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MZ DANCE STUDIO813 220 530 R.C.S. SAINT-ETIENNERegistry at the Commercial Court of SAINT-ETIENNE

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Aucune dénomination813 220 530  

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813 220 530

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MZ DANCE COMPANY LLC American (Florida) company. Was founded on January 23, 2018 with identification number L18000020187 based on 2006 SCOTLAND DR., CLEARWATER, FL33763.


Registry number 82-4234102


Registered Address2006 SCOTLAND DR., CLEARWATER, FL33763us-fl

Mailing Address 2006 SCOTLAND DR., CLEARWATER, FL33763, United States of America (the)

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Top 10 CRINGIEST dances on Dance Moms

Audition for Elevate’s Company!


Company is what we call our Competition Team. Our team competes at regional and national dance competitions and conventions.

Dancing on Company means that you are committed to working hard and giving it your all, in class and on stage. We place work ethic, commitment, and attitude above all else. It’s not about winning. No matter what score the judges give you, if you can walk off stage and say you did your best, you’ve already won.

Company dancers are role models for all other dancers at the studio. They do not give up in class. They do not come to the studio with bad attitudes. They support and encourage all other dancers to do their best. If another Company member is on stage, you are in the audience cheering them on.

We hold our Company dancers to a higher standard. This standard transcends the studio and the stage. It becomes a skill that dancers keep with them throughout life. Elevate is not just our name, it’s our guiding principle.


*A quick note on Audition Prep Week. It is NOT required to audition. It's simply an option to help those who might need a little extra time learning choreography and to receive helpful technique tips or to get seen before auditions if you’re new to Elevate.


Age 13+ as of January 1, 2022 - Jazz Technique Evaluation 

10:00-11:00am *GROUP A - Dancers with the first name A-L

11:00am-12:00pm *GROUP B - Dancers with the first name M-Z

Age 13+ as of January 1, 2022 - Audition Combos (choreography)

12:00-1:30pm Jazz + Musical Theater

1:30-3:00pm Contemporary + Lyrical 

Tap - All Ages - Level-Based Audition

3:00-4:00pm Tap (Level I and II)

4:00-5:00pm Tap (Level III and IV) 


Age 6-8 as of January 1, 2022 - Jazz Technique Evaluation 

9:00-10:00am ages 6-8

Age 6-8 as of January 1, 2022 - Audition Combos (choreography)

10:00-10:45pm Jazz + Musical Theater

10:45-11:30pm Contemporary + Lyrical 

Age 9-12 as of January 1, 2022 - Jazz Technique Evaluation 

11:30am-12:30pm ages 9-12

Age 9-12 as of January 1, 2022 - Audition Combos (choreography)

12:30-2:00pm Jazz + Musical Theater

2:00-3:30pm Contemporary + Lyrical

IMPORTANT: In addition to filling out the AUDITION COMMITMENT FORM below, you must register and enroll in the class, “Company Auditions 2021” on the Parent Portal (filter by Session: Camps and Intensives 2021 when enrolling). You can register in the top right hand corner of our website if you don’t already have access to the Parent Portal.

We do not have an audition fee; however, there is a Company fee. The Company fee goes towards props, prop transportation, paying instructors and staff to attend competitions, team bonding events, extra choreography sessions, administrative fees, etc., etc., etc. This fee is $350. The full amount is due by the Company meeting on August 19th.

In order to audition, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of $100 which will go towards that Company fee.

Why do we do this?

In short, we want you to commit to our team before auditioning. Auditions are not a time to try a studio out and “see what you get.” An enormous amount of time is put into creating groups after auditions. If you audition and then decide not to join our team, you have just taken away a spot from another dancer, and it requires our choreographers to recreate their groups.

This deposit, due at sign up, tells us that you are committed.

If you do not make the team, you will be given a full refund.

Audition Commitment Form

*This must be filled out prior to auditioning.


Dance company mz

The Girls Audition for Heart-Throb MATTY B! (Season 5 Flashback) - Dance Moms

Lindsay Mack, founder of Wild Soul Healing and Tarot for the Wild Soul, is an intuitive healer, holistic counselor and tarot reader based in Brooklyn, NY. She offers and facilitates Soul Tarot Readings, Intuitive and Spiritual Coaching, Mentorship, and Tarot Trainings for those who desire to heal, evolve and live fully on their true soul path. She is the creator of Soul Tarot, a way of interpreting, understanding and intentionally utilizing the Tarot as wild medicine for our soul's growth and evolution. Soul Tarot is a fusion of channeled wisdom from her guides, her 22 years of experience reading and studying Tarot, and her own healing journey. 

