fewer strokes for less fatigue - those massive pruning jobs will go that much quicker.

The scabbard on the arborist edition now has an additional long roller at the point where the tip of the saw would often strike the inside of the scabbard upon entry. Over time, this would sometimes wear into the scabbard, creating a hole in the scabbard. The extra roller on the arborist edition guides the tip safely into the scabbard. Like all modern Zubats, the rollers top and bottom of the scabbard secure the saw firmly, yet make it easy to draw.

The new Arborist Edition Zubat will outperform your expectations. This is a truly exceptional saw, for professional arborists.

Review this itemRead reviews

Rated: Excellent Review by: Don

“I've worked this saw for over a year now and don't see how they could produce a better saw. It flexes enough without bending. I have crammed it into tight forks, too tight to fit. I whack weeds with it like a machete. I cut privet hedge at dirt level. Cuts very fast and has held it's sharpness perfectly. I only wish the handle was a bright color to make it easier to find in the brush. The Japanese have mastered the pull cutting saws which eliminates the chances of bending the blade if it binds in a cut.”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Phill

“This is a fantastic saw. I have been carrying a Sugozawa as my second saw because it cuts so fast, but the extra length can be a bit much in tight quarters. I have switched to this saw for the aggressive cutter and I love it. The size, speed of cut, weight, and balance are sweet. An exceptional saw. Highly recommended.”

Zubat Professional 330mm / 13” Hand Saw by Silky

The Zubat is one of our most popular hand saws and is also available as a pole saw. Features strong one piece construction, the curved blade is 13” long with 7.5 teeth per inch, cuts fast and leaves a smooth edge. Impulse hardened blade. The Zubat Professional has been upgraded with a custom sheath which locks the saw in place, and can be worn on the left or right, on belt, and has slots for attaching leg straps (sold separately).

Review this itemRead reviews

Rated: Excellent Review by: Robert

“I have used this saw for about a year, it is wonderful for removing branches. Have cut up to 4" limbs no problem. It will bite. ”

Rated: Excellent Review by: Brian

“Just got the Silky Zubat Hand Saw, and so far I am very impressed. Razor sharp!! The handle feels very comfortable in my hands and really cuts with ease. Also like that the scabbard has the option to strap to the leg as well as hang it from the harness. Definitely a quality Hand Saw.”

Zubat Professional 270mm / 11” Hand Saw by Silky

The Zubat 270 is a shorter version of the popular Zubat 330. This saw is awesome for maneuvering in tight quarters. Features strong one piece construction, the curved blade is 10 2/3” long with 6.5 teeth per inch, cuts fast and leaves a smooth edge. The Zubat Professional has been upgraded with a custom sheath which locks the saw in place, and can be worn on the left or right, on belt, and has slots for attaching leg straps (sold separately).

Zubat Professional 390mm / 15.4” Saw by Silky

Silky's largest, most powerful version of the most popular arborist handsaw. This Extra Large Zubat professional has the razor-sharp cutting edge of the Zubat with a big 390 mm / 15.4” blade. This saw locks securely into the included scabbard so it will always be on hand when you need it.

Ibuki Professional 390mm / 15.4” Hand Saw by Silky

The Ibuki is a true professional, heavy-duty arborist saw. The Ibuki blade is 15.35” long with 5.5 teeth per inch, cuts fast and and aggressively. Four rows of teeth make the Ibuki great for heavier tasks. Chrome plated, sharpenable blade. The handle features a comfortable rubber grip, and gives stability to the full length of the saw. Custom scabbard included.

Silky Sugowaza 420 Hand Saw

Sugowaza 420mm / 16.5” Hand Saw by Silky

Sugowaza 420mm Extra Blade

The Sugowaza is a modified Sugoi with a cross-guard designed to prevent accidental cuts when working with gloves in slippery conditions. Designed primarily for line-clearance workers, the cross guard will be appreciated by anyone working in slippery conditions.

The Sugowaza has a 16.5" blade which tapers from the tooth tip to the back spine to reduce drag for smoother, faster cutting. Hard chrome plating produces an exceedingly durable surface and is resistant to rust and effects of resin.

4 cutting angles along the length of the blade leave a clean, smooth surface. Cuts on the pull-stoke for maximum control and ergonomic advantage. Mono-constructed blade runs all the way through the handle, eliminating stress and breakage. Comes with custom scabbard that has D-ring and strap slots to enable attachment to leg, belt, or tool board/curtain.

16.5” (420mm) blade length, 5.5 teeth per inch (6.5 teeth per 30mm), 1.57 pounds (700 g) weight, limited lifetime warranty.

Sugoi Professional 330mm / 13” Hand Saw by Silky

The Sugoi is a fast-cutting, aggressive saw with extra-large teeth for shredding through wood. The professional version has been upgraded with a curved scabbard to match the blade profile. This scabbard has triple-rollers which guide the Sugoi smoothly into place and lock it there. Your blade and scabbard both last longer as the saw isn't chewing up the plastic! The scabbard comes with leg straps and a removable belt clip.

