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PS5... Madden 22... DISCORD... All-Madden... Competitive... 48 Hour Advances... DISCORD --->

HIGH COMP MADDEN 22 LEAGUE ALL MADDEN. Only 10 spots left. Join discord for more info. DISCORD LINK:

Supreme Talent is back!!!! We wanted to start up at the update so we wouldn't have to quit a league and mess up your development of players! We are coming to Xbox Series X/S this time! Peace and love to our ps4 family! . If you are looking for a League where we prioritize your experience here instead of just a join we are here! CHIEFS, PACKERS, STEELERS, BRONCOS, AND LIONS ARE AVIL. Dev upgrades are included as well as a little Super Bowl prize money to the winner. If you're looking for a community where you can see yourself dominating Please Join Up now before we remove this post! AGAIN THIS IS AT SCOUTING UPDATE!! JOIN HERE--

MGS is currently looking to recruit members of the Sim madden community to Launch our 7th madden cycle.1st on next gen. Mgs has been an active league for 7+ years. We use Discord to communicate. Mgs will run between 4-7 seasons each cycle. We are starting after the scouting patch/ and advance every 48 hours, sometimes sooner bcuz games get played faster Please refer to for rules and any more info. please reach out to me junboom on Xbox or thru here on discord, many teams available still

Brand New/Up to date rosters post Patch Franchise. GOT’s #1 rule: PS4 console, Sim style, 8 min. Quarters, Play Cool Down enabled, and plenty of reward opportunities. Advances are 48-72 hours, I prefer for everyone to have a chance to play their game rather then to hurry and advance. Rules will be heavily enforced. If the rules and regulations aren’t for you, please don’t join. Upon joining, Dev’s will be awarded based on the Tier system in place for teams. The goal is for this franchise to grow and evolve to become a Madden community for a long time to come. This is a PS4 console Franchise with hopes to switch over to PS5 for Madden 23. If interested, hop on the discord

Good league looking to go for multiple seasons. Looking for active good comp users. 36 hour advances, no devs, active commish ect. If your interested text me @ 217-917-5535. Hope to see you here.

Week 10 season 1. We have a few slots open. Join the discord and follow the welcome message!

Looking for a serious SIM baller 25 years or older. If you enjoy building from the draft and developing your team for the future then our league is for you. We advance M W F at 10 am. Contact me on XBL: buffalo309

NEXT GEN LEAGUE FOR XBOX. We've just relaunched the league to integrate the scouting feature. This is a competitive league. We advance every 24 hours. DO NOT JOIN IF YOU CANNOT COMPETE. WE DO NOT TOLERATE QUITTING AND YOU WILL BE BOOTED IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT JOIN IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 21.(Must have twitch to stream each game) Discord link is below.

You're invited to join my group "Wk6*ADV*Wed*6PM *WhoWantSmoke LG Advance" on GroupMe.

We are creating a new fantasy draft league. Draft will be tomorrow. 8 min quarters 48 hour advances. Many many teams still open! Link is

Need active users in year 2

Looking for active users who don’t quit and can handle a losing season. We’re a league who do not allow custom playbooks and trying to have this league last for multiple seasons so we need loyal and dedicated users. If interested in this league please text me at 315-201-3125 Also we’re in Year 1 Week 8 Reg Teams and we use discord.

Looking for an active Sim in style player for very active league. We are on a 72 hr advance schedule. We are in week 10 of 1st season . For joining I will give 2 development upgrades from normal to star. If interested text me at 240-304-2225. Pats and Panthers open.

Realism Fanatics League is a heavily realistic strafe sim league focused on making gameplay fun, fair, and realistic. We are using improved, realistic rosters. We have a super active and fun community filled with people with years of experience in sim leagues. We have tons of features in our league, including Game of the Week, Game Commentary, Power Rankings, Game Predictions, League Insiders, and much more! Join our discord server today to get started:

Hello! We are currently in week (4) year (2). We are on current gen for madden 22. This league will be ran for multiple seasons so we are looking for players who are able to ride it out and build a team. We are not looking for players who will break rules and quit after one simple loss. This league is an All Madden competitive style league with 6 minute quarters and a set up rules. We are ran by 4 commissioners who have a good amount of experience commishing other leagues. We operate on discord and our server is set up in an organized fashion. The league is filled with a variety of skill. So if you are good with everything above, come join us and click the link below. The commissioners will help you get set up once you join. Discord Link:

[PS4] New Comp League (12/32) OVO’s League is a rebranded. We’ve been waiting for the Scouting Uodate and it’s finally here. The competition is tough so don’t expect to win every game. Still in the team assignment process. We utilize Daddyleagues for game updates & more. - 48hr or less advances - Comp settings / 8 min qtrs - draft classes using real life prospects - incentives to potentially improve your team Team selection is still on going. Users are to DM a commish a list of their top 10 teams with #1 being their most desired. If you are interested then please join our discord:

Madden 22, Xbox series X/S Starting in a few days, team selection is open right now, looking to fill the remaining teams. Join the link below. VFL has been running for several years, well run league, with anti cheese rules. Leave your MUT game at the door. All madden, advance M/W/F.

4-5 Seahawks open, team mainly intact. PS5, Discord, 48hr adv, 7 mins, All Madden, Sim, realistic rules! We are extremely active and there will be another league created when scouting update releases! Fill this out and someone will be in touch -

BWL is back for Madden 22 on PS4. We are a sim Franchice league. Looking for active users with good communication. Sim league, 6 min, Injuries off. We will start the league once it fills up 2257726384

Need Packers user. 31/32 users, first year week 7, hmu on PS5 @SoMaddRN.

Madden 22 ps5 fantasy draft on Thursday 10/14. Choosing teams now (12 teams still available) Sim 8min quarters. Long time league with very active members. 24-36 hour advances.

Hello, we are a regs league that started from Madden 21 and has been running smoothly ever since.In our league we want the members to speak,suggest,vote on polls and more,in that way,WE can make the league better.Our main goal is to have fun,though our members have to read the rules carefully and be respectful! Please note that we are people as well and we cant be online every single minute.We would ne glad to have you. Our rules are not strict or anything and are very specific,we NEED people to follow them so we can preform as a team! NOTE...The league's website is from madden 21 and has nothing to do with our league in madden 22............Join here PLEASE BE PATIENT AS WE ARE JUST STARTING TODAY/TOMORROW (as of October the 11th,2021)

Current gen and Next gen Xbox madden 22 sim league, If you want a realistic madden experience and a long term madden franchise this is the franchise for you Check us out @

Madden 22 XBOX ONE GM league. Fantasy draft, manage, and watch your team play (CPU vs CPU Broadcast)! Money league with payouts starting by making the playoffs. A couple teams left! If interested please join the discord link here:



Need a bills and raiders user for my week 13 online PS5 franchise, we have a strong core of users that play their games every 48 hours with sim style rules, no quitting is allowed you will be booted, I also have a PS4 league starting up soon too, we have about 5 spots open in there, feel free to text 5049314746 for more info. The PS5 spots will probably be taken in the next day or so

If your tired of playing against cheesy players or lobby ball then the The Scrub Squad League (TSSL) is the the place for you we strive in making a sim environment where users can play madden and not have to worry about unsim game play. We’ve been running leagues for over 5 years and have built a community of active sim players. If your interested in joining click the link on our page or msg xKING L0Sx on xbox. (SIM PLAY) (ALL MADDEN) (48hr Adv) (7min quarters) Discord link- Daddy leagues link- #NOBSN #48HRsimlg (#PS5) #GROWNFOLKS ** ** If you’re looking for a new madden family that is very active and competitive hit me up. No quitters allowed we have been rocking for over 10 years so a great core of adult professionals who have a passion for the game. Lg rules are below text me if you have what it takes to ball in an elite established league! Commish Mike *202.373.4112* Rules --

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Madden 21 Connected Franchise Mode: CFM can be a 24/7 experience with the Companion App

The hype for Madden 21 is just beginning!

With the incoming prospect of the ultra-powerful next-gen consoles of the PS5 and Xbox Series X too, it is set to be an exciting year for Madden players.

The amazing power of the new consoles, as well as the ingenuity of EA's team, should open up all kinds of possibilities for Madden.

In a previous Real Opinions article, we have suggested that some focus from EA Sports needs to go into improving the Franchise experience. The Madden franchise fan base is loyal and long-suffering.

The Franchise community is getting frustrated and it opens the door to competitors. Over at 2K they have made a name for trying to fill these gaps where they can due to not having the luxuries around licensing that EA has built up. The result is that they are constantly commended for their high-quality gameplay and immersive franchise modes.