Lindsay is the host of the weekly podcast, Tarot for the Wild Soul. She was the weekly and monthly Tarotscope contributor for The Numinous for two years, and created the monthly channeled Tarot column for Of The Wolves. She has had pieces on Tarot and spirituality published in Nourished JournalStone Fox BrideMindBodyGreen, and Life as Ceremony. Lindsay has contributed pieces on the Tarot for Modern Women's Many Moons workbook, and to Ruby Warrington's book, Mystical Girl, Material World. Her work with the Tarot has been written about and featured in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Well + Good, Nylon Magazine, and Free + Native, to name a few. 

Lindsay regularly offers readings, healing sessions, and tarot classes in her space in Brooklyn and all over the world via phone or Skype. She is available for one on one Soul Tarot Readings whenever she travels to teach. 


Episode: 34




Anula Maiberg, co-owner of Sixth Street Pilates, was born in Israel and moved to New York City in 2001 in order to pursue a career in photography. While working on her degree at the School of Visual Arts she fell in love with Pilates. After college and a few years at a 'desk' job she realized happiness wasn't in front of the computer screen. In 2010 Anula began her training at the Kane School for Core Integration and was fully certified by Kelly Kane. In 2014 she graduated the Kathy Grant Heritage Training® led by Cara Reeser of Pilates Aligned in Denver. A journey that has led her to a deeper understanding of the Method. She is currently developing the potato method. 


Episode: 9




Erin Markey is an American writer, comedian, and performance artist. Markey's work combines elements of cabaret theater and comedy and often incorporates stories of her childhood in the Midwest. The New York Times has described Markey as having "a cult following as an alt-cabaret star with swaggering confidence and off-kilter sense of humor."

In SINGLET, genre-defying artist Erin Markey draws on their longstanding friendship and working relationship with actor Emily Davis to create a performance that maps the bonds and hysteria of earned intimacy. Combining Markey’s singular style with a host of influences—spanning Genet’s The Maids, celebrity psychotherapist Esther Perel’s available-on-Audible couples counseling sessions, Notes on a Scandal, Elena Ferrante’s Neopolitan Quartet and Precious Moments® Collectible Dolls — this kaleidoscopic world premiere production grapples with the desire, rivalry, vulnerability, and subterfuge that bind two people together. By turns tenacious and tender, SINGLET reimagines the economies of power between friends, families, and wrestlers.


Episode: 49

The Dance And Stuff Show: Episode 11

The Dance And Stuff Show (LIVE): May 12th, 2020




Sara Mearns was born in Columbia, South Carolina, and began her dance training at the age of three with Ann Brodie at the Calvert-Brodie School of Dance, also in Columbia. At the age of 13, Ms. Mearns trained with Patricia McBride at Dance Place, the School of North Carolina Dance Theatre, in Charlotte. She continued her studies at age 14 with Stanislav Issaev at the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities in Greenville. Ms. Mearns entered the School of American Ballet (SAB) full time in the fall of 2001. In the fall of 2003 Ms. Mearns became an apprentice with New York City Ballet. In June of 2004, Ms. Mearns joined the Company as a member of the corps de ballet. In March of 2006 she was promoted to soloist and in June 2008, Ms. Mearns was promoted to principal dancer at New York City Ballet. She has dance for many downtown choreographers, most notably Jodi Melnick. 

Episode: 90, 91



Andrea Miller, Artistic Director and choreographer of Brooklyn-based company, Gallim, has established herself as a perpetually groundbreaking artist who brings unbridled empathy, intimacy, and sensitivity to her work. A sought-after creator and collaborator in dance, art, film, theater, tech, and fashion, Miller was named 2017/2018 Artist in Residence at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, becoming the first choreographer to hold that distinction, and in October 2018 she was featured in Forbes as a female entrepreneur and leader in the dance world.