The handle of the Sugoi is big and roomy, with cushioned rubber grip. This saw will not only cut fast, but you'll be comfortable and less fatigued while you do it. The Sugoi 330mm is a fantastic evolution of the original Sugoi.

  • Blade length: 330 mm (till � 165 mm)
  • Teeth: extra-large (6.5-5.5 teeth per 30 mm)
  • Suited for both fresh and seasoned wood
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Sugoi Professional 360mm / 14” Hand Saw by Silky

Sugoi means ”Incredible” and that's exactly the word for this rapid cutting & aggressive saw (5.5 teeth per inch). Ideal for pruning large limbs, with a knife blade on the hooked tip for slicing away vines and clinging plants. Scabbard can be worn on the belt or as a leg scabbard. Ultra-strong full-tang blade means less bending and breaking.

Video Overview of the Silky Sugoi by Niceguydave

Sugoi Professional 420mm / 16.5” Hand Saw by Silky

This slightly larger version of the Sugoi has an extra-long blade and no hooked tip. Super-aggressive tooth pattern is ideal for cutting large limbs, and the taper ground blade resists binding. Comes with hard plastic scabbard which can be worn on the belt or the lower leg. 16.5” (420mm) blade with 5.5 teeth per inch.

Video Overview of the Silky Sugoi by Niceguydave

Gunfighter Curve Professional Saw by Silky

Gunfighter 270mm Hand Saw

Gunfighter 270mm Extra Blade

Gunfighter 330mm Hand Saw

Gunfighter 330mm Extra Blade

The ingenious design of the GunFighter's progressive teeth makes for easier starts to each stroke, while still taking advantage of larger, faster cutting Silky teeth. Toolless Blade Change � just pull the trigger! Electroless Nickel Plated blade resist wear and rust for a long life on the highest-grade Japanese steel used on any Silky product.

Tsurugi Curve 330mm / 13” Hand Saw (Large Teeth) by Silky

Tsurugi Curve 330mm Hand Saw

Tsurugi Curve 330mm Blade

Silky's curved Tsurugi is a wonder of saw technology. The thin blade will fit in tight crotches without trouble or damage to nearby limbs, yet it sports the same large pruning teeth that have made Silky saws like the Sugoi popular for their aggressive cutting. The design of the Tsurugi is minimalist, with no screws, bolts, or other parts to keep the handle together. Rather the handle is a two-part molded rubber handle which fits perfectly and securely around the full tang for balanced saw with a comfort grip and no added bulk.

The scabbard for the Tsurugi is the best saw scabbard we've yet seen. The lightweight aluminum body protects the saw, and eight internal rollers make sure the blade glides into place and then the handle 'locks' into place as the two nubs on the rubber handle pass through the rollers.

Review this itemRead reviews

Rated: Disappointing Review by: Tyler Roth

“I love Silky hand saws. I have had the 14" sugoi previously and loved it. There are 2 main issues with this 16.5" version and they are both scabbard issues. Firstly the blade of the hand saw quickly cut a notch from the bottom end of the scabbard. This allows the first tooth or so to protrude and lock up with the scabbard. This means that i have to hit my scabbard fairly hard to the the saw blade to free from the scabbard. This is EVERY time I need to use it which is very frustrating. Secondly, Silky does NOT have the rubber/plastic clip anchor point like the the 14" Sugoi. Instead the 16.5" has a pleather like loop which is held in by by two flimsy gromets. One of the grommets fully fell out and the other is barely hanging in there. I have to zip tie it every week.”

Update: The saw is as good as silky always is... The scabbard is horrible!! Is DOES NOT have a a quick release clip like other models. The rivets (X2) are extremely weak. One broke soon after my purchase and I've had to zip tie it about once a week for 6 months. The scabbard tip also allows the tip of the blade to protrude which means I can never pull it out. I have to hit the scabbard on my boot or tree to get the teeth dislodged to use. Bottom line: saw is awesome. scabbard is a terrible design!

Rated: Excellent Review by: Caleb

“ This is the saw I have been waiting for. It is the perfect size for every task that, I wouldn't use a chain saw for. you can squeeze the narrow blade in tight crotches and cut sprouts out of the way faster than it takes to start your chain saw. It is very light weight. Great scabbard, the aluminum is much more durable than the standard plastic. The replacement blade is reasonably priced as well. ”

Tsurugi Curve 210mm / 10.6” Hand Saw

Tsurugi Curve 210mm Blade

The Tsurugi Curve makes a great smaller hand saw for fine cuts in narrow confines. This shorter version (10.6” / 210 mm) with Silky's medium teeth is an excellent choice for fine pruning, fruit trees, ornamentals, and other places where leaving a smoother finish is more important than a faster cut.

Review this itemRead reviews

Rated: Excellent Review by: Greenscapes707

“ I use this saw (Silky Tsurugi 200mm) at work for pruning trees and even tackled a few larger 6" limbs with it. It cuts small saplings and suckers like butter with a single stroke. Wear gloves. It will take a finger nail off lickity split! ”

Silky Tsurugi 375

Tsurugi 375mm "Lefty" by Silky

Tsurugi Left 375mm Hand Saw

Tsurugi Left 375mm Extra Blade

Now as a lefty! The Tsurugi is one of the lightest, and best balanced saws on the market today, having no handle screws, nuts or extraneous hardware. 375mm blade, large teeth.