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In the world of the NBA, this has led to them effectively beating EA Sports outright. It stands to reason, that whilst the exclusive licensing in the NFL means this is very unlikely to happen to Madden - it's still a message to not rest on their laurels.

Data drives the game

It's worth noting, Madden 20 was one of the best recent Maddens. The feedback has been positive. So if we consider that the gameplay has improved in recent years, then it makes sense to focus on what can be improved in the Franchise mode.

What did tarnish a good game for Madden 20, was a period of a few weeks where a lot of leagues went down due to data issues. It's still not entirely clear why or what happened, but it is clear that it plagued EA for a few weeks - with some well-established leagues wondering whether their year was actually over only 2 months after the game was released.

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They did eventually resolve this and most leagues were restored, but it does raise the question - how important is data to modern gaming?

Having saves on the cloud has improved the ability of developers to use console space for gameplay and graphics purposes and reduce the impact of big downloads (unless you're playing Call of Duty!). But it does mean that data, and access to it, is suddenly a lot more important. Consoles are virtually defunct now if they don't have an internet connection.

Madden 21 - Improve Access to Data

With solid data structures in place Madden 21 can make the strides we want to see with regards to immersion and connection to both online and offline.

When you are fully invested in a team as part of a CFM league, you are constantly considering changes and improvements to make to the roster. The days of gaming only at your console are over.

Whether you are working out which free agent to bid for, or cutting an underperforming star on a high salary - you want to be able to look at this without needing to be at a console.

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Currently, most leagues use a site like Daddyleagues to manage their franchises offline. This is a halfway house as it gives you full visibility without the ability to action anything.

An example of the DaddyLeagues layout
click to enlarge
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FILLING THE VOID: Daddyleagues is an amazing service that shouldn't need to exist

I have all the information about my team, my competitors and free agents that I would need. I can scout the stats of my next opponent and I can work out how many wins I will need to make the playoffs. But I still have to log on to action anything, such as make a signing or a cut.

Improve the Companion App

EA sports have started the journey to fully implementing an online and offline link through their Madden Companion App. Again, this has more functionality for managing your MUT team, but from a Franchise perspective, you can ready for advance and put yourself on auto so your opposition can play the CPU.

click to enlarge
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It seems fairly obvious to increase the functionality of the app. It has been around for a couple of years, and with some issues around the performance and accuracy put to bed - now would be the time to improve it.

READ MORE: What to expect from Madden 21 gameplay on next-gen consoles

Some suggestions for what should be able to be done through the Companion App for Franchise;

  • Checking Standings
  • Checking Stats
  • Signing Free Agents
  • Checking Salaries and Cap Space
  • Cutting players
  • Moving players to Practice Squad and back again
  • Submitting and accepting trades
  • Re-signing players

Something that would be even more impressive would be if they integrated a messaging platform. All leagues are run on the back of a forum or messaging service and often have integrations with the likes of Daddyleagues to help with the experience. It would be really easy for EA to take this all in house and capture the full experience, even if there was a small fee I'm sure this would be taken up by most of the full leagues.

click to enlarge
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SIMPLE: Integration = Immersion is the equation

What do you think should be included?

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Madden NFL 25 Wiki Guide

From the main menu, select Play from the menu bar, then Connected Franchise in the main menu panel. You can then select whether to start an online career or an offline, single-player career. Unlike last year, you can play offline careers multiplayer. That means co-op franchise is back!

If you choose to start a career online, you're given the option to start a league yourself or join an existing one. Leagues can be marked as private or public, and the commissioner (usually the league's founder) can force the weeks to advance if things seem to be going slowly. You can tweak the settings of an online league to your liking, even going so far as to make it private with a maximum of a single human player (you).

After choosing your online league, or selecting to run one offline, you're given the choice whether you want to Be a Coach, Be a Player, or Be an Owner. Check out those sections for more details on how to get started.

What Makes the Franchise "Connected"?

The overall goal in Connected Franchise is to play in the league as a player, coach, or owner, become skilled, win champions, and increase your personal Legacy Score to get you into the Hall of Fame. Franchises are connected because if you're playing online, you can compete with other human-controlled players to get to the Hall of Fame as well.