Episode: 86


rashaun mitchell

Rashaun Mitchell is a choreographer, performer and teacher living and working in NYC. He is a 2014 Guggenheim Fellow and recipient of the 2012 New York Dance and Performance Award (“Bessie”) for "Outstanding Emerging Choreographer.” His choreography has been presented by New York Live Arts, Danspace Project, Baryshnikov Arts Center, REDCAT, ICA Boston and Summer Stages Dance,  La Mama Moves Festival, Mount Tremper Arts, Skirball Center at NYU, the Museum of Arts and Design, The Lab, ODC, and at numerous site-specific venues and universities. With his ongoing collaborator, Silas Riener, he received a 2014 City Center Choreographic Fellowship, was selected for LMCC"s inaugural Extended Life Development Program, and was a Wellesley College Artist in Residence. Their work together has been presented by BAM/ Next Wave, EMPAC, The Walker Art Center, MCA Chicago, On The Boards, SF MoMA, and MoMA PS1. Other awards include a 2007 Princess Grace Award: Dance Fellowship, a 2013 Foundation for Contemporary Art "Grant to Artist," and a 2011 New York Dance and Performance ("Bessie") Award for "Sustained achievement in the work of Merce Cunningham 2004-2012." He is a Cunningham Trustee and licensed stager of the repertory. Since graduating with a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, Mitchell has worked with artists Anne Carson, Stephin Merrit, Carla Fernandez, Chantal Yzermans, Donna Uchizono, Pam Tanowitz, Risa Jaroslow, Sara Rudner, Jonah Bokaer, Richard Colton, Deborah Hay, Rebecca Lazier, Jodi Melnick, Sara Mearns, Moriah Evans, The Bureau for the Future of Choreography, Charles Atlas, Xavier Cha, Davison Scandrett, Phillip Greenlief and Claudia LaRocco. Mitchell has taught master classes throughout the country and is currently the associate Chair of the Dance department at NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Episode: 159, 160



Isaac Mizrahi is an American writer, fashion and costume designer, TV presenter, performer... Based in New York City, he is best known for his eponymous fashion lines and the unforgettable documentary of his fall 1994 collection, Unzipped. Mizrahi currently serves as a judge on Project Runway: All Stars.

Mizrahi has worked as the costume designer for three Broadway revivals, including The Women, Barefoot in the Park , and Threepenny Opera. For his work on The Women, Mizrahi won the 2002 Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Costume Design. Mizrahi has collaborated with the costume designer for the Metropolitan Opera production of Orfeo ed Euridice, directed by Mark Morris. Mizrahi has been a longtime collaborator with Morris in a partnership dating from 1997, when Mizrahi created costumes for a Morris film project with Yo-Yo Ma, Falling Down Stairs, from Ma's Inspired By Bach series.

Mizrahi has two dogs: Kitty and Dean.

Episode: 87, 88

The Dance And Stuff Show (LIVE): May 19th, 2020



Linda Murray is the fifth curator in the history of the Jerome Robbins Dance Division and manages all aspects of its collections and public service. She has previously worked with the dance collections at the Library of Congress and ran a multi-disciplinary arts organization in Washington, DC for seven years. Areas of specific interest include 20th century ballet and gender in performance, but Linda is also available for general consultations at the Library for the Performing Arts. A native of Dublin, Ireland, she has an undergraduate degree in French and Russian from Trinity College Dublin and holds postgraduate degrees in performance and library science from University College Cork and Clarion University respectively.

Episode: 148, 149



Born in Brooklyn, NY, Martha began dancing at the age of three, and studied there until she and her mother moved to Raleigh, NC in 1996. Under the direction of Christy Curtis, she began to train in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, and Modern. At 18, she was Top Ten on So You Think You Can Dance (Season 2), and from there she hit the ground running. Since then Martha was a principal dancer with Unity LA, directed by Tessandra Chavez, and has performed on awards shows such as MTV'S Video Music Awards, The American Music Awards, The Academy Awards, and The Billboard Awards. Other credits include, GAP, Disney, NBA, Jo+Jax, Cirque Du Soleil, and Dancing With the Stars. Martha has performed with Jesse J, Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, Neil Patrick Harris, Ne-Yo, and more. She has toured with Rihanna, Kylie Minogue and Madonna, and can be seen in movies La La Land, Ted 2, and ABC's 2016 remake of Dirty Dancing.

Choreographically, Martha has been making a name for herself as well. Martha won The 2016 Capezio A.C.E. Awards with her piece Tilted, and showcased her work in Destiny Rising at The Joyce. She has assisted Mandy Moore, Tony Testa, Tessandra Chavez, Tabitha and Napoleon, Mia Michaels, Wade Robson, Andy Blankenbuehler, and more. Martha was assistant Choreographer on Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour, Bitch, I'm Madonna Music Video, Demi Lovato's Unbroken Promo Tour, and a contributing choreographer on Mariah Carey's Elusive Chanteuse Tour. She also choreographed, and was featured in Moses Sumney's Worth It Music Video.

In addition to this, Martha is an educator and loves teaching. She is on faculty with New York City Dance Alliance, and During her time in LA she taught at The Edge Performing Arts Center and Millennium Dance Complex. She has taught in Italy, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia, and South Africa, but is most excited to once again call NYC home, and to teach at Broadway Dance Center. 