Silky Tsurugi Saw - 400 mm (Large Teeth)

Tsurugi 400mm Hand Saw (Large Teeth) by Silky

Tsurugi 400mm Extra Blade

The Tsurugi is a unique tree saw that uses advanced materials and blade-grinding techniques to create a durable, super slender "spine of teeth," designed to cut hard to soft wood, even in tight quarters. Professionals have been amazed by the cutting power and surgical precision of this sleek new blade.

The Tsurugi comes to the market as perhaps the lightest-weight, best-balanced "big saw" ever produced, having no handle screws, nuts or extraneous hardware to get in the way. The comfortable 2-part rubber grip is held together by an ingenious integration with the blade tang. The Tsurugi comes in a unique aluminum scabbard that can be attached to the belt or leg, and has eight rollers protecting the entryway.

Technical features:
•15.75-inch (400 mm) blade length
•6.8 teeth per inch (8 teeth per 30 mm) tooth configuration
•0.57 pounds (259 grams) operating weight; 1.12 pounds (508 grams) weight with sheath
•Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

Video Overview of the Tsurugi by Niceguydave

Silky Tsurugi Saw - 300 mm (Large Teeth)

Tsurugi Saw - 300mm (Large Teeth) by Silky

Tsurugi 300mm / 12” Saw

300mm / 12” Extra Blade

The same innovative construction as the Tsurugi 400mm above, but with a shorter (300 mm) blade.

Technical features:
•11.81-inch (300 mm) blade length
•6.8 teeth per inch (8 teeth per 30 mm) teeth configuration
•0.52 pounds (235 grams) operating weight; 1 pound (400 grams) weight with sheath
•Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

Video Overview of the Tsurugi by Niceguydave

Silky Tsurugi Saw - 200 mm (Medium Teeth)

Tsurugi 200mm Saw (Medium Teeth) by Silky

The same innovative construction as the popular Tsurugi saws listed above, but with a shorter (200 mm), medium-toothed blade better suited for fine detail pruning.

Technical features:
•7.87-inch (200 mm) blade length
•8.5 teeth per inch 10 teeth per 30 mm) tooth configuration
•0.47 pounds (214 grams) operating weight; .82 pounds (372 grams) weight with sheath
•Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship

Gomtaro Pro-Sentei 300mm Saw by Silky

Pro-Sentei 300mm Extra Blade

A special edition within the Gomtaro family. The Gomtaro Pro-Sentei brings together large and fine teeth on one single blade. For little twigs you can use the fine teeth on the last 80 mm of the blade. For the full use of this pull saw you use the large teeth to saw faster.

This unique combination of different teeth on one blade is ideal for arborists wishing to combine a pruning saw with a pruning shear. Thinner branches can easily be pruned with the fine teeth of the Gomtaro Pro-Sentei without having to switch tools.

Gomtaro 300mm / 12” Hand Saw by Silky

Gomtaro 300mm Large Teeth Hand Saw

300mm Large Teeth Extra Blade

Gomtaro 300mm Fine Teeth Hand Saw

300mm Fine Teeth Extra Blade

The Gomtaro is a beautifully balanced straight saw. Excellent for pruning in the formative years of a tree's life. Mono-construction with a molded hand grip, the Gomtaro is ideal for all pruning tasks.

Silky File for sharpening Silky saws with sharpenable blades

Silky File

This high-quality saw file restores life to Silky Saws with sharpenable blades. Works on Sugoi, Ibuki, Katanaboy, Hayauchi, and Hayate saws, and also the Yamabico, Masaru, Kamisorime, Genki, and Toduku.

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The Best Bushcraft Saw: Silky Gomboy 210 Field-test!

About Silky saws

Silky has gathered already 100 years of experience in the production of handsaws, always with the greatest devotion and according to the latest techniques. The special alloys used, the metalworking knowledge and the technical aspects of the different type of teeth configurations stand for a unique quality.

Unique blades

The saw blades of Silky saws are made from Authentic Premium Japanese Steel and cut out by laser. The blades are of unparalleled quality: they are very hard and longwearing, but remain flexible at the same time thanks to the metal’s soft core.

The chemical composition of the metal in combination with the unique heating and cooling process determine the high hardness of the metal. The high carbon content leads to a high wear resistance, so that the sharpness remains for a very long time.

By forging the saws in such a way, the core of the saw tooth consists of soft metal with which the saw stays flexible and grabs the wood with ease.

Furthermore, several models, such as the Sugoi, Hayate and the Tsurugi, are made of high-alloyed steel, which makes the saw blade stronger, more corrosion resistant and better equipped against temperature changes. All saw blades are replaceable and the replacing itself is simple.

An extensive range

Silky offers a complete range of saws for pruning and woodworking, from folding saws to fixed saws, from curved to straight saw blades, each with a wide selection of teeth configurations. Telescopic pole saws are available in lengths from 2.40 m up to 7.70 m.

All information about the Silky technology can be found here.


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