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Breath of the Wild's Last 'Impossible Chest' Has Finally Been Opened

The Incredible MCU That Time Forgot

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around long enough now that it's easy to take for granted. But it's not the first time a shared universe of Marvel Comics characters showed up on screen. No, the FIRST MCU was in the '80s. Spinning out of the smash hit The Incredible Hulk, Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno took their small screen superhero act to the next level. This is the Inside Story of the original shared Marvel world, The Incredible MCU That Time Forgot. The mini-doc features the Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno, along with Eric Allan Kramer who played Thor, the original Daredevil Rex Smith, Elizabeth Gracen whose spy Jasmin was for all intents and purposes Black Widow, and writer Gerald Di Pego, who scripted two of the three films. The cast and crew talk about the original series, coming back with The Return of the Incredible Hulk, and riding that success through The Trial of The Incredible Hulk before wrapping up the trilogy with The Death of The Incredible Hulk. While the modern Avengers have grown from

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Somehow We’re Still Learning New Things About BotW In 2021

Revali, Breath of the Wild's bird-man champion looks back at the camera as he takes flight.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the greatest game ever made (according to me, Renata), is driven by dozens of interlocking systems and physics interactions. It is a modern marvel of craft and design. Which also means that it breaks in some pretty tremendous ways when you push those interlocking systems to do things they do not want to do. All of this is on incredible display in the glitch showcase released by BotW YouTuber Kleric yesterday, which ends with Link “pickup smuggling,” a very recently discovered glitch that allows Link to attach objects like birds to his hand. Bird-hand fusion, as we all know, is the peak of human evolution, not yet achieved by us petty fools in the real world.

In the four years since its release, Breath of the Wild has been pored over by thousands of enthusiasts, speedrunners, and glitch hunters. It is one of the few games that people will dedicate their lives to, including those who don’t normally play many video games. This might lead one to assume that there would be no stone left unturned. After all, the game’s final treasure chest, once thought impossible to reach without hacking or modding, was opened by Kleric just two months ago at the end of June. Despite all of this, people are still finding new ways to break the game.

Kleric’s showcase opens with a handful of known glitches involving octobaloons, which are little guys that inflate when you stick them to things. He covers weapon duping and attachment interruption (discovered by @satougashi020 on Twitter), both of which use the physics properties of octobaloons to put weapons and objects in odd states. You can, for example, get rid of the sheath on your greatsword, causing you to strap it directly to your back like Guts from Berserk. Or you can “smuggle” an arrow in your hand as it charges, causing a ball of elemental energy to pop in and out of existence around Link.

The showcase then moves on to more smuggling glitches, which allow weapons and other objects to be attached to Link without needing to equip them. This is a precursor to our end goal of bird-hand fusion. To do this, you interrupt the game’s animations, which locks Link in a specific game state and ties the object to his hand. Weapon smuggling (discovered by LegendOfLinkk) is the simplest of the variants. To do it, you have to equip and unequip a shield during the weapon sheathing animation. The shield interrupts the sheathing animation, and so the weapon remains visible despite the game acting like Link is empty handed. You then throw a bomb, which ties the weapon to your hand. More complex variations of this glitch allow for you to stick bombs, bows, and shields to your hand. It’s important to note that being in this state prevents you from using your runes, which leads to it being referred to as “rune lock.”

Once you’re in rune lock, the game has no idea how to handle certain animations. If you become rune locked with a bow and hold the run button, the game won’t know what to do since Link cannot run with a bow equipped, which causes it to hold him in the last animation it understands. Kleric uses the landing animation as an example. Hitting the run button and a direction as you land while bow locked will cause you to freeze in place while holding the landing pose. Additionally, holding ZL lets you slide around while in that state. All of this is required for pickup smuggling, where our bird-handed dreams will finally be realized.

The other prerequisite is known as the “golden gauntlets” glitch, named after the golden gauntlets that allow Link to pick up heavy objects in earlier games. The golden gauntlets glitch is, similarly, an animation interruption glitch which allows Link to carry any object as if it were a light one, regardless of size. It requires you to equip a bomb rune and weapon or bow, face generally south (no one knows why it only works when facing south), unsheathe your weapon, and then hit the pickup, scope in, and bomb rune buttons in very rapid succession. This makes Link incredibly strong.