Even better, if you get bored of a character, you can just roll up a new one regardless of whether you're playing online or offline. Simple select the "Retire" option from the player options, and your current player or coach will retire... but you, as the human player, can just make a new character (not necessarily even at the same position) and just keep going with your personal NFL universe! Even online, you'll be given the choice whether you want to create a new character, or if you want to withdraw from the league entirely and open up the player spot.

Multiplayer Franchise

A change from last year is that offline Connected Franchises are now allowed to be multiplayer for the most part. This is a little strange to explain, so bear with us, and we'll provide examples.

There are basically two types of human players in Connected Franchise: call them the "main player," and the "support player(s)."

There can only be a maximum of 32 main players, and maximum one per NFL team. If you're playing Be a Coach or Be an Owner, the main player is the one who does roster moves, personnel decisions, relocation decisions, and so on. The main player can still simulate games if he doesn't actually want to play the game (and basically treat it as a text-based simulation).

You can create as many main players as you wish for a given save file, regardless of who owns it. For example, a single player can create 32 avatars if he wants to control an entire league by himself. He won't be able to control both sides of a given game, of course, but he could make trades with himself to ensure that they're accepted, for example. More practically, you and your friends can all create avatars to play Madden together, even if your friends don't have profiles on your console.

Main players' turns can be skipped any time and, if set in the league setup, the AI can make the decisions for that player. Players can therefore go on vacation, be unavailable, or whatever the reason, and everyone else can advance as needed.

Meanwhile, the support players are the ones who just want to play along, but don't want to deal with teams. They don't need to sign in to Xbox Live or PSN, and can help the main player in offline co-op games. Support players can also play against the main player, if you wish to play adversarial games, or if you want to put the fix in to help the main player.

Support players cannot play online, regardless of mode. There are no options for an online commissioner to enable co-op franchise.

Offline franchises are generally unrestricted. However, if the main player is playing Be a Player, the support player cannot play co-op. However, a support player can play adversarial. If the main player is Be a Coach or Be an Owner, then co-op is allowed, and support players can split among the main player(s) and AI teams as they wish.

Main players can be any mix of players, coaches, or owners per the league settings. Even though two main players cannot control the same team, one thing that makes your franchises connected is that you can play games against other players online based in your specific characters. For example, if you're playing as an MLB for the Pittsburgh Steelers while another human is playing as the coach for the Cincinnati Bengals, you two will face off twice during the season. The Bengals player will play the entire game as normal, but the Steelers player will only physically play the downs in which his MLB is actually a part of the play. It can make for some interesting dynamics, especially if one human is a QB and the other is a CB.

Limitations to Online Connected Franchises

As previously mentioned, human players cannot control the same team. This means even if you're a coach, you cannot trade for a main player who is acting as a Be a Player. However, you can trade for any other player, even on his team. For example, let's say a human user takes control of Tom Brady from the New England Patriots. As the coach or owner of a different team, you will be unable to trade for Tom Brady unless the human player quits the league. However, you could still trade for anyone else, such as Stevan Ridley or Rob Gronkowski.

This limitation also means any given league can only have a maximum of 32 human players (one for each team regardless of position). Also, you're sort of at the mercy of your opponent if you have conflicting positions. To cite a previous example, our human who is controlling the Steelers will have a lot of downtime, since he's not actually doing anything for half the game. Playing as a player for online Connected Franchise is an exercise of some patience, but it's a fun and rewarding system in case you're bored of the standard gameplay.

Finally, the more humans controlling the game, the slower the league may move. If everyone is committed to playing regularly, you can swiftly move the league along and continue your career. When any player is ready to play their game, their opponent (if not an AI) will get an instant message through the console to do so as well.

If someone is stalling and the commissioner doesn't want to force things, you might find yourself stuck waiting sometimes. Any matches you have against the AI can be done on your own time, but matches against human-controlled teams must be done live. You may want to coordinate with your opponent through Xbox Live or PSN messages to make sure your game happens.

The above all applies to online Connected Franchises, of course. You have much fewer limitations for offline connected careers, and can advance at your own pace. Just remember that unlike Madden 13, you can have cooperative games (or even adversarial games) in Franchise.

Madden 22 Fantasy Draft! How to Fantasy Draft in Franchise Mode

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Madden connected franchise

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THE FANTASY DRAFT! We Created A Franchise League w/ Subscribers.. Madden 21

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