Episode: 83, 84



Tere O’Connor is Artistic Director of Tere O’Connor Dance. He has created over 40 works for his company and toured these throughout the US, Europe, South America and Canada. He has created numerous commissioned works for other dance companies, including the Lyon Opera Ballet, White Oak Dance Project and solo works for Mikhail Baryshnikov and Jean Butler. O’Connor received a 2013 Doris Duke Performing Artist Award, is a 2009 United States Artist Rockefeller Fellow, and a 1993 Guggenheim Fellow among numerous other grants and awards. His work has been supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, New England Foundation for the Arts/National Dance Project, The MAP Fund, and many others. He has received three “BESSIES”, New York Dance and Performance Awards. In October 2014, he was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. An articulate and provocative educator, O’Connor has taught at festivals and universities around the globe for 25 years. He is a Center for Advanced Studies Professor of Dance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he lives for one semester each year. O’Connor is an active participant in the New York dance community mentoring young artists, teaching, writing, and volunteering in various capacities.

Episode: 69



Breanna O'Mara is an international performer, and member of Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch. She graduated from The Juilliard School, where she was recipient of the Joseph W. Polisi Award in 2011. She has worked with artists Cecilia Bengolea & François Chaignaud, Chris Haring, Johannes Wieland, Stijn Celis, Alexander Ekman, Jack Ferver, Larry Keigwin, Colleen Thomas and Ryan McNamara as well as performed work by Pina Bausch, Ohad Naharin, Marie Chouinard, Mark Morris, Paul Taylor and more. She has created performance pieces which have been presented in The Wilson Theatre (NY), MoMA P.S. 1 (NY), Elizabeth Dee Gallery (NY), Theater im Fridericianum and Interim (Kassel, Germany). As a native of Detroit, Breanna founded the annual outreach program, Detroit Arts Immersion, sharing art with a community she loves.


Episode: 13, 75




Miki Orihara is best known for her work as a principal dancer in the Martha Graham Dance Company, for which she earned a Bessie Award in 2010. She has performed on Broadway in “The King and I”, and with Elisa Monte, SITI Company, PierGroupDance, Lotuslotus and in productions by Twyla Tharp, and Robert Wilson. Orihara has presented her choreography in New York and Tokyo most recently in her solo concert, “Resonance” at La MaMa, NYC. She is a sought after teacher and coach working with the Kirov Ballet, Japan’s New National Theater Ballet School, the Ailey School, New York University, The Hartt School, L’ete de la Danse (Paris) and is Dance Director for Mishmash*Miki Orihara.

Episode: 99


Ryan Walker Page is a Los Angeles-based dancer and choreographer. Page has worked with Dua Lipa. Rufus Wainwright, Slipknot, One Republic, Vivienne Westwood, Mark Dendy, Rosie Herrera, Nina McNeely, Jasmine Albuquerque, Violet Chacki, Raja Gemini, Rosie Herrera, Daniel Clifton and more.  Page's worked has been presented by Dance Magazine, Art Basel, and Denver Art Museum. Page is also very good at basketball.


Episode: 59




Georgina Pazcoguin was born in Altoona, Pennsylvania. She began her dance training at the age of four at the Allegheny Ballet Academy where she studied with Deborah Anthony, Richard Cook, and Cherié Noble. Ms. Pazcoguin entered the School of American Ballet (SAB), the official school of New York City Ballet, in the fall of 2001. In addition, she trained at the summer programs of Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet and SAB. In October 2002, Ms. Pazcoguin became an apprentice with New York City Ballet, and in October 2003 she joined the Company as a member of the corps de ballet. She was promoted to soloist in February 2013.

Episode: 77



Perfume Genius is the stage name of Mike Hadreas. Born in Des Moines, Iowa, Hadreas studied painting in school and took piano lessons as a child. Growing up, Hadreas was the only openly gay student at his school, and he received death threats which were not addressed by the administration. He dropped out of high school during his senior year.  He moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and worked as a doorman for a club in the East Village. In 2005, Hadreas returned home to Seattle and began recording music. In 2008, Hadreas set up a MySpace page under the name Perfume Genius, and thus began his music career. Hadreas's music explores topics including sexuality, his personal struggle with Crohn's disease, domestic abuse, and the dangers faced by gay men in contemporary society.

Episode: 126



Ida Praetorius was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and received her training at the Royal Danish Ballet School.  In 2010, she joined the Royal Danish Ballet as an apprentice and became a member of the corps de ballet in 2012.  She was promoted to Soloist in 2014 and to Principal Dancer in 2016. Praetorius won the Erik Bruhn Prize for best female dancer in 2012. She received the Reumert Talent Prize 2012 and in 2013 she received The Queen Ingrid Honorary Grant. In 2014 she was nominated for Best Young Female Dancer at the TAGLIONI - European Ballet Award, and in 2019 Praetorius won the Reumertaward for "Dancer of the year". 