With all of this out of the way, I can finally explain how to tie a bird to your hand. Combining weapon smuggling with the golden gauntlets glitch, with some additional steps, allows you to smuggle pickup items, which lets them retain their physics properties for some incredibly fun interactions. You begin by weapon smuggling to enter the rune-locked state. At this point you approach the object and face generally south, then hit pickup, whistle, and bomb rune all at the same time. This will cause Link to whistle while holding the object. Switching your equipped one-handed weapon will pause the game, at which point you want to unpause for just a moment and unequip your shield. This will smuggle the object. Both the golden gauntlets glitch and pickup smuggling were discovered by Twitter user @SNSKTues.

The resulting physics interactions are incredible, and allow you to swing massive objects at an unreal speed just by turning your character, which sends anything in their path flying across the map. Pickup smuggling a cucco allows you to fly around the map one handed. If you pickup smuggle a cucco while facing north it, for some reason, turns invisible and allows you to fly around seemingly unaided.

That these glitches are being discovered four years and several patches post-release is a testament to not only the game’s construction, but it’s devout community.


Sours: https://kotaku.com/somehow-we-re-still-learning-new-things-about-botw-in-2-1847598286
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Breath Of The Wild Player Opens The Game's Final 'Impossible' Chest [Update]

Image for article titled Breath Of The Wild Player Opens The Game's Final 'Impossible' Chest [Update]

There are tough video game secrets, and then there are challenges that were simply never meant to be overcome by humans—or perhaps meant to be at all. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s “impossible” chest fits that bill and then some. Now, four years after the game’s release, somebody has finally opened it.

The chest in question is located at the game’s Aris Beach location—or rather, under it. According to BOTW community leader Swiffy22, this is the last remaining ‘impossible’ chest that the community has been trying for. It will only spawn if you get within 60 meters of it, but it will immediately begin sinking and despawn 18 seconds later. Players have known of the chest’s existence for a while, and they’d even found ways to clip underneath it and create platforms using Link’s Cryonis freezing power. But none of that meant anything if the chest just fell and despawned.

The player who managed the feat, a YouTuber who goes by the handle Kleric, came at the chest from even lower than 60 meters underground. It took him over five real minutes just to fall far enough to get through a “thick” water layer, at which point he was then able to swim through the game world at high speeds despite not actually being able to see Link with the game’s camera. He sped to the chest and exhausted his stamina just in time to fall out of the water and onto a perfectly-placed Cryonis block. He proceeded to grab the chest with Magnesis mere seconds before it would fall and despawn—not to open it, but to reposition it. After that, he drowned (on purpose), regained his ability to actually see Link, and leaped onto a different Cryonis block just in time to catch the falling chest with Stasis. Then he tossed a bomb in the general direction of where the chest would fall and pegged it with arrows to better move it into position.

This is where things somehow get wackier. Kleric watched a memory to reset his Stasis cooldown so he could catch the chest again mere moments later. From there, he used Revali’s Gale to create a wind current and rocket himself upwards in order to pelt the Stasis-locked chest with 30 arrows and move it down toward the bomb. All the while, Kleric was devouring in-game food so Link would stay in slow-mo arrow firing mode instead of running out of stamina. Finally, when the chest was close enough to the bomb, he detonated it, propelling the chest in his direction, allowing him to snatch it with Magnesis. After that, it was a simple matter of reeling it in and placing it on a Cryonis platform.

Now of course, the main reason people pursue chests is to find out what’s inside. For all the trouble Kleric went through, you’d have to imagine that this chest, in particular, must have contained a once-in-a-lifetime prize, right? Well, uh, about that: Kleric opened the chest and found a crummy piece of amber. Truly, at this point the Breath of the Wild community is doing it all for the love of the game.

Update: 10 AM, 7/1/2021: Added details from an in-depth video Kleric posted after the initial publication of this article.


Sours: https://kotaku.com/breath-of-the-wild-player-opens-the-games-final-impossi-1847206007
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