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Goku And Friends' Fierce Battles Will Be Reborn!

DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE revisits famous battles from the series through your custom Avatar, who fights alongside Trunks and many other characters. Will the strength of this partnership be enough to intervene in fights and restore the Dragon Ball timeline we know? New features include the mysterious Toki Toki City, new gameplay mechanics, new character animations and many other amazing features to be unveiled soon!


* CUSTOM AVATAR Players create their very own Dragon Ball character to take their place in the Dragon Ball world! Choose Earthling, Majin, Saiyan, Namekian or Frieza Clansman and start battling!
* NEW LOCATION - A once dormant clock has started to tick again in the enigmatic and futuristic Toki Toki City!
* NEW CHARACTERS - Mira, an android trying to become the strongest creature in the universe; Towa, a dark scientist coming from a demonic world; The Supreme Kai of Time, a deity who appeared 75,000,000 years ago and her companion bird Tokitoki, a very powerful lifeform that can produce time!
* THE MASTER SYSTEM - Choose an original Dragon Ball character as a Master to train under. Your skill set and training excersizes will vary depending on the Master you choose. Your Master may even suddenly appear in battle to assist you!
* STRONG IMMERSION - Inspired by one of the most famous series ever created.
* IMPROVED GAMEPLAY - Expeience a new, fast paced, and technical battle system.

Adult Gohan, Majin Vegeta, Majin Buu, Super Buu, Kid Buu, Janemba, Broly, Broly(Supervillian), GotenksUnlocked through the story mode. Complete the Buu Saga of the story mode.Bardock, Masked Saiyan, Towa, Mira/Mira (Supervillian), Future Trunks(DB Super)Unlocked through the story mode. Unlocked after the battle with the Masked Saiyan and then beating the final boss.Cell (Supervillian)Complete Parallel Quest 90Cooler (Final Form)Complete Parallel Quest 25Future Trunks(DBZ Version), Future Gohan, Cell(Perfect)Unlocked through the story mode. Complete the Future Trunks Saga of the story mode.GogetaComplete Parallel Quest 57 for halo version, Complete Parallel Quest 81 for non halo versionGoku, Kid Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Saibaman, Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, JacoUnlocked through the story mode. Complete the Saiyan Saga of the story mode.Goku(GT), Trunks(GT)Complete Parallel Quest 92Gotens (Kid) & Trunks (Kid)Complete Parallel Quest 48Great SaiyamanComplete Parallel Quest 51Great Saiyaman 2 (Great Saiyawoman)Complete Parallel Quest 53HerculeComplete Parallel Quest 56Hit, Eis Shenron, Nuovo Shenron, Omega ShenronYou must collect all 7 dragon balls and make a wish to Shenron. You must select the option "I want more usable characters!". Needs to be done 4 timesKid Buu (Supervillian)Complete Parallel Quest 60SSG GokuComplete Parallel Quest 67SSGSS Goku & Vegeta, Appule, Rasberry, Golden Frieza/Golden Frieza(Supervillian), Beerus, Cooler(Supervillian), WhisUnlocked through the story mode. Complete the Battle of Gods and Resurrection F Sagas of the story mode.SSJ4 GogetaComplete Parallel Quest 94SSJ4 Goku & Vegeta, PanComplete Parallel Quest 93Super 17 (Android)Complete Parallel Quest 95Super Saiyan 3 Bardock(Bardock Battle Suit 4)Collect all 5 Time Distorted Eggs, and then complete the "Unknown History" Story questSupervillain Omega ShenronComplete Parallel Quest 96Supervillian JanembaComplete Parallel Quest 57Teen Gohan, Metal Cooler, Android 16, Android 17, Android 18, Cell(First Form)/(Full Power), Cell JrUnlocked through the story mode. Complete the Android/Cell Saga of the story mode.VegitoComplete Parallel Quest 59VidelComplete Parallel Quest 77Yamcha (Supervillian)Complete Parallel Quest 86Zarbon, Dodoria, Nail, Guldo, Recoome, Burter, Jeice, Ginyu, Turles, Slug, Frieza(First Form)/(Final Form)/(Full Power), Cooler(Fourth Form)Unlocked through the story mode. Complete the Namek/Frieza Saga of the story mode.
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10 Hidden Features and Secret Mechanics in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

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