Episode: 110



Lucas Praetorius was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2000. He was trained at the Royal Danish Ballet School from 2007 until 2016. In 2016 he became an Apprentice. Praetorius joined the Theater Class of the Hamburg Ballet School in 2017 which he graduated from in 2019. As of September 2019 Praetorius is a dancer with the Bayerisches Junior Ballett München.

Episode: 110



Tobias Praetorius was born in Copenhagen in 1996. At the age of 7 he started his studies at The Royal Danish Ballet School graduating in 2012 and joined The Royal Danish Ballet as an
apprentice that same year. In 2014 he got offered a Corps de Ballet contract with The Royal Danish Ballet. He danced in the full repertory of the company and took part in creations of world renowned choreographers. Praetorius had his choreographer debut in 2017 at The National Museum of Art with his piece Fratres with dancers from The Royal Danish Ballet and live music by Walentin & McKenzie. Later on he has choreographed for The Royal Danish Ballet, KammerBalletten and Verdensballetten.
Praetorius has received The Reumert Talent Price, Margot Lander’s Grant, Friends of the Ballet’s Talent Price, Albert Gaubiers & Waldorffs Grant, The Beckett Grant- Svend Åge Larsen, The Bille-Brahe-Selby’ske Grant and The National Bank Jubilee Grant.

Episode: 110



As a black female dancing body I am constantly investigating different methods of world-building so as to have a self created limitless potential for possibility within a society where my body has been deemed one that is impossible. In navigating this possibility I am looking to re-claim the stakes attached to my dancing body which find their ways into my work by relentlessly going after feelings of the fantastic. Feelings of unbelievable swelling. Feelings of pleasure and multiple possibilities. I want many things therefore I feel my work is rooted in a constant friction; moving back and forth between variant ideas and placings of movement and knowing. Friction finds itself inside of rhythm and directionality - two foundational components to my making - because friction can lead to surprises. And I love surprises. A third foundational component is physicality which often finds itself serving as a reactionary tool to the rhythm and directionality. Physicality is valued in my work because of the ecstasy that it can build in the body. Ecstasy building is a deep part of my physical practice because of the myriad of states that can result from it. A swelling takes place in the body, in the mind, in the mood, in the meaning, in the relationships to other bodies and in the relationship to space. What is that feeling between moving bodies? That giving and taking of euphoria that is downright addictive to locate, tirelessly rubbing up against variant possibilities of the body as it folds into different times, spaces, and relationships to those around it. What I’m building for myself and others through my work is something of a survival strategy; something of a method to the madness.

Episode: 105

The Dance And Stuff Show (LIVE): June 3rd, 2020



Katy Pyle is a genderqueer lesbian choreographer who created Ballez in 2011 to explore their complex relationship to the cis hetero patriarchal form of ballet, and to create possibilities of representation and inclusion for marginalized queer dancers within that form.

In 2011, Pyle founded the Ballez to insert the herstory and lineage of lesbian, queer and transgender people into the ballet canon, through the creation of large-scale story ballets, open classes, and public engagement. Major works include “The Firebird, a Ballez,” at Danspace Project in Spring (with a reprise that Fall) 2013, “Variations on Virtuosity, a Gala with the Stars of the Ballez” at American Realness at Abrons Arts Center in January 2015, and “Sleeping Beauty & the Beast,” at La Mama in Spring 2016. Pyle also choreographed “Slavic Goddesses,” at the Kitchen, January 26-28, 2017, which featured 6 solos for Ballez dancers, as a collaborative project with artist Paulina Olowska. Most recently, Pyle created a pas de deux for “PILLOWTALK” by Kyoung H Park, which premiered in January 2018 at The Tank, and will travel to Chicago in August 2018.

Episode: 104



Parker Posey is an American actress and musician. Following her role in Richard Linklater's 1993 cult hit Dazed and Confused, she became known during the 1990s after a series of roles in independent films such as Party Girl (1995) and The House of Yes (1997). She later played improvisational roles in Christopher Guest mockumentaries, including Waiting for Guffman (1996), Best in Show (2000), A Mighty Wind (2003), For YourConsideration (2006) and Mascots (2016). Her other notable film appearances include You've Got Mail (1998), Scream 3 (2000), Superman Returns (2006), and the Woody Allen-directed films Irrational Man (2015) and Café Society (2016). Posey is currently starring as Dr. Smith in the Netflix adaptation of Lost in Space. Her first book, You're On An Airplane: A Self Mythologizing Memoir, was published in 2018 by Blue Rider Press.


Episode: 55




Jean-Marc Puissant is an award winning set and costume designer working internationally for theatre, musicals,  opera, ballet and contemporary dance. Jean-Marc’s career began as a dancer, graduating the School of Paris Opera Ballet and the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris. A professional dancer with Birmingham Royal Ballet and Stuttgart Ballet, he danced and created roles in classical, neo-classical and contemporary repertoires. Designing productions of all scales, styles and genres, Jean-Marc’s design practice is rooted in the identity of unique creative collaborations, supporting the nature and craft required by each art form across the performing arts. 


Episode: 62




Regina is a dancer (BFA 2004, MFA 2006), Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, 500-hr trained yoga teacher, barre fitness instructor and Breathwork healer residing in Brooklyn, NY.

Episode: 158



Teresa Reichlen was born in Clifton, Virginia. She began her dance training at the age of 10 at the Russell School of Ballet with Thomas and Illona Russell, Mary Rogers, and Margaret McGarry. In 1999, Ms. Reichlen studied at the summer program of the School of American Ballet (SAB), the official school of New York City Ballet. She entered SAB full-time in the fall of the same year. In October 2000, Ms. Reichlen became an apprentice with New York City Ballet, and in October 2001 she joined the Company as a member of the corps de ballet. In January 2005, Ms. Reichlen was promoted to the rank of soloist and in October 2009 was promoted to principal dancer.


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Jamar Roberts was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Roberts graduated from the New World School of the Arts. He trained at the Dance Empire of Miami, where he continues to teach, and as a fellowship student at The Ailey School. He joined the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Company in 2002. Mr. Roberts was a member of Ailey II and Complexions Contemporary Ballet. Dance Magazine featured Jamar as one of “25 to Watch” in 2007and on the cover in 2013. He performed at The White House in 2010, and as a guest star on So You Think You Can DanceDancing with the Stars, and The Ellen Degeneres Show. In 2015 he made his Ailey II choreographic debut with his work Gemeos, set to the music of Afrobeat star Fela Kuti. His first work for the Company, Members Don’t Get Weary, premiered during the 2017 New York City Center season. Mr. Roberts won Outstanding Performer at the prestigious New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Awards and was a guest star with London’s Royal Ballet.

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Liz Santoro is an American dancer and choreographer. She began her dance training at the the professional division of Boston Ballet School. She then studied neuroscience at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA where she received a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology in 2001. She has worked with a number of choreographers including Alexandra Bachzetsis, Philipp Gehmacher, Jack Ferver, Trajal Harrell, Sam Kim, Heather Kravas, Jillian Peña, Eszter Salamon & Christine de Smedt, David Wampach and Ann Liv Young. She has also performed in the theater work of John Jahnke/Hotel Savant, Charles Chemin, and Pierre Godard, and collaborated with visual artist Ryan McNamara. In 2009 she began creating her own choreography.


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is an American writer and director for theater and film, who was a recipient of a 2016 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Award, a 2014 Doris Duke Artist Impact Award, and was named an Off-Off Broadway Innovator to Watch by Time Out New York. With Half Straddle, she has written and directed ten original full-length plays, and re-imagined them for a range of spaces as they have toured to numerous theaters and festivals in the U.S. and internationally.

Tina has directed a number of shorter performance pieces, music videos, web series content, and has several film projects in the works.

She has taught and led workshops on writing, directing, and feminist approaches to art-making at schools that include Princeton University, New York University, Bowdoin College, Reed College, Sarah Lawrence College, Fordham University and more. In 2015, she was the visiting playwriting professor at University of Michigan. Tina has been in residence at Yaddo, Headlands Center for the Arts, LMCC, The Performing Garage, Kitchen L.A.B., MASS MoCA, and New Museum for Contemporary Art. She is a Usual Suspect at New York Theatre Workshop. In 2017, she received a PANOS commission from Culturgest in Lisbon, Portugal to write a play for teenagers, and worked with the Portugese directors on the translation and dramaturgy of her play, Small Breath

Tina attended Mac Wellman’s graduate playwriting program at Brooklyn College and received an M.A. from Reed College and a B.A. from Bowdoin College. Her first collection of plays, Seagull (Thinking of you), was published by 53rd State Press in 2014. The full text of Ghost Rings and a live vinyl recording were put out by 53rd State Press in 2016.

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Brian Schaefer is a New York-based journalist/writer covering a unique spectrum of topics from arts & culture to politics and social issues, weighing in on the world through everything from dance criticism to political OpEds. Brian's work has appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Tablet Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Haaretz Newspaper, Bloomberg/Businessweek, Out Magazine, Dance Magazine, The Jerusalem Post, The Daily Beast, The Forward and Moment Magazine. 


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Now discussing:

Teaching Staff (M-Z)

Rick Nodine MA
Lecturer in Choreography and Improvisation
Nodine danced throughout the 90's in many contexts including theatre, dance theatre, digital media, television, site specific, opera and pure dance. In 2001 he became a member of staff at London Contemporary Dance School where he continues to teach Composition and Improvisation. Nodine has become an internationally renowned Contact Improvisation teacher and has been invited to lead workshops in 13 different countries and more than 40 cities. He has been a guest teacher in many institutions and festivals such as CNDC Anger (France), National Taiwan University of Arts, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Freiburg Festival, Hong Kong APA and The Royal Ballet School. He has taught company class for many companies including Punchdrunk, Rambert Dance Company and DV8. Nodine has choreographed for more than 20 years and some of his more recent work includes: Dead Gig, a solo which reached the Place Prize finals (2013); Momentum, a dance installation in the Barbican Centre Curve Gallery (2014); The Nodines, an interactive show for adults and kids which toured Britain and Europe (2015-16); Breath Sounds, an installation produced at TripSpace in Haggerston, London (2016), and choreographing for Houston Grand Opera, USA (2016). In the past year Nodine has choreographed for Glyndebourne Opera, UK and created a version of Breath Sounds for the Lyric Theatre in Hong Kong. 

For more information visit Nodine's website

Chisato Ohno
Lecturer in Contemporary and Ballet
After graduating from Central School of Ballet, Chisato joined Netherlands Dans Theater 2 from 1994-1998 where she performed works by Jiri Kylian, Hans van Manen, Johan Inger, Paul Lightfoot, Gideon Obarzanek and many others. She continued to become a member of Batsheva Dance Company from 1998- 2004 where she was involved in many works of Ohad Naharin and other choreographers including John Jasperse, William Forsythe, Mats Ek and Sharon Eyal. She then joined Karas Company of Saburo Teshigawara for two creations and tours of other repertory. Chisato returned to London and has been teaching Gaga since 2005. She teaches regular Professional classes at The Place and Greenwich Dance Agency and has taught company class for Akram Khan Company, Hofesh Shechter Company, Protein Dance, Punch Drunk, Stopgap, Clod Ensemble, New Adventures, Lost Dog and others. She joined the faculty of LCDS in 2012.

Lauren Potter
Lecturer in Choreography and Improvisation
Lauren trained at The Place and was a member of London Contemporary Dance Theatre from 1980 – 88.  Following this she became a founding member of Siobhan Davies Dance with whom she danced for a further eleven years. She has also performed and taught with a diverse range of Companies and Choreographers both nationally and internationally, including DV8 Physical Theatre, Second Stride, Yolande Snaith, Jonathan Lunn and Rosemary Butcher. She continues her performance practice as an independent dance artist, working and collaborating on a range of projects and processes. Lauren also spent some years in the post of Artistic and Rehearsal Director for EDGE – The Postgraduate Performance Company at LCDS. Lauren is also involved in the teaching of dance for people with Parkinson’s.

Kate Price
Lecturer in Contemporary Technique and Repertoire
Kate trained at the Royal Ballet School and LCDS before dancing with Rambert for 10 years. She subsequently worked as a freelance dancer with Michael Clark, Lloyd Newson and Mark Baldwin, and taught with companies and schools nationally and internationally including Ballet Atlantic, DV8, Richard Alston Dance Company, The Cholmondeleys and The Featherstonehaughs, AMP, Charleroi and the Conservatoire de Paris. Kate was rehearsal director for RADC from 1996–1998 before joining the faculty of LCDS.

Eva Recacha MA
Lecturer in Choreography and Choreological Studies.
Eva Recacha is a London based dance artist.  In her work, she relates movement and text to create a blend of poetic, humorous, and nonsensical juxtapositions through the interplay of both mediums.  Her own choreographic practice revolves around the idea of scepticism, the role of the performers as individuals, text as part of the choreographic fabric, and the politics of performance in terms of who acts under who’s command, under what premises, and for who or for what? Eva has been twice a Place Prize Finalist. Her work has appeared in Time Out’s Best of the Year and has been presented in the UK and at festivals in Europe. She has been commissioned work by Sadler’s Wells, The Place, DanceXchange, Festival Trayectos, Festival Santa Susanna, LCDS and Edge. Eva has previously been a Work Place artist and is a Sadler’s Wells Summer University Artist graduate. Eva has lectured in dance at LCDS, Conservatorio Superior de Danza Maria de Avila (Madrid), Birkbeck College, Candoco Foundation Course, and she regularly teaches workshops and classes combining her specialist skills on Choreological studies, Choreography, and her interest in text and sound, working across different groups of participants of different ages and experiences. She regularly collaborates with Sound Artist Alberto Ruiz Soler. Her last work Aftermath was premiered at LBS at Sadler’s Wells in Autumn 2018.

Sara Rowlands BA (Hons) PGCE
Head of Design and Costume (job share)
Sara trained in dance at Laban, where her interest in costume developed. After graduating she started working in the costume department at LCDS. Her roles include teaching, designing and making school for school productions and Edge - the postgraduate performance company of London Contemporary Dance School.. Sara has also worked freelance, making and designing for various choreographers.

Sasha Roubicek MA
Lecturer in Contemporary Dance studies
Sasha trained at London Contemporary Dance School 1982-1986. In 1987 she co-founded Reflex Dance Company with Paul Douglas, with whom she toured internationally. She was a founding member of Small Bones Dance Company, performed with Motionhouse Dance Theatre, and Yolande Snaith Theatre Dance. In 2000 Sasha was the recipient of a Southbank Show award for her performance in Siobhan Davies’ Wild Air for whom she worked for nine years until 2007. Sasha was artistic adviser to Movingeast for 18 years and is an assistant instructor of Aikido at Tetsushinkan Budojo, she is graded 4th Dan. In 2007 she was awarded the Lisa Ullman Scholarship to visit Japan to study Aikido. As a freelance dance artist Sasha has taught internationally at a wide range of dance studios, institutions and companies including Candoco, DV8 and Rambert Dance Company. Sasha joined the faculty at LCDS in 2008 specialising in release-based dance practice, somatic work and the work of Siobhan Davies. In 2011 Sasha was nominated for a National Teaching Fellowship Scheme Award, also in 2011 Sasha completed her MA in Advanced Dance Studies at LCDS. Sasha has choreographed several original works for PG and UG students, her most recent Astro Inter Rogative (2019) was her third collaboration with the artist Philip Hughes.

Hilary Stainsby BA MA
Course Leader for MA Expanded Dance Practice
Hilary trained at LCDS between 1995–1999, graduating with a First Class BA and an MA with Distinction. She has worked with choreographers including Martin Lawrance, Maresa von Stockert, Tom Dale, Matthias Sperling and Yael Flexer. From 2001–2006 she was a member of Wayne McGregor | Random Dance, touring nationally and internationally as well as delivering an extensive education programme. In 2007 she was a dancer for the Jerwood Bank Project with Siobhan Davies. Hilary has taught and made work in a variety of different schools and community settings across the UK. She became a faculty member at LCDS in 2009 and has been Rehearsal Director for Shift, the The Place’s youth dance company, since 2007. She continues her performance practice and has recently worked with choreographer Joe Moran.

Jeannie Steele
EDGE Rehearsal Director
Jeannie was a member of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company from 1993-2005. She began teaching in 1997 and served as MCDC's Rehearsal Assistant from 2001-2006, participating in the reconstruction of a number of works on MCDC, as well as projects with New York City Ballet, the Royal Swedish Ballet and Rambert Dance Company. Jeannie continues to stage Cunningham's work internationally.  She also teaches regularly for the companies of Richard Alston, Rafael Bonachela, Matthew Bourne, Michael Clark and Rambert. Jeannie joined the LCDS faculty in 2007.

Gabriela Tropia BA MA
Course Leader MA Screendance
Gabriela's work in videodance began in 2004 while studying Dance at Unicamp (Brazil). Her debut film was selected for the Brazilian One Minute Film Festival. In 2006 Gabriela moved to London to study video and completed her MA in Dance for the Screen at LCDS, joining the faculty in 2008. Gabriela has been commissioned to create works in London and Singapore. Her videos have been screened in more than 20 countries, including Live Screen at Sadler's Wells and the Videodance Mercosur Circuit.

Dr Samuel Wilson
Lecturer in Contextual Studies
Samuel Wilson teaches contextual and critical studies at LCDS. He has an interest in the relationship between artistic practices and contemporary society. He has a background in music, philosophy, and cultural theory, having completed a PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London, in 2013. His teaching is research-led, and he continues to be an active researcher in these areas, having published on music in relation to psychoanalytic theory, materialism, posthumanism, phenomenology, and critical theory. He edited Music—Psychoanalysis—Musicology (Routledge, 2018) and has contributed chapters to edited collections and articles to scholarly journals.